PewDiePie’s $300 Million Personality from His 5 Million Words

PewDiePie’s $300 Million Personality from His 5 Million Words

Why is PewDiePie so popular? There are only two YouTube channels with over
100 million subscribers. One is PewDiePie, an individual YouTuber who
wore the crown of the most-subscribed YouTube channel for a recording-setting 2017 days,
more than double the previous record of 758 days held by Smosh. The other is T-Series, a giant entertainment
company with thousands of employees, which was only recently able to turn the tables
on PewDiePie and surpass him in subscribers. But in terms of geographic coverage, PewDiePie
is definitely a global sensation and beats T-Series in almost every country. According to the search volumes of the two
channels’ names on YouTube, PewDiePie is more popular than T-Series in almost every
country of the world except India and Afghanistan. Even in India, where T-Series is an overall
winner at the country level, PewDiePie is still able to defeat T-series in many states. But what makes his popularity even more incredible
is that he doesn’t have a college degree and his only prior work experience was selling
hot dogs and prints of his Photoshop art for months. He doesn’t have fancy equipment, just a
video camera, a PC and a microphone. But he can easily beat large media and entertainment
companies, whose employees have prestigious degrees, decades of work experience and can
operate state-of-the-art equipment. So where does his popularity come from? The answer from PewDiePie is just one word:
personality. “I think YouTube is all about personality
at least that’s how I see it. An-and anyone I watch on YouTube, I watch
because I care about their personality, I care about them more than just their content
but also who they are as a person, and uh, that’s why I enjoy watching them and that’s
why I enjoy YouTube. People will find your video, but they’re not
going to stay unless they care about you as a person.” His personality has not only attracted over
100 million people to stay with him but has also helped him achieve unbelievable financial
success. The over 3000 videos he has posted since 2010,
which have about 5 million words in them, have earned him $15.5 million in 2018, making
him one of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers in the world. If we value his channel as a publicly listed
company using the prevailing price to earnings ratio of 20, it should be worth around 300
million dollars, or an average of 60 dollars per word. To really understand the fundamental driving
forces of his ultimate popularity and financial success, we have used the world’s most advanced
personality detection technology provided by IBM to infer PewDiePie’s intrinsic personality
characteristics from his five million words, and compare his with those of the other highest-paid
YouTubers inferred from their 40 million words. We will really be able to see in a systematic
way what they share in common, what makes them unique, and the ultimate, hidden personality
recipes that help place them at the top of the YouTuber pyramid. Personality is the combination of characteristics
or qualities that form an individual’s distinct character. There are different tests to measure it. The most widely used one is the Five Factor
Personality Test, which breaks personality into five factors. They are often referred to by the mnemonic
OCEAN, where O stands for openness, C stands for conscientiousness, E for extroversion,
A for agreeableness and N for neuroticism, or the emotional range of an individual. Although the five factors have been well-studied
for decades, using the ways people use words to reveal their social and psychological processes,
such as personality, is just a recent breakthrough, thanks to the vast amounts of online text
available from social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The basic method is to first extract the words,
phrases, topics or other linguistic features from people’s text, then use algorithms
to find how these linguistic features are correlated with their social and psychological
features obtained through surveys. The found correlation can then be used to
infer social or psychological features for other people from their text. For example, a person that frequently uses
“love you” or the heart emoticon “

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