Pokemon Tabletop RPG Story: When I Played a Evil, Vindictive Character. Trixie Starbright

Pokemon Tabletop RPG Story: When I Played a Evil, Vindictive Character. Trixie Starbright

When I start playing a new tabletop role-playing game It takes me a while to figure out what kind of personality my character is. I sort of have to feel the character out by playing them for a bit With most PCs, it depends what kind of item they have in their hands Are they holding stacks of dynamite? In which case they are chaotic evil. Have you ever thrown dynamite? It’s hilarious! Which brings us to a rather peculiar character from a Pokemon tabletop United game Actually, it’s the same game from my Pokemon gangsters video Just a refresher on the plot We were students at a school, evil gangsters have captured legendary Pokemon, and were holding them against their will “Who would do that to Pokemon?” While we were attending classes at school, we would go out on missions, find the Pokemon, and take them back The character I made for this was, Trixie Starbright, yay Just your average high school girl trying to make friends and make sure that everyone has the do dandliest of days Ding! [Cough] Oh my god. I can’t believe that’s the voice I went with… Do-do I Do I really have to do it for the rest of the video? My character was very outgoing and competing with another girl to be the school president Ya! Everyone’s excited to see what the new school year can bring as long as we’re all working together. I’m sure it’ll all turn out great [Cough] It’s like I can feel my insides slowly strangling themselves to death, oh how can I talk? Even though she started out peppy and upbeat, the more I played the character She started to develop a darker side, we had retrieved one captured Pokemon, a Mewtwo And I managed to get some time alone with him away from the group. Why hello there, Mewsy Twosy It is good for you to join my circle of friends. “I do not accept you as my trainer” I do not believe you understand your predicament. You see, you don’t have a choice in the matter I will let you out of this ball But your powers will be put to use so that I can be the most popular girl in school and the president All will be my friends What is your name again? “Mewsy Twosy” That’s what I thought [Giggle] When we left off on a mission we came back with injuries like cuts and bruises, the other characters let Trixie know That we were probably going to get detention for roughhousing since we can’t tell them how we actually got the injuries I can’t go to detention. I’m trying to be the most popular girl at school I can’t become class president if I have a black mark on my record and people think I’m a miscreant Unless You guys are my friends. I’ll make a distraction and deal with the teachers, you guys sneak back to the male dorms across campus “Trixie what do you have in mind?”
Ah, bupbupbup! Leave that to me. My character ran to the main hall in girls dorm And then I told the GM I throw myself down the stairs GM: Wh- what?!
Ben: I throw myself down the stairs giving me more injuries Then I break a window and start rolling around cutting myself with shards glass GM: Wh- wh- why would you do that? Ben: Then I take my arm, and I break it over the banister, and I start crying GM: Why are you doing this? Ben: As I was making a commotion the other girls and some teachers came out “Trixie? What’s wrong? What happened?” I heard that there was a commotion outside And I came out here to see if I could help them and tell them to go back to bed and Someone pushed me down the stairs Who would do that? It was really dark, but I think I saw someone someone with long dark hair But you know it’s just I I’d love all the girls at this dorm so much It’s hard to think that anyone would do that I just I don’t want to be spreading rumors or anything Fortunately my plan worked and I wasn’t given detention it also gave my friends a distraction to sneak back to the dorms Avoiding the security guards that were beating children to a pulp with their Maglites The story from the tabletop gangsters was happening at the same time that this event was happening “[Sigh ]I know that we’ve had our differences, but it’s sad to see that someone hurt you Trixie.” Aw, come here. Give me a hug Let me make one thing perfectly clear I will be the most popular girl in school I will become the school president All will be my friends If you decide to stand in my way There will come a day I will crush you And you will kneel before me as besties Then and only then will you know the name that is Trixie Starbright So let’s try and be friends now, okay? Ding! GM: Ah, Ben, I don’t think you’re playing an “average high school girl” like you said. Ben: [Laughs] You didn’t go to the same high school that I went to did you Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. Now I want to make RPG videos. So many stories.

    I don't know how to animate, tho. And there's this stupid thing called a job…

  2. Usually whenever I play a character in any role playing game I make them Chaotic-Good if I have no other ideas for an alignment.

  3. 4:26 If this is how the average school girl running for president acts then i might want to re evaluate some things

  4. Cozy Glow: I'll hide my evil behind being A sweet little child
    Trixie Starbright: Oh how original
    Suzy Johnson (Phineas and Ferb): Am I A JOKE TO YOU, I mean, Bubbles

  5. I like that you didn't stop your character from developing in an unexpected direction. I hope I can let stuff develop naturally for my own, if the opportunity presents itself.

  6. I got some serious Kikyou Kushida, from Classroom of the Elite, vibes from this lol. I hope to see more Trixie Starbright stories

  7. Ahh the memories of Pokemon Role-playing. My friends and I play online a Pokerole game and we get a lot of weird tables of scenarios.

    One of my favorite was when played a Pokerole adventure when we were Rocket Grunts. Mine was Arial CopyCat Srondingee, a Misanthropic, suicidal madman with tendencies of almost kill himself in various ways. And a hater of humanity in general. Oh who fall in love with a woman bug vampire serial killer in the middle of the adventure.

    You know, usual stuff.

    How Arial adventure end? Fighting a freaking Ultra Necrozma (basically, some sort of Legendary…God of Light thing…who consume Light energy in dimensions by lunch?) trying to return the humanity of his new vampire…Bug…serial killer girlfriend.

    Resume of the fight: He almost die, but he win, with lot of help, and even slaved Necrozma (who is now on a weak human form) and leave Team Rocket behind.

    The End :3

  8. Yeah, as a girl… This seems like a normal high school girl…

    She could be considered "lawful good" if she was a religious person. They were about that crazy at my school…

  9. Nice video dude. But, I've also been trying to find the end song that you played, as I think it sounds really nice. If anyone knows what it is please tell me the band and name!
    Btw, please forgive me if I can't find it in the description. I skip over things easily.

  10. Seeing this video I'm so glad I'm in an american high-school but rather in school, where we are like.. 10 girls out of 200 people. Yikes..

    But totally amazing idea for a character

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