Portrait#1 – Christopher Boyd, trait pour trait

My father would read many stories to me when I was little, before going to sleep fairy tales, comic books, things like that With his voice and hmm, and the images present in the drawings he managed to take me to a… a world, a universe that weren’t real but… that came from the imaginary and I liked it a lot so, from a very young age I told myself I was going to… hmm make hmm comic books or, tell stories in any case, that was certain and actually I have never lost track of that It’s like a movie, if you think about it, except that you don’t need a million people to do it, you need, there can be only one person to create the story, the script, the color, the drawing and… I mean… I mean you can do it any way you want And so you’re, by doing that you’re granted this incredible freedom, There’s the notion of aesthetics, of narration … as far as action is concerned and that is something I really enjoy, like, for instance you draw the action of someone fighting and you only draw that image, and that image, and… in his mind, the reader, there’s an ellipsis, between two panels and the, the person will picture this as a motion that doesn’t even exist and I think of it as something rather magical the person will also automatically imagine things I didn’t actually draw [But in real life, dreamers are never given a break] I was a late talker. Which means that, for someone who was 6 well, I spoke like a 3 or 4 year-old kid Hmm, even when I was 4 I couldn’t speak So it didn’t take long before people figured out something was maybe quite off with me [Write! The tests have begun] [Write?] [But, I can’t write] I had troubles with reading comprehension, hmm, with listening and with motor function, which are symptoms of dyslexia, dysphasia and dyspraxia. What dyslexia is, it causes troubles with words, with sounds, basically you mix up sounds, letters among themselves It was hard because I… I struggled, I coudn’t read and that was the thing that annoyed me most, I mean You want to tell stories yet you can’t read, I mean that’s pretty tragic [Paradoxically, I both love and hate books! They scare me!] [They hurt me!] I felt like life was completely out of my reach I told myself I really needed to make it through, to pursue my dreams and all I went to Brussels Because in Brussels, one makes contacts easily, and there are many people who make comic books, many events… So I applied to several schools in Brussels And I.. I passed all of them but I refused the other offers because I wanted to go to St-Luc and so that’s where I went And it went well [You still have a chance] When I was a kid, at school, I had issues like, knowing my left from my right and I really mean it, like my right hand and my left hand, were just hands to me, and I would write with one or the other In fact, I was naturally left-handed, but I would write with my right hand in junior high, I broke my arm in a totally stupid way It was just a splint, nothing very serious, and I told myself “Nice, this way I’m going to get to write with my left hand.» I started writing with my left hand, drawing with my left hand, doing everything with my left hand but without leaving my right hand aside and so it wasn’t a bad thing, it meant I had become ambidextrous and I thought to myself “maybe I could make money out of this?” so I started drawing portraits with both hands, ambidextrous portraits, and actually with the series of events that followed, it ended up becoming my profession, so I am a portrait artist and I’m going to try and make money out of my comic books but for now it’s gonna take time, it seems what I would really like to give as a piece of advice to a child who, hmm, who’s had the same problems I have with more or less impact, is to never give up One of my projects is to make a comic books about this, so, I’ve already started it It is a big comic book, to raise awareness among people and support children and parents in understanding what these children feel inside and that really is a project important to me on which I’ve been working for quite a long time and actually, I stage myself as a character, the way I experienced it all but, not in an autobiographic way, they’re just feelings There are many…children who struggle with those hardships but, I mean, people tell you « yeah but you know, blablabla, great people had it, like, er, Leonardo Da Vinci blablabla » I personally think it’s just the kind of phony stuff you tell kids there are many stories dealing with autism, many movies, but no one has ever made any work of fiction about hmm, those issues and so I think it can help many people but editors aren’t really enthusiastic about the idea of editing that stuff, well I mean there are other problems regarding the drawing and the story too, I’m aware of that but Even as things are they don’t think it would sell, but I think it’s… It’s the opposite, I think we need this kind of stories To promote reading among kids, I would really like it if they wanted to read, thanks to the fact that they’d read comic books I made That would warm my heart Finding something that you think can help people in any way It can be nice to… try and make a living out of this

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