Psychopath vs Sociopath – What’s The Difference?

Psychopath vs Sociopath – What’s The Difference?

Brainy Dose Presents: Psychopath VS Sociopath – What’s The Difference? When we think of the words “psychopath”
and “sociopath,” we often think of them as meaning the same thing. But what many people don’t know is that
there are major differences between the two. Although they seem similar, they are in fact
very different. Psychopathy and sociopathy are classified
as antisocial personality disorders. And although both of these disorders do share
similar characteristics, there are a number of traits that differ them from each other. To better understand psychopathy and sociopathy,
here are the five key differences between the two. Number One – Brain Differences One of the most important distinctions between
psychopaths and sociopaths is how they are created. Most psychologists will say that psychopathy
is a disorder you are born with. This implies that the disorder is passed down
through genetic coding, and if a member of your family is classified as a psychopath,
you could very well be carrying the same traits that have classified them as one. Medical research has shown that the brain
function of a psychopath is critically different than those of “normal” individuals due
to the fact that their brains are structured differently. Many psychopaths are accompanied by a general
lack of emotion-regulation and also have a hard time controlling their impulses. When it comes to sociopaths, they often are
born without any disorders. Sociopathy is more of a learned behavior which
is influenced by the environmental factors of the individual’s life. Most of these environmental factors have to
do with childhood trauma, history of abuse to the individual, or how they were raised. As a result of their upbringing, a rather
large number of sociopaths tend to be even more impulsive than psychopaths, and they
spend less time thoroughly calculating their decisions and how they will act upon them. Number Two – Emotional Stability and Criminal
Tendencies Psychopaths are often more likely to commit
crime due to the fact that they lack the basic feelings of empathy that most other people
are used to. They can be very cunning and manipulative,
and they can spend copious amounts of time calculating their actions. Psychopaths are known con-artists, and they
often commit white collar crimes such as fraud or money laundering. They carefully plot their ideas and often
use aggressive behavior to obtain what they want from someone. The two basic emotions that most psychopaths
tend to lack are fear and distress. For example, if you walked up from behind
somebody and clapped your hands behind their head, they would most likely jump and become
rather startled. But scientists have learned that if you did
the same to a psychopath, they will often remain neutral and calm, not seeming to be
affected by the action at all. Psychopaths tend to be very calm and collected
under pressure, and often share a common trait that scientists call “a resilience to chaos.” This means that psychopaths thrive in situations
that other people would typically find highly stressful. Psychopaths have an easy time remaining calm
and are meticulous in planning their steps. This makes them more threatening to others
and allows for an increasingly more dangerous criminal record. When it comes to sociopaths, they are typically
more nervous about things and easy to put on edge, despite the common trait they share
with psychopaths – a cunning and charming appearance. Although psychopaths spend fair amounts of
their time planning their activities, sociopaths are more impulsive, and their actions are
more erratic than those of psychopaths. Sociopaths tend to have a general problem
with anger, and often have anger issues, sending them into random fits of rage out of nowhere. The aggression that accompanies them, fused
with their inability to cope with stress, allows for a tendency to create dangerous
situations. Sociopaths are not only hostile themselves,
but they are more likely to interpret others peoples’ behavior as hostile, which influences
them towards revenge. Lots of this anger that derives from sociopathy
results in rage towards others in harmful and sometimes even deadly ways. And since sociopaths are less meticulous and
less careful about their actions, the crimes they commit are generally sloppy and less
thought out. Number Three – Social Interactions Psychopaths are usually very manipulative
and imperious. They know how to mask their true nature and
use their charming character to influence you into giving them what they want. Individuals classified as psychopaths will
sometimes spend a lot of their time practicing their manipulative techniques. They may appear to be completely normal and
trustworthy, which is what draws you into their web. A lot of psychopaths end up managing successful
and high-end careers, such as managing a company, running a business, or becoming a CEO. They tend to be extremely intelligent and
know how to word their phrases in order to trick you into trusting them. Not to mention, psychopaths are usually also
very good at reading people’s emotions. They are incredibly skilled in faking their
emotions and feelings, and they use what they know about emotions to learn how to successfully
manipulate them for their own personal gain. Sociopaths aren’t as gifted when it comes
to these mind-reading abilities. Since sociopaths are often very awkward and
will avoid social interaction, other individuals will simply label them as “weird” or “a
little off.” When a sociopath is called out for doing something
wrong by societal standards, they will often blame others for their misbehavior. Sociopaths also tend to make it clear to everybody
else that they are only worried about themselves. And unlike psychopaths, sociopaths tend to
have major difficulties in keeping jobs, due to the fact that they are so unreliable and
crude. Number Four – Conscience When learning to understand the differences
between a psychopath and a sociopath, we must first understand the differences between their
consciences. Conscience plays a very important role in
determining whether or not somebody is a psychopath or a sociopath. Psychopaths do not have a conscience. There is nothing in their brain that tells
them when they are doing something wrong. If a psychopath lied to you to obtain your
money, he wouldn’t feel sorry about it. Rather, he would portray the learned emotions
of an innocent individual to keep himself from getting into any trouble. Sociopaths are sort of different. The main difference in conscience between
psychopaths and sociopaths is that sociopaths actually have a conscience. This conscience, however, is extremely vague
and disregarded. When a sociopath misbehaves or commits a crime,
they may be able to recognize that it is wrong, but that will not stop them from continuing
to commit the action. Number Five – Relationships Since psychopaths are out to use people for
their own personal gain, they often have a difficult time forming relationships or attachments
with other individuals. Instead of going through the trouble, they
often form fake or shallow relationships which they tend to have the most control over. They learn how to manipulate their significant
other over time, while masking their sadistic qualities. Regular people are seen to psychopaths as
pawns in a lifelong game of chess. Psychopaths will get to know their pieces,
so they can carefully move them accordingly – for their own benefit. Although sociopaths have major difficulties
forming relationships and attachments with others, they can still form and maintain relationships. They’re just not very healthy ones. Relationships can be friendships, acquaintanceships,
relationships with family, or even romantic relationships. Sociopaths have a hard time maintaining their
relationships because of how emotionally erratic they are. And although psychopaths can mimic other people’s
behavior and portray a seemingly healthy and happy lifestyle, sociopaths don’t represent
such a life. They often don’t care how they are seen
by others in the outside world. Both psychopaths and sociopaths are unable
to significantly portray feelings of empathy and common sense, and both have trouble relating
to regular human emotions – and that’s what makes each extremely unpredictable and
often times dangerous. However, it’s important to note that while
these people may seem frightening and dangerous, not all of them are. Violence is not present in many individuals
who suffer from psychopathy or sociopathy, but it often sits in the back of their minds,
waiting to be awoken. Having said that, psychopaths and sociopaths
are everywhere, and they can present risks to our society, because they will often try
their hardest to live a seemingly normal life while coping with their disorder. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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100 thoughts on “Psychopath vs Sociopath – What’s The Difference?

  1. Im just angry , frustrated, paranoid,insomniac, anxious 24/7! So what the hell am i? Or is it years of heartbreak and trauma that has made me this way! ?

  2. Psychopaths are a different type of human being which would form a different form of society. I think it is not really their problem, but the nowdays social enviornment doesn't put them into light. It is a like a spartan who would live in a peaceful society, or a pacifist living in a warrior society.

  3. A psychopath is like a chess player smart,com,plans, and gets what they want but a sociopath is sloppily, nerves, and don't care what they mite do whatever happens to them

  4. I haven't been in any traumatic events or experience any abuses but I still don't like hanging out with someone. I don't hate people, I just don't like to be with them because I am so nervous and very uncomfortable. I only talk to animals and people in the internet.

  5. I disagree that psychopaths tend to be intelligent. There is no evidence of that at all, their IQs range the same way as normal people, with an average psychopath IQ being 100. I think the psychopaths who are the type to become CEOs and surgeons and are able to function in society undetected are often intelligent, but think about it… you have to have some intelligence to do any of that shit even being a normal person. Smart psychopaths are the ones who don't get caught. Dumb psychopaths go to jail.

  6. I always assumed sociopathy was less dangerous than psychopathy. Seems like a difference in control but I'm no expert.

  7. Sociopath = someone normal who has built and learned psychopathic traits from life events

    Psycopath = someone born a psycopath and learns to be normal the life events

  8. The average IQ of a psychopath is the same as the other population's, their manipulative skills however and far better than the others'.

  9. No my adopted brother has too many mental disorders and he is a sociopath. You need to have at least 12 mental disorders to be a psychopath btw.

  10. My brother has sociopathic tendancies so my thoughts aren't exactly kind words seeing as how im lucky to be alive.

  11. Edgy people dont always want to be psychos. They only do that if they have ADD or ADHD or FAS. Psycho is not the same thing as psychopath. Yes, "psycho" derives from "psychopath" but one is a hateful inaccurate insult and the other is true. Not all psychopaths are evil. Check your information before slandering. In fact most of them are normal people. It's not that 2% of the world is psychopathic, it's that 2% are EVIL psychopaths. Be careful of your information.

  12. I do think that it is possible that there are psychopaths that want to change and are trying to change.Maybe there are ones that want to know what it's like to feel all the emotions that they don't have and to feel them themselves. Maybe there is at least one psychopath that is genuinely good or at least tries and wants to be.

  13. Edgy 14 year olds playing roblox: OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOO ME
    The intelligent people: I'm about to end this man's career

    Edit: thanks for 4 likes

  14. Hey only thing here matches me is i cant feel love with anyone i have dated over the years what am i then ? Or maybe i hold a deeper meaning to love then most people yeah that might be it

  15. I recommend reading "The Wisdom Of Psychopaths" by Kevin Dutton. Thid book really shows them from a different perspective and how having psychopathic traits could actually be useful

  16. Sorry to burst your bubble but the sociopath is the empty emotionless void who changes the rules to fit his schemes. The psychopaths don't think long term they are the ones who snap and end up in prison or mental hospitals bipolar, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses that can be helped with meds. Do your research before putting out a psychological failure on a social media platform. You make therapists look like our current president.

  17. What if they fell in love…..would it be like Romeo and Juliet….just lying and maybe killing you never know 😱

  18. Psychopaths and sociopaths are simultaneously monsters and victems. I find it difficult to sympathize with them despite knowing i should. It must be extremely lonely to be surround by beings that call themselves "human" and know that deep down you are not quite the same as them. However many 'paths use this difference to their advantage, manipulating everyone around them. I am very conflicted.

  19. I have a hard time buying into this. Anyone can be a psychopath, and I mean anyone. Take the Vikings for example, their traditions were passed from generation to generation, if I were a viking kid growing up I would think taking another person's life is a walk in the park, or just a few too many beers away at the gathering hall. I would agree that in our society some individuals stand out and are really abnormal with their crazy tendencies, and I would agree that some are even born with it, similarly though I would also say that people can very easily become psychopaths depending on their upbringing and environment. At the end of the day, reality is perception and awareness, if violence is fed into your perception regularly then it wouldn't shock me if someone shrugged at the thought of someone dying or seeing someone die.

  20. I don’t believe either of these lists.

    I crave extremely dangerous and stimulating situations.

    Superficially charming.

    Anti social behaviors were apparent by age 5

    Pathological liar.

    Emotional spectrum fluctuates between calm or rage

    Used to torture lizards and frogs for funsies as a kid.

    Terrified of ghosts and demons.

    Clearly not a psychopath or sociopath.

  21. So judging form the time he got startled by the eagle, it's safe to assume that trump is a sociopath rather than a psychopath.

  22. I am diagnosed sociopath from professional psychiatrists and I feel terrible I just want to feel and live normal AND THERE ARE THESE KIDS WITH THEIR PHASES PRETENDING TO BE SICK FOR ATTENTION PLEASE GROW UP THIS IS NOT A JOKE, THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE belive me it's very hard to be like this I love only one person I can't love more than 1 I can't look at my mom or dad and tell them I love them in a real way please kids live your best life mental sickness is not something you want to have and DON'T pretend you have mental problems pleaseee….

  23. funny how I didn't see any comment about a kid thinking they are a psychopath
    more like stupid adult pieces of shit hating on 13 year olds for some reason
    shut the fuck up

  24. I'm prolly sociopath, but I really don't feel any emotions when I see someone hurtin, and I am able to betrey friends for my own action, but most likely cuz women's ☠️ is there any chance to be both, cuz I'm actually handsome boi, Yee I'm narciss ☠️💁

  25. People in the comments: HERE COME THE EDGY 13 YEAR OLDS!!!!
    me: is diagnosed with psychopathic tendencies… “excuse me…”

  26. for everyone thinking they are a sociopath or psychopath, i am diagnosed with sociopathy. i always knew i had a mental disorder once i realized how antisocial i was. which started around middle school. it isnt just being “antisocial” meaning i dont really like talking to people, its more of faking emotions while talking to people that made me really dislike having to talk to people. like school bro would he the worst just because i had to talk to someone eventually throughout the day. and when i did i would fake every ounce of emotion that would leave my body. i would also manipulate a lot of people. i like breaking rules and partying sounds like it’ll never get boring. from my point of view being manipulative is fun, but only if you do it right. being a sociopath is kind of weird because you like to manipulate others for your own gain, but i also feel bad sometimes when i do. or there will be some people that i would never do dirty because i just think its wrong. being a sociopath just feels like youre on a whole other frequency than everyone else and youre always just stuck in your own head. honestly its never really been that bad, im just pointing out all the things that i can think of. i feel like my life has been pretty ok, like i dont realize that im different because im so used to it. its just weird. id give anything to just be on that frequency that yall are on😔

  27. Im sitting here wondering how many attention craving mfers and hypochondriacs are whinning in comments about how this is them while they type out a book with there anti soical selfes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Dude this video is showing that psychopaths are more organised,and can control themselves better than sociopaths

  29. I have been tortured by people like this. Real psychological torture that causes brain damage. They get off on it, or don't care if someone else is engaged in seriously sadistic cruel behaviour. They live a lie, and no one knows who they really are inside.

  30. 13 yr old me who's been bullied for 10 yrs and actually lacks some emotions : exists*

    Adults : eDgY tEeNaGeR tRyInG tO aCt cOoL bE lIkE

  31. Psycho: You piss me off im gonna kill you
    Sociopath:You piss me off im gonna sit and let it continue for a while before I act

  32. No one :
    Absolutely no one:

  33. Yes, correct they are everywhere the Dr. Phil show is full of them because the baiters the evil 8 and the nefarious 15. Thyroid disease can build them. Hashimoto’s disease grief disease. You can develop mental illness just like you can develop cancer. They are great at lies

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