Pumpkin Velouté Soup With Chestnut Oil | Cooking In Nature  | #DoStathi #Ikaria

Pumpkin Velouté Soup With Chestnut Oil | Cooking In Nature | #DoStathi #Ikaria

Hi friends of Do Stathi channel !!! I hope you doing well !!! for those of you who do not know me I am Stathi and cook in nature for you . As you can see I am holding a yellow pumpkin . What will we do with this yellow pumpkin ? I’ll make soup . Ι will make soup in nature . Here in Ikaria this yellow pumpkin is called ” tamburas ” . Recipes with tamburas are many like sofiko , fried with garlic , soups . Different types of cooking, fried, roasted, boiled, as you like ! It’s delicious !!! One of my favorite foods is tamburas and especially pumpkin soup . We haven’t made a soup recipe until now and what better way to do it now in nature . Let’s go to make soup in nature . We will make the recipe in a stunning forest , you will now see footage from nature . Let’s go !!! Below you see the chestnuts have fallen from the Chestnuts trees . This is how they made the steps in the old years . Now we are at the entrance of a traditional watermill . Friends we got to the place where we will make the recipe . Αs you have seen so far the place is incredible . I am in the stream of the river . ( No water yet until the first rain ) Just above us is the watermill , as you saw before . Enough with all of this , now let’s concentrate on our recipe . Today’s recipe is pumpkin soup . Here is the yellow pumpkin . I’ll show you exactly how to cut the pumpkin I’ll show you the size we’re going to cut the pumpkin and the other ingredients . Which is , three medium sized potatoes 2 medium sized onions and one leek . Salt and olive oil . These are all the ingredients of our recipe . It’s a very easy recipe . What makes this recipe so delicious ? This organic yellow pumpkin . You can cook this pumpkin ,soup fried , grilled ,pie several ways to cook it . Let’s go cut the pumpkin to light the fire to make the soup . We have a bowl to put the pieces in . A very simple process , cut in the middle . Τhe peel of pumpkin is tough, so be careful when cutting it . Am gonna use only this piece today for the recipe . The whole process of the recipe and the ingredients below the video . Cut in the middle . This is the inside of the pumpkin . To cut into pieces first we will remove the Peel . Βe careful not to slip the knife . Large dice is the size we want our pumpkin and the other ingredients . This is the secret of the soup all ingredients must be the same size to cook at the same time and evenly . If not cut to the same size they will not cook properly and the texture of the soup will not be creamy . Large dices is the cut . First we will fry the onion and leek but do a little patience i will tell you all in a little . First of all the olive oil . Add leeks and onions and cook until soft . Then add the potatoes . After softening now add the potato . Last one the pumpkin . We will pour water until it covers all the ingredients . We will put the lid on . They need 25 minutes to cook . After 15 to 20 minutes we check at what stage our ingredients are . With a fork we check if they are soft . Then strain it and to make it Velouté . 2 pinches of salt . Lid on and let it cook . After 20 minutes the soup has boiled and the ingredients have softened . You from home if you want to make this soup first remove the broth and keep the vegetables slice them into a blender then through a sieve . Where will we need the broth ? After taking the vegetable pulp, add it to a clean saucepan then add broth . Depending on how thick we want our soup . If you want the soup sparse you add more broth . Ιf you want it creamy then less broth . Sieve your vegetables twice if it’s not enough creamy . Now i will show you the sieve process . You will see the texture of the vegetables after we sieve them to put it in the saucepan with the broth . After pulping the vegetables the result we are expecting is that here . To summarize, mash all our vegetables and add them to a clean pot after add broth to finish the veloute soup . That’s the texture you’re looking for your soup . I will use a spoon to show your the texture of the veloute soup . If you want it sparse add broth . If you want it thicker let it cook for 5 – 7 minutes . When it is ready , remove the soup from the heat and let it cool down . As we arrived I saw chestnuts fallen down that’s why am going to collect some then boil them , chop them and we will make a chestnuts oil . What is chestnut oil ? You will see soon … This is the original form of chestnut . Be carful how you hold them .. are like little hedgehogs . To get the chestnuts out remove the cupule by pulling the chestnut . That’s the chestnut . After we boil them and clean from the shell . I will show you the process to get the chestnut oil . Pour it over our soup to give us that special taste . Now i will show you how to clean the chestnut . ( boiled for 15 -20 minutes ) Cut the edges ( up – down ) of the chestnut . Slice it with a knife to open it . There is two layer shells we have to remove . To be edible the chestnut must look like this . For the chestnut oil ,we need 5 cleaned chestnuts One chili pepper , just a tiny piece don’t go overboard . Extra virgin olive oil and salt . I’ll show you soon when we cook them . The process is about 4 to 5 minutes . Chestnut oil infused with chestnuts and chili peppers and salt . After this we will strain the chestnut oil pour it over the pumpkin soup to give the extra flavour the smoky flavour . Chop chestnuts . like this one . Be careful with the knife if you don’t have much experience . Just a small piece of the chili pepper because it’s very hot . Only this piece of chili pepper . Well chopped . Let’s start the cooking . Finally to plate up this delicious pumpkin soup . Nice flavors . Last recipe of the day the chestnut oil . 1 Tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil . Heat up the olive oil . Now it’s hot enough . You can hear the sounds of olive oil . Add the chopped chestnuts and chili pepper . A pinch of salt . The fried chestnut is like snack . The chestnut oil infused with all the flavors from the chestnuts and chili pepper . One more recipe comes to the end . Thank you for being here . Gianni did you like today’s recipe ? Giannis : Perfect !!! Have you ever tried pumpkin soup with chestnut oil ? Giannis : Never ! Do you want to try ? Let’s try . I tried something different in this soup , the chestnut oil , and worked out well . I want to thank Gianni so much for all the fresh ingredients from his garden that we use in our videos . Thank you so much Gianni for your help . Your vegetables and fruits are delicious and organic . Giannis : I wish you the best with your videos and your life . Thank you so much !!! That’s us . If you like the video , Subscribe to my channel , like the video and share to your friends . To spread this videos to many as possible people . Stunning views and a delicious recipe . Take a good care of your selves . See you soon !!!

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