Realm of Magic DETAILS: A Quick Summary of All We Know (The Sims 4 News)

Realm of Magic DETAILS: A Quick Summary of All We Know (The Sims 4 News)

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic trailer premiered
today, only after an excruciating wait of 24 hours. If you thought that was hard you will not
be super happy to hear it’ll be September 10th before you can explore the new pack. If you’re on console well, sorry. You’ll have to wait until October 15th. This was really the first time I know of Maxis
using YouTube’s premiere feature to build up some hype. Almost 30,000 people were watching when the
trailer debuted. On a day like this the gurus are very active,
so let’s go over everything we learned from the trailer and our sims-focused twitter scouring
to give you some of the latest info. Bear with me on this. The trailer is only one minute long so I have
a LOT more info than I have footage but I promise you will be thoroughly in the know
when we’re done. First, yes, we are getting witches, wizards,
or however you’d like to term it. The game uses wizardry. The page we got from EA specifically states
that Sims will collect spells, so hopefully it’s not a 10 level skill that unlocks every
spell for each level but something that encourages some exploration. That’s a positive, but a negative is that
we already know Spellcaster is a life state and only casters can use magic. So this means you’d need a mod in order to
make a vampire wizard or mermaid and that is annoying me. Does this bother you? Share your thoughts with us. Spellcasting ability is possible to be passed
on by birth through the Magical Bloodline trait or you can just make one in CAS. Alternatively, you can ask one of the 3 Sages
for the Right of Ascension. Teens and up can cast spells, but it’s been
confirmed there is a bit for children to discover but we don’t know what yet. Wands and brooms are not just visual effects
but actual physical objects you can store in a display case or hang on a wall. You can purchase different brooms, and once
in your inventory will be able to make it your preferred method of travel. This is such an early stage but the gurus
are always there to add some extra info, and this time a couple of them have lost their
minds and turned into owls and dragons. SimGuruNick – er, Darkwing – confirmed a spellcaster
charge, like a mana system. He’s also on here role-playing a dragon while
I type and he’s either ready for a break from game dev or is trying to give us clues about
learning magic or ancient wisdom from familiars. Before we move on to that, they did state
that this is very similar to the progression for vampires, probably more specifically in
that there are ranks of casters, which makes a lot of sense given the lore it’s based off
of. We do see familiars briefly in the trailer
and also in the pack’s art. We got some other kind of cool confirmation
that if you own pets you can have your pet designated as a familiar and that you can
have as many familiars bound to your Sim as you want, but can only have one summoned at
a time. The other familiars are protection against
death and kind of follow you around like the streaming drone from Get Famous. Pets will sparkle and we know they can be
sent to forage for ingredients for potions. But for the pack-specific familiars, we don’t
know all about abilities, or if they’ll just be vfx that hover around your Sim and make
cute noises. They can apparently help to protect you and
will help with spellcasting energy management somehow. All in all it sounds like they add passive
bonuses to your Sim. There are spells and potions in the pack. Three classifications of magic – Practical,
Mischief, and Untamed for a total of 24 different spells to play with, the most of any Sims
magic pack. There are a total of 15 different potions
coming from a fourth Alchemy branch, along with curses that may need to be dispelled. It would appear you need magical ingredients,
probably to make the potions and there are new plants you can collect to help you brew
them. Spells and potion recipes you’ve learned will
be tracked in a spellbook. Hopefully with both spells and potions, there
are a wide variety of unique effects that are not just +2 flirty bonuses. It is my opinion, and I’m sure you share it
– this pack relies on a strong magic system to not suck. There are kind of 2 new worlds in this pack,
confirmed by ever charming SimGuruRomeo – It’s really one world with 2 neighborhoods. Neighborhood 1 is Glimmerbrook, where you
will be able to live and move your Sims in. It has.. .5 lots (groan). Cross through the portal after completing
some type of quest, cast a spell or use one of the glimmerstones unique to Spellcasters,
and you’ll reach Neighborhood 2 which is the Magic Realm, which has 1 huge lot you will
need to edit with the bb.enablefreebuild cheat. This is where you’ll find the three sages
and can earn the ability to be a Spellcaster. Glimmerbrook supports The Sims 4 Seasons but
the Magic Realm does not. It does have its own custom day and night
cycle though. While it’s kind of unclear, we got confirmation
that Sims will not autonomously cast spells outside the magic world. Players can use spells anywhere, but as for
NPCs does this mean Glimmerbrook or both? So far we’re leaning only magic realm and
that’s kind of a bummer. I’ll clarify that if we find out more. All in all we kind of need population controls
and options for these things, because to some people this is a plus, but not always, and
to some people it’s a minus, but not always. Controls make everyone happier. I didn’t intend to go off on a side rant,
people want supernaturals but the problem of requiring the player to set up the scenario
grows deeper the more you add. That’s what I think anyway, how do you all
feel about this stuff? I mean, if you say mods, I say what about
console players. Would anyone think of the poor console players? There will be a total of two new aspirations
to pursue in this pack. We also see a lot of new stuff in the trailer
like the wands, cloaks, celestial dresses and other wizard clothing, along with new
facial tattoos and triple earrings. They say they put in time and effort to make
sure players will be able to customize the appearance of their spellcaster. There’s a cauldron no doubt used to help with
potion making, but you can also cook with it. It’s a replacement for stoves, and it does
work off the grid. This was a frantic afternoon so toss me a
like if you liked what I did here, and I’ll try to keep doing it. I want to be a reliable source for the big
news when I can muster the patience to rewrite a script like 3 times. Anyway I hope you found this useful, and thanks
to my patreon supporters for helping out. It’s helped me get new equipment to make these
videos a little quicker which saves me some energy.

100 thoughts on “Realm of Magic DETAILS: A Quick Summary of All We Know (The Sims 4 News)

  1. I want a Sim who has Alien, Mermish, Vampiric and Wizarding heritage. Yesterday lol. And how come games never do Werewolves but always vampires? Ugh.

  2. Personally I like it that magic is constrained to one spot where I won't see NPC's running rapid with magic everywhere. That was such a big problem in S3 where you either would have occults or not at all. Even without Supernatural installed I had Late Night and vampires just over ran sunset valley completely for pretty much absolutely no reason which was pretty obnoxious. Wanted vampires, but there was definitely no inbetween. Bout like Sims makin magic. The world magic town was constrained for just magic related things for NPC's.

  3. i kind of wish there was a way to more heavily integrate supernaturals into gameplay ex. vlad and the valtores will autonomously turn other sims, more hidden aliens walking the streets, and spellcasting for everyone. i get that not everyone likes that kind of thing in everyday gameplay but man im tired of manually making my game weird and quirky, it takes the fun out of it

  4. I don’t know if this was said anywhere, but I wanna see matchmakers back in the game… or at least a “” option on their computer. It’s much more fun than me having to spend my time CREATING one in CAS. I’d much rather CHOOSE one from a pool of like… I dunno… 5 or something.

  5. Fairies/elves, werewolves, zombies?, imaginary friends?, gnomes?. I don't know what else races I'd like to see soon :0

  6. Thanks Carl. Thorough as always. Your efforts are much appreciated. <3
    So. JUST witches. No fairies. No werewolves. I had such hope we'd get our missing supernaturals back, FINALLY. I'm so disappointed.
    Looks like my fairy rock star is going to languish, wingless & bandless forever in Sims 4. 😛

  7. Love this video, thanks for the summary! I think the more life states that are added to the game, the more obvious it becomes that we need some kind of options for controlling them in the menu. I don’t know what that would look like for TS4, but it really feels like something we’re missing. Some people want vampires, mermaids, and witches to be roaming free and abundant in their casual gameplay, while others would happily never see a vampire again. It would be great to see some kind of controls so each player can customize.

  8. Where Mystical creatures the more the werewolves vampires more vampires more mermaids and more Mystikal legends.
    They say this is gonna be really good better because I was looking forward to a lot of more mythical creatures I was very disappointed with islands for the fact that they didn’t let us discover underneath the island in more places that we could’ve discovered I really hope that we can use magic outside of the world and more mystical creatures and legends but the vampires need more updating a more fun things to do same with the mermaids and I’m really wanting werewolves and more legendary creatures like zombies I want some legends to like Cerberus, kraken

  9. I’ve got just one question, do vampires burn if it’s day in the Realm of Magic?
    I don’t think they did in Sylvan Glade and the other hidden base game world. I think the realm of magic will be like a hidden world too, so that is why I am asking.

  10. Your videos are the best and most informative. Thanks! I am excited to see what it is like when we get to play it! But I am still enjoying my Island Girl!

  11. For the 2 problems you mentioned with not being able to have vampire or mermaid spell casters and NPCs not being able to cast spells outside of the magic world, why not create a regular Sim, have it learn magic then have it get turned into a Vampire and maybe they’ll still be able to cast spells for the first problem and for the second problem why not have the sims that already are Spell casters moves into worlds where they can’t normally cast spells in and maybe they can cast their spells in them

  12. Great job on the video i've watch like 4 dif simmers review this pack and there was like no information on the pack at all just complaining it seemed like where as yours was all information THANK YOU !!

  13. Time to make a gross trailer park witch who mainly uses magic to summon pizza.

    I.e. me irl, but a phone and money to summon pizza instead of a wand.

  14. I loved the magic aspect in past games, but I have been disappointed by TS4 too many times to let myself get hyped. Also, due to this, I no longer buy content as soon as it comes out. I wait for a sale. So, it will be awhile before I get it. Thanks, Carl, for your informative video. I always look forward to what you have to say.

  15. I remember when in sims 3 we got vampires witches werewolfs and all these magical craps in one pack. The good days.
    Tbh i shouldn't complain, I just piratedownload all the games cause I have a little bit of common sense

  16. Is it only me who got bored of same packs for each sim game?? Im never hyped anymore. Let me introduce you sims 5. Now expansion packs, city pack, night life pack, toddler child pack, garden oldies packs, pets pack, outdoor pack, vampire supernatural magic pack, holiday pack… It is AL WAYS THE SAMEEEE AAAARGH!!!

  17. Ugh… i wish they'd actually focus on other things… I want my sims to remember things and have more interesting interactions like they used to. Also… magic is always the lamest expansion pack. Maybe I'm not their target audience anymore.

  18. I puked EXACTLY as the countdown hit one. Sorry I'm late I ended up getting sick back on the 20th so I didn't have time for watching videos because usually when I get sick I sit on the couch and watch pokemon. I did speedrun watching pokemon sun and moon on Netflix in a few days though so that's a nice achievement. Love your videos though!

  19. Isn't it funny how people are different? For me, all that magic/vampire/zombie stuff doesn't appeal at all! Maybe I'm to down-to-earth… But it was the dollhouse aspect that pleased me in the 1st serie… and it still does (seasons, pets, careers, etc). I'm sure I'll buy this one but I'll wait… not in a hurry to play Harry… ;D

  20. On the topic of it being a life state – yes it does bother me that I can't be a mermaid and witch or a vampire and wizard. I don't understand why they don't just make that an option…and I have no idea how to add a mod so what is a girl to do??

  21. Since a few people have said this now. I'm not negative on this pack, but I'm reporting on it. I'm actually excited, but feel it's important to share what you can and can not do. We got a good bit of info, and yes hearing 5 lots is a negative, and hearing the thing about autonomous spellcasting is a negative for me. Everything else is good. I note that this needs a good magic system to be well-received by me, and that's just my own opinion. We don't know too much about that yet, but it sounds promising.
    Here's a link to the text version, since I cannot update this video:

  22. it would be cool if with magic,and turning on off the grid,you could turn on lights that dont normally turn on

  23. It looks great. Hopefully it plays great. But I'm totally bummed about the world size. We seriously need one large (as we can get with Sims 4) for all supernaturals once we get more. We still need werewolves back for sure. I wouldn't mind faeries, elves, and genies back. I really loved genies. I think elves would be awesome too. There is a large fan base for them. I wished they put all the supernaturals into an expansion instead of these game packs.

  24. Two things I'm worried about, one it's a life state and not ability. Two that it'll just be a wizard overlay like how island living was and not have any substance. Other than that super excited 💕

  25. Thanks for the video, Carl. I so hope there will be a flying monkey familiar for a certain green-skinned witch I wanna make. 🤪

  26. And we can't have a pack that has witches vampires and werewolves, instead we have to wait till each individually comes out because…..? Logic…. Sims3 looks like a dream compared to this….

  27. I love you reviews but I tell you there's only 2 Games but I don't play with my Sims it will be this one and in a vampires but this 1 really takes the cake even though I came out in 2 but I love you reviews but then makes everybody have different tastes and as good but this is now can we won on picking up now in a real A but if you mess with the wrong spirit some of the could be real but that's another topic so thank you for your reviews have a great day . And it's good that other people like it

  28. I’m SO glad that witches can have dogs as a familiar! I can’t make an authentic hipster witch without a CANINE!

  29. ‘realm of magic’ is a dumb name. I’ve never understood why they don’t
    just call it ‘Makin’ Magic’

  30. Hey Carl! Would you mind doing an in depth guide for photography now that it’s been updated? Like how to combine it with retail business and so on?

  31. Maybe they should make spellcasting a learned skill, like playing chess or cooking, instead of being a biological thing like being a vampire, alien, or merfolk.

  32. Thank you caring for us console players!!! I use to play PC but my computer stopped working. I miss CC and MODS and wish they would at least put up a gallery for us console players.

  33. i don't really mind that spellcasters are a life state, I think it would be less annoying if mermaids had more powers

  34. I feel like I would be annoyed if just anyone could cast spells. I love the idea of magical bloodlines and spellcasters.

  35. Grew up playing the Sims since my grandmother introduced me to the first. One of my favorite things to do was make a family of super people and try to have a baby with all supernatural heritage. SUPER bummed out that that isn't a thing anymore and it doesn't seem to be changing either

  36. This pack sounds a lot like it’s along the lines of Outdoor Retreat to me as far as gameplay. Also, you mentioned my fave Sim Guru!!! Romeo!!! 😍

  37. right before the broom take off there's a bright light and it seems like the sim starts exploding: My theory is that the sim transforms into a super wizard or a werewolf or something like that

  38. I don't know why but I hope the main character in the trailer is in the Sims gallery so we can play as him. He seems so cool

  39. It sucks that we can't be vampire, alien or mermaid spellcasters, but I hope that means Spellcasters will use some form of perk system similar to vampires, so they just didn't want you to have too many perk systems on a single character.

  40. I AM SO EXCITED, i agree with you man i really wish that one would be able to make like an alien wizard, or like an vampire wizard. It would be so cool, but i know with creation it might be a problem with the switch mode. I hope they make the sims 4 Univercity or like fairies and wearwolfs, or even an pack where you can surf or do boggy boarding. Thank you so much.

  41. It would be so cool if our sims could enchant objects in their homes once they reach certain magic levels (similar to how they can upgrade objects when sims become more handy). Imagine enchanting your fridge or stove and watching your food cook itself when your sim goes off to read a book or something! Or enchanting the bar and having it mix drinks for you

  42. I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but is it bad that I’m really not excited for this pack? Judging by previews it does look like good content but I really can’t get hype for these packs anymore. Which is sad because I really want to love this game. I really wanted werewolves and fairies

  43. I'm happy that spellcaster is a lifestate because Ilike the idea of special sims who differ from the others and have special abilities and privileges

  44. Hoping that familiars do end up being able to collect ingredients for potions, because ingredients are already annoying enough to collect, especially rare ones. Or at least maybe a shop where you can buy all of the ingredients. I don’t really care that much about aliens or vampires not being able to be witches or wizards, probably because they already have magical powers so I feel as if witch/ wizard vampires or aliens are unnecessary. Also, is this going to be a full on expansion? Because they released island living this year and I still haven’t been able to get it :/

  45. I do miss the hybrids, but I've accepted that they're not coming back at this point. 🙁 I am hopeful that this will be a good pack, though! When they focus solely on one occult state, they tend to do better than when they try to jam it into a larger pack (see: vampires vs mermaids). Though I do hope familiars do something other than just hover there. . .let me at least hug them. (Seriously, have you seen the latest gif of the leafbat? LET ME HUG IT)

  46. I'm with you: annoyed that it's a life-state and that vampires and mermaids can't use magic…. sigh. Hopefully someone will make a mod. Other than that, I'm extremely excited to *finally* have magic back and new world/neighborhood looks really amazing.

  47. So since it can be passed on thru birth…what if I take a vampire sim and make them have a baby with a witch 😂😂😂 technically you could cheat it right?

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