Recess Characters: Good to Evil

Recess Characters: Good to Evil

if you were a kid in the 90s then you
probably watched the Disney animated series recess The Adventures of TJ and
his friends at 3rd Street School were rebellious and exciting and also brought
some great lessons for kids watching many of us look back at recess with lots
of nostalgia and we decided to ask ourselves which characters were the most
good and which ones were the most evil and where does everybody else stand the
playground demands answers I’m Kyle with wicked binge and this is good too evil
recess as usual we’ll be starting with the good ones and who better represents
innocent than Mikey Bloomberg he’s a peaceful polite and kind kid although
his appearance can resemble that of a bully being so big it’s only proof not
to judge a book by its cover as Mikey is a sweet and loving artist he’s a
baritone singer and one of the best poets of 3rd Street school mikey may be
the oldest member of the gang but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t the most
naive of them all at times likely because he always does his best to see
the good in people he won’t stand arguments or violence or especially
being called fat but he’s also the most forgiving of the
group demonstrating levels of both maturity and goodness that many adults
don’t even have don’t be frightened you’re safe now
he rarely gets angry Plus as TJ would say and I quote he wouldn’t hurt a fly
next up is corn chip girl she’s nice sweet and somehow quite caring for a
child despite being young and very shy she has a big crush on Gus and she’s
very close to the rest of the gang we can see her most of the time throwing
corn chips behind King Bob as his servant hence the name just an innocent
and good person plus she hates mayhem and havoc on the playground are about to
go to war next up we have miss grouchy she’s a warm and kind teacher and a bit
of a hippie with quite the eccentric personality she loves doing yoga and she
stands for environmental issues in preserving the earth oh yes often times
it seems like she’s the only teacher in the whole school who really care about
her students she seems like the perfect teacher for young kids given how
compassionate she is and fun fact she knows some martial arts techniques but
she only uses them as a self-defense resource she even meditates and even performs
magic tricks so she’s pretty amazing coming up next is the smartest of the
mane gang Gretchen Grund ler she’s one of the brain masters of the whole school
and the nerd of the group Gretchen is also very friendly sweet and helpful but
she can be a bit naive sometimes which frequently puts her into
misunderstandings she loves her friends studying of course and coming up with
plans to help the gang in their adventures she stated that her main goal
in life is to find a cure for all diseases I mean that’s obviously a good
person but that’s not all she also wants to clone herself and help solve world
conflicts with the UN every student someone may have to tell
her that she’s only a kid the few times that we saw her angry was when she was
called dumb or when she saw her friends in danger which is actually commendable
moving on to the next member of the main group we have Gus Griswold he’s a
good-hearted boy very shy and naive although we’ve already seen him acting
bravely in some occasions he loves animals recess sands military stuff he
also likes to dress like a soldier likely because he has a military family
however he doesn’t have the skills or the personality of a soldier his most
notable skills are that of a fire ball player one thing’s for sure though he
hates to be bullied and he’s always afraid of that happening poor Gus his
main problem is that sometimes he can be a little paranoid and he also
occasionally gets blinded with power other than that Gus is a really good kid
coming up next we have the coolest kid in the gang Vince he’s athletic and
competitive and sometimes is seen with a kind of superior and arrogant attitude
but his idol is Michael Jordan so it’s understandable all that aside he’s
friendly and has a good heart a very loyal friend to have to say the least and also one of the most positive people
on the show however he doesn’t like to lose at all and sometimes he can push it
a little too far just the wind but we’ll just strike that up as having a bit of a
competitive edge what happened I feel much like playing next up is the main
character of the show TJ the leader of the gang TJ is a funny charismatic and
happy kid the first business is to give the people what they want he has a good
heart and he cares about all the kids in school but he also has a rebellious side
to be more specific he is a bit of a troublemaker isn’t he that was the best
prank he really was genius wasn’t he loves to pull pranks and yes he likes to
solve problems on the playground but these problems are oftentimes problems
that he created in the first place he can’t live without recess or hanging out
with his friends he hates detention as well
being lonely and he especially hates Randall since he’s always stitching on
them – miss Finster at the end of the day he does pride himself on causing a
ruckus but although he pulls a lot of pranks and makes a lot of trouble he
cares about every kid including his own enemies he and Spinelli are very similar
and maybe that’s the reason why they seem to have a crush on each other speaking of whom
up next is Ashley Spinelli in fact she is more than likely the toughest kid in
the whole playground and despite being a tomboy beneath all that there’s a sweet
and caring friend as we just mentioned she also has a big crush on TJ and being
his right-hand assistant makes it difficult for her she too loves to pull
pranks and she doesn’t care much for girly stuff and she hates the Ashley’s
and especially Randall in fact she’s got a bit of an anger problem so much so
that Spinelli often uses violence and threats when something is troubling her with that said despite her anger problem
she will stand up for someone when they’re in need and she’s more of a
heroine and protector despite her occasional angry outbursts and that’s
why she’s a good person up next is Menlo he’s a decent kid after
all do you remember Miss lemons he is her
assistant or her aid as he likes to call himself he likes to live life within
order and he always makes sure the rules are being followed
he doesn’t like disorganized people and rarely goes to recess as he’s too busy
in the office disarray he’s friends with TJ and Randall Weems although they don’t
hang out much according to you one episode he’s also a laser tag player
which might be the only fun thing that he does next up is hustler kid and he’s
not as bad as he may seem his name says it all he’s the hustler of the
playground anything he likes to smuggle forbidden things into school and his
business means the world to him no wonder he has a knack for making good
deals out of his smuggled items despite all that he does have morals as he
refuses to sell stuff that would get kids in trouble
the hustler kid code we never hustle anything that could get kid in trouble
he’s probably one of the smartest kids in 3rd Street school
what kid makes a living like that in 4th grade not many that’s for sure
now we can’t forget to mention principal prickly who yes is one of the series
main antagonists why do you do this to me Detweiler his gruff appearance is
unmistakable and he’s a strict and serious man pretty much everywhere that
he goes sometimes we see him being benevolent with the kids and especially
TJ’s gang but the truth is there is usually some kind of positive interest
behind it transformation Indians he’s as authoritarian as any school principal
usually is but remember this is all through the lens of the kids truthfully
he likely often has the best interest of the kids in mind even if he comes off as
cruel at times and in the recess movie we actually see some cracks in his armor
and that he’s not that bad of a guy I suppose it takes growing up a bit to
see him in a more positive way see I didn’t get into teaching for the
promotions or the pension plans er I did it cuz I wanted to help you kids we
couldn’t miss the popular group the Ashley’s the typical and cliche group of
four spoiled and snobby girls they’re very popular and they seem to dislike
the show’s main gang they are known to cause damage in the playground to their
own benefit they’re also cruel and mean to other
unpopular kids like Gus for example they only bully the weak kids just to feel
superior themselves so no wonder they’re hated by much of the school especially
Spinelli coming up next is Lawson’s crew they like to pull pranks and maintain
the order in the playground however they don’t really succeed at this perhaps
because they’re not only bullies but also kind of dumb as a box of rocks most
of the time they want to be better than TJ and his crew and get all the glory
and rewards that King Bob gives to himself next up we have the monarch of
3rd Street School the glorious King Bob he is as demanding as a terrible boss
overbearing and impatience he’s that kind of kid you don’t want to deal with
when you’re growing up however he has an honest side and he’s a fair ruler at
times so things aren’t as bad as they seem he’s friendly with PJ in the gang
despite the fact that he’s at least two years older than them the truth is
although there may be a decent kid underneath the crown King Bob is
definitely someone who is corrupt with power and his cruelty is known across
the playground as we’ve seen him deal with his opposition through force on the
regular Oh Randall Weems the snitch of the show he often gets
caught spying and he’s called snitch or weasel by everyone since he spends all
of his time getting other students in trouble once he even managed to take
over the playground he’s miss Finster’s pet and he’s loyal as a dog to her which
is a bit bizarre given the fact that he’s one of the most disloyal and
untrustworthy characters on the show however if he does wrong I’m sure she
would punish him like she does the other kids since he’s always spying on his
classmates he’s often attacked and beaten by bullies so one could argue
that we should feel bad for him as a victim but he chose to build a dishonest
reputation and it makes sense why nobody likes him
get my cookie right I’m afraid not Randall snacks are for snitches she’s
right I am off my game next up we have the horrible Muriel or miss Finster
someone’s up to something I can feel it in my corns the authoritarian woman who
hates fun and kids behaving like kids she has a gruff voice in a gruff
personality basically she has gruff written all over she’s cold
strict and cranky but I suppose deep inside she’s well-intentioned still it’s
hard to notice that when she’s so mean and terrible at times since she has the
help of Randall she knows everything that’s going on in the school and the
reason why we don’t give her the benefit of the doubt that we give principal
prickly is because she’s especially cruel and really seems to enjoy berating
children to summarize her pretty well take a look at her surname Finster and
realized that it means sinister and German I’m very disappointed in you
Randall my own little weasel gone bad next up is a bully of the school Irwin
Lawson he’s a bully jock type character and arch-nemesis of the gang especially
TJ and Vince he’s mean he’s rude he’s competitive and ruthless he’s really bad
period he hates losing and he’s a jealous and frustrated kid who needs to
be the best at everything scheduled moving on we have Gelman
he is one of the most feared bullies in the shell and he uses his physical
strength and intimidation skills to harass other students especially Gus technically he’s committed crimes such
as harassment assault and battery that’s quite the rap sheet for someone in
elementary school he doesn’t have any friends although sometimes he hangs out
with Lawson and his crew surprisingly however in the later episodes of the
show he does grow for the better proof that people can change but at his
worst he definitely deserves his high ranking like father like son as they say
the perfect example for this sang is Leonard Weems and there’s no need to say
he’s Randall’s father because they’re so much alike and not just an appearance
Thank You mr. Weems here’s a cookie he’s the reason why
Randall is the way he is he taught him everything he knows about the snitch
life and he even taught him not to make friends because it would distract him
from snitch honestly there’s not really much that’s
redeemable about Leonard Weems he’s untrustworthy totally pathetic and an
awful parent now we’re gonna reveal the top two on the list and I can assure you
that this was a really close call between these two characters in second
place pretty close to the top a true and authentic pure evil character of the
series dr. slicer a cruel and strict teacher he treats the students as if
they were soldiers he is a kind of person who thinks emotions make people
weak there will be no sappiness sappiness
makes you soft plus he hates any sort of feelings in general and many fans have
pointed out that he has a strong resemblance to heinrich himmler a
high-ranking leader in the Nazi Party which may have been intentional to
showcase how awful he is he’s a true villain who is pure evil and unlike
principal prickly for example he only truly wants power and control and for
the number one spot the most evil of them all we present you the cruel and
selfish doctor phillium benedict this operation will be executed as planned
from right here he is an authentic criminal mastermind
he’s so insane that he wants to eliminate recess and even summer
vacations truly it’s madness in fact one could argue that he’s an absolute
lunatic insane do you want evidence okay he has committed crimes such as
kidnapping theft of government property and even terrorism we’re talking about a
major evil here he’s crazy vengeful and delusional villain although
his several attempts to conquer the school have failed his plans were still
beyond evil I mean he wanted to move the moon into a different orbit in order to
create a permanent winter on earth just to destroy summer vacation this man
belongs in prison or a mental hospital my hopes and dreams ruined but yeah dr. Benedict has proven
himself to be the worst character in recess but what do you think do you
agree with the list who do you think is the best and worst in recess let us know
in the comments section below but don’t forget to tell us what cartoon we should
feature on good to evil next remember to hit that notification bell and most
importantly stay wicked

100 thoughts on “Recess Characters: Good to Evil

  1. Finster isn't that bad. She has shown that she cares for the kids many times. Protecting Gus from a bully, cutting loose to make Spinelli have a fun time when she was miserable, trying to keep the kids together after they accidentally destroyed the statue, the county fair moment, plus taking on terrorist in the movie completely unarmed.

  2. Principal: I didn't get into teaching for this or this, I got into it for…
    Ad that conveniently popped up: KFC's chicken wings.

  3. Shoulda included the indian kid who helps makes decisions for everyone!! He looks and acts exactly like Ghandi on purpose. Look him up!!

  4. If anything Miss Finster cares about the kids. You can see when there is something that can harm then she lays down the law. She is strict not evil, and she has shown her affection numerous times.

  5. Being an adult now, Principal Prickly does come off as sympathetic. He's just a man who takes pride in his work and wants to do his job well, but T.J. and his pals puts him through a lot of stress. The man just wants to do his job like a responsible professional, he's not a sadist, he just has a job to do, with a salary funded by the taxpayers of this little town.

  6. This was a fantastic show. I think what made this show so unique was how the creators had a background in Nickelodeon.

  7. Sorry but Gus is the biggest scumbag of the show lol. He screws over his friends at any opportunity if it's to his advantage and will use and manipulate people whenever he has the opportunity. I feel like he's got some attachment issues due to moving around so much and he has difficulty understanding the value of friends and other people. Randall has problems relating to other people too but he tends to manifest it in relating to the adults instead of other kids. He lacks a mother figure in his life I think because if I recall he lives with his dad as a single parent, maybe that's why he clings to Miss Finster.

    Randall never screws over people he sees as friends, Gus has chosen to dump his friends for any power lol. Gus is a dick.

  8. The Ashleys should be lower and Miss Finster should be higher

    And i'm surprised some other recurring characters weren't included like Upside Down girl, Kurst the Worst and the kindergarteners

  9. "Do you agree with this list?"

    Hmmm, I don't know, man. A kid who rats on others for cookies or Heinrich Himmler and a dude who tried to destroy the oceans by moving the moon?

  10. We had an elderly, strict and conservative teacher. First time i saw her, she looks just like miss finster😨 an older student: she is exactly like miss finster 😱

  11. The TRUE list, based only off the main cast and series regulars

    1) Corn Chip Girl
    2) Miss Grotke
    3) Mr Kelso
    4) Mr Griswald
    6) Mikey
    7) Gretchen
    8) The Pale Kids
    9) T.J.
    10) Vince
    12) Principal Prickly
    13) Menlo
    14) Gus
    15) The Diggers
    16) Swinger Girl
    17) Guru Kid
    18) The Kindergarteners
    19) Kurst the Wurst
    20) King Bob
    21) What ya talking about Butch
    22) Mundy
    23) Skeens
    24) Miss Finster
    25) Randall
    26) The Spinellis
    27) Paul Prickly
    28) Hustler Kid
    29) The Ashley’s
    30) Miss Lemon
    31) Lawson
    32) Gelman
    33) Superintendant Skinner
    34) Gordy (that prick)
    35) Mayor Fitzhew
    36) Phillium Benedict

    ….100) GUS

    Congrats If you made it to the end. Comment below

  12. could you maybe replace Lawson's crew with the diggers? i mean they were pretty much good kids but kept to themselves and had way more appetences then Skeems or Kurst

  13. I'd argue that Randall is more evil than Finster; we've seen Randall use blackmail and lies to get innocent kids into trouble, but Finster has only ever punished kids who do break the school rules

  14. Finster is a genuinely kind person who just wants what's best for the children. I would say she deserves to be right next to principal prickly.

  15. Finster belongs higher on the list than Randal; the episode where Spinelli spends a weekend with Finster really shows her more human side

  16. I think you dont give Miss Finster as much credit as she deserves. Sure she can be cruel, but like Prickly she started off wanting to help the kids and I believe she still wants that. But the years got to her, and there's a particular event in "Guam" that gets mentioned in several episodes about her past. From what little I've pieced together I can only theorise that she had a marriage that broke up, or at the very least a significant other. Before anyone mentions her previous relationship with Dr. Benedict, that was a long time ago and it honestly seemed like they were dating at best. Whatever happened there, shes clearly a weathered woman fighting on because of her pride and dedication to her work. And there have been a few moments where shes shown fairness and even kindness, like how she punished Randall for starting the food fight despite the fact he's her main snitch. She didnt treat him with exclusivity once she was sure she knew it was him. Furthermore shes had a few heart to heart talks with Spinelli to help her through her issues. Finster literally lives alone with a catflap she uses to let in strays. So not only does she have a caring side but its clear shes lonely as shes willing to let in stray animals for company. She only has her job and thus she wants to keep order to help make Principle Prickly's life (as well as hers) easier.

  17. Funfact: Dr Slicer is voiced by Tim Curry!

    Also, you forgot to add a 3rd major villain: DR WHITE! The guy is literally TJ's anti-thesis when it comes to having fun at school! And speaking of villains, there is a 4th major villain as well: MAYOR FITSHUGH! The guy almost separated the main cast and TJ didn't have any plan to counter his judgment until one good character you didn't include appeared and I consider this guy to be even over than Mikey when it comes to goodness: I'm talking of course about THADDEUS T. THIRD THE FIFTH (rolls over your tongue I know)

    I know so much about Recess! Heck I watched the series in English, French and Arabic! HELL, Funfact about me, I got the best grade in French Essay Writing in 8th Grade because I took the idea from the Recess Episode Operation Field Trip (French version)!

  18. The janitor is a good character, he is nice and just wants to enjoy his time, and really humble, i would arguer better tha gretchen too as she can get overly zealous despite her good intentions, and he is j´kinda a mentor figure for her.

  19. Waaait. Ms Finster is actually called Ms Finster in the english version? I always thought they changed her name for the german dub. Finster in german means sinister. So a quite matching name xD

  20. I think Mrs Finster häs äwso her good sides äs see in the Spinely episode . äs seen in the recess movie änd äs seen in the christmäs movie she inst thät bäd

  21. If the most evilest on the list did make the earth a permanent winter then he would be responsible for so many deaths because people wouldn’t be able to grow food or live stock could perish because of how cold it would be.Also more people lose there lives in Accidents during the winter season bitches 👍

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