REMEMBER YOUR DREAM – Motivational Video

REMEMBER YOUR DREAM – Motivational Video

We all have things that
we’re believing for, dreams that we
want to accomplish, problems we’re hoping
will turn around… Maybe it’s to see our
family restored… or lose some weight,
to break an addiction, to start our own business… But sometimes
as it goes on, month after month,
even year after year, we don’t see
anything changing. It’s easy to get
discouraged and think: “This is never gonna happen…” “This is as good as it gets.
I’ll just learn to live with it…” We all go through disappointments,
setbacks, loss… Pain is a part of life. It’s easy to get discouraged,
even bitter, like: “Why is this
happening to me?” Sometimes we look at pieces
in our lives that don’t make sense. The key is what we do
in our times of pain. Pain will change us. Heartache, loss,
disappointments… They don’t leave us the same. Every painful time… even though you don’t like it,
it’s developing something in you that can only be developed
in the tough times. Eventually, that will pass… You’ll get through it,
but you will be different. In those tough times,
when you are uncomfortable… going through a loss… dealing with an illness… You can easily let it
overwhelm you. Now how the pain changes
you is up to you. You can come out bitter… or you can
come out better. You can come out defeated,
giving up on your dreams, or you can come out
with a new passion, a new fire, excited about the
new opportunities in front of you. I may not like it, but I’m not a whiner,
I’m a warrior, I know I can handle this. Don’t complain about the pain,
without the pain we couldn’t reach
the fullness of our destinies. Sometimes we bring pain
on ourselves: we make poor choices, get in a relationship
we know it’s not good or maybe get over
our head in our spending… Now it’s painful, we’re having
to deal with the consequences. All of us experience pain. My challenge don’t just
go through it, grow through. That difficulty is an
opportunity to get stronger, to develop character,
to gain new confidence. Anybody can give up… Anybody can let it overwhelm you,
but do you know what that’s doing? Wasting your pain. That pain is not
there to stop you, it’s there to prepare you,
to increase you, to develop you. Difficulties are a part of life. Now quit telling yourself
you can’t take it. You’re not weak,
you are well able. Eventually the pain will pass. You’ll get birth to new strength… Just because it hasn’t happened yet,
doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen. There will always be forces
trying to convince us to settle where we are. Life has a way of
pushing our dreams down. They can become buried
under discouragement, buried under past mistakes… There are dreams
buried under divorce, buried under low self-esteem… It’s easy to
settle from mediocrity, even though we have all this
potential buried on the inside. What are you remembering? The hurt, the pain,
what didn’t work out… Turn it around
and remember you dream. Have you allowed any
dreams to get buried in you? At one time, you believed you
could do something great, you believed you could
lead the company in sales, you believed you could
break that addiction… There’s been a long time… Had some bad breaks… Wasn’t all your fault… You could easily
settle where you are… Nobody would fall to you… The enemy would love to
deceive you into burying your dream, thinking that it’s
never gonna work out. Don’t believe those lies. It’s not too late to become
all that you were created to be. Every time you remember
your dream, you’re removing some dirt,
you’re digging it back out. The true mark of a champion is even though some dirt get’s
thrown on your dream, instead of letting it get buried,
you keep shaking it off… You keep moving forward… You wouldn’t be
having that opposition if you didn’t have
something great in you. If your dream wasn’t
alive and on track, right on schedule
to come to pass, you wouldn’t have so many
things coming against you. That dream is still alive. You may have tried a year ago,
5 years ago or 40 years ago. Didn’t work out? Nobody was there
to help you? Go back and try again. This is your time.
This is your moment. Your destiny is
calling out to you. Can I tell you?
Your dream is not dead, it’s just not in season. Your time is coming… Promotion is coming… Good breaks are coming… Promises you’ve been
standing on… Dreams you’ve been
praying about… Lack is not your destiny. Constantly struggling,
barely getting by, is not the end
of your story. These light afflictions
are for a moment. The adversity is temporary. The glory is eternal. There are some dreams
shut up in you. Like fire, you’re gonna feel
your destiny calling out. May not happen
the first time… The loan didn’t go through… You didn’t get
chosen for the par… The medical report wasn’t good-
That’s ok, it’s still in you. This is your time.
This is your moment. Shake off the doubt.
Shake off the negativity. You’re at the right place.
You’re at the right time. Now all you’ve gotta do is
get in the right frame of mind. I believe this is my year
to get healthy and whole . This is my year to meet
the people of my dreams. This is my year to go
further in my career, to step into a
new level of my destiny. This is my year to
accomplish dreams, to break free
from this depression. This is my year to
meet the right people. This is my year to
get healthy and whole . This is your year
to see double. This is your year for vindication,
for restoration, for new beginnings… Now get your mind going
in the right direction. Transcribed by
Jean Trindade Pereira *In case of any mistakes,
please fix them.*

100 thoughts on “REMEMBER YOUR DREAM – Motivational Video

  1. I want to be a hero. To fight that I want to fight. To hit and let all of the negative effects and activities fly out with one punch and one infinite force. I want to be who I want to be.

  2. I want to be proud and be happy. To be free. To fly to my new life and a new beginning. And to not quit on my dreams. Nor my destiny. To fight my enemies no matter how big or how rough or how infinite it is. By any means Nesscary. You have to fight for your dreams. To hit it with one punch. One by one. Until the enemy is weak.

  3. They keep saying that your dreams are not real. Ignore them. Even if they shouting at you. Shout at them and hit them force with force. fire by fire. You can follow your dreams. This is your destiny. Your story. Not there's. I believe in you. God believe's in you.

  4. I know that your dreams gonna come through, thank you for posting this, in the meantime check out my music video mix and subscribe for more quality videos.

  5. Stay strong, whatever be the situation, lets face it – its all like passing clouds !!!

    For more motivation, see this:


  6. I wanna be a basketball player. But im short, fat, slow. I never get minutes of playing nobody belives in me. Everybody is telling me im short im not strong you will get dunked on. Everybody is better than me. Nobody helps me. But my grandfather was a professional athlete. He was the first that said i have a potencial. But he died 6 years ago. He is my potencial im gonna do it for him when i will make it to the nba i will put my jersey on his grave for the respect he gave me motivation while i was doing my best. I have some medical isues and he was a motivator to me that no metter how tall i was i will sucseed one time even if he dies he will watch me. I will do it for you granfather i will make your dream to come true i will be a nba star i will win championsship i will play for my country (slovenia) thanks for motivation grandfather.

  7. can a stranger say a good word to me .. i m feeling lost …i m full i can't let it inside of more than that

  8. My dream .., my dream is to be free, open myself so that I will travel the world calmly and on foot I want to feel what was previously the smell of nature and not the smell of smog as it is today, thank you for understanding

  9. I need this; currently laying in bed crying. These past few years, months especially, have been horrific. I just want to keep going, but it’s so hard when you constantly want to give everything up when you’ve got nothing left to keep going for.

  10. Gratitude Joel Osteen..your teachings are

    Happy 2020 to yourself and Victoria, family..
    This is different from your usual service.

  11. You reap what you sow and you get what you deserve and to suffer is a great honour and without it you won't appreciate anything it builds character and makes a man out of you embrace it and it will honour you

  12. I started following my dreams this year and I would really appreciate your support 🙏🏻 I welcome you to join my journey on YouTube ❤️ Have an amazing day


  14. With all of the pain I've had in my 58 years on this planet I should be a very wealthy multi millionaire!!! Where is it…………………….

  15. Pastor Osteen speaks from the word of God. What is said here is stated in the bible. So embrace it, Jesus, our one and only way.

  16. Something the Lord told me some years ago: "A tree bears fruit in its season." You don't know what kind of tree you are. Some trees take so much longer to reach the season of maturity where it is ready to show the world the fruit the Lord has been developing within. And to top it all off, God really, REALLY loves the fruit of Patience. So, hang in there and never stop believing! Something amazing is about to happen, in the appropriate time!

  17. हिंदी में सुनने के लिए जाएँ

  18. My dream is to visit Japan!!
    I'm a weeb. You wanna laugh at me? Laugh at me!!
    It is hard for me to achieve my dream. I am poor to accomplish it. But one day I will visit my dream place.
    My dream may not be as big as yours. But I will achieve my dream even if the world is willing to stop me.

  19. LOve this so much … In everyday life I try to be an Encourager , it's cost me some people , they think How real is she … I am Real , I have alwaya been Real .. I defend the Weak and help them rise and I will never give up or give in to all who try to bury my Spirit .. Thank you for this

  20. This is random:
    I recently watched Mr. Robot. Rami malek's show featured in this video. It's mesmerizingly beautiful and sad.
    Also, get yo ass up, start working for what you want.

  21. My dream was to join the U.S AIR FORCE but I'm legally blind so I couldn't join because my great grandfather was a B17 gunner before he passed he said to me he wanted me to join but I couldn't join but I found a way to serve know I'm in the civil air patrol UNIT STATES AIR FORCE AXILLARY

  22. Your content is so good. Since working on this we project and am a beginner it's really inspiring because l will strive hard towards achieving my long time dream of Motivation and great public speaker of all time..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. I want to be a model .But my main problem is i always think that i am ugly and everyone is beautiful but i am ugly. I hate my face 😞😞

  24. Great video.
    If you are struggling with Life and Giving up hope, YOU GOT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO ( A toughest man ). LIFE IS BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

  25. Peccato che non sia tradotto bene. Vorrei inviarlo ad alcune persone che ne beneficerebbero tanto, ma la traduzione nei sottotitoli non rende i concetti facili da capire, anzi, confonde molto

  26. Why i was born on this world?
    Well from my third year i was singing 24/7
    I WAS singing for whole day playing air drums,guitar or even piano
    I was born to be a singer from the day one and am not going to give up i never give up
    Look Show up JUST SHOW UP TO WORLD
    Look if u fail its ok fuck that school says failing isnt good Failing IS PART OF THE LIFE

  27. I went through deep depression and anxiety since 10 y/o but didn’t get help because I was “too young” to know what pain and sadness felt like, that I was just a kid, that I only wanted attention, I tried to take my own life 2 times (12 by cutting and 14 by overdose), I’ve been taught not to cry or feel bad when something happened that physically or emotionally hurt me, just suck it up b/c there is always someone else going through worse or that I was being selfish for liking something that another person couldn’t have, I gave things up easily no matter what it was, I grew up feeling guilty for everything I had knowing others couldn’t, I have a habit for when someone tells me they like something I own, I give it to them right away cuz I feel guilty for having it, I know this probably doesn’t mean anything or make any sense to anyone and I’m most likely just being dramatic but I just wanna share this, I’m a bit older now and I’ve realized I don’t always have to feel ashamed about everything, that it’s okay to cry sometimes, for things to hurt you, and you don’t always have to give up on things, the most I can do it to be kind and help others but still have a strong mentality, that it’s okay to like things, to not always feel selfish, but what’s not okay is to hurt yourself to make someone else feel better, to let someone bring you down b/c you love yourself or b/c you rather do something you wanna do for once, to let someone control your life when you don’t want them to. I’ve learned that if you don’t like something do something about it, don’t just sit there and do nothing b/c if you don’t, your always gonna get hurt and have regrets, no I didn’t live a hard life but neither did I live a luxurious life either, yes I get hurt sometimes for small thing’s, I get mad, I get sad, I get lonely, and shameful sometimes but I’m human, I have feelings too and shouldn’t be ashamed for it, and the thing is, I had to teach myself this, I was too stubborn to let anybody help me and I regret it sometimes but I knew I wouldn’t get the same help from others bc I would be told the same thing, that I’m being selfish, so I helped myself and learned how to be mentally strong and prepared for anything that happened, to always find the good things and not let things get to me, to be happy, and to accept myself.

  28. I went through flashback, when I used to watch this video in 2016 everyday, when I was in depression. And, now here I am in 2020. Happier, making dreams come true and proud son of my parents. Billion thanks to this video and his creator.

  29. thank you for reminding me there was great times, i lost what i believed too be all i would ever have, i do feel things well come i remember good and this season is coming to a end …this is my time again …faith

  30. Hello guys, i made an account on instagram called drea.mer227 if you are struggling with anything and need to talk with someone feel free to text me, maybe i can help 🙂

  31. i need to hear this. we should not waste our pain. we should learn from it , turn it around and build dreams. its not too late.

  32. Your dream is your dream, not everyone sees the dreams how you see them. Not everyone will support it. But f * ck those people. get away from those people. You don't want that in your life. they stop you from living your dreams. Invest in yourself in your mind, become the best version of yourself by believing in your dreams and taking action. Make your family proud. pushing forward until you have won. You can live your dream life by believing. Pain is added. but see the positive learn where the pain comes from. and tackle this. Stay positive, see setbacks as a learning process. learn every day then you grow every day. Tell yourself I CAN DO IT!

    You can do this beautiful 😉

    Let'ssss Goooo

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