ROBLOX MOVIE – Celebrity in Disguise

ROBLOX MOVIE – Celebrity in Disguise

Sona, you’re really stupid Ok, did I ask? Yeah, and you’re going back to public school Oh my gosh, really? Thanks, dad Yes But… Why? Because you can’t even produce your OWN music And you always get distracted home schooled Wait, but my fans… You’re going to be a Celebrity in Disguise This will be fun… What should I get first? Hmm…Maybe a wig? Thank you for purchasing! Thank you! Let’s put on our disguise! Shall we? Sweet, no one could recognize me now I should change back and sleep early, tomorrows going to be big *Yawn* Sweetie, it’s time to wake up Hurry up, you’ve got half an hour Okay Dad I can’t wait Hey Dad! Morning sweetie, are you excited? Yep! Where’s mom? She’s at a meeting Oh, okay. Can you drive me to school? I don’t know the way Rick can take you, I’m tired. Okay, see ya Dad! Bye, Sona! Why are we at the back of the school? So they won’t recognize you. Oh Your fake name will be Sana But that’s so similar to my real name No one will know Hmmm…I’ll just say Sannie Okay I think it’s better if you don’t come with me If you say so Look, new girl! She has glasses! She’s a nerd, don’t talk to her Okay class, can I please get your attention… We have a new student joining us for just this year Please come in and introduce yourself Hi! I’m Sana but you can call me Sannie, I hope we can all be friends! Thank you Sannie, I hope this school’s just right for you! You can take a seat next to Angelica Excuse me teacher, that’s Anna’s chair Oh yeah, you can take a seat next to Jacob instead The guy with a silver hair Nerd I’m so sorry for being late! How stupid! New student? Leave your homework at my desk. Class dismissed Oi nerd W-what are you doing..? Do my homework Nerd And why should I?! Because you’re a nerd Wow, so stupid Says you! I’m not doing it! Do it No! Do it No! Do it or else… Or else what? I will kiss you FINE! Pass it over! Return it next week Bye, nerd Ay! I’m not a nerd! Seriously, on my first day Ugh, another meeting… *Sigh* OMG! I’m so sorry! It’s okay Ahh, thank God You’re Sana right? Yep, you can also call me Sannie Ah, I’m Matthew Nice to meet you Sannie Uh I have to go, like really Bye Matthew! Ugh Mom She kind of reminds me of someone, but I don’t know who! [Sona star singing] Where are we going again? We’re going to Japan We were wondering if Sona could photo shoot with us tomorrow morning? Yes, that could benefit both our campanies What do I do…? I have homework due on Monday but I won’t have time to complete it! Sona? Oh, right, yeah Great! See you tomorrow then Bye Sona! Aaaaaand We’re done, thank you *sigh of relief* She’s so amazing Oi Where’s the homework? Umm… Aw! That’s what you get You just messed with the biggest bully! Ew, cringe You’ll pay for this Ow! How dare she! Why is my face red Am I blushing? Ugh No! Well, she’s the first person who has confronted me out of 100 people Ugh no! Phew, she’s gone Thank you! He’s mine! Ok… But he’s a bully I like bullies! HAHAHAHAHA! What’s wrong? Oh hey Matthew Are you okay? No-yes- I don’t know… Well- um, where are your friends? I dont have any… Oh, well you should join us! Bruh I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes straight Sorry Who do we have here? HAHAHA OMG SO FUNNY HAHAHA Wait wait! I got another joke! What do you call a sad cup of coffee?? A DEPRESSO! Haha! [Laughing] Oh hey Jacob! Why is she here?! Woah- calm down buddy, she’s a friend! Friend? Yeah Yeah okay NO! Calm down bro…sit down No So tell us about yourself, Sanna Well I’m a ce- -sore loser, I can’t swim and I like dancing… You don’t like books? Mark, Sannie, want to go get some ice cream? Yeah Hey! How come you’re not inviting me? You never want to come even when we invite you countless of times… Yeah this is shocking Sorry but I can’t go…I have things to do Thats alright, maybe next time! Yeah anyways, see you guys tomorrow! Bye! Bye! Let’s go get ice cream now! I’m not going anymore Okay then… Good afternoon class! Today you’re going to work on a group project that is due next Monday, so you have 7 days to do it You’ll be working in partner… But I’m picking your partners Angelica and Anna Ella and Matthew Jacob and Sana Kim, Isaac and Jeff NOOOOO! The topic is about Ancient China Please sit next to your partner now You’ll pay Sana I’ll create the poster and you research Sure thing Okay, let’s get on with it I’ll help Why are you being so nice to me? I’m not rat Nevermind… You called for me? Yeah, we have a big problem What is it? It’s Sana, haven’t you noticed? She’s been hanging out with Jacob Well… She’s obviously stealing him away from me! We need to do something about this! Why do you want to finish the project immediately? Because… I have a concert in L.A for 5 days I’m going to be very busy… We’ve been looking for you You were here all this time? Mhm Don’t we have 7 days to do that? Yeah, but I’m going to be busy for 5 days Ugh, why are they here!? Are any of you guys going to Angelica’s Party? I don’t think she invited me Everyone’s invited, she posted it on her Instagram Oh, well I want to go! You have to bring a date Oh, I’ll find someone eventually… Jacob wait! I need to ask you something… What? Do you…like Sana? No! Gross, why would I like that nerd? Oh good, because I like her and I plan on asking her out to Angelica’s Party… Anyways, I’ll see you later! Ella~! Angelica? You seem to be in a good mood Well yeah! Jacob agreed to be my date for my party! That’s great! Congratulations! Is he going to come? What if he rejects me? What if he never shows up I hope he’s comi- He’s so handome~ H-h-hi Jacob~ What do you want Can you please be my date for the party? Yeah, okay… T-thank you I hope I made the right choice… I can’t lose my best friend over someone I like… What a tiring day… Sona Star? Yes? You really are Sona Star How did I found out? Well, I saw you talking to ‘Sona Star’s’ manager yesterday Don’t worry, I won’t tell Unless you give me an autograph I don’t want rumors… Thank you! Promise not to tell anyone? Promise Thank you But why are you here? To produce music! Home-schooling was distracting for me… Ahh, I see Are you going to Angelica’s Party? Maybe, but I don’t have a date yet I know you’ll get a date soon, you’re Sona Star! Shhh, people will hear, and I’m disguised Oh, right… OMGOMG! It’s Angelicaaa! Can’t wait to see you guys dressed up at the party… Me too! She’s the girl that tried to steal Angelica’s boyfriend!!! Nerd Get her! Sannie!! How did this happen? I don’t even know Hmm, I’ll be back, watch over her Where am I? Please lie back down Did you kidnap me N-no, of course not! This is the Sick Bay Oh yeah…She was kicking me Who was kicking you? Angelica’s fanbase They keep on making fun of me! I don’t think I want to go to her party anymore… But I was going to ask- Ask what? For you to… Be my date for the party Well, ok, sure! Thanks for… Asking Are we besti- I got asked out! Wow! Congrats! Who is it? Matthew Wow! That’s amazing! That’s so rare of him to ask! Really? Weird! Can I please help you pick your outfit for the party? Sure! Let’s go now Sana! Can I talk to you? In private? Yeah Give me 5 minutes Okay Have we finished the project? Yup, I finished everything and handed it in yesterday Okay..good… Bye We walked here just so he could ask me that? What was the point!? What did you guys talked about? Project Lame Let’s go… This is your house? Yep I thought you live in a mansion Well, I don’t I have 3 outfits to choose from Wait I don’t believe that you’re Sona Sona would live in a mansion, she’s rich and you never showed me ‘Sona’ What do you want? I want proof that you’re ‘Sona’ Fine I’m not rich, and I rather live in a normal house Wow, okay… Are you going to the party as Sona? Of course not Lets just forget this ever happened This one! No No Yes!! Let’s pick your outfit now! I’m not going… Oh… Why? I’m just not a party type of person Oh, that’s okay I’m going to go home now, it’s getting late What’s the time? 7:30PM Alright…Bye! Hi Mom You have a meeting in France tomorrow When will we come back? When will we come back? Who said you could go to that party? This meeting is important, we HAVE to go! Is money all you cared about? why do you always have to use me for your business? You never cared about me and my HAPPINESS! Don’t you dare talk to me like that! Of course I care about you, I do these things for you! Look at how far you’ve come, I helped you earn all this fame and this is how you repay me?? You’re always so distant You never hang around with me and dad Go to your room! Lord, please help me… Hello, this is Miku Could we cancel the meeting? Sorry for the inconvenience… Thank you, bye What time is it? It’s already 1:35PM I thought we have a meeting at 10AM Oh…morning, Sona It’s afternoon Oh, right About yesterday… I’m-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things to you And I know I haven’t been a great mother to you… Please don’t say that… you were helping out the family I- I cancelled the meeting, and I’m sorry once again I forgive you Let’s spend this day together, as a happy family That was delicious! We should do this more often Yeah It’s my fault that we never hang out like this… Nooo… Hey, we’re together now so let’s get it over with Home sweet home! Tomorrow’s the party… Woah, I didn’t know I can fly? Wait, I can’t fly! AHH!! Aw… It’s Sunday! I need to get ready for the party Sona! Where do you think you’re going? Party… Who said you could go? Haha I’m just kidding Of course you can go, if it makes you happy Thank you Mom! This is the place! Thanks Rick! Sana! Hi Matthew! You look great! You’re going to be the spotlight today Says you Have you eaten your lunch? No… Great timing! I made some Onigiris Enjoy! We still have an hour left until the party starts Mhm! I’ll make her mine, no matter what You will love me and I will be famous with you, Sona Star Thanks for the snack Onigiris are my favorite! What’s your favorite food? Onigiri Just like Sona Star No problem Let’s go to the party now Hello everyone! Thank you so much for coming! I hope you all brought a date! Otherwise, that’s a shame I am very grateful for everything I’m going to get some fresh air for a bit Alright What’s going on!? Well… I’m a sore loser, I can’t swim and I like dancing… She can’t swim!! Move aside! Sona… Thank you It’s Sona Star I can’t believe it I’m… Very sorry for being a jerk to you I thought it was cool to…hurt you I shouldn’t really have done that, and I regret it so much I forgive you But please don’t do that ever again I won’t look at that korean ending tho

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  1. Thank you so much guys for the positive response, reading all your comments made me forget all the hard work I've been through.
    By the way did anyone saw Slender? If you want to hear my cringy voice find Rick.

  2. I watched a gacha life version and then realized it was so close to this one! like when the bad girl pushes her (disguise girl) into the pool!

  3. I really wish I knew how he made the roblox charters to talk with there mouths moving and there charters to move I really love!

  4. Awww so sweet..And make part 2..Because matthew is something crazy happening and angelica is not even yet sorry or somthing..And i want to see what will happen to matthew and jacob and sona..

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