Russian Individual Ration Pack IRP | tasting a Russian MRE

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  1. якраз мелодія що на початку підходить до їжі з росії . бо сташно її їсти

  2. Фууу русская еда говно хорошо что я уже там не живу.

  3. 10:41 I spotted that is really not good condensed milk. Good condensed milk will not have creamy texture and won't be that glossy. Definitely with cheap additions and vegatable oils.
    Real condesed milk will be like honey liquid and deep beige/yellow color.

  4. I'm sorry, but "похiд" is not Russian. That's how the original packaging was "damaged"!

  5. New here! Hello. Great video I love that you liked the food. Love your hair( Kawaii )and how you talk. Its very calming. Metcha Arigato. Sugoi

  6. Here's the Dollar Tree version:

    Alejandro Cheddar Cheese Flavored Snack Cup, 8 oz.
    All-Natural Premium Black Tea Bags, 100 ct.
    Armour Potted Meat, 5.5 oz. (2)
    Assured Antibacterial Wet Wipes, 3 ct.
    Crush Strawberry Singles to Go, 6 ct.
    Everyday Table Shakers Salt & Pepper Set
    Hershey’s Special Dark Bar
    Hunt’s Snack Pack Single Serving Tapioca Pudding Cups, 4 ct.
    Ice Cubes Arctic Grape Flavor Gum, 1 oz.
    Juicy Juice Apple Juice Boxes, 4 ct.
    Kendale Farms Chunky Vegetable Beef Soup, 15 oz.
    Libby’s Peas & Carrots Cup
    Nestle La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk, 7.05 oz.
    Nissin Chicken-Flavored Souper Meal, 4.3 oz.
    Original Saltine Crackers, 8 oz.
    Southgate Beef Stew, 15 oz.
    Southgate Corned Beef Hash, 10 oz.
    Sugar in the Raw Packet Box
    Welch’s Strawberry Peach Singles to Go, 6 ct.

  7. Emmy
    If no one has told you yet, the Apple "drink" was not a drink at all. My Russian is not good but, I believe that was apple jam.

  8. If one of those packets said кусок мыла I think you might have gotten 5,000,000 views by now.

  9. I died when she thought the sugar was a powdered drink and just dumped the whole thing into water and drank it

  10. If that one packet was jam, why on earth would there be a picture of a hot drink on it like the other packet? Why would one ration pack include so much sugar? I didnt see anything that needed sugar to begin with so that makes no sense either.

  11. i think she does the best job of all the mre sites in discribiner the flavors of the contents,, shes great….

  12. I'm sick and binge-watching your military ration tasting videos, and now I'm going to go mix the apple butter in my fridge with some hot water in your honor, Emmy. Cheers LMAO 🍎

  13. So brace for just plunging in👍🏻💐 I was busy google translating as you went along😂 I thought the name on the gum sounded like some kinda stimulant like to keep soldiers awake so I was kinda freaking til I saw it was just gum.😂

  14. I had to look this up when you mentioned in another video that you made a drink out of apple butter. But then I saw the tube of condensed milk and I can't believe you didn't add that to the rice pudding thing! Missed opportunities!

  15. I would recommend using a translator app on your phone to ensure you k ow what you are using. Many countries are heavy handed with sugar. India comes to mind. Thanks for the honest reviews.

  16. The main entrees, when heated, look very appetizing.  A salute goes out to the manufacturers involved in making this Individual Ration Pack (IRP).

  17. For this price in Moscow is 6.5US$, 400 roubles. Sometimes price is different, it's depend from expire date.

  18. To be fair to her on the jam thing, I once had a Ukrainian friend who liked to stir big globs of jam into his tea. Apparently that is common in Eastern Europe. I don't know how well apple jam goes with black tea, but she very nearly nearly got it right stirring it into boiling water like that. I'm sure plenty of Russian soldiers have had the same or similar ideas. =)

  19. This is the best ration pack I've seen you review, in terms of amount of food and quantity of food. It made me hungry watching you try all the foods.

  20. Good video…only one correction; you're not supposed to use water, but only vodka…it'll all taste one million times better!!!

  21. Guys, as Russian i can say, that jam in wartet is the best way to cure urself if you are ill. I mean, if you say your grandma that you are ill, she will definitely bring you a can of self-made jam and make this kind of drink

  22. Can we buy military-issued Russian MRE packs with rice pudding, pate, canned cheese, and main courses flavored with parsley on Amazon???

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