Secondary Relic Trait Feature REMOVED on 7.2 PTR

Secondary Relic Trait Feature REMOVED on 7.2 PTR

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at a big change
that just hit the 7.2 PTR in the latest build. On the PTR, they’ve replaced the final Order
Hall Research reward which caused relics to gain a second trait. Instead, after finishing your research your
Artifact Power rewards from World Quests will have a chance to be doubled. According to the Blue Post, the main reason
why they’re doing this is because they weren’t satisfied with the feature. Basically, they weren’t confident that it
would meet their standards in time for 7.2 so they’re shelving the idea for now. So what are we losing here? The feature was supposed to work like this. After spending 50,00 order resources, artifact
relics would benefit two traits rather than one. The second trait was guaranteed to be a throughput
trait, so buffing direct damage or healing rather than utility. That made bad relics more likely to be average,
but made absolute best in slot relics an RNG nightmare to try and get. With how many top raiding guilds are disbanding
in the face of massive grinds and RNG gearing, it’s not surprising that they’re doubling
back a bit now. Getting perfect double-trait relics for Tomb
of Sargeras progression was going to be a massive RNG cliff for cutting-edge guilds
to overcome, similar to the Legendary grind of the first tier. As for the replacement, it’s not exactly as
exciting as a new feature but I wouldn’t say it’s unwelcome. If they had left it at 50k order resources
it would have been hilariously underwhelming but the research cost has been brought down. Right now on the PTR, the final tier costs
only 15k Order Resources to research. That’s fair, and I’m sure the doubled Artifact
Power proc will be handier than we expect once we’re knee-deep in the 7.2 Artifact Power
grind. The biggest loss here is the way double traits
mitigated the disappointment of bad relics. Right now in Nighthold, if you get a garbage
trait relic that’s enough item levels up it’s still worth slotting but it’s a depressing
experience . If all relics had a second damage trait, that makes it suck a little less. Hopefully the item level buff to dungeon loot
coming in the patch does enough to make a wider range of artifact relics viable. If you’re shaking in your boots at the though
of LESS gearing RNG in 7.2, I wouldn’t worry just yet. The Nether Shard system is ripped straight
from Kadala in D3 and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get lucky. Personally, I don’t mind the feature being
rolled back or the AP proc they’re replacing it with. Anything to make the AP grind easier on lazy
casuals like me is A+ in my opinion. What do you think? Do you wish they’d left in double trait relics
or are you glad it’s gone? Thanks for watching, let me know what you
think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

30 thoughts on “Secondary Relic Trait Feature REMOVED on 7.2 PTR

  1. I think it is fine for casuals, but do appreciate the loss for the more hardcore in the community. Thanks for the info.

  2. I never really liked the double-trait idea- But to be frank, a chance to get double AP from world quests is underwhelming and feels lazy. If that would have a chance to proc anywhere we get AP it would be alright I guess. Still not really happy with the solution though.

  3. Great discussion and points made. Wished that they left it alone. Like getting a relic that's not useful but has better iscore, is just nerve racking. Hate that the relics have an Ilvl on them.

  4. I have an 890 relic that reduces the CD on cloak of shadows by 10 seconds…should I replace my 870 relic that adds +25% more dmg to poisons with a shitty 10 second cd…

  5. I'm on the fence with this one. Granted getting BiS relics would have been a nightmare, but you would never have a relic that didn't increase your throughput in some way. Not a huge deal either way, but it would have been a nice feature for something like my DH you take less magic damage relics. Love those ones -_-

  6. Yeah, I'm glad they got rid of them based on the RNG, but honestly, the increased AP gain is such a let down. Why not include some sort of reforging system for relics, but noooo.

  7. My problem is that it's lackluster for the amount of resources. Its what 20k, takes 2 weeks and you have a chance (let's say it's high and 2/3) to get extra ap. I hoe they expand it, maybe it always give extra rep, maybe 20-50% more rep, with maybe a chance to increase all wq rewards, ap, gold, resources and items have a higher chance to wf/tf.

  8. I would rather they gave us an extra relic slot, or maybe included a reforging system. something at last a little exciting.

  9. I'm so tired of the top 1% of players dictating game balance. Good thing I farmed this 60k Resource for nothing though, rip.

  10. I like new change. But I think they should have a option to double anything, gold, follower gear/ilvls, resources, honor, ilvl on gear, double chance at legendarys, and more. (I still don't have one Legendary yet on my whole account). 🙁

  11. Personally I'd prefer they removed it completely or replaced it with some far more valuable…such as 3rd legendary or the ability to swap relics as opposed having them destroyed each time you slot a new one…

  12. "It's still worth slotting, but it's a depressing experience."

    Save for arms warriors 🙁 Has to be a pretty big jump to justify a good chunk of our relics to be worth taking, especially if you're still missing your two piece tier bonus…then there are pretty much only two relic traits worth a slot.

  13. I think the chance at double Ap will affect me more on the day to day grind than my two day a week raid schedule where I would potentially be seeing relic upgrades.

  14. Anything to make the game a little less grindy is big plus in my book. I know a lot of people don't mind the grind but I work a full time job and have a huge amount of hobbies and an active social life and sadly that doesn't give me enough time to do what I think is fun in wow

  15. What about monk/dk pets in 7.2? DK need ONLY 30k resources + ALL WEAPONS on max level…. for all 3 pets ;s worst idea ever ;s

  16. You know, I'd prefer they'd increase the order resource cost of the final upgrade to GUARANTEE double AP drops from world quests. "We are replacing this RNG thing for another RNG thing that has less impact"…Why not remove the RNG entirely? Enough is enough

  17. It makes me sad that so many people have such little impulse control that any time Blizzard introduces something that can and/or will increase throughput, they feel "forced" (notice the quotes) to grind grind grind until they have BiS slot everything. It's just not Blizzard's intention and no, mythic raids are not tuned around everyone needing 2 BiS legendaries, 3 BiS relics or all gear titanforged. People are literally burning themselves out for no good reason whatsoever. They are are burning themselves because they have no self control … "MUST HAVE EVERYTHING!! BLIZZARD SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!! AAHHH I QUIT".

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