Shaq ain’t TELLING! | Celebrity Family Feud

Shaq ain’t TELLING! | Celebrity Family Feud

Give me Shaq. Give me Sean. ♪♪ That’s a big hand
right there, Shaq. -You know it is.
-Man. Steve: Yeah, yeah. Point values are double, fellas.
Top six answers on the board. Here we go. We asked 100 married women
to fill in the blank. “I like it when my man
gives me a big…” what? -Kiss.
-Kiss. Shaq? I can’t say the answer
I want to say, so… [ Laughter ] So I’m gonna say gift. I’m gonna just say gift. [ Laughter ] I’m gonna say gift.
Gonna say gift. “Gift.” Big ol’ gift!

84 thoughts on “Shaq ain’t TELLING! | Celebrity Family Feud

  1. the answer is DOVE, right? what woman wouldn't want a big ole Dove? Doves are great! especially when there's 2 of them! …wait, no.😬

  2. The answer Shaq couldn't say that he wanted to say was probably the number one answer, given this show's history!

  3. Steve knew what Shaq was gonna say that's why he didn't turn his head around, he just pointed and said his name. lol

  4. I notice Steve didn't look at big Shaq like he was crazy for even referencing it. He know better πŸ˜„

  5. Why does Harvey ask inappropriate questions then seems surprised when contestants give inappropriate answrre

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