Signs of Aspergers: 7 Common Symptoms (YOU NEED to know)

Signs of Aspergers: 7 Common Symptoms (YOU NEED to know)

in this video I’ll be sharing with you
seven signs of Aspergers so that by the end of the video you’ll be able to spot
it coming up I’ll be sharing with you some personal signs of Aspergers syndrome
from me and some I’ll be talking about I’ve never seen in any of the video
before hey I’m Dan I have Aspergers syndrome ADHD OCD and dyslexia I make
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your reason for coming to this video I mean you know do you suspect that you
are on the spectrum or are you looking for somebody else that you think may be
on the spectrum I’d love to know and have a conversation with you okay so
seven signs of Asperger’s here we go so number one is stimming and stimming
is short for self a stimulatory behavior now a lot of people who have Asperger’s
syndrome will stem and this is like a repetitive self-soothing behavior it
could be all kinds of things from like rocking backwards in the chair a lot of
younger people will like flap their hands or like or rock just one hand some
people just use their fingers and like stim looking at their fingers and they
flip them back and forwards very very quickly
other people use items like fidget spinners to use as a stimming and they
become really popular like physical cues fidget spinners and notice type of
things and the idea is that when you stim you are soothing a repetitive
notion or the idea of repetitiveness and routine within your lifestyle that you
find calming and soothing so you know rocking back and forwards is soothing to
people with an autism fashion condition like Asperger syndrome and also things
like you know rubbing their hands together or ribbon their fingers
together these are also very common stems that you may find with people with
Asperger syndrome okay so number two is having a strict
routine so people with Asperger’s syndrome have a very rigid and strict
routine and they love that routine it could be the same routine they’ve had
for the past ten years and that routine is their kind of comfort blanket and
something that they find relatable and that they know so it could be that you
get up the same way every single day put on the same clothes every single day you
come downstairs at the exact same time you have your conflicts at the exact
same time you sit in the exact same chair and you watch the exact same show
and that’s kind of like your morning routine and then you’ll have routine for
all kinds of things it won’t just be like getting up in the morning it could
be routine of how you operate your phone how you digest entertainment it could be
a routine of how you are and work it’s like what time you go for your lunch
when you’re in work it could be how you you know what songs is until earn your
way to work it could be what you think about any way to work all these routines
and rituals are very important and they’re very strict and rigid also
people with Asperger’s syndrome if they have any deviation from that routine it
could get messy and they could cause a meltdown or a panic attack or something
so having this strict routine that doesn’t deviate is very important and is
a huge sign of Asperger’s syndrome and somebody so if you know of a person or
if yourself I used to have very strict rigid routines and you love that and you
get very distressed if you deviate from the routine this is a huge huge common
trait of song with Asperger syndrome okay so number three is repetitive
eating and what I mean by this is that people with Asperger syndrome tend to
have really small selections of foods that they really really enjoy and
they’ll just eat those foods constantly so rather than having like a big varied
option or many of things that they do actually like they will just have like
one set meal that they just love to have all the time like you make it to detail
all day and they probably do have it every single day and they’ll try the
best to just have that meal every single day this is a huge sign of Asperger
syndrome I mean repetitive eating and a small
selection of food that they really really enjoy and this also could include
picky eating so number four is echolalia now this is
a fascinating one echolalia is the repetitive notion of repeating somebody
else’s words or sentences so when you hear something you repeat it so with
Asperger’s syndrome people who have Asperger’s syndrome will typically kind
of mimic television shows or movies or people they know when they say something
they’ll say over and over again so for me when I hear a sentence from
somebody or here sentence from someone on TV I’ll just repeat that sentence a
lot of the time mainly in my head then I’ll repeat it out loud and
sometimes under my breath and one of the other fascinating things about echolalia
is that people with Asperger’s syndrome especially will say a sentence and then
repeat that sentence to themselves under their breath so you’ll see their mouth
moving when they’ve said like the sentence you’ll see and repeat that
sentence but just moving their mouth not actually saying the sentence this is
very very common and is a huge trait like I personally have experienced this
and it was until somebody pointed out to me that I actually was like holy you
know I actually do this and it’s an actual thing when I research into it I
realized I tackle a Lea and all the other things that come with it like
repeating things on TV and this is also true for people with Asperger’s syndrome
who may have American accents because they learn a lot of their vocabulary and
their dialogue from American TV shows and American movies so people with
Asperger syndrome may sound slightly American a lot of people actually think
that I sound quite American I have a Welsh English accent but I also you know
have Asperger’s engine when I grew up watching American TV so this is a thing
that I might actually have an American tinge to my accent I did a three-part
miniseries on how to get an autism diagnosis and I’ll leave it in a card
above here so you can check those videos out afterwards if you’re thinking about
going for a diagnosis of autism I thought that you might help you out okay so a number five is issues with
socializing now there are unwritten rules and like compliances with social
interaction so people typically will have this almost like an intuition for
like what is like social etiquette and how to be in a social situation like
whose turn is it to talk next how long do I talk for is this rude have I gone
too far with this is this appropriate to say you know all those things like
unwritten nobody tells you about these things you kind of picked them up and
learn them through social instruction but with Asperger syndrome those are
missed so a person with Asperger’s syndrome will have difficulty
socializing and have difficulty understanding that area of you know do
they talk here do they talk there I have an issue with I say the wrong things to
people and they get triggered by it and I think that oh my goodness I didn’t
know what was gonna upset them another thing is that I’ll just talk for hours
about something I’m really really interested in and people get really
annoyed because you know it’s there tend to talk but I haven’t like them have
there tends to talk another issue I have is talking over people who are already
talking it’s really difficult to know when a person is stopped talking to then
take your turn to talk and I find this super super difficult and it’s probably
one of the most difficult parts of social communication for me is knowing
when when I can talk next or when I should stop talking so as a trait of a
sign of Asperger’s syndrome this is very prominent and I feel like
most people if not all people on the autism spectrum who have a condition of
Asperger’s syndrome will experience bad or poor communication skills I’m a huge
fan of support need helping people so if you think that this video can help
someone please share it okay back to the video okay so number six is a sensory
sensitivity so what this means is that people with Asperger’s syndrome will be
susceptible to sensory processing disorder meaning that they can be hyper
or hypo sensitive to sensory stimuli meaning touch sound smell taste noise it
could be absolutely anything now for me I get super triggered by all kinds of
things and it runs alongside something called proprioception I’ll leave a video
the end slate which is talks a bit more about sensory processing disorders and
tips if you relate to any of the stuff I’m talking about and basically it’s
like too much sunlight or too much light or fluorescent lighting can really
affect how I see it because fluorescent lighting flickers for me and so I have
to wear sunglasses when I go to tech stores I have fluttering lights and this
is very uncomfortable also certain noises I’m really sensitive
to you and it could even be certain words and really sensitive see I’m super
hyper hyper heightened by certain noises and certain things especially smells
like garlic onions vinegar things like that those specific food freaked me out
so much that the smell is so intense I can’t even be in the same store so
there’s this local supermarket we go to and one side they have a deli counter in
the deli counters like an open style banner has like garlic and hummus noise
kind of stuff and so I have to like go to the other side of the store to get my
shopping done to walk the exact opposite side of the store and it’s the largest
one in Europe of this this actual chain of supermarket called Morrison’s so in
order for me to deal with I have to avoid that side completely this is such
a common sign of Asperger’s syndrome and if you can relate to this so you know
somebody who relates to this this is a huge huge telltale sign that they may be
on the autism spectrum and it could be Asperger’s syndrome so for me I have
hacks and ways around that but that is just one of them it could also be like
sensitive to clothing you know you don’t like the tags in your clothing yeah it
could be certain type of whole thing makes you feel a bit odd or awkward and
you can’t wear those or certain smells could get you upset or certain sounds
can get you upset so those things are all signs of Asperger’s syndrome that
you should be aware of so number seven is not getting jokes and
it’s not just not getting jokes it’s not understanding when somebody is joking
and taking things very very literal so people with Asperger’s syndrome will
take things very very literally so you know if you said someone odd raining
cats and dogs outside a person with Asperger’s syndrome may actually believe
that you’re trying to say that cats and dogs are falling from the sky a lot
again a lot of this stuff is learned socially and people kind of pick up this
stuff like through intuition are just social acceptance but people are spigot
syndrome won’t learn those things that traditional way so you’ll then have to
explain to them oh it’s actually this is not actually raining cats and dogs
physically it’s just a term used because I have huge issues with learning in
terms so I did a video a few weeks ago where I spoke about somebody said
something to me about throwing the baby out with the bathwater and I had no idea
what this is talking about and I was kind of horrified because I didn’t
understand what they meant about it and it was just all crazy and because of the
ha I have a huge difficult time trying to figure out social kind of accepted
sayings and slang for things like that if you do relate to this or you know
someone who relates to this taking things literally like don’t know when
you’re joking can’t understand sarcasm – sarcasm is a huge one because sarcasm is
trying to say something that isn’t in the way that you are which is really
difficult I mean how it is do you explain that and
I find that sarcasm with strangers is so difficult I don’t even understand it
account understand when people are just saying jokes when like I almost got into
a fight once went to a supermarket because this the cashier was trying to
be funny and then I thought he was going to be an idiot and then so I would got
really annoyed about it and I was about to pull off and my girlfriend was like
no no no he’s just being funny he’s trying to have a joke but I didn’t sit
on the joke so it can get you into all kinds of trouble if you don’t understand
those things but it’s definitely something that I would say that I super
relate to from having us biggest Andrew this is one of the things that really
sticks out and you notice it when people are constantly trying to rectify issues
up ok just like that situation right there thank you for watching this video
if you’d like to see the video on sensory processing disorders and tips
and tricks’ they’ll be on the end cap here if you’re new and want to learn
more please make sure to subscribe button so you don’t miss a video and
I’ll see you next time guys peace

100 thoughts on “Signs of Aspergers: 7 Common Symptoms (YOU NEED to know)

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  2. In regards to echolalia which I've noticed I do, I have also for many years now, written the words in the air with my finger. Just wondering if that's related or if anyone else experiences this?

  3. Thank you so much for your videos! I have been watching many of them lately.
    I am a Brazilian girl.
    I thought I was alone my whole life.
    I' ve always suspected that I might be in the spectrum . But …
    Because I go really well at anything I do, people tend to not believe so. They just say i am a very smart and shy girl.

    I learned English by watching and repeating sentences from american movies. I have been doing this since I was three or four years old.
    I also hate small talkings and looking people in the eyes.
    I kinda have to, though…. so I learned how to do it ! And I feel exhausted in the end of the day.
    I also used to be very literal.. I guess I am still…
    but I got to memorize a lot of expressions , their contexts and meanings. So now I am able to use most of them.
    However ,I am still not good with jokes .

    Usually when I get home, I stay alone in my bedroom reading and playing with my Rubik's cubes to recharge my batteries. Then , theorically, I would be ready for the next day.

    I am really considering to look for help/diagnosis. I always have been trying to understand myself better. And I believe I have just found the answer .
    Well , at a least the beginning of it !
    Again, thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  4. Excellent list. My son was diagnosed almost 10 years ago and has exhibited all of these except echolalia. The first thing we noticed years before other symptoms was involuntary stimming – until adolescence he would rapidly move his hands and fingers when mentally stimulated. Understanding these traits and tendencies is helpful. What I also like to point out is that we all exhibit traits and tendencies to various degrees and autism is a label for a collection of some common ones. Tolerance and understanding is important in enabling all of us to reach our full potential.
    Nice videos, thx!

  5. "repetitive eating"
    yep, ive been eating pesto pasta mostly for the last 10 years. while i havent gotten an official diagnosis, im 99.9% sure i have aspergers

  6. Hi! I've been recently dating this guy who's ASD. Which made me look into it more and now I feel like I have it but I'm unsure since I am a female so it may be something else. I've noticed I've had all of these symtoms in my childhood and now.

  7. hi. I was diagnosed with adhd 2 years ago. but I think it didn't explain my symptoms right until I found your video. im 32 now. my prominent symptom is not able to recognise people unless if I hear their voice. and yes I feel like if I don't follow routine, its like my day can go wrong.

  8. seems like i do have this syndrome…something that enoyes me is when they clap for some wierd people tell you "oh so u SUFFER from asperger syndrome" i tell them i dont suffer from it but i have it(idk how to spell)

  9. I have a huge problem. I am 100% sure I have asperger but not a single doctor in Germany listens to me. Took a lot of tests which were kinda screaming "autism" at me. But since I'm a woman I've always forced myself to have eye contact and do things like shaking hands. Now doctors diagnosed me with obsessive personality disorder which is so so so wrong. I don't know what to do. I'm not receiving any help and all I can do is watch YouTube videos. I'm devastated.

  10. Thank you very much for this video, Dan! I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2004. I am 47 years old now. Things would be very different for me had I been diagnosed at a much earlier age. I was 34 when I was diagnosed. It does get me down quite a bit because I have Asperger's Syndrome. My high school years were VERY rough because a LOT of people did not understand me and I still feel this way to this very day. It is a good thing that Asperger's is FINALLY out in the forefront and hopefully people will understand this is a serious condition that people, myself included go through on a daily basis.

  11. Wow. This is pretty spot on dude … Thank you (family & friends just tend to laugh at me, call me lovingly crazy, and dismiss when I try to explain to them that I literally see and process the world slightly differently- *which let me add, that I enjoy and use to my advantage w/music, etc)

  12. Could the repetitive eating be a part of the set schedule? Since it is a part of the show doing the same thing every day?

  13. I remember in school, IDK how to sit in a group, and the whole how to properly interact in a group, and yes, I still don't know, as an adult, when to talk. People get mad when I interrupt. Edit, I am a very sarcastic person, but I often don't understand when someone else is being sarcastic

  14. I've learned to appreciate puns a lot, and my boyfriend sighs at me with a smile when I "serious" a joke. I do get the joke but I try to point out the problem with its premise 😛

  15. Question about sensory: I get really bothered by things that are supposed to be even and aren’t . Like I had a physical reaction with goose bumps and shaking like getting the hibby jibbies and itchy feeling when I saw a $1 bill that had 4 notches cut off the edge of the bill. And it really even bothers me to think about it. Also if a report at work that is normally in even column and rows ends up uneven, I can’t look at it without out getting a physical reaction to it. It’s really bothersome. Is this a sensory example to Aspergers?

  16. I have don't a lot of research into autism. Every couple of months I watch videos and read a lot of studies about it. I feel I have Autism and that is why I started watching these videos. I keep watching because it's very interesting and most of what you say fits me perfectly. It's nice hearing others say what I'm going though

  17. Echolalia? HOLY CRAP, IT ACTUALLY HAS A NAME? I've been doing it for years and my family always addressed it as TV Talking

  18. I just found you on YouTube and your videos have been very helpful!! I am currently working with a few different doctors to get my 5 year old son diagnosed! For years I have thought he could possibly have Asperger and SPD but after Listening to you I am sure he does!! Once we receive his official diagnosis and can start implementing occupational therapy and getting him the right tools for school and home I think his life will be so much simpler, safer and happier! This has been a long road of trying to get him diagnosed and I am so glad I kept pushing for answers for him! THANK YOU for sharing your life and experience with us, you are helping so many people!

  19. I suspect I might be on the spectrum but testing is very expensive. Is there any way to find out that won't cost me so much?

  20. 10:48. How dare they throw a baby!! 😊😂
    I have lots of these traits you speak of, but I almost went the opposite way with sarcasm. Perhaps it’s part of my masking, because it’s how I love to small talk and socialize with people I don’t know. I love being sarcastic and making a joke. But perhaps it’s my way of keeping people at a distance emotionally..

  21. Pretty sure most of my family is on the spectrum. Seems much more apparent with the most recent generation. My son's school is very difficult to deal with. I am also very bad at social situation so that does not help. Thank you for making these videos they are helping us a lot.

  22. I do stimming (rocking, grabbing my hair over and over especially when I'm nervous or upset), I have light echolalia but only repeat people I like or think something over and over in my mind (I don't think you sound American at all as an American, btw), I have issues with socializing (big time <.<) – I spend a lot of time talking only about things I know about, otherwise I can't speak at all. I am sensitive to certain sensations (I get dizzy by fluorescent lights, and perfumes trigger me as I start feeling physically ill if I'm around it – and all kinds of other crap I don't want to add here.) Sometimes I can get a joke, but I tend to take things literally, I feel like I've like I've learned to not trust people being literal, though I still fall into it with people I don't know -_-

    I went to get tested for ASD two years ago but they said I had Borderline and Social Anxiety Disorder. I don't know though, because as a female I feel like they are biased to see male symptoms and ignore that I didn't have any learning disabilities as a child (I'm 32 now) even though I am absent of a lot of the main symptoms of BPD (such as impulsive and self-harming behavior). But I feel like my obsession with video games over my life, my social ineptitude (not just being nervous just not knowing what to do), my empathy juxtaposed with my seeming apathy, my resistance to touch, eye contact issues, etc… all point toward a more ASD mental space. At the same time, I have no schedule whatsoever, so I feel like if this is a necessary condition (I know people vary but I don't know the degrees), then I might not be… Still, for years I've felt something was off, as I couldn't understand how to be like other people, but I recognized that I wasn't.

    I don't know, I'm thinking about getting a second opinion… What are your thoughts?

  23. I'm pretty sure my new boyfriend is on the spectrum because he has a very difficult time showing emotions and communicating. It can be quite frustrating because I want him to meet my friends. When he comes over, he stands in the entryway to my kitchen or bedroom rather than sitting on the couch n cuddling? I finally had enough and broke up with him but 3 weeks later he asked for a second chance etc. So I'm willing to work with him n see how it goes. He says he never was diagnosed. I don't see how no one ever picked up on this.

  24. Hi!!!! Do I have to have all the traits? Because I can relate to the most of it, but not everything… And as I read more and more, maybe it’s just me but I think I’ve been an aspie my whole life….. I work in health and when I tried to talk to a Dr. about this they thought I was crazy

  25. Yeah. I struggle with talking over people. Or feeling anxious about talking in case someone else starts talking at the same time and i will talk over them. I also talk far too loud i am told. I have tried to be quieter. But the focus on that makes it hard to talk at all. I struggle to start talking anyway. If i cant start talking within a few seconds of needing to. Chances are i wont be able to start at all. My anxiety just rises so fast.

  26. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with what they at the time (14 years ago) called “high functioning aspergers”. And that still to this day confuses me. I haven’t seen any doctors recently because I can’t afford to. 😞😞

  27. I'm an American that watches British tv obsessively and I can barely hear Welsh accents and mistake it for a British actor doing an americsn accent 99% convincingly. I've mistaken Welsh actors as Americans quite a few times

  28. I have a friend whom I think might have Aspergers and it would be great to talk to someone who might help me talk to my friend about this. I don’t think he’s aware but I feel like it’s beginning to take its toll on our friendship.

  29. I wonder if the sensory thing is why my husband doesn't like sex and sleeping in the other room with the dog. He will get mad if I joke or use sarcasm because he thinks I'm making fun of him.

  30. My friend says I talk "at them" and only talk about what I'm interested in. And been rubbing my feet and hands together since small. Hate police sirens, perfumes, textures in my mouth, and heat. Hate people in my personal zone. Take things literal. But hey, that's who I am.

  31. heyy. Since you love reading these comments haha
    So I looked up Aspergers Syndrome not because I suspect I have it, (even though I have different mental disorders I’ve been diagnosed with before) but because a guest from overseas is staying with my parents for the next year, married to my cousins daughter. And there was a few things I wanted to look up because he was diagnosed in Iran for ASD but when I looked that up it didn’t seem quite right so I looked up Aspergers Syndrome and this seems much more relatable to his symptoms and I really really want to be supportive to the best of my abilities but I need to understand more so I’m doing some research

  32. I suspect that i could have aspergers or autism, cause some of the symptoms that you mention, i relate to, like tiptoe walking, having a routine, a repeating what i hear (in my head) every now and then, and social issues and so on

  33. Hey! I’m a teenager with diagnosed ADHD and not diagnosed but possibly OCD. And I have routines such as I’ve been sleeping on the same side and stay on the same side of the bed. I only wear a certain brand but I only wear hoodies, long sleeves and I only have like 3 hoodies that aren’t that brand but I only wear them inside as pajamas. And I only wear that selection as pajamas. I do things on certain numbers only multiples of 5’s and 0. Unless I’m doing a diet I can do it on those numbers or the 1st or last day of the month. I hate when things r cancelled. I’m bad at metaphors and sarcasm. I only understand sarcasm like “oh really” or “well no shit shirlok”. Just simple sarcasm. I am VERY sensitive mostly sound and touch. I have little facial expression besides smiling but only until I was 13 I smiled occasionally on extinct and only when I’m hyper. I HATE eye contact sm, I feel like I say the wrong thing so often and I hate social interaction unless I’m very close to that person. I don’t understand jokes that involve sarcasm. I stim sm but sometimes do it in a subtle way if I’m with someone I’m not close to. I understand empathy but at the same time I don’t understand ppl sometimes and it can be hard for me to put myself in their situation that I’m not familiar with. I think I may have aspergers or high functioning autism. I’ve had a meltdown recently over something being moved because in my room like everything has been in the same place for years. I always tried to find things to do to stop a meltdown but recently I’ve been having some because I’ve been hiding them for so long and all the stress has been built up.I get very anxious when doors r open. I also have strange phobias like ever since I was 4 I get very anxious watching commercials that say phone numbers and I stim and rock when their on and cover my ears and turn down the volume. And I’m thinking about discussing this with my therapist. Any thoughts or advice?

  34. Hello, Dan! My mom and I suspect I might be on the spectrum, and I can relate to lots of symptoms. Not understanding jokes has been a huge problem recently, as my boyfriend is really a jokester. He likes to fool me with his jokes because he finds it adorable and hilarious that I believe everything he says. I have explained that it kind of offends me and that I feel stupid and even betrayed, but he never quits. Idek what to do anymore, where do I learn not to take things personally * sighs *

  35. i've been feeling that i am on the spectrum for a while now , i took an aq test scored 42/50 , my sister and some one my friends say its b***sh*t

  36. I’ve been doing some research on Aspergers lately because I suspect that my boyfriend may have Aspergers, he exhibits a lot of the signs that come with it, so this really helps a lot!

  37. I'm really upset right now man, I think I may be on the spectrum. You are describing what my everyday life is. Is there any correlation of Aspergers/Autism with PTSD?

  38. I just want to say thank you. I'm currently unemployed but I would love to donate something at some point if that would help spread the word. Thanks again.

  39. Imagine having strict routines you've had since you were a child being forced to change when you were made to change schools and homes with no one around you understating what it did to you. And now finally as an adult woman in India you're supposed to follow all the rules of your husband's home when you get married. It's absolute trauma and torture. 🙁

  40. could you do more videos on dyslexia please? <3 I'd be really nice if you did it, because dyslexia is different in different people

  41. Sensory Sensitivity. Instead of onions garlic and vinegar, those things i actually dont really mind cos i love them, but I hate hate hate eggs. the smell makes me uncomfortable, the texture makes me want to vomit. I cant be around my family and friends when they're eating eggs in front of me. Especially when my bf eats eggs, i'll tell him to eat it as far away possible because im very sensitive to the smell.
    Maybe it's just me….

  42. I am starting a group for aspies where they can go and engage in fun activities with other aspies and feel safe, comfortable and understood. Together we will raise public awareness of aspergers and autism in general and try to dispel some of the stigmas around autism.
    Your channel has proved very informative and useful to us. We thank you for that.
    We run music and music production and DJ'ing workshops, creative writing, photoghraphy/videography, drama, comedy, arts and crafts, I.T. skills etc.
    We are 100% run by volunteers and are a not-for-profit org.

  43. So I have a question about stimmimg. My son constantly rubs and pulls on his ear lobes. He also comes and does that to me and my husband frequently. Could that be considered stimming?

  44. I just came across your videos and I am so glad. I am currently going through the steps to get tested for Aspergers. These videos are helping me learn SO MUCH. Thank you.

  45. Ever sine I've been diagnosed I realized that sometimes people will be joking but it only clicks a few seconds later

  46. With the echolalia could that work for songs? Like you hear a song, one part/sentence of the song repeats in your head, you hum it/sing it/mouth it repeatedly, etc.

  47. I feel like my whole family including me, have aspergers or autism cause we all kind of have this behavior

  48. I suspect I may have Asperger's after watching this, especially the smell thing, I hate the smell of movie theater popcorn so much so it makes me sick and I have to sit and smell peppermint oil to be able to sit through a movie.

  49. Ive been suspecting that I have Aspergers for a little while now, but one thing always seemed to be a bit off: I don't have a routine. Indeed, I don't like them because I for one am very keen on thinking, it's kind of all I ever do, and I believe that if you do something out of routine you do it without thinking about it first, which I don't like. And then, one morning, I noticed something that made me track my behavior over some weeks and it turned out that I do have some form of routine.

    See, for example, for each day of the week, I get out of bed in a different way, but this cycle of getting out of bed 7 different ways is always repeating itself.
    Monday I get out of bed with my left foot first,
    Tuesday with the right foot,
    Wednesday with both,
    Thursday I get up with my toes hitting the ground first,
    Friday it's the heels.
    Saturday is special because I do not really get into bed to sleep because I struggle with insomnia and Saturday's off so I just don't sleep.
    Sunday I usually jump (almost bolt) out of bed because otherwise I know I'll be laying there the rest of the day.

    So it turns out I do have some kind of routine. Albeit quite a strange one, thinking about it now…

  50. i feel like i may have autism or something but i know my mom wont believe me if i even consider it and i don’t know what i should do

  51. I don't have aspergers, but I love educating myself on different disorders and mental illnesses. I found your channel while looking around YouTube and I'm so happy I did!

  52. I hate that I have all these symptoms. I can tell people in my life make fun of me for it.

  53. Thank you. I thought I had skitzafrenia. What about people phobia? I don't like being around people, eye contact, like being scared. Can that be asburgers?

  54. Listen but not watch! I’m sorry but that lip piercing makes me cringe like nails in a chalkboard !!! But it’s good information and thank you for it. But How can you stand that lip Piercing??? Ahhhhh!!! 🤯I’d go nuts with that!

  55. Is it possible to have more symptoms in adulthood than in childhood? I had symptoms in childhood, but they seem so much more mild compared to my symptoms now

  56. I’m here because I think I may be on the spectrum. I get jokes, but I just don’t find them funny most of the time. I want to, but I don’t 😋

  57. I can't even begin to comprehend this. How could this be? I'm a retired nurse and Grandmother. Is it even possible I could have graduated Nursing School and raised children all the while having a form of Autism? I am so sensory challenged! I live in the dark because I am so light sensitive. Overhead fluorescent lights are a nightmare. I recall that in most of the medical facilities I worked in had these. I had to keep my eyes averted away or risk agitation. One Doctor actually diagnosed me as allergic to light.

  58. Thanks, I relate to many things you mention. What I cannot understand is how people with Asperger's create these videos because you are on show for everyone and this is one of the traits. It's not a bad thing because these videos are helping me but how do you have the ability to do this? It's not questioning because I doubt you, it's because I want to learn and understand…

  59. My friend thinks I’m autistic, and after talking to my mum about maybe being ADHD she came out with thinking I’m autistic instead. I spoke to my sister who is adhd and autistic and I was just talking about how I was struggling with something and she asked me two questions about sensory and stuff and she just outright said I was autistic. So yea… I needed to find out more… and I do a lot of what you talk about.. however my routine is all over the place because of my job so for each shift I’ll have a different routine but I think about it the night before. Sorry for the waffle of a comment.

  60. I have to cover my ears when a siren car goes past me, people look at me weird. Motorcycles hurt too and there are some pitches of noise that make my ears hear a static ring, it's hard to describe. When people bring their children into my workplace and they start yelling or screaming, I have to go into the back because even though they are at the other end of the shop, it's so loud that it's like they are right in front of me.

    I have to have colors of things in a certain way. Where I work, we use tongs to handle food and I have to have the green tongs on the left and the red on the right, it makes me uncomfortable when I see them the wrong way round. It makes me physically cringe when I can feel something sticky or greasy on my hands, it bothers me so much that sometimes I feel like screaming or scratching my skin but then I'm worried about the stickiness getting under my nails. Lately, I have been able to tell when someone has had a cigarette or smokes in general. The smell is so god damn strong it makes me feel sick, it's disgusting and it makes serving customers extremely difficult because I can't breathe in the smell, I will either hold my breath until they walk away or I will serve them as quickly as possible and walk away from the bubble of smokers smell. I can't look first time customers in the eye and if I try to, it makes me feel so incredibly uncomfortable. It's hard to describe but it's almost as if they are looking right into me, they don't blink, they don't break eye contact and they keep staring into my eyes and it's horrible! I was diagnosed with severe ADHD from about 6, I got diagnosed with Autism at 20…I'm now 21. All of my childhood mannerisms, excluding my ADHD mannerisms, now make sense.

    At work, I need to have certain tasks started and completed by a certain time otherwise I get anxious and will find it hard to calm down and relax until I am back on track. I always have to leave for work exactly half an hour before I start my shift. If I leave late, I am utterly convinced I will be late and so I will rush to work which then frustrates me if I get stuck behind a slow-paced pedestrian. My family and colleagues don't seem to understand why I say and do things the way I do. I can't explain WHY I have to do it in that way or for a reason, I do things the way I do things because I don't know how else to do it. I want to wear headphones at home constantly because I have a 4 year old sister and a 5 year old sister, but my mum doesn't like it when I'm wearing my headphones all the time but they hurt my ears and stress me out and frustrate me so much that I snap at them. I can be aggressive and mean to them if they are too much. I don't want to hurt them but they don't understand, and as it seems, neither do I.

    If you, while reading this, feel some sort of familiarity, research on it and do the homework because you could be sitting there, reading my comment and relating to my frustrations all while living a life with an undiagnosed disorder.

    The worst part about having autism and ADHD is that I know exactly how I feel but I have no bloody idea how to put it into words. I don't know how to tell people how I feel because I don't know how to put it into words that will make sense for a neurotypical person. I've tried explaining myself before and people have just looked at me like I'm mentally deficient.

  61. I do routines I get pissed if it’s different .i crack my fingers and stuff like that every single day.i am the biggest repetitive eater in the universe.i mimic stuff all the time from like tv and internet and I say it to myself or others .

  62. I’d be interested to know your bedtime clothing preferences. I find my legs are especially sensitive to fabrics and pressure at night. I wake up multiple times at night usually to change my PJ bottoms to what feels better in that moment/temp. I also have a small tub I put in my shower that I fill with cold water so I can go and stand in it at night when i get that overheated feeling. I’d also be interested to know your experience with weighted blankets. Thanks! <3

  63. I have been diagnosed with high functioning asperger's when I was 11, but the doctors, school, and psychologists werent in agreement of their versions of the diagnosis. I was placed in social therapy, which helped me how to "act" altruistic and how to understand social cues. It also helped me with the routine issue that aspies have, cuz I had strict schedules and hated being interrupted.

    Along with learning how to cope with the stress of changes in my routines, I also learned how to have alternative routines, instead of just the one single routine, for when common interruptions happen.

    Like lunch break at work, I always buy it at work. My main routine is get a turkey wrap, grab a red bull zero (or iced green tea, if I didnt need the caffeine) and a choco mousse (I like a sweet treat with lunch), then go sit at the back of the cafe where is dark. Sometimes they are out of one of the foods I get, or the line is too long, cutting into my precious 15mins of lunch, or my spot is taken. So I have alternatives. No turkey wrap? Shrimp nigiri. No red bull zero? monster zero. No sweet treat? Green apple. Spot taken? I have two other preferred spots.

    It's like a weird compromise in my head. We cant do main routine, and I know that fucking sucks, but here are acceptable other routines that we can still do. I'm still bjm hurt, but in not panicking or angry about it like when I was 12. Early therapy can help.

  64. Im pretty sure I have it, because I don't get jokes, I have a hard time understanding the joke. I also have social problems.

    Thank you for helping me understanding it 🙂

  65. Hey 🙂 I'm here because I was recently diagnosed in Newport and your channel was suggested to me while I was there but I was already subscribed! I've been on a journey trying to get to the root cause of the anxiety that lead to maladaptive coping mechanisms, burnouts and sleep issues that I've experienced since my teens. I'm getting better at dealing with it now that I know what it is, thank you for your help with that!

  66. I have some similarities but it depends on which of my personalities i'm in. Part of it's being too sensitive; part is routine being forced on me by hereditary health problems.

  67. Hello! Thank you for your videos. The information that you give helps me out alot. My daughter is 2. My husband and I have noticed some things about her that she does. The things are hand and feet flapping, stimming, bouncing, spinning. We have noticed that she has issues with socialization with other children. I could go on and on. Lol! Here soon, she will diagnosed. We spoke to a nurse practitioner and she put in a referral for her. Once again, thank you so much. Looking forward to more videos. 😁

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