Singing Without Real Words (16 Famous Songs)

Singing Without Real Words (16 Famous Songs)

dooodooodoooo do do do dooo dodododoo dododo dodododoo dododo Mmbop! Bop Idibidaba Dobapapadobop Doooo *Music* Heyy! Heeeey! Heeeey! Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaa Haaa Weaah, oh (Repeatedly) Nana Nananana Nananana Nanananana Naaana Nananana Nananana NaaaNaaaNaaNaa, na Laalaalaa, laalalalaa Nahnahnahnahnahnahnah, nahnahnahnahnahnah. Lalala, lalalalalalalalalalalal! Lalalalalalaala! Woaaahoooh! Dadada! Dadada! Dadadadadada Oooooooh!oOOOOOOH! Oaaahaaaahaa! Oaaahaaa! Ooooo, Oooooooooooooo, Ooooaoaoaao, (oooooo) oaooaoaoaoa

100 thoughts on “Singing Without Real Words (16 Famous Songs)

  1. I've known about Roomie for a while now (From boyinaband) but this is the 1st video I've ever watched of him and all I can say is that……

    I'm now subscribed.

  2. Still listen to this sometimes to cheer myself up. Great singing and great editing/musicdesign. Would love to see some covers of these songs, especially 500 miles! Cheers!

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