Smash Ultimate Version 5.0 Tier List – Low Tier Characters

Alright folks, it’s been about a month so
you know what that means. That’s right! It’s time for a new tier list. It’s time for us to tell you where we think
each character stands, and for you to get mad about it. Kidding! Kidding! Y’all have shown our videos a lot of love
and we appreciate it. We’re not here to drag anyone’s mains,
we’re not here to bring anybody down. We’re just here to give you another tier
list to think about and discuss. So, before we get started, let’s talk some
basics. This tier list is for Patch 5.0, so it’s
gonna have all those good DLC characters in it this time. If you want to know a little more about what
the patch changes, just check out our recent patch notes video that’s linked in the description. For now, we’re just gonna focus on the characters. And we’re starting with the low tiers! Remember, there’s no shame in having your
character in this tier. We’re not saying you should drop them, nor
that you can’t win a tournament. Ultimate might be the most balanced Smash
game ever and pretty much every character can create an upset. You’ll see even the lowest ranked characters
get some good placings every now and again. Speaking of the lowest ranked characters,
let’s get started with our E Tier. But before we do, if you’re looking for
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and that’s okay! But ProGuides and MKLeo are here to make you
an S Tier competitor. You know what, we’re gonna start with the
Plant Gang again. Okay, we see you out here placing high in
tournaments. For anyone who hasn’t taken notice, Brood,
a Smash player out in Japan, got 2nd place using the Plant. And that wasn’t just at some local either,
he took out big names like Gackt, Shuton (Shoo-ton), and Kameme (Kuh-meh-meh). Piranha Plant’s specials are surprisingly
good in neutral but this veggie villain still has low speed, mediocre recovery, and a weight
class that makes him all to easy to combo. Plant’s neutral is looking better than ever
and we’re just looking for a few more good tournaments before we move the leafy lad up. If we’re talking about characters that did
shockingly well in Japan, we gotta talk Little Mac. At that same tournament, a Little Mac main
did serious work and made it all the way to 13th. Pretty good stuff, but just like with Plant,
one win isn’t enough. We need a trend! Mac has even less of one than Plant and honestly,
he’s got bigger problems too. Little Mac has the worst air game in Ultimate
and you need an aerial game in a platform fighter. And remember, if you go to a tournament, people
can ban Final Destination. Mac might just be the easiest character in
the game to edgeguard and camp, so we’re keeping him in low tier. But hey, don’t worry about him too much,
he’s used to being the underdog. Let’s talk about somebody else who’s used
to being an underdog – or well, actually just a dog. Let’s talk about the character that is a
literal dog. Isabelle. Everyone’s favorite civil servant is still
stuck in low tier despite some small buffs and some big upsets. We’ve seen that Isabelle can be lethal in
the right hands and can do some work against zoners. Isabelle has good zoning and counter-zoning
tools but the problem is that she dies quickly, she’s kinda slow, her recovery is exploitable,
and she just doesn’t have a lot of good tools in her kit. Characters with speed and disjoints can easily
work around her traps, punish, and destroy her. Speaking of characters that are somehow slow
and lightweight, there’s Kirby. Sakurai has abandoned his child. He has abandoned his boy! Give Kirby the buffs Nintendo, and let him
get to top tier! Unfortunately this crowd favorite hasn’t
gotten buffed once since Ultimate’s release and so he stays in bottom tier. Despite being lightweight and having multiple
jumps, Kirby is slow and easy to edgeguard. He doesn’t have a lot of threatening moves
on the ground or in the air either. All his decent options aren’t really safe
either, down throw relies on grab, while dash attack and forward smash have high endlag. Ultimate’s a bad game for pink blobs in
general. That’s right, now we’re talking Jigglypuff. Puff has gone from the scourge of spacies
to the scourge of… very few characters. Puff still has some of the good aerials and
the good recovery she had in Melee. She can still punish characters with bad recoveries. The problem is that her Rest kills way later
than it used to and she just can’t edgeguard the way she did in Melee. Since Puff is just as light as she was in
Melee, that basically throws her gameplan out the window and drops her all the way to
the bottom of the tier list. Last and, honestly, maybe least, we’ve got
Bowser Jr. Bowser’s weird children round out our E Tier yet again because of their
weird mish-mash. If you looked up wonky in the dictionary,
Bowser Jr’s picture would be right next to it. This character has a weird mix of zoning and
approach tools that don’t add up that well in neutral. Bowser Jr.’s main tool is juggling, using
their up special to take stocks off the top blast zone. However, beyond that, this Koopa has a super
linear approach that involves mostly special moves and aerials that aren’t too tough
to beat once you figure them out. Okay, now we’re onto the D tiers. These are the characters that could end up
in mid tier with a bit of love from Nintendo or from lab rats and hidden bosses. Let’s kick things off with everyone’s
favorite character! Sans Undertale – er, wait – Mii Gunner. Yeah, it’s still Mii Gunner, right? Anyways, Mii Gunner had some great news earlier
this month: Toby Fox and Nintendo would let Mii Gunner cosplay as Sans from Undertale. In one fell move, Sakurai and Toby Fox unleashed
a plague of Mii Gunners onto quickplay. Bad news is, Mii Gunner is moving down in
our tier list, from C to D. Mii Gunner has terrible representation on the PGR, with barely
any notable players maining them. On top of that, the meta has moved away from
Gunner too. There were nerfs to shield damage in a previous
patch that hurt Mii Gunner’s ability to pressure opponents. Plus, there are so many better projectile
characters that players have learned how to dodge and beat projectiles in general. But hey, now your opponents will at least
feel like they’re gonna have a bad time! If you’re wondering where Mii Gunner’s
results have all gone, it’s probably into Samus and Dark Samus – the OG gunners. This bounty hunter has got a lot of weaknesses
but she’s also got some strong players on her side, like Advo, YB, and Joker. Here’s the deal with Samus’s: she’s
got a great advantage state and can pressure people really well at the ledge. The problem is, her disadvantage is pretty
dang bad. She’s heavy yet falls slow, so she’s very
easy to combo. She has some landing options, but she’s
still easy to pressure. And she lacks raw kill moves so she can’t
punish overextensions very well. And like Gunner, those shield nerfs hurt her
ability to pressure opponents. You know, Robin’s a bit like Samus if Samus
were a Fire Emblem character. The both of them have a unique playstyle and
strong franchises and aesthetics that draw players to them. Robin has some pretty good competitors maining
her like Skorpio, Juul, Dath, and Nairo when he’s feeling spicy. Robin also has some pretty good tools to trap
characters on the ledge and push their advantage. The problem is, Robin’s style lacks versatility
and can get linear. Robin relies on lots of shieldable specials
to win and lacks raw kill moves without Levin sword. Since we’re talking about zoners, let’s
talk K. Rool. Wait, is he a zoner or a heavy – or both? Whatever he is, it ain’t great. King K. Rool can do some pretty fun tricks
with his blunderbuss to trap opponents at the ledge. He can also get some surprise wins in neutral
with his armor. However, at the highest level K. Rool is super
exploitable. You hit him on the side with his recovery,
bait his moves out, and figure out his projectiles and you’ll have a nice pair of Crocodile
skin boots in no time. King K. Rool mains can make some stuff work
with his diverse kit, but it’s tricky against top tiers like ZSS or Pikachu. But hey, at least K. Rool’s nemesis isn’t
doing much better. Donkey Kong is D tier too, despite the fact
that you know him well AND that he’s the leader of the bunch. Like K Rool, Donkey Kong is heavy and slow,
making him combo food that’s easy to whiff punish. DK also has one of the most easy to punish
recoveries in the game. It doesn’t go far and it makes his hurtbox
bigger. In the early days of Ultimate, it appeared
DK was bigger, faster, and stronger too – maybe even the best member of the DK crew. But now Diddy Kong’s looking better than
him. Worse than that, Bowser looks better than
him. DK is a heavy grappler archetype, like Bowser,
but Bowser just does a better job than him. However, that makes us think DK might not
be as weak as he seems. In time, we expect him to finally come back
and kick some tail – er, I mean move up to mid tier. If we’re talking about heavy grapplers,
we can’t leave out Incineroar. Incineroar has some notable mains, like Magister,
but Incineroar’s got even more notable problems. Incineroar is basically what a Smash heavy
has been for a long time – a hard hitter with bad recovery and bad neutral. Incineroar can get early kills with his revenge
mechanic and his throws. The problem is, he can get gimped early and
comboed by everybody. Other heavies have the same strengths but
stronger, and the same weaknesses but less weak. That puts Incineroar in D tier. Alright, let’s just get all of the likeable
but low tier heavies out of the way now. Ridley has great kill power, but a super punishable
recovery and a huge hurtbox that’s easy to combo. Hey – woah – that’s weird. Did anybody else feel a bit of deja vu there? Anyways, Ridley’s got some cool, weird combos,
a solid projectile, and a great neutral air. He’s also got a lot of endlag and big wings
that clip about the ledge so you can edgeguard him for free. That’s bad news for the space dragon. Speaking of dragons, let’s talk about the
half-dragon. Corrin is one of the truly unique Fire Emblem
fighters. Unfortunately, that uniqueness hasn’t given
Corrin a lot of mains or notable placements. Corrin has some good tools in neutral and
combos but just doesn’t have a lot of damage output. With less speed and a worse recovery, she’s
like a poor man’s Sheik. And Sheik’s no top tier. But she is a dragon with a lot of cool hitboxes. Speaking of bad recovery, let’s talk about
Dr. Mario. Unlike Corrin, Dr. Mario has no trouble getting
kills. He has tons of moves that take a stock early
and do big damage. His problem is that his recovery is very rough,
even when using his down b to get some distance. To make matters worse, the doctor is also
super slow. I mean, look at the size of those pills. The dude is carrying an entire CVS in his
lab coat. Unfortunately, slow is one of the worst things
to be in Ultimate’s meta because it makes it harder for you to get follow ups and chase
down elusive characters. This low tier’s problem isn’t recovery
– for once! Villager actually looks good on paper. Their frame data is pretty nice and their
recovery and neutral tools are solid. Players like Kept make good use of those tools
too. While Villager’s wonky style and good tools
in neutral fit lots of players, they’re just not that strong in any one area and doesn’t
beat out other characters. A lot of other characters can zone or trap
better than Villager can. A lot of other characters can box and scrap
better than Villager can. A lot of other characters have wonky, good
tools like Villager does, except they make for a more clear and easier to execute gameplan. The Pits have the same issue as Villager. They’re just not that great in any area. They’ve got some nice disjoints and solid,
speedy moves. They’ve got multiple jumps to help edgeguard
and some interesting specials. But they don’t have a crazy advantage state
or tool in neutral or even that good of a recovery. While their recovery covers a lot of distance,
it’s slow and doesn’t have a hitbox. The Pits feel very average and in a game like
Ultimate that actually makes you low tier. Most characters are better than just average! Then there’s Mii Brawler, the other character
that just doesn’t have a lot of juice. Outside of being able to look like Guy Fieri
or One Punch Man, Mii Brawler isn’t that exceptional. Mii Brawler has a few nice moves in neutral,
like their command grab and shot put. However, Mii Brawler doesn’t have the combos
or the speed to pressure opponents well and put a bunch of damage on them. Mii Brawler’s kinda just OK in general. They make for a fun, goofy character that
can have some creative neutral interactions though. Alright folks, that’s the end of the low
tiers – that’s D and E tier for anyone keeping track. Guys, when we get to this part of the tier
list, we’re pretty critical because we’re talking about low ranked characters. But that doesn’t mean we don’t think you
should main these guys. Every character in Ultimate has their strengths
and no one is truly unplayable. We just think these guys will struggle in
bracket more than most characters and we’re telling you why. But if you love how they play more than any
other character, that’s alright. After all, everybody loves a low tier hero. Everybody also loves people who subscribe
to ProGuides, so especially if you enjoyed this video and are looking out for the next
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