100 thoughts on “‘SNL’ alum revives Barbara Walters character, Anderson Cooper loses it

  1. Omg!!!!! I really, really miss Cheri Oteri!!!!! I wish she had the success that Will Ferrell had…. and Will Ferrell had faded off into obscurity immediately after SNL. Will Ferrell will always stand in her shadow when it comes to real, serious talent.

    Cheri…. wherever you have been… I hope you have been happy, healthy and enjoying Life. You were genuinely missed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Now that is as fake as it comes . sad. Fox will be playing Cooper giggle to any and every thing he tries to report from this point forward. Snowflake giggles hell of a way to start a whole year Cooper.

  3. Eh….. Kathy Griffin (before TRuMP) was absolutely WAYYYYYY funnier… No comparison.. I saw Kathy live (before TRuMP) and I couldn't believe how FUNNY she was..Genius! 💕👑💕

  4. Wow, Cheri Oteri! Didn't know how badly I have missed her! Although I still prefer Gilda's BW character, Cheri is no slouch. VERY funny lady!

  5. I hate these two guys for what they did to Kathy, but god Cheri on here was the greatest !!!! Please get her back on snl

  6. So tired of the fake corporate fluff New Years hosts on other networks doing, perfect politically correct commentary, to keep all muricans happy, in todays weak minded sensitive (sniffle sniffle) times. Seeing Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen do shots, talk like real friends, talk like real people talk, was absolutely refreshing. Sign me up, I'M SOLD, I'm on board for them to do the next 20 Cnn New Years broadcasts. I want to see them do a show, movie, anything. One and only time in my life I'll actually say THANK YOU CNN!!!

  7. So glad that annoying red headed bitch isn't next to Anderson anymore at New Years! Best thing that ever happened to Anderson and America.

  8. How many of us are tickled to hear Anderson’s giggle-laugh?!! He deserves it after this year- still hearing your mom’s laugh too!

  9. So much more boring then when Kathy Griffin was hosting. I've lost all respect for Anderson Cooper. What a crappy friend.

  10. I was giggling like Anderson the entire time but lost it at "Royal seductress, Camilla Parker Bowles". Cheri Oteri still kills!

  11. It was good to see Cheri Oteri. LOL, it seems like Barbara is still stuck in the 80's. I love Anderson's chuckle; he has the same laugh as his late mother ❤

  12. I love Mr Anderson's laughter and he is so handsome. 🤗🤗🤗
    This is how you suppose to bring in the 2020 new year with lots of stomach hurting laughter because it is good for the soul.😊

  13. Usually when cheri impersonated Barbara it was absolutely hilarious, but this isn't even slightly funny. Anderson Cooper needs to work on his forced laughter skills. Disappointing clip.

  14. She was amazing! I was laughing so hard, and then laughed even harder by Andy n Anderson reactions. I couldn’t breathe there for a moment. Great way to start 20/20. 😂 🤣😆

  15. Great clip! Anderson’s giggle is the best part as usual. One can’t help smiling once he’s on a roll. Thanks for the laugh!

  16. This was BRILLIANT! Thank you CNN!

    “I need to find my purse. There’s a lot of people and I need to leave, right now” 😂

  17. Lookin at the comment section Id say we got a regular Algonquin Round Table goin on. Sarc.
    Fuckin YouTube algorithms.

  18. You could see that's going to be one of Anderson Cooper's Fondest Memories such a simple thing and it's going to last forever

  19. Anderson Cooper is a cool dude! Love to see and hear his laughter! We all need to laugh and enjoy the great things that life has to offer for 2020!

  20. Sorry people- but she does not sound like Barbara at all. If I was Mrs Walters, I would be slightly insulted tbh. Just saying.😬

  21. These two bafoons are seriously ruining this skit with their overkill laughing.. Seriously, it's funny but not that funny..

  22. Nice to see Anderson get the pot giggles…see why pot should be legal? Just needs a bag of Doritos to fill this out…Awesome Cooper, AWESOME. THANK YOU FOR THIS

  23. Takeaways from this coverage:
    (1) Cooper's mother was whore
    (2) Cooper was sexually abused as child
    (3) Cooper is a pedophile

    Wow things have come a long way with New Year's Eve coverage. It used to be a family watchable thing. Now it's full of sex addicted HIV positive homosexuals. Things are prob not going to be to great for that group in 2020 and beyond. Prob going to unleash a new STD health crisis upon everyone worldwide again like they did in 1980's.

  24. Cheri Otari should be on the view if she could stand the current insipid occupants. Should would also have to kowtow to MSM talking points, which are as disingenuous as MSM itself.

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