Sonic Meets Original Fan Characters

Sonic Meets Original Fan Characters

– Woah, nice moves, Sonic! – Oh, uhm, thanks. Ah, who are you? – It’s me! Dillon the Hedgehog! I’m a totally original character! – Then why do you just look like a purple
version of me? – Duh, I’m an imperfect clone of you created
by Dr. Robotnik. The only difference between us is that I’m
a respected member of DeviantArt! – Okay, that’s fine. – Also, I’m pregnant with your child! – WHAT!? – Actually, it’s my child. – Who are you? – I’m SONIA the Hedgehog. I’m the genderswapped
version of you from another dimension. – She accidentally got me pregnant when we
were making on a huge pile of chaos emeralds! – Why did you say that like it was a completely
normal sentence? – Yikes! What’s wrong, Sonic? – Tails! Thank God you’re here! This whole
level is being overrun by creepy knock-off characters! – Actually Sonic, I’m Tailz with a “z”. I’ve got three tails, and can inflate my entire
body at will! Pretty hot, huh guys? – You know it. – Oh yeah. – No! – Prepare to meet your end! – Oh thank Christ. Take me now, Eggman. I’m
ready. – …For I have created the ultimate original
character! – …God damn it. [flash] – BEHOLD. I AM KEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIN – …And then they all kissed Kevin and got
super pregnant! The end!

100 thoughts on “Sonic Meets Original Fan Characters

  1. My original character is Walu-Funky Doctor Baby Pink Gold Dry Shadow Cat Toon Paper Peachette & Knuckles at the Olympic Games HD Remix

  2. Well that's just weird. Not to mention that sonadow is still a thing for idiots. I don't get it why people want to make sonic do crazy things. And don't forget about sonic the hedgehog 2006 game. That game was the worst game of all time in the sonic series.

  3. Triplets born the throne awaits seer warns of a deadly fate give up your children separate find your time lie and wait Sonic Underground Sonic Underground they made a vow their mother will be proud the children grew learned what's right leaders of the freedom fight they love their mother she knows they do is it time is it time if they only knew Sonic Underground Sonic Underground they made a vow their mother will be proud Sonic Underground

  4. The Gender Swap Sonic is the only “good” one cause all Sonia is is a gender swap. Obviously the gender swaps aren’t as stupid and dumb and the OCs since the Gender Swaps aren’t to complicated.

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