Spot the Narcissist or Psychopath! |Character Study Current Films

Spot the Narcissist or Psychopath! |Character Study Current Films

okay so hi everyone welcome to the NOAH
radio show. I watched a couple of movies recently and I don’t typically
talk about movies but these these two movies really sparked some interesting
thoughts in my mind about character and morality and how things
are not always as they seem. These two movies are really very very
interesting. The first one is the character on the surface doesn’t look
like what you would think okay so the. first one is called Molly’s game. This
one is about a young woman who gets somehow gets into high-stakes poker and
it’s a true story and she gets arrested and and she gets to involved with the cops
they want her to name names. Trailer: [I’m Molly bloom do you know about me this is
a true story games and for roughly eight years yeah
then you ran games in New York for roughly – I don’t run a game in over two
years not to spoil the ending but that’s when the government raided my game and
took all of my money assuming all of it was made illegally which it wasn’t
in this room you couldn’t buy your wine from olive you couldn’t buy me and you
couldn’t buy a seat at the table we saw it athletes bitten as that’s just
the tip of the iceberg you’re not taking a percentage of the
pot no keep it that way because you don’t break the law when you’re breaking
the law breaking the law we’re able to find out for sure
aren’t we laws are written down the admin is anyway about your book in life
right I did you spent eight years running the world’s most exclusive
glamorous and decadent man cave for the office guarantee the publisher is
certain elements and I can get you a million and a half what kind of elements
I passed I’m just curious as to why you passed on what would appear to be the
only way out you have it have these real names creative differences a lot that
I’m accused of breaking des Plantes gambling is betting on games of chance
yes pokers in a game of chance pokers a game
of skill why does a young woman at 22 has a gold-plated resume
why does she run more games your risk is nuts you’re gonna get blown up
you got 2.8 million on the streak right now that money should be in your hands
just out deep into the Russian mob where you there’s a new offer on the table
completely we hand over the hard drive you’ve seen what’s on those hard drives
family slides careers will be really why are you in this alone where are the
people you’re protecting by not telling the whole story it’s not their names I’m
protecting charlie my girl why because it’s my name.] end trailer it’s kind of stuff and then the other
one is very very interesting it’s a documentary called tickles it looks like
it’s about journalist who does light you know trending kind of funny stories and
he hears about this competitive tickling competition and so he starts to study
that our system you know gonna do a story on that but it he ends up
following it into this this complicated thing that ends up really coming up
against some really sinister behavior and complete smear campaigns are ruining
people’s lives. eo Trailer: [ I knew I’d found my next story
see you too competitive endurance tickling group we got here competitive
endurance tickling it was one of the strangest sports I’ve seen
so I told Jana Bryan media I’d like to do an interview instead of getting a yes
or no I got this association with a homosexual journalist is not something
we will embrace him on you know gay Kiwis regards Jane O’Brien media it was
hard to take the insult seriously considering the sport did seem slightly
get flop it’s tickling no I was yelling at the time didn’t think nothing of it I
was like $2,000 that’s gonna be cool I mean imagine being a teenage boy she
would just keep sending them whatever they wanted she offered my one body at
Chevy Cruz in $30,000 the money is endless this tickling Empire is way
bigger than we ever imagined they have a tickle cells all over the u.s. they’re
everywhere and at some point these boys say I’m done the thing that she hates
the most no doovy mo and every other thought you
could imagine sending emails to the high school that I culture what do you think
your mother’s gonna think about it it was like a bomb went on your phone
number and your personal information are entirely known and subject to
publication on the Internet ah we’ve been spotted
oh my god oh my hell broke loose see understand what you think you’re doing. If you
want to stick your head in the blast furnace go ahead. Jane O’Brien is a ghost.] end Trailer Its very very interesting I wanted to kind of talk
about that and I wanted to kind of go over so it would be real easy to look at
this woman also let me let point out too that the guy that character that ends up
being what I would consider a sociopath that were insisting thing the basic
logistic it is is this and well I basically what I can attest from the
whole thing is that this guy he seems to me to have been someone who’s probably
got picked on or something when he was a kid and so his revenge is now he’s he’s
behind the scenes but he does these videos of boys tickling boys he offers
to pay these young men who are poor a lot of money to make these videos and
then when they want to stop doing it or something he basically smears them he
reckons there it puts a real name the real face their information all over the
internet and makes them look like they’re gay and humiliates them and just
you know destroys destroys people’s lives and seems to really get a lot of
pleasure out of this and so and there’s all these theories all these fake names
there’s all these fake companies cuz I mean is it just it’s really interesting
when the guy starts following following this thing it starts out what ends up
getting him going on the on the thing that realize there’s more here than just
this tickling competition is that the person that gets word that he’s going to
be doing a story on it has this massive of reaction and the reaction Bay
Stickley is very because he’s a gay reporter so it’s very much an anti-gay a
homophobic response all about you know it’s a really derogatory things about
gay people which seems to be a you know tough this protest too much you know
what I’m saying it seemed a bit over the top and then he was in New Zealand and
then three people from the United States show up in New Zealand to tell him
there’s really no story here you should back off there’s nothing nothing to
report which also just seemed a bit a bit too much so that’s where it sort of
started figuring out there was more of a story here then didn’t even think so you
don’t know what to think though to use this crazy thing you think what is this
this is real but it is real you don’t know if you think is it’s just
somebody’s fetish what it seems to be even more than the fetish it seems to be
the humiliation of these young they’re all athletic they’re all really athletic
young men it seems to me that the pleasure and the joy the fetish is not
particularly the fetishes humiliation of these young men making them look like
they’re gay and then publicly humiliating them and it’s very very very
interesting story in the meantime they get it all down to this one guy who
happens to have been he is he was currently looking effect he just died he
was a lawyer but before that his career was in being a like a principal of high
school guidance counselor something for teens so very very interesting that he
was working with he’s working with teens he seemed very much like he was stuck in
a revenge mode or something of like a scar from his childhood
Christine hood he was an only child very wealthy super super wealthy he was
living off of inheritance when the film was made and in the amount of money that
he was spending on this whole enterprise was just outrageous I mean it was he has
these like operations going on all over them making these crazy films and but
always in the poorest poorest parts like especially in the United States so
they’re all over the United States but they’re in like the poorest areas of the
United States so anyway it’s very interesting so here’s this guy he’s all
hidden behind we’ve got an upstanding lookin family what successful lawyers
where his dad had a law firm he was wealthy and then he’s a superintendent
for public schools then he became a lawyer
and meanwhile he has got this secret thing where he is responsible for
destroying lives just literally destroying numerous lives and you know
it’s just really crazy meanwhile on the other film there is this young woman who
gets involved with this thing it’s real CD in the in and there are a lot of CD
people that she gets involved with but they’re taking advantage of her she ends
up being someone who ends up being a morality tale the whole film it’s not
about high-stakes poker it’s not about that’s one of the
backdrop of it what it ends up being about is decency it ends up being about
it’s a film about decency she will not she refuses to take down basically
Renzi’s high stakes poker games it knows a lot of stories that magazines instead
we just killed a half she is personally involved you know familiar with friends
with numerous celebrities and knows the things that they’re doing that they
would hide from the public and you know she knows their secrets and she but she
refuses to name names she they offer her they take all of her money when she
finally gets they finally figured this how they seize her assets somewhat
illegally it appears they seize her assets and then you know freeze her
freezer I was making it impossible for her to survive and then offer her a way
out of naming names and she refuses to do it and so and she’s also she’s also a
former Olympic athlete skier so she had she was she was really competitive skier
release her a strict dad was really hard on her he was a psychologist and she got
injured finally and that ended her a skiing career she was gonna head to law
school she got involved with this she her parents cut her off financially and
so she went to Los Angeles and just hung out with her friend and that’s how she
got into the the thing that the poker poker playing thing and she just she was
you know really smart ambitious woman who kind of started feeling like she kid
have a name for herself have power over powerful man I heard her dad really
drove her heart she had two brothers also who were very very successful
younger brothers when became a thoracic surgeon or something other became a
two-time Olympic medal winner he had this really competitive family and it’s
just a very interesting thing so it would be very easy to on the surface
look at look at these two characters and get a completely different idea about
them than you would think then you would think on the surface really affected by
this kind of immediate knee-jerk response the smear campaign the thing
that were they they go off of societal norms instead of facts so they really
appeal to societal norms so I just thought since you wrap this little video
app I would talk about the tank how we could identify one who is the sociopath
the one that’s involved in high-stakes poker games or the one that is a
principal of a high school you know you can’t do it that way that’s not how
you’re gonna find out the one who is involved with multi million dollars in
of the wealthiest people the world or the women is involved with tickling
games you can’t always tell by things like that okay so these are at least
going no particular order in fact is it they’re pathological liars
they just absolutely will lie about anything to anybody they don’t there
they are a lie they they really are a lie and nobody knows them nobody knows
them they have a different persona that they put forth for every single person
and it’s catered it’s a custom-made it every every person believes that they
are someone different than every other person because they custom make who they
are for the person they’re appealing to they make themselves like that person
they’re really masterful at figuring out what you want what you like who how you
want to be perceived and then they custom make themselves they cater make
Decatur they cater to your desires they cater to they make sure that you are in
their eyes who you want to be and that they are like you they make themselves
like you but it would go like this too if you if they were pursuing you as a
love interest though this would map this would morph into you and me against the
world that’s what it would morph into and typically they would pick people who
have some James had some problems with rejection
perhaps and their families things like that they didn’t have a really
well-connected family that has some childhood wounds that kind of thing and
then they would say I get you I understand you I’m the first one that
you know I you know it’s you and me against the world you know that kind of
thing that would really appeal to person that they would target their sensation
seekers their sensation seekers sociopaths are just they they they’re
basically two things are really motivating them and like boredom is one
of them and angers the other boredom is for them just a huge problem it’s it’s
just something that they can’t they can’t handle it at all probably most
likely because they don’t have it in herself and in her life so they just
have to constantly be moving thinking about other people keeping busy doing
stuff like that so that they can distract themselves from their empty
purse their empty in her life and the the other thing that really motivates
them is anger /nv pathological envy and so you know this is what this is
basically what runs their life so what they’ll do is they’ll create lots of
drama they’ll create lots of drama I think that’ll might manifest into his
arguments and they love to argue they love to have controversies with people
they also love to do risky behaviors you know speeding in the car driving drunk
using substances petty crimes and you know yeah so you know just you know
basically just basically problematic behavior yes problematic behavior
another sign is that this program behavior has been let has gone with them
since since they were young they will have had they will have been some kind
of problematic child or teenager and this could be the same depending on what
family they grew up in this could have been identified or not in my with my
ex-husband he had they had such low standards he was he was so okay no he
was like the golden child no matter what he did and the standards were so low
basically it was like as long as he wasn’t in jail he was perfect so but you
know have you been in my family for instance you’ve been considered a
because he was you know that low grades and kind of bad bad boy
but just you know was yeah comes with authority problems with rules problems
with you know doing you know just doing anything and you know following
following the rules better laid up for everybody else uh but he probably was
pretty sneaky about it so people didn’t know is know that he was defiant that he
was as defiant as he was because he was always very good at this is another word
reputation management always very good at reputation management you know that
was that’s always a very important important thing for them another one is
surface charming glibness they if you know someone who is not just won’t ever
go into any kind of serious conversation makes jokes all the time is you know
flippant you know is won’t take your thoughts and feelings seriously well you
know put you know just you can’t ever ask them a question and get a solid
answer they’re avoidant and they’re what they’ll talk about they want to keep
things very very shallow they if you get frustrated by the fact that you don’t
really ever feel like you’re connecting because they’re just shallow they make
jokes and even if you’re someone who should be close to them you get the
sense that they’re everybody is only as closest like you know a cocktail party
yeah acquaintance no one can get any closer than that to them spine is egoism
and grandiosity this will come out in all kinds of different things they brag
they have disdain for others they might make really terrible racist
racial slurs you know just they basically just show I just stand for
other it’s a superiority to others and this comes out in forms of jokes and
things like that and and they can also really do it to you they this is you
know something that my ex-husband did is terribly to to our sons you know put
them down in front of people humiliated them nixed they have shallow
emotions it kind of goes along with one of the reasons that they won’t change is
because they don’t really feel bad about anything that they’re doing so they in
the the part of this too is empathy free so empathy free is the next one they
don’t have they don’t have the problems of guilt a conscience putting themselves
in your shoes feeling your pain they don’t have they’re up against those
problems and so they’re able to do things that
are incredibly cruel incredibly destructive and feel nothing about it
feel no guilt at all and they have absolutely no responsibility to anybody
so if you know this was the thing that just blew me away in my way with my
ex-husband smear campaign was that you know here I had been I had devoted my
life to him I you know I had given him ten the best years of my life Aloha and
then when I got sick he had no sense of responsibility to me for what I had done
for him you know for the there was no he just acted like he was entitled to it
all or he forgot that I even did it I don’t know what but he there was he felt
no responsibility to me as his children’s mother as a person who loved
him as a person who’d been loyal and you know good to him for the last ten years
I mean all of the things that I was he that he had no responsibility to me it
was like he was ready he wanted out and that was it he was just gonna take what
he wanted to take he was entitled and that was it it was just really crazy and
then the next the last one that I have on my list is is that their Cystic and
the play mind games and this they all kind of play together
he definitely definitely was sadistic and so if you have someone who enjoys
your pain and joy doesn’t area isn’t a person who loves you should be really
uncomfortable when you’re in pain it should be hard for them to be feel
content and and fine and happy when you’re miserable that should be a little
bit of a problem for them and if you’re finding that it’s not you’re finding not
anymore so that they are happy when they have been the ones to bring you down
that is definitely our huge red flag neurotypical people do not enjoy hurting
other people yeah they do and they get it especially if they’re hurting people
that are close to them and this will make them really happy they will there
you will notice their moods going up your mood is going down as they’re
destroying you they will get happier and happier it’s very much a cat and mouse
thing they will play with you like the cat chilling the mouse and and really
get a rise out of you really enjoy that so that is to combat their boredom is to
deal with their superiority that’s to deal with all their all the many all the
many reasons that they can get away with doing that and they will not they will
repeat these behaviors they will not learn from mistakes they have they’re
basically stuck in adolescence they don’t mature past adolescence and they
these mistakes they will just repeatedly make them because they’re working for
them they’re working for them there’s about okay so that’s it that’s that’s
basically some typical behaviors of sociopaths and a couple of great films
to go watch that I know watch recently some of this behavior that’s showing up
films I mean I’m sorry in the in the characters narcissism and there is a lot
of narcissism in Mali’s game but it’s not her she does this she knows for a
minute get a little bit caught up and some step of she admits that she admits
that she gets in over her head with some things or she’s starting to
feel important certain you feel like she has an identity certain you feel like
she’s successful at something and I mean that’s what runs away with her but both
of these films just talk a lot about power money what our perceptions are
public humiliation you know all those kinds of things they’re uh they’re both
about that and what I would I just thought was interesting was that I’d
watch these two films and based on based on the surface but one who was the
sociopath is not who you would think you know and so it ends up that this school
principal is pretty dangerous guy and this person who was running underground
gambling is a pretty decent person so like that was really complex and
interesting and so I just wanted to share that with y’all okay you guys
thanks so much and please please comment and give me a like and make sure that
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of get my channel boost it up because I got I gotta kind of got behind I have
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going to put some links to them in my description box and yeah so that’s that
I will talk with y’all really soon bye bye empowering those who yearn for more
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9 thoughts on “Spot the Narcissist or Psychopath! |Character Study Current Films

  1. The lower functioning sociopath I know (who by the way succeeded with a $15,000 SSDI backpay scam) was arrested about two days ago for auto theft. *copy and paste:
    1 RS 14 67.26(B)(3) BOND: 5,000.00
    1 RS 14 69(B)(2) 18A BOND: 5,000.00
    ILL POSS STOLEN AUTO $5000 TO $25000
    He has a nationwide crime record. Really, I think he will be locked away this time, but during the last 15 years, the legal system has not made him accountable for anything….just increasing his sense of invulnerability. I will be glad to see him locked up…not out of revenge…he's too erroneous minded and delusional to even grasp punishment. I'm glad that more potential victims will be spared.

  2. Can you talk about the spiritual aspect of this again and how it involves a very dark realm. The Trama causes a negative atmosphere. Almost like they draw you into the dark triad. Dr.scott peck book people of the lie. Good book..

  3. The one fact of Molly protecting her name and caring about any families was a clue she wasn't the sociapath however the one guy she worked with who seemed to enjoy destroying lives and was concerned about not getting any attention from her could be deemed a sociapath…he was the young actor at the gambling table…the other movie I didn't see but your description said alot about him…the fact that he got off destroying lives coming from a seemingly innocent angle and very manipulative…very sneaky and dangerous…yeah that would be a sociapath.
    you'd need a weekly rant to discuss narcissistic individuals in movies….Smh
    great commentary!

  4. Good video one question what part did you play in your divource you can't play catch by yourself it takes two, blaming , it's all him the reason you lasted 10 years with this person is because you were able to enjoy what you guys did with no responsibility by blaming him by being a socio you enjoyed the ride. Do tell the thing " he made you do " secretly you wanted but had zero responsibility for. Unless he always held a gun to your head. Not insulting you enjoy your vids but SELF CONFRONTATION truly is the true therapy.

  5. Something a little different for you in this video. Looking at two movies that are fascinating for anyone who really enjoys looking at human behavior and norms of a society. Really illustrates how things are not always what they appear to be. When was the last time you were discovered that someone you knew was not who you first believed they were? Make sure to hit the bell!

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