St. Lucia Sailaway and Sunset – Celebrity Summit 2019 [Ep. 10]

St. Lucia Sailaway and Sunset – Celebrity Summit 2019 [Ep. 10]

Back on board the Celebrity Summit, we
gathered at the aft deck for the last view of the town of
Castries, as the ship slowly made her way to sea. – We’re back on board and we’re just
having pizza. – Afternoon snack. After a long, hard day … ah… strenuous day on land. – The light in paradise. It is really nice to be here actually. – In spite of the people talking about me. [music] Like floating cotton, the cumulus clouds
lit up with the colour of the setting sun, and bathed the Caribbean Sea with its
golden reflections. [music] As it has become our practice at the end
of each day’s excursion, we spent some time at the Thalassotherapy pool to wash
away the sweat of the day’s activities. And for the jets of water to ease our
muscles and joints. Paulo liked it so much that he never missed a day during
the whole cruise to come here and relax, just before dinner. – It’s so hot. – Too bad you all can’t be here. [music]

3 thoughts on “St. Lucia Sailaway and Sunset – Celebrity Summit 2019 [Ep. 10]

  1. Hi, I just watched the whole series of your videos of your Caribbean cruise on the Summit. To say the least, these were WONDERFUL videos – your narration of what you did, and the beautiful music that accompanied the video. So relaxing! Your narration was poetic! My wife and I took our first cruise ever in July 2018 (married 29 years last June (2018) ). We took the Summit to Bermuda – enjoyed the beaches, snorkeling… and of course everything about the Summit. We did go concierge with all the packages which made for an amazing trip… and we were even selected to be on the bow (helipad) of the ship as we pulled into Kings Wharf Bermuda!. Again, thank you for sharing your trip. We hope to one day travel again on a cruise, and we are considering a Caribbean cruise!

  2. So you've made a practice of washing off your sweat in the thalassotherapy pool after each day's excursion? That's just gross. You're supposed to shower first.

  3. In a closed environment with thousands of passengers, I’m attuned to practising good hygiene, such as washing hands before entering the buffet or dining room. Though not shown in this video, we used the showers first that are built into the walls, before plunging into the pool. Hope that has allayed some viewers’ concern.

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