Staff Takes Personality Tests, Who’s Weirdest?

Staff Takes Personality Tests, Who’s Weirdest?

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independent media is a magical thing as a novelist was in a weird weird mood today and what’s going on speaking of movies actually we all
decided to take the myers briggs personality test the other day lewis and i i’d actually came across this
because i took this years ago when either applying for a job or
something and then took it again and some other
point in a grad class and i always had the same result and i wondered now that
it’s been years and i feel like i’m somewhat different
than i used to be at one of the results would be the same or not and i took it and it was exactly the
same time the myers briggs personality test is the one that gives you the
four-letter result i took it lewis took the test net on
also took the test uh… so watch who do we start with you ok we’ll start with so my result was india and t_j_ and this is a category that is among the
rarest that’s two two five percent of the population that says d_n_c_ jaise
tend to be self driven motivating energetic assertive confident and
competitive they think a big picture of you and
build a long-term strategy we think that we know how if they really
know what they want and they mobilize others to help them attain their goals now if you look at out there well-known d_n_c_ jaise right napoleon margaret thatcher golda meir julius caesar carl sagan
aristotle and sigmund freud you know what’s concerning me about that a couple of the people newt gingrich named and compared himself to annette
compilation that incredibly megalomaniac grandiose compilation of himself to
other people he mentions that he is kind of like
margaret thatcher and also i think says he is kind of like is it napoleon hairstyle i don’t
remember which which is now here remember maybe it’s just you and i three
got these ideas for you think that that’s what it is malaysia that i’d
share personality traits with newt gingrich is definitely disturbing to me but so that that was my result and i
guess that tends to be extroverted uh… thinking rather than feeling and um… uh… what it what else is it
um… dredging and what’s the and for africa but the ennis it’s not sensing s would be sense intuition intuition intuitive rather than sensing let’s go to lewis lewis isn’t artist
t_j_ this is ten to fifteen percent of the
population it’s a much more common personality doug coordinate system so to
speak the thing is the description is not
ringing bells lewis’s as i think is a faithful logical i mean we’ve seen the paranormal believe
stuff organized it’s impossible to get loose even keep a
calendar sensible he made a ten thousand dollar bet saying
that advil was the same thing as aspirin and and ernest traditionalists who
enjoys keeping his life and environment well-regulated i don’t know maybe that
party’s is somewhat accurate typically referrers reserved and serious they turn success through the
thoroughness and extraordinary dependability well do you think that i mean when you
read it and give me your honor sense it is that does that sound like you well again i mean it sounds is like the
same way i answered those questions here of payments are yes d_j_s herbert hoover
and harry truman that’s a little concerning kirk douglas not bad clint eastwood
you’re a fan of clint aren’t you i’d like when name and this is my favorite greta garbo
lewis’s personality apac apparently reminiscent of greta garbo which is
which is pass in a big and then last minute time who is a
mickey and f j cnf g_a_o_ typically teachers there also part of the four idealists
which that might personality that is also part of and um… really only different from my
personality type by one letter i mean when you took the questions the times
you told me based on personality type you may access
the questions differently there may be some kind of an experiment
is bias built them yall um… looks barracks donors buys is
when the person doing the experimenting or the or the interviewing is com biased towards a result in the other
person answers the way they want but uh… but in this case with the lewis what i would say is maybe
he may be different personality types answer the questions less or more
honestly that will that’s definitely a factor well that’s one of her yeah on her way you say you suggesting that i are falsifying no i’m not missing any of
the possible that also univ like the the test takes into
account that young or anything else that good
enough to give some comparison the time had
that famous even after james martin luther king nelson mandela ronald reagan
and pope john paul the second i’d would not connecting the time with ronald
reagan and pope john paul the second anyway also joe biden on the list parekh leaves and also michael moore this is it that i think the most
compelling list of famous people sharing our personality types is
definitely batons how many different letter combinations ardor i think
there’s ah… sixteen totally realtor but pbn jamie no doubt it’s only that
there are all it’s either uh… eager i it’s either enter ask
there’s only two alternatives i i i think there’s sixteen or twenty
four-hour total potential combination you know i’m i’m gonna say that uh… probably a pretty variety brought description each individual personality type from
united i think it’s me again there are down human existence the only sixteen
personality types i’m fixing all right you’ve heard it
from louis we have to move on to send your thoughts about these tests

20 thoughts on “Staff Takes Personality Tests, Who’s Weirdest?

  1. I'm INTJ – Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgment. Quiet and reserved, more abstract than concrete, objective criteria above personal preference, plan their activities and make decisions early.

  2. hm, I got the same as you, David. Guess it's time to unleash my inner Caesar/Napoleon. Conquer all the things!!!

  3. How on earth can these personally test fucks claim to be able to 'magic' Napoleon / Julius Ceaser / Aristotle's fucking MB scores. Really, David this is shit. Are you getting a bump from these MB people shit shit shit. Big supporter of DP Show but this segment plays like product placement.

  4. I googled David Pakman MBTI type, found this, made my guess, and then was validated. Feeling pretty good about my typing skills now.

  5. The tests can be very inaccurate depending on your type. Certain personalities are prone to perceiving themselves in an inaccurate light especially at younger ages. I have gotten different results over the years and thought it was a bunch of hoopla. I recently learned about the function stacks which has provided more clarity than 4 random letters.

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