Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Breed Guide

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Breed Guide

I’ve had Staffordshire Bull Terriers virtually
all my life. My father bred them and I grew up with the, and my children have grown up
with them. I have kept quite a few breeds in my life as well as the Stafford, but I
mean, it is the best breed. Staffies are brilliant dogs. They’re really
lively, really energetic, really fun type dogs, and they are real people dogs. They
love people so they make fabulous pets. Staffies often get a bad press, which really isn’t
fair. They’re great dogs, they’re real fun personality dogs, lively, they love to play
games, and in the right environment with the right training they make fabulous pets. if you buy a Stafford to protect it when it’s
young. Don’t let a dog down the road bully it, don’t give it a bad experience with another
dog, because that is when you’re likely to create a dog that doesn’t get on with other
four-legged animals. People think of them as a guard dog, and they are not. They love
people, they’re reserved as most guard dogs are. They will look after people, particularly
weak people, the weakest in the family, either the child or a woman against a man, but they
won’t necessarily look after your pictures or your furniture or your jewellery. When you think about a Staffie, you’re getting
a small dog with a huge personality. Anecdotally, they’re supposed to be good with children
and not so good with other dogs and that’s probably because there’s some terrier in there.
From a behavioural point of view, when I think of a Staffie I’m thinking of a chewer, and
a powerful chewer at that. So we’re looking at leaving it lots of appropriate things to
chew such as Nylabones. If you don’t he may well start chewing your furniture. They can
also tug a lot because they’ve got that bulldog part of the heritage, and that means that
they can hang on to things a lot. So you need to teach and ‘off’ command very early, while
it’s still a puppy. Big personality, small dog, very muscley, you need to train it. Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a smooth coat,
which is really low maintenance coat. Doesn’t need to be groomed by a professional dog groomer,
just brush with rubber brush on a regular basis. If you don’t want to spend money on
grooming, Staffie is idea breed. They don’t smell, they’re easy to look after, always
clean. If you already have a dog in the house you
have to be careful. If they come as a puppy, then you’ll probably be alright. A lot of
people two bitch Staffords. I would say never try to keep two male Staffords together. Before
they buy them I think they should go and meet them in people’s homes. They’re very lively,
so they will come immediately up to you and probably jump up to you depending on how well
trained the owners have them. They have now become mixed with a lot of other breeds, and
so whilst they might look a bit like a Strafford, if they’re not a full Stafford they may very
well have the characteristics of the other breed, so you’re not getting what you expected.
It does actually pay to go to a proper breeder and have a proper Kennel Club registration.
And all the health checks that go along with that, by the way. Because you’re more likely
to get the proper character if you do that.

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  1. Had dogs all my life but living alone now in a big sized house, I work 8-4 would it be mean to get a staff and leave him/her alone during the week , I would walk the dog every morning and evening as i have always done with previous dogs and more on weekends but i feel a bit guilty leaving him alone during the day if the breed stresses from being alone ??? Thanks

  2. I have always had Staffies, I have a Male Jock. He is very gentle. They LOVE PEOPLE. They accept other Dogs in the house but can be aggressive with other Dogs outside. Even my very gentle one. Need control. Love children. I had one who killed 2 of my Cats so if you have Cats care is needed, although that was the only Staff to do this and I have owned 5 in my life time.Love cuddles and a fuss. Lady was so right, loyal they will protect owners but most would make a fuss of a robber.Not guard dogs .

  3. Anyone who only spends one hour pr day exercising their staffy is a c**t! If 60 minutes pr day is all you can spare,get a rat or a hamster

  4. ive exsperienced somethink like this i just got out of he shops with my dad and there was thjs women walking her chiuaha and me and my dad with out staff there these two girls aroudnd 8 or maybe even 7 who ignored the little dog and come up to mine so im like aww thnx they were saying wheres it from where do i get one how r they aww its so cute and i was at the airport where i watch the planes and theres loads of dogs because its like wbere loads of people walking there dogs because theres fields and a forest what s dog would typical love so im walking up and tberes obviousley other dogs like beagles and shitzus and there the dogs what everyones like aww but im like that with every dog so i like stroking them and playing because there adorable dogs are so im walking up on this path walking up with my dad and there was this family and a young kid maybe 2 or 3 who wanted to touch my staffie and this mom and dad r already like why the hell do u have that dog they kill i saw it on their face when they looked at me so they grab their son swing him on to the other side of him and walk onto the path, know matter in fact these r adults who r influencing these kids to hate dogs and in both these situations my dog was on a lead we only take it off when theres no roads just a field or a forest because when im with my dad i litrally run all the way up the forest or field making sure theres no dogs because my dog id very kind and wont even hurt a fly but if theres another dog i dont know if that dog is dangerous or very unsecure of other dogs because of exsperiences in the past but yesterday i didnt check because im only 13 i cant remember everythink so i was in the forest with my dad and we let her off the lead and i quickly noticed a great dane now i shouted to my dad theres a dog so my dog just sniffs the dog and this dog was friendly and then what i didnt notice is this massive brown chow chow camoflouged with the trees which is the owners know i thought it was a bear but then i noticed the man wasnt holding his greatdane letting it rome three but his wife was grabbing on the chow chows collar because my dog was sniffing it and she was panicking so i just said alright lets gobe ause if this dog all of a sudden pull her and grabs my dog she wont behable to defend herself so i just left but i dont normally judge chow chows because my great uncle had one which i didnt see alot and he was so friendly but i thought that his dog would shred my dog no matter what breed but i love every breed and i dknt get why people judge dogs they r awesome.

  5. I adopted a Staffordshire bull terrier and he's lovely but he's not a puppy his 3 or 2 and he hates over dogs but I taught him not to be aggressive to other dogs and he's succeed because now his never aggressive but he can get a little hyper in the house and outside. My staffy also grabbs my hand in his mouth and carries it to my face and nudges me 😂

  6. You know you have a proper staffy when someone can break in your house with a bar of chocolate and empty it. The worst guard dog ever if they are brought up correctly lol.

  7. We live in Canada and thankfully there is no breed specific legislation in our province regarding owning Pitbulls or other similar breeds. we have owned Pitbulls for over 20yrs and never had an issue with our dogs. At home now we have a male rescue pitbull and just recently we adopted a 2 year old female Staffy from our local pitbull rescue center. we couldn't be happier she has been to all the pet stores in the city, my wife and I have taken her to work with us she has also been to retirement homes and we spend lots of time at the off dog leash park. right now we are looking at the possibility of getting her certified as a therapy dog so she can visit children in the hospital. this little dog has been amazing like I said we have had Pitts for 20yrs and considering this dog came to us needing a lot of TLC she was under weight she had been bread a few times and looked to us like she had been used in some sort of dog fighting. But after going through all of that she is the most loving gentle dog we have ever owned. I understand the thinking of going to a breeder to make sure you have a dog with good temperament and no flaws but there are a lot of good dogs in rescue shelters looking for homes. lets face it there are some people out there who shouldn't own dogs, or do not have the capacity to train a dog properly most owners let their dogs tell them what to do and with powerful dogs you cant have that. you don't need to be Ceser Millan but if your willing to put in the time and the effort you could have an great dog. We have a Staffy now and because of this dog will forever have one until we are to old to have dogs anymore.

  8. I own a pit bull that's mine a French bulldog for my wife u don't c many of these dogs in florida but I love them

  9. I have a 3 year old rescue staff and absolutely love him, my first dog, had him 4 months now. He's not aggressive whatsoever, most of the time won't even bark back at other dogs, but we've found he's a bit rough when playing with little dogs and almost caused another dog an injury a while back. Because of this we now have to keep him on lead most of the time, although there are some places that are mostly dog free so we can let him off from time to time. I've met a few staffs and they've all been lovely. In my experience it seems to be dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies that have have the worst attitudes, yappy little bastards. Love my dog.

  10. owned 2 staffys before beautiful gentle souls they were, shame about all the abuse and stick they get, problem is there over breeding them in UK so it's easy for any 1 to get hold of them and they end up in bad hands then.

  11. Wonderful dogs. We've had two – both rescues – and they were fantastic with people & loved children. Don't agree that they chew – neither of ours chewed a single thing they weren't supposed to. I can't speak highly enough of the breed.

  12. It's a stereotype that males don't get along they usually get along better than two females and this goes for a lot of breeds.

  13. The comment at 1:24 is so true. I had a Staffordshire bull terrier and she had to be put to sleep almost one year ago at 11.5 years. When my father became terminally ill and just before he passed away, my Staffordshire bull terrier lay beside him all day. After my dad passed away, she started to go down hill rapidly and within 8 months, she got so ill, we had to put her to sleep. So this lady is damn right, Staffordshire bull terriers will look after weak people and my one sure proved this. She would great anyone I let in to my home but hated other dogs. Best breed ever. I really angers me to think some people see the breed as fighting machines. I would love another Staffie. I really miss my dad and my Staffie.

  14. Grown up with English Staffies all my life, best breed, so friendly and great around kids/ babies, it's so sad that they have such a bad rep because of a bunch a disgusting humans that decide to train them to fight other dogs etc… I've had my fair share of people walking the other way when I'm out with my little boy Jack, some have even come up to me and told me that he should be put down because he's a danger to others and I just laugh and say to them that the only danger he has is licking you to death.

  15. This is a real staff dog is not a pitbull people need to see the dam difference people need to stop calling staff dogs pitbulls when there not the same yes there from the same blood line but there not the Same dogs😂😂

  16. Have had my Staff for 14 years now. She still loves a good tumble. Named her after my favorite band, Dimmu Borgir.

    Greatest dog there has ever been.

  17. If your staffy is chewing your furniture, then you haven't trained it properly, and I can't take you seriously now because… why are you on this show if you can't train your dog properly? Yes, staffies are powerful chewers – the only thing that mine doesn't get through in 2 minutes is bones.

  18. If you're watching this and thinking of getting a Staffie, please, please consider getting a rescue dog. There's literally thousands of these lovely creatures in kennels and Dogs homes in the UK awaiting death if they aren't given a home. You avoid the hassle of house training, you get a dog who's size and shape is clear to see, you save a fortune, and you will be rewarded with a truly wonderful, loyal friend who only ever asks for your kindness and company in return.
    Please, get a rescue dog and save its life…you won't regret it.

  19. I'd like to comment by saying that I own a staffy myself. He was a rescue dog, he is always wanting a cuddle he loves playing in the garden, he's friendly.. people say staffs are bad dogs but it's not the dogs fault it's the owners. We have 2 pet chickens that roam free in the garden by day and they play with the dog..

    All in, if you want a good friend that's an average size get a staff they're so loyal and loving

  20. The 'beautiful little angel' mauled to death by a dog – do people learn = stupid parents never learn when have young kids!

  21. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are fantastic family pets. But one thing i absolutely do not agree with this video is, the woman in this video strongly encourages buying a staffy from a breeder. Please DO NOT buy from a breeder!!!! RESCUE one, there are literally thousands in Kennels who will be destroyed if not re-homed.

  22. I love the staff, my 6yr Charlie loves the kids, hates when I play fight with the youngest until she joins in. too many people in the UK use the staff as a fashion statement, these dogs need love and human contact so don't get one if you have no time to give them, my Charlie comes with me everywhere, she even sits in the bathroom when I'm in there.

  23. OMG! I miss having a Staffy so very much.In my opinion Staffs are the PERFECT All round dog to have as a pet.Its so important to train him,he'l give 110%back to any love&care u show.

  24. I don't have a staffy, but there are some near where I live and whenever I walk my dog, if we're lucky, we might see someone walking their staffy. She can be unpredictable when it comes to other dogs, but when it comes to staffies, she never has a problem socialising with them

  25. once a dog attacked me and I shouted
    my staff and she ran all the way across the field and helped me out with her teeth so I would say that staffs are royal

  26. Had to share this. I have a rescue Staffy ( named Steffy have her 1 month )1 year old. For years I have been tormented by what I call night terrors , that feeling of being froze in my sleep thinking I am awake but unable to move. I believe that I am screaming for help but I have been told that I don't make a sound . Well it happened again last night but this time Steffy was beside me I couldn't believe it … she woke me by nudging me and licking the side of my face . She seemed to know I was in distress . Amazing just amazing.

  27. I Love these dogs!! i have 3 of them 1 is mixed with american pit they are amazing dogs! fun loving and loyal!! and the energy level is endless so make sure they get plenty of exercise! I love these dogs and will always have staffies

  28. Although the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an English breed they still bare resemblance to their American cousins the Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. But then the two American breeds I just mentioned are really just an extension of the English Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

  29. Ye You Right Mate my staffy male pup is 4 & a half months old & he gets 2 miles a day now. I will be real fit by the time he is 1 year old . The dog pic on the left is the 1 i lost in Nov 2016 of Limfoma (Cancer) but even though it was hard he had 13 good years with me.

  30. I have a staffie, my girl has been through hell and back with me. Staffie lover 4life! These dogs are the true meaning of man's best friend😏😌. They will cheer you up if you're having a bad day. She loves the babies I have her around. She licks them too much though😣

  31. Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers vicious? On the Sick and Wrong Podcast, Episode 601, I heard a news story about a Staffordshire Bull Terrier which had consumed crack cocaine and crushed its owner to death! 😂

  32. true that steffies are cool and nice my cousin has steffies and they are just great I can brush them and they look like pit bulls

  33. Staffs do not smell? Obviously, she has never owned one these little guys fart like you would not believe. By far my favorite breed of dog though nothing even comes close to these and I would strongly recommend them to anyone who has had some previous experience with dogs and are willing to put the time and effort in raising them correctly.

  34. There is a slight misconception about staffies as guard dogs. In my experience they can kind of read people's intentions and act accordingly. They love people, but watch their attitude change if they think their owner is being threatened! Also, a few years back we had an intruder in our back yard which our male staffy had backed into a corner. He kept him bailed up in that corner until I arrived home and dealt with it. He didn't attack the intruder, but he wouldn't let him go either. TBH that kind of surprised me because I'd always been told that they were useless as property guards.

  35. These dogs are more like people, They have such a strong personality. Mine is my bestfriend and very protective of me and my house because I rescued him from a small card board box from the ghetto. Best dog ever

  36. Ma wee staffy pasted away last year and he wis the best and most awesome family pet he was Amazon with my two kids, bestest dog ever miss him so mush rip basher baby boy xxx

  37. My staffy u touch me he’s coming he’s seen me fight n he gets in trust me u get bit your gonna cry like ur mudda

  38. My dog Pete has the most beautiful temperament. He is a tuxedo coat brindle blue staffy.He has turned16 and doesn't look like slowing down.

  39. Y have they gotten smaller?

    I know there is many variations to the breed but the one I had as a kid was (pure bred) he was built like a brick shit house shoulder muscle and a solid head? I'm going back to the mid lat90s he passed about 2K7

  40. We rescued our Staffy Betsy 2 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made, after some training and lots of love she is a part of the family and can’t imagine our lives without her!! If you’re thinking about getting one it’s so worth going to your local rescue centre where there’s bound to be a few of them 🙂

  41. Nasty dogs, known for extreme violence. Bred by man to hold, grip and kill other animals,. Avoid or you'll inevitably pay the price, somewhere down the line. Then, it's too late. These things can easily kill human beings and that's why sadistic humans choose them. They bring fear and that's the buzz these people get.

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