Stars Who Haven’t Figured Out They Aren’t Famous Anymore

Stars Who Haven’t Figured Out They Aren’t Famous Anymore

In life, it’s hard to know when enough is
enough. The same, of course, can be said for the world
celebrity. For some celebs, packing it in is unthinkable…even
though more than a few fans wonder why some semi-famous faces don’t just fade away. Here are a few of those washed-up stars who
need to stop trying so hard… Hilary Duff Because she hasn’t done much besides grocery
shopping in recent years, Hilary Duff has been rumored to call the paparazzi on herself
when she’s running errands. Her attempt at a musical comeback flopped,
with the best of her last three singles topping out at #79 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her album, Breathe In, Breathe Out fared somewhat
better, peaking at #5, but never made any radio impact. Duff signed a management deal with Scooter
Braun in August 2016, which means she can either have an Ariana Grande-like return to
fame, or she can strongly consider keeping her day job on the show Younger, because Braun’s
track record for keeping stars on top is… “But here’s my number, so call me maybe.” …pretty awful. Nick Cannon Sure, Wild ‘n Out is fun, but it never made
Nick Cannon a legitimate star. Neither did Drumline. After marrying Mariah Carey in 2008, his stock
shot up, nabbing him the hosting gig for America’s Got Talent in 2009. Let’s just jump past the irony inherent in
him landing that job… “See that? That’s lusciousness right there.” But since his divorce from Mimi, he’s made
waves for racially insensitive album promotions and dishing on his sex life with his ex-wife
against her wishes. In 2015, Carey dropped a diss track about
Cannon called “Infinity,” which describes Cannon as lonely and poor…which may be why
TMZ claims he’s stalling on their divorce proceedings. ​Aubrey O’Day Another failed Diddy protege, Aubrey O’Day
gained notoriety in 2004 for her appearance on Making The Band 3, in which she joined
Danity Kane. She was fired from the group in 2008 for allegedly
trying to use the band to catapult herself into failed solo stardom. O’Day dabbled in music but has done mostly
reality TV, including her 2011 single-season star vehicle All About Aubrey, The Celebrity
Apprentice in 2012, where she was fired again and had a huge fight with Arsenio Hall… “I Googled her, and a naked picture of her
with a gut popped up! —- her! —- her!” …and a Celebrity Big Brother stint in 2016,
which may or may not chronicle the end of her relationship with Jersey Shore star Pauly
D, and, coincidentally, the last time anyone cared about her. Ashley Greene After Twilight, Ashley Greene just couldn’t
seem to escape Alice Cullen. In 2012, she starred in The Apparition, but
the movie was a critical and commercial bomb, returning less than a third of its budget
at the box office. It was a pattern for her: CBGB made back about
a tenth of its $5 million budget. Her television work hasn’t fared well, either,
with Pan Am only lasting one season. Vampires may live forever, but Greene’s career
is pretty much dead. Camilla Belle As the sort of old Hollywood beauty that’s
rare in the age of Instagram sensations, Camilla Belle is a bit of a mystery that no one seems
to want to solve. Her acting resume is full of things no one
has ever heard of, and she suffered some severe shaming at the hands of a venomous Taylor
Swift song called “Better Than Revenge” after dating Swift’s ex, Joe Jonas. Belle still shows up to fashion shows and
events, and the brunette stunner has acting gigs lined up through 2016. But will anyone be around to watch them? Dianna Agron Because of her allegedly terrible relationship
with Ryan Murphy, Dianna Agron was hardly utilized on Murphy’s show Glee and excluded
from the Cory Monteith tribute episode. Agron’s attempts at big screen stardom fell
flat also. I Am Number Four from 2011 was a critical
flop, and since leaving Glee, Agron’s most publicized role has been in Sam Smith’s “I’m
Not The Only One” music video. Maybe it’s time to enjoy her engagement to
her Mumford and Sons fiancé and quietly retire. ​Nicole Scherzinger The Pussycat Dolls broke up for good in 2010,
and since then, frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger has made several efforts to break out into
solo stardom, but they’ve fallen flat. Her July 2011 single with 50 Cent, “Right
There,” peaked at No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100, but in the six years that she’s been
trying, Scherzinger hasn’t been able to release an actual album in the United States. Knowing that her US album may never actually
drop, Scherzinger’s backup plans have landed her as a judge on X Factor in the UK again…despite
being the most reviled judge on the show during its stateside tenure. Olivia Culpo As Miss Universe 2012, she’s gorgeous, but
what else does Olivia Culpo actually do? Her only mainstream relevance outside of pageantry
was dating Nick Jonas, and that’s over. Culpo is still all over the place on red carpets
and seems to be trying to jump-start an acting career, with a brief appearance in The Other
Woman and American Satan, which stars such huge names like Drake Bell. Remember him? ​Lindsay Lohan Despite tons of second chances following her
multiple arrests and her reputation for a lack of professionalism, Lindsay Lohan should
probably just walk away quietly. Her most recent feature film was the independent
critical flop The Canyons, but The New York Times reports she was almost fired multiple
times for failing to show up to set and being difficult. Charlie Sheen helped her nab a role in Scary
Movie 5, then she refused their scripted kiss. Oprah Winfrey attempted to help Lohan get
back on her feet with her own miniseries on the Oprah Winfrey Network, during which Lohan
often refused to film and supposedly talked back to Winfrey several times. Lately, Lohan’s headlines revolve around lying
about pregnancies, maybe being engaged to a controversial Russian rich guy, and making
outrageous demands to appear on a Russian TV show. Girl, enough. ​Ashlee Simpson She used nepotism to her advantage, riding
the coattails of big sister Jessica Simpson into fame, then dissing the entire process
in her song “Shadow.” Then, she got busted lip syncing on live television,
then got booed when she made a screechy attempt to actually sing live again. “Wanna scream!” (audience boos at Ashlee Simpson) Still, she soldiered on, getting a nose job
the very same week she appeared on the cover of Marie Claire telling women to embrace their
flaws. Ashlee hasn’t had any singles chart since
2006, and the New York Daily News reports that when she and new husband Evan Ross attempted
to sell photos of their wedding in 2014, no one really wanted to pay for them…unless
maybe big sis Jessica was in them, too. Ouch. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know which
ex-stars you think should stop trying so hard…

100 thoughts on “Stars Who Haven’t Figured Out They Aren’t Famous Anymore

  1. Wow Greene’s career is “dead” because she fit too amazingly with the character she was playing? What bs. She’s an amazing actress just forgotten.

  2. why was this video even made. what a horrible thing to say to someone, that they are no longer wanted or that their career or dreams are over. shame on you.

  3. Hillary duff.. Have you not seen "younger"??? 🤔 And that album was really popular as I remember it and I dont even like pop or Hillary duff.

  4. I found this video funny.  Niki does have a ppoint.  Yes it's okay to accept jobs but stop acting like you're still the cat's meow.

  5. This is out of order. You should never put people down for trying. It's their life and dream. Perhaps you should stop trying. Personaly there were a few in that video I like a lot and would like to see again. I can understand why this video has so many dislikes. I have never given a dislike on any video until now.

  6. Your video is inaccurate on different levels!! I’m sorry just because some people under a certain age don’t know some of the celebrities doesn’t mean they’re not famous especially people from this generation, all they know is crappy music like the guy with the warm hair with pink and bunch of colors. Lindsay Lohan May be an exception but….

  7. Oh rly? I'll do you one better. Jonah Hill never figured out he wasn't famous in the first place. He's just a pudgy, irritating little douchebag who somehow keeps getting hired despite having no skill, no talent, and no personality traits that DON'T make you want to punch him in the face with a hammer.

  8. Hilary Duff has staying power. Music not so much but that face is something else. The rest of this is a hate piece – on people I've never heard of.

  9. This video is mean-spirited. Maybe these people aren't trying to be "famous" but just trying to pay the bills. And all of these people are way more famous than the nobody who is speaking.

  10. With most of these celebs they lost their fame cause of scandals and bad choices in their career. I feel that when people are tired of you they won't really want to see you anymore cause most of these people didn't put as much effort into their career as the other supper famous celebs.

  11. Arsenio Hall ain't figured it out either. If he hadn't had his nose up Eddie Murphy's butt no one would have ever heard of him.

  12. This whole video is funny because they Did something to make them famous, we are here talking about them. Don't hear any talking about you, me or anyone else in these comments soooo More famous than us.

  13. I feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan. She was so cute when she was a little girl. Another child star who's a victim of Hollywood. She's hardly recognizable now.

  14. Hell no nick Canon is still legit and famous as fuck man don't I dare diss nick and that Mariah she a hoe anyway stuck up bitch

  15. if you are going to make videos of people who haven't figured it out yet well you should have enoguh of the next 6 month at one video per day 20 person per video

  16. Ashley Greene and Camilla Belle were awesome in their roles that made them. They should have rested some before trying to return to the spot light.

  17. These celebrities should be happy they not famous because where ever they go there will be no paparazzi and they can enjoy they enjoy they private life

  18. Too be fair. I see the wonderwall thing online once in awhile. And my thought is who the f is that? It used to be people had to know who you are too be famous. No it is I was on one episode of reality show I picked a booger 6 years ago is a star or famous.

    This chick in the thumbnail is doable. But as too who she is? Guessing by the title a waitress now?

  19. Adding insult to injury is a way of life for some you tubers I guess. They’re killing their own careers. No need to draw attention to it. Fame is poison.

  20. Lindsay Lohan became a nobody for me when I saw on tv she served half-grilled lobsters, still alive but in agony, at her Mykonos beachclub. Horrible cruelty.

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  24. What a stupid mean video insulting young people trying to be successful. Nicki Swift ought realize her videos are bullshit and they she is washed up.

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