Superman 2 – Lois reveals the identity of Superman

Superman 2 – Lois reveals the identity of Superman

Oh I know. I’m sorry. Mr. Wired. I just stuck in traffic. There’s no one. Excuse me I mean I’m supposed to I was stuck in phone booth Talking about I’m sorry though, you do want a bigger. That’s great. I have just the assignment for you You’re gonna pose as a honeymoon couple in Niagara Falls to get an expose on the newlywed racket some of those hotels up there joking Those poor kids for every cent. They can get really human interest stuff. Make your aunt Hattie cry ERISA Is a great idea mr. White, excuse me, mr. White I’m sorry, but I’m right in the middle of a series on the City Council I mean it wouldn’t take long we could just fly right up there and zoom back down again know If he’d give you two a ride maybe we could save a couple of bucks I gotta see young Olsen six lousy photographs and that kids hit me up for a raise already. Excuse me, mr. White Well my goodness you certainly looked like the cat who swallowed the canary this morning a canary, no, actually I was thinking something bigger Something warm blue. Um Lois as usual I’m totally in the dark Get the picture, hmm No, I didn’t start to put this together until this morning Which is really strange because the good reporters and supposed to let anything slip by hmm. Oh, that’s um, very amusing Excuse me Shoulders Gotta give you credit and I’m nobody’s fool Superman it’s just Superman. You mean you think I’m Superman? Lois you know you are priceless really. I mean that is the single most ridiculous thing about Lois what are you doing? You wouldn’t let me die Superman Louis what have you done?

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  1. One of my favorite scenes from the Donner Cut. Its good to see how they finally show that if Superman wants to move fast, he can essentially freeze time. They didn’t have the effects back then to show this well but they did it decently in this scene.

  2. Rest In Peace Christopher Reeves you will be Superman in the heart of the fans and you are the hero of my childhood. Peace on your soul Kal-El the last son of Krypton.

  3. Lois there is something I need to tell you I'm not really

    As soon as he took off the glasses you could tell who he really was

  4. The Chris Reeves Superman was my era, but that was still ridiculous. Also,, you really wanna conceal your identity, wear a mask, or a full face mask or eyewear with a wig. Anything is better than just glasses

  5. Man u wish I could live in the world where this movie existed in real life. Everyone speaking like the way they did. No death. Forever and ever. That would be heaven to me.

  6. You sure this was from Superman 2? I think this was from another Superman movie. In Superman 2, she suspected Clark of being Superman when they were in Niagara Falls.

  7. She jumped out the window in an attempt to make him reveal who he really is. If that aint wife material i dont know what is.

  8. The speed at which supermen moved in the building was supposed to suck people, by inversion traction. Superman uses the Conscious state of subatomic super particles. He does not move the acceleration in space, he is time and space. Lois valiant selfless completely surrendered to Superman. So much Love!

  9. Today I still watch this whit my kid's eyes like I did that day when this movie came in our cinema in country called Yugoslavia…boy how happy I was…R.I.P my child heroes..

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