Survival Training With Celebrities – Silvia Schneider Reloaded (Episode 3) English subs

Survival Training With Celebrities – Silvia Schneider Reloaded (Episode 3) English subs

Our host in the wilderness. Where she has to be in full cry. She has to survive in the wilderness. Fight hear fears. And she has to eat whats on the table. I am here in south Austria in the forest. And I am going to meet survival expert Survival
Lilly. Who is going to show me how I can survive the wilderness. Silvia Schneider is an Austrian TV personality
famous for hosting shows like Miss Austria, Pink!, iLike, Game of Chefs, Herz von Österreich
and Kiddy Contest. It is not the first time that Silvia has survived
the wild and today she wants to proof herself a second time. Hey how are you? To cope all the challenges Silvia needs to
gain strength by eating wild edibles. Voilá menu a lá woods. As appetizer they are going to catch some
grasshoppers. I have one! Do you? Does a spider count too? Ha! Now I have one. Really? Yep. Super. Put it into the match box. Here he is. Very mouth watering. As appetizer we are going to roast grasshoppers. Are you serious? Let’s roast them. I think they are done. Or as you say “crunchy”. Bon Appetit! Tastes like popcorn. Right. Not bad at all. Grasshoppers are not only good to eat, but
they make great bait for fishing too. I am outdoing myself. Ewwww this is gross. Lilly? Whats up? I think I had a bite. Pull on the line. What should I do? Just reel in the fishing line. Sure? Yes. Indeed. I got a fish. I can’t believe it. Put it down on the floor. Now you have to strike it dead. I am really sorry. Really firm, watch out. And first you need to aim. After Silvia made fire with Lillys help, they
cook the fish in a primitive clay oven. Bon Appetit! Really good. But they are still hungry and catch some crayfish. We are going to roast him over the fire. Today we have crayfish. Living the live of Riley. Bon Appetit! It is so good. Yep, it is a delicacy. Now comes the fun part. Abseiling from a steep slope can be a little
dangerous. That is why we are taking the rope so nothing
can happen. You know I am afraid of heights? I am afraid of heights too. Ok Silvia, you just take the rope like this. Over your shoulder and pull under one leg
like this. Like this. An then you can abseil yourself like this. It is pretty easy. OK Silvia, now it is your turn. I don’t know if the rope is at its right place. Now I know why you like it that much. After this breathtaking challenge Silvia has
to do a river crossing. I am going to fall in the water. Why am I doing this? It hurts everywhere. Very good. Can I hunt some game with this slingshot? Hunting small game like birds, hare and squirrels is possible. If they are already nailed to something? Exactly! Yesssss! I didn’t think that I hit the target. Now comes the biggest challenge for Silvia. The challenge for Silvia today is that she
has to sleep in the woods. Without a sleeping bag. She shouldn’t freeze in the night. Silvia, I go home now, and sleep in my bed. And you can sleep here in the tipi. I come back tomorrow morning. Good night. Good night. I try to sleep now, and when I am getting
cold I will feed the fire again. Good night. Good morning. Did you sleep well? Sleeping is a little bit exaggerated. Spectacular. I never thought that I have this fighting
spirit to cope with all the challenges. Very cool.

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  1. BIG NEWS: I have designed my own Survival Knife called “APO-1”. You can get it now at my online store: Thank you so much for your support <3 Lilly

  2. So, Lilly… would you be willing to do your version of the Swedish Jet Stove? No worries if not just thought you would have a great take on it. I love them personally. Anyway, take care👍✌

    When men accompany women on a camping trip, they tend to assume authority and want the women to defer to them.
    When women are alone (no men), they realize that NOTHING will get done, unless THEY do it themselves.
    BRAVO for Lilly and Silvia !

  4. Hello Lilly, just found your channel and love what you can do and teach others❤ thank you for sharing and for being you!!! ❤ from California

  5. You are so talented, where did you learn so many diverse skills? Were you in the military or did you learn mountaineering from another source? Outstanding as usual, thank you!

  6. A will but together video survival Lilly keep coming back to them love your country sorry about your other dog I love him in your videos you are very smart in the outdoors thumbs up.👍🙂🇨🇦👌❤️

  7. Hallo +Survival Lily! Ich bin DerpySquid 262. Ich spreche sowohl Englisch als auch Deutsch. Ich wusstenich, dass Sie Deutsch gesprochen haben. Ich dachte, Sie waren schwedisch.

  8. One of the best. Although, I am sorry, I don't know who she is, but then I don't see many movies, or watch TV. I just think it is good that you have become so well known that you are attracting, students. Maybe the Arnold will be next?

  9. Lilly your guest is very pretty,but Lilly your beautiful as much on the inside as the outside…😋👍, thanks for sharing your knowledge…

  10. I wish youtube would give us some color options on the subtitles. Maybe it's just me, but white on white/gray subtitles is really hard to see sometimes.

  11. Lilly it is always a pleasure to watch you and your friends having fun out in the woods. It's beautiful thank you so much for all your videos.

  12. Jetzt weiß ich auch warum sie in ihren Videos immer Englisch spricht, ihr "Deutsch" ist ja noch schlechter 😉

  13. The presence of men in this thread shows why women don't tend to go to bushcraft communities etc. You're like animals who can't control their base instincts.

  14. Ouso es is jo gonz inderesant wia hoch du in englisch reidst und wia diaf in deitsch…. cool! Lg aus'n schenan Burgenland!

  15. Bonjour Lilly
    Alors es-tu allemande, anglaise ou américaine? Tu parles un allemand super,
    So Lilly bist du deutsch oder english oder americanisch?
    Du spricht absolut gutes Deutsch
    Lilly what are you? German, english or american? You speak german very well! And where's the dog? It's an awesome dog!!!!
    thank you for your videos full of happiness

  16. She must have loved being in the wild with you and learning how to survive with just the two of you doing many things.

  17. Have to say, as a country-bred white boy from 'Murica, one gets the impression Europe is full of yuppy, city folk who have to have the government take care of them and a phobia of anything dangerous or deadly. Glad to know they're not all yuppies.

  18. …wenn die irgendwo festgenoogelt san. xD

    Aber, in sonem kleinen Bach gibt's doch keine Karpfen !?

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