Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

You know that really tall girl
that you go to school with? Would you maybe wanna… Well, that’s me. Never mind. Sixteen years old,
six foot one… and a half. Well, how’s the weather
up there? Nice sweatpants, Sasquatch. What’d you say
to my best friend? Fareeda, please. Honey, you just
have to be strong in the face of adversity. I love it! That’s the one. You’re perfect. I just think it’s crazy
you won’t date a short guy. You really think
that at any moment some taller-than-you,
perfect guy is gonna walk
through that door? Okay. I’m going in. You are? No, of course I’m not. The guy got out of customs,
what, an hour ago, and she’s already
marking her territory. How do you like
America so far? I’m liking America
very much so far. One day, Jodi, you’re gonna stand up
and say, “I love
all 73 inches of myself.” -Hello?
-Hi. I’m the new exchange student
in your school. I was hoping you’d go with me
to the homecoming dance. Yeah, sure. I mean… Gotcha. Let’s face it, Jodi.
You’re the tall girl. I just want you to feel normal. Dad, every time you try
to make me feel more normal, you end up making me
feel like more of a freak. I need your help. Little sister, I’ve been waiting for this day
my entire life. I’ll Extreme Makeover
the crap out of you. Let’s get to work. So you’re telling me lip gloss and lipglass
are two different things? Stop stressing. I look like Grandma’s couch. Or a beautiful
mermaid princess! Now this is me. I like new Jodi. Face-your-fears Jodi. Going-after-what-you-want
Jodi. I’ve been in love with this girl
since elementary school, and this new guy blows up
my plan. -You’re moving in on my man.
-No, I’m not. -Stay away from him.
-I will. Stop agreeing
with everything I say! Okay. We’ve all got
something about ourselves we wish we could change. -You’re my big little sister.
-That’s me. The only thing we can control
is how we deal with it. When you’re a tall girl,
it’s the only thing people see. It’s not the only thing I see. I just wanna make sure
that you don’t get hurt.

100 thoughts on “Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I finally know why people keep asking me if I wear size 13 Nike’s. I’m just about as tall as her and younger

  2. Jodie – " my height is the only thing people notice. "
    Boy-" but it's not the only thing I notice."
    May I get him… Oh god olzz

  3. Being short is WAY worse than being tall in the ways of being bullied and or belittled. They should’ve made this a movie about a short person if they had to do this garbage concept.

  4. Welp, I like being in a squad of tall girls while I am the shortest in the class, it gets me a better chance to kick their knees when they call me short😂😂😂

  5. You know what? I was starting to enjoy the movie… but what her friend said about being the rest of her life with a Cesarean scar really ruined it for me. I hate people that act like a C section is a bad thing!
    Sure making tall girls feel bad is not okay but making women with a C section scar is perfectly fine!

  6. Bitch try living with a dark skin knowing you can't change shit about it. OOOOH! And im from a third world country! B e a t t h a t.

  7. I’m tall. I really don’t have any struggles and don’t complain about it. The occasional thing is to go low to get under things. And I don’t complain about it because people usually compliment me for it not insult me like this “relatable” movie.

  8. If their making a film about a tall girl, shouldn’t she be like 7’0 or something? I was her height when I was 12, 6’1 is really short

  9. Curvy people: I look fat
    Skinny people: I'm literally a stick
    Short people: I can't even reach the second shelf. I'm a midget.
    Tall girl: I WEAR SIZE 13 NIKES
    Me: Uh…..can we get back to discussing about the starving children and animals in the world please?
    All of them: *glares at me*
    Me: *Hides under the table*
    Edit: Don't come at me this is a joke.

  10. Not giving any shade. Those people really did work hard on this show. Think about it, they're just trying to express how some girls feel becuase honestly, tall girls (or most tall girls) do feel like they need to or want to be shorter. That's all. Good for you guys! Good job!

  11. This girl in my HS was 6’2 and thick as hell, we never made fun of tall girls. We called them Amazonia warriors that we worshipped where I come from 😎

  12. I don't think people really care about someone's height at school. It's just not enough content for making a movie.

  13. This movie was such a missed opportunity. It’s a nice concept but poorly executed. They should of had a tall girl overcome her insecurities to become a model or a love story with a tall girl and short guy.

  14. The 6,1 tall version of jo jo thinking her life hard cause she tall this is so in inaccurate tall girls become models XD no wonder it’s a meme

  15. ‘You think your life is hard. I’m a high school junior that wears size 13 Nike’s. Men’s size 13 nikes. Beat that’

    The whole world:
    Hold my Nikes

  16. Its nice that they tried this. Because i have tall friends who wont wear heels even tho they love them. and one hates walking next to me cause it makes her feel even taller (im very short) . But honestly they could have done it in a much beter way

  17. Wait.. isn't that guy from "Middle School: The Worst Year Of my Life".. I am sure he's the guy who portray Rafe.
    And damn YASSS Ava is in this movie i really love that girl, she's amazing❤❤

  18. my mother was born in 1928. she remembered being at a school dance. a guy walk over to ask her to dance, when she unfolded all of her 5'8'', he turned and walked away. she remembered that for 75 years.

  19. is this like that Twilight zone episode where that beautiful woman thought she was ugly even though everyone else was less attractive than her?

  20. I wonder how 6’6 WNBA players went through high school because according to this movie they would’ve died by now

  21. "You think your life is hard? blah blah blah rest of words"
    my parents died in a 2v2 arm wresting match crying emojis

  22. I liked the movie…it's just literally stupid that everyone hates it. Why dont you just enjoy? So easy, her excpectations over friendship and ended up in love with idiot famewhore.

  23. My height is 4' 9" and I'm currently 18 years old and life is not quite that hard just learn how to accept yourself and don't let anyone makes you feel small because those insults only came from people who doesn't know how to kind their own business

  24. everyone needs to stop hating like tell me there isn’t 1 time you’ve felt insecure about yourself well jodi hates her high just like people hate there body’s and this movie is about finding yourself and expecting who you are.If everyone is about body positivity why are they hating on a movie that promotes it

  25. Her : You think ur life is hard,13 size shoes,MENS 13 size shoe

    Me : my family has 12 billion debt by Someone that ruined our life.

    Okay then maybe myProblem is not that hard than yours, duh.. Stupid movie

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