Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Nature Tattoo

100 thoughts on “Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Nature Tattoo

  1. I hate that the thumbnail gives it away : I already knew which one she was gonna pick from the jump lol

  2. My two favorite Artists! Ah! This just makes me want me to add to my collection of tattoos. I, sadly, only have one so far.

  3. OOF Hard to choose they are both stunning! I think Denise's represents CA best tho with the succulents and the ocean highway

  4. This is nice, " I need a new tattoo and not sure if an artist will be able to make what I want. Hmm, I work at BuzzFeed 😏"

  5. Any tattoo designers, need someone to design one for me, my first one actually… Would really appreciate it if you could comment. 🙇

  6. If she wanted to get a tattoo that represents California it should’ve been a dried out palm tree, homeless living on the streets of la, super high rents, under paying jobs, and a weed leaf.

  7. In my eyes taka made the better design, because it would probably age better. I don’t think, that the heavy shading in Denis‘ mountain/ ocean would look defined in 10 years

  8. Both look amazing, however, I agree with plenty of people that Taka's design is more legible and has a better composition.

  9. as much as i really like this idea for a video, i think it’s a bit unfair bc tattoo artist are all different with different ways they draw a sketch of a tattoo. Some use paints, detailed sketches, digital, or rough sketches. And majority of the people who look at artworks will typically choose the one with more detail or realistic shading/drawing. Overall, i think the choose which one they like the most can be a lil bit unfair

  10. Don't really like the choosing part, it is so subjective… and kinda hurts 'xD… .. both videos I would've chosen Taka's designs xD

  11. I mean to be honest taka sucks ass at drawing but his design wasn’t that bad. I just don’t like the idea of pining two artists against each other

  12. poor Taka, his designs are always nice but he hasn’t gotten picked yet;; I’d love a piece by him!!

  13. Y’all needa stop hating on Denise just cause she won, they were both good . So stop getting mad and calling her art wack cause it wasn’t 😽😂they did a great job .

  14. For some reason the cross section of the tree really grosses me out. Like how people have trypophobia. It looks horrible to me.

  15. idk why ppl are sad she had to choose in front of them. Its tattoo artist vs. tattoo artist. Its a competition thats supposed to have a winner

  16. That's so cringy and awkward. Making her pick in front of the artists is weird, then having to sit there in a state of "I just got passed up for a job on a heavily viewed YouTube video" just looks like it sucks. This video sucks.

  17. It’s unfair off the bat as it’s two artists who specialise in different styles. For example, no one goes to a tattoo shop to get realism done by a new school style artist. They should’ve got two artists that’s style specifically matched what she wanted. With her idea as well I agreed with the artists it’s too difficult. She wasn’t making much sense on what she wanted with a random bit of palm next to the ocean and a moon or something. I just feel like she should’ve thought more in depth about it and took into consideration the artist.

  18. I liked Taka's mainly because of the beautiful detail especially with the poppies, and the whole tattoo just looked clean af

  19. Someone with plenty of traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, Taka’s tattoo is a win in my book!!! 🙌🏽🖋

  20. These videos would be even better if the person actually got the tattoo done after choosing their favorite.

  21. I would have a clean version of denises as a framed picture in my wall, but Taka's would age better.

  22. if it were me, i would have chosen Takas. I really love the simplicity of it, while still portraying the idea in heart. there’s just too much going on in Denise’s with a lot of details that won’t necessarily age well.

  23. Taka worked with the fact that the result would be a tattoo in mind. Denise didn't, she made a drawing, not a design.

  24. so instead of going with one part of wht she like.. she could've all together ! out side part from a one dwg n the inside fill from the other.. case closed !!! LOL but hey seriously tho she could've all of wht she like in those 2 dwgs

  25. This video is a little uncomfortable. Itd be cool if buzzfeed could find a way to make more videos with artists but in a better, fun light. Lately they feel quite negative and you can tell by body language and small cues through the whole video.

  26. I really really want a follow up video for all of these episodes where the person gets the tattoo they pick by the artist that drew them !!!

  27. Yes the Guy shouldn't feel bad at all its AXACTLY as the client said it.
    The inside of the Female Artist's sketch is very detailed and pretty but the outside falls flat. Then the Outside of the Male Artist's sketch is very specific and spot on but the inside is just faded and empty. So taking the Two good parts of both Drawings and she's got the Perfect Tattoo

  28. having strangers be able to instantly recognise what your tattoo is? utterly unimportant. my tattoos are for me & me only

  29. What a strange idea for a tattoo, however these things are pretty personal. I loved Taka's take as it reads well visually. I agree blending the two would be great.
    Not so happy they made her decide the 'winner'. In the other Art Buzzfeed 'Animator Vs. Cartoonist' there aren't winners or losers as such, just celebrating art. I'd like to see that more with these tattoo artist episodes.

  30. Where can i find Denise apart from being gorgeous i need her to do my sleves shes incredible and ill drop 5,000 on each arm even more like fr fr

  31. the problem that i see here mainly is youre having someone choose a piece of art that is significantly more legible on paper than skin, his tattoo would hold up much better over time. I think its easy to create something beautiful and striking on paper, but once applied on skin is much more difficult.

  32. Poor Taka, another loss. I personally liked the overall shape of his design better and his flowers, but I liked the detail in Denise's design better… his would probably age better though

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