Testing Magnetic Eyelashes

Testing Magnetic Eyelashes

– How far would you go to
make yourself look purty? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – Ever since the dawn of
time, people have gone to great lengths to achieve beauty. Cleopatra was known to
bathe in donkey’s milk to make herself look pretty. By the way, you guys
should write that down, great episode idea. But,
– Donkey milk. – You don’t have to
bathe in the exotic milk of donkeys to look like an ass. No, there are lots of
ways to achieve that, it’s time for Never Buy This:
Weird Beauty Products Edition. – That’s right, today
we are gonna be testing strange and unusual beauty products, starting with this one. – [Rhett] Have you ever
vacuumed your carpet and thought to yourself, man, I wish that was me down there? Well now you’re in luck with
the Robobct BumbleBee DIY. Okay, you may remember the Flowbee, you remember the Flowbee
when we were coming up? – Yeah, I never used the Flowbee, we gave a shout-out to the Flowbee in our Book of Mythicality, though. – Yes we did. The Flowbee was essentially
an all-in-one contraption that sucked up your hair
and cut it at the same time. But the Robocut actually
comes as this contraption right here, and then you just hook it up to your handy-dandy vacuum – Beige vacuum cleaner,
which is super fancy. Now this thing goes for
$69.99 at haircut.com, which that alone surp– I mean they got haircut.com.
– That tells me something. – I feel like they’re on to something. – They are serious about haircuts. – It’s got short, long, and pet modes. But we’re not gonna cut a
pet, we’re gonna cut a friend. Let’s bring Alex out, he’s in need of a cut. – Is he, well he’s graciously volunteered. – You don’t look excited. – No. – But listen, the last time
we messed up your hair, we colored it, dyed it and colored it, and then you never went back, so we’re about to open
up a new door for you. – Love being the resident hair experiment. – And then kick you through it. Whoa look at that, can I touch it? – Please. – Permission there. – You’ve got some length man. – Yeah, you can’t see, it’s
flopped over pretty good. – And also you got some split ends, I think I can get rid of those. Now I’m gonna start by
cutting on the Robocut. (motor runs) – Oh, that’s a pleasant sound isn’t it? – But that’s just the haircutting part, I’ve also gotta put on the vacuum. (vacuum runs) You ready? – No mess, I mean, in
theory, this is a good idea. – You trust me?
– Yeah. – You want me to do it?
– No. – It’s having some trouble. Do you feel it cutting? – Yeah, it sounds like it is. – I can hear it doing something. – It feels like it’s kind of jamming. – What does it feel like to you? – It feels like I’ve got a
beard trimmer on my head. – Is it pulling it? – No, it’s nice. – Does it hurt when I bang
it up against your head? – Yeah, that doesn’t feel great. – Let’s evaluate. – Kill it. And kill the blade. – I don’t know guys.
– Well first of all, look at this, there’s no me– Oh, there’s a little bit of mess. – Did it get any? – Yeah. – It got like the very split ends. – It got rid of your split ends, but it also felt like
it was having trouble with your hair, and
your hair is very fine, because it’s completely been
run through the bleach mill. – I think it created split ends if I’m gonna be totally real. – But maybe that’s not
the only hair of an angel that we can cut. Alex, thanks for your time. – Yeah, thank you. – I’ll touch that up later. – So we’ve already distilled out we need something else to convince us, is that what’s going on here?
– That’s what I’m saying. Now, I always have a trouble. And that trouble is sometimes
I’m eating my pasta, and I think, man, these
noodles are too long, too difficult to deal with, I have to do the
twist-a-roony with my fork, so I thought, we could go
a little bit shorter here. – Oh my goodness. You could also, I’ll point out,
just like cut with the fork. – That’s no fun. (motor whirs and vacuum runs) Whoa, whoa, whoa, it’s really going up in there. It’s taking all the pasta in there. Whoa. – Wait, hold on, its not
cutting it, it’s eating it. – Yeah, well I think it’s cutting it. – Well Rhett, okay,
okay, whoa, quit, wait. It’s over. There’s nothing, it ate it, there’s nothing to eat. – Stand by. I know where the stuff
that a vacuum takes goes. – Oh gosh. – Oh gosh, look it. – It just looks like it’s
chopped, and then there’s– – Got Alex’s hair in there
as a nice little topper. – And if there was any
question if we cut Alex’s hair, just take a look at that. – Alright Link, hey,
don’t insult the chef. I went out of my way for you. – Excuse me waiter, there’s
some pasta in my hair. – Just a little bite, just for me. – [Link] Man, there’s a
lot of Alex down here, too. – Look, look, look,
you see how easy it was to get that, no twists. – No twist needed, that’s right. – Yeah, just a little taste, oh gosh. So what’s the verdict Link? – Chef boy-are-these-disgusting. So for cutting hair, I’m on the fence, maybe with a pet you could buy this. But for making a meal, never buy this. Next up, who needs a magnetic personality, when you can bat your beautiful eyes with these fabulous magnetic eyelashes. I got ’em right here
Rhett, and these things run for 20 bucks on the Amazon. Typically, I’m told you would use glue to put on some fake eyelashes. – I typically don’t put
any fake eyelashes on. I’ve always been told I have nice lashes. – Well you’re gonna have nicer ones, ’cause I’m about to
throw these on your face. I know my hands are
shaky, but just trust me. So you sandwich the– oh my goodness. – You can’t even hold them. How am I gonna get them in my eyeball? – I just feel so jacked after
eating those noodles, man. Alright, so, be still. Don’t worry, I got this. So look straight ahead. – You need to see somebody
about your shakiness. So I’m gonna put this here. – Oh gosh. – I did it. Now see if you can do it
with the other one, here, – It’s kinda nice actually. – There’s one, and then you
basically sandwich them, and you don’t wanna get ’em
too close to your eyelid. I got ’em a little farther away, and I can tell you right
now, it doesn’t look great. I mean I can see the magnets. And there’s no way that that
would cover a whole eyelash, I mean it’s just covering like
a third of your eyelashes. I think you just gotta
use mascara on the rest. So just sandwich it on there. Try to get it closer to
your eyelid than I did, I went easy on you. That doesn’t look weird at all. It looks a little weird,
I was being facetious. – I think I look a little beautiful. – I don’t know if you’re more attractive and more flirty looking, but they say, – I feel so flirty. – They say the longer
and thicker the lashes, the more flirtatious you can get. – Really, who says that? – I do, so let’s not limit it. We developed something. Introducing the super-sized mythically magnetic eyelash extensions. – Can you see? – Yeah, I see you man,
there you are right there. – You look so droopy eyed. – Yeah, I’m just a little
sleepy, that’s all, but you’re misinterpreting
my flirtatiousness. – Oh, those are your flirty eyes? – Well hello there sailor. – Oh, I’m not a sailor. – Do I look more flirty? – You look like somebody
who camped at Chernobyl. I got a free, it was a free weekend, and everybody said it was a good idea and I came back like this. ♫ Hairy eyes, I’m watching you ♫ They can’t see nothing
through these lashes – I don’t know, I kind
of feel like it’s one of those things that
somewhere between what I have and what you have might be real
flirty and real attractive. – So what’s the verdict, you decide. – I think I might buy these if I was feeling a little frisky. – So sometimes buy this
if you’re feeling frisky. I agree. – And now, pleats might
look good on your pants, but not on your face, that’s
why there’s the face iron. Yes, this thing is a heated
wand, sonic heated wand, available for $17.99 on Amazon. It is supposed to iron out
the crows feet and lines on your face.
– Because science, let me get a closer look at that. – Oh hey, that came off so easily. – Oh, that’s what that is. – Now you have to put your
finger on this metal part, and then it completes a circuit when you place it on your face. – Oh wow, I hear it, what’s it feel like? – It just sort of feels
like an electric toothbrush. – Oh, I got one. – Try it, just find a place
that you want to iron out on your face.
– Ooh, wow. Mine’s going at a higher rev than yours. I’m gonna try to get rid of this, this is a wrinkle up here, right? – Yeah, really work it. – Now it gets hot, huh, over time. – Mine’s warming up a little bit. – I mean is that just the friction or? – I don’t think your face
functions like a bed sheet. You know, I mean I’m no scientist. – I wet my face all the time. – I’m no scientist, but I just don’t think this is how things work. I don’t think you can get rid of a wrinkle by just putting a hot wand onto your face. – I’m just glad you’ve realized that you’re not a scientist. – Now you’re actually supposed to use this with some face cream, some lotion. And we’re busy men, so
while we’re ironing out the wrinkles on our face
as we age into oblivion, we might as well enjoy some
sweet treats, or some food. – What is that? – So this is cheese cream,
this is a real lotion that’s made out of cheese. I’m going to apply some to
each one of your cheeks here. – Ooh, it actually feels kind
of cheesy, mostly lotionly. – Lotionly, okay. And then I’m gonna get some on this cheek. Let me go real thick. – It doesn’t really smell like cheese. It basically just smells like lotion. – Why don’t you take your glasses off, let’s get our money’s worth here. Face me a little bit,
so I can actually see what I’m doing, here we go. – Okay, have you ever done this before? – I put sunscreen on my kids all the time. – Yeah, this mine as well be sunscreen, it’s certainly not cheese. There’s cheese in this,
that’s what I’m asking you. – Stache cream, you look great. – I feel very moisturized. – Now, let’s make some grilled cheese. Oh gosh, uh oh. That one broke. – I see where this is
going, let’s just get the madness over with. – Can I get one right there? Can we get one right here? Can we get one right here? Can we get one right on the nose? Now, we gotta grill. I don’t know about those
spots, but here we go. So we gotta somehow complete the circuit, so put your finger right in
the middle of this grill here. This bread. – So you’re grilling in theory. – It’s gonna take a second. – Oh gosh.
– I’m sonically heating. – I’m losing my toast face, oh come on. – Do you feel it grilling,
is it getting hot? – Not, no, not any. – And let me see the other
one, let me grill that one. – Boy this is a spa I’m
not buying a ticket to. You buy tickets to spas? – Mmhmm.
– Well I’m not. – Okay, should be done. Here we go. – What’s the verdict? – Uh. Mmm. Well, if you buy that,
don’t do that with it. But you know what, never buy this, uh. – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Catherine from Kansas, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. – We’ve got some weird beauty
products you must have, including beard oil to make
your beard bold and beautiful. – And mythical pomade in
the brand new packaging. Bam, look at that, good for
your hair, good for your styles. – QTMBA is a question
that must be answered. The question that must
be answered today is, what’s your favorite
internal organ, and why? – The coccyx. – The coccyx. – The tailbone, man. – Is that an internal organ,
I mean it is on the inside, but that’s not what I was
thinking, but hey, but why? – Is a bone an internal organ? – But why? – Because uh, it used to be longer. – On you personally, or humans? – Humans, I don’t know. – Okay, post your
response to that question with #QTMBA, and please, – I’m sure you have a better answer. – Yeah, do better than Link. Thanks for clicking subscribe. – [Link] Click on the
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being your mythical best.

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