1. 🔎 More from the greatest stock market analysts out there 🔍

    – Top 5 Takeaways from The Essays of Warren Buffett (by Warren Buffett):

    – Top 5 Takeaways from The Intelligent Investor (by Benjamin Graham):

  2. These are really nice videos, keep up the good work. I personally find it hard keeping my emotions out of my trades!

  3. To me, there are 2 most difficult emotional behavior to handle with.
    1. Seek comforting rather than fact. I do it a lot. But how do I know if I am or I am not?
    2. Regret. Constantly feel regretting for missing out a buy or for any lose I made. Always, never stop. 🙁

  4. Stock B. Dahil mas mataas ang reward kaysa sa risk, kung may ten trades ka and you only got a 50% win rate, you would have still made a decent profit.

  5. Really interesting! And thanks again for sharing this. This book seems like a summary of other books. It has many ideas from the book by Dani Kahneman.

  6. Hi, This is Sun Chew, the editor of Business Today Magazine Publisher from Taiwan. We are going to publish the complex Chinese version of THE BEHAVIORAL INVESTOR in Taiwan.

    I am very excited to see this video. You really made it very interesting and we love it very much!!!

    Therefore, I would like to ask if you are willing to authorize us to use this video in Taiwan after attaching Chinese subtitles?

  7. STOCK B is the bester investment, because you could easily leverage that bet and make a lot more than 20% with very little risk…But, both are not great because they only focus on capital gains…that isn't really investing, that is speculating…investors want to own assets, not get rid of them.

  8. A smart commander once fled from battle against an egotistical enemy, this led commander ego to give chase thinking he had the upper hand since he thought victory was certain. Commander smart plan do was to bait and ambush commander ego and his men. Ego and his men died in horror. "If you give Ego enough rope, tends to hang itself." Any fool with ego can be tricked by woman, hopes of power, fame, fortune of financial markets. Be Commander Smart, ambush opportunity.!!

  9. Personally I liked 1. "4 Behavioral Risks Crushing Your Investment Returns", 2. "How to Manage the 4 Behavioral Risks" and 3. "How to Design a Winning Rule-Based System". I felt #4 deviated from Behavior and focused on the Buffett approach. Your 3 Part written summary under "Show More" is awesome and overwhelming. Will you do a review of Crosby's "The Laws of Wealth"?

  10. A little on behavour 1 – Ego: We tend to overestimate our strengths – Dunning Kruger effect. Additionally, ego forces us to seek out information that affirms our thoughts – Cognitive bias. Once we have two conflicting thoughts the ego will protect itself and go with the bias one – Cognitive dissonance, which we then blame on the markets. The inverse would also but detrimental – The imposter syndrome: where you lack action due to events outside your expertise.

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