The Biathlon Christmas Carol

[Music] This is the tale of biathlon Scrooge and three ghosts. a man so driven he forgot about Christmas… but Christmas didn’t forget him! So listen to this story as a warning to all! Once upon a time in the days before Christmas, surrounded by hills, in the midst of the World Cup there was an athlete who was bitterer than the winds that blew [Music] Merry Christmas! His gear was all he wanted and giving and sharing didn’t mean anything to him even the smallest gestures… [Music] [Music] Our stories Scrooge had no time for distractions as his focus was only racing. Tell me again, why are we inviting him? He hates it!
oh come on it’s Christmas give him a chance!
Okay… everything seemed normal as he was getting ready for bed… [Music] why couldn’t he sleep that night? was it the obsession for the competition? or maybe the essence of Christmas was getting to his conscience. But for sure it wouldn’t be a tale without a bit of magic… I said it wouldn’t be a tale without magic there was the ghost of the past arrived to tell him tonight he’ll be given a chance to change saving him from making a critical fault! [Music] the ghost showed him a place from a distant past when he was less busy training all the time and when sharing with his friends filled him with joy [Music] the ghosts of the past… Was that past or present? yes
um the ghost of the present was summoned to show him what he was missing out on that exact night [Music] he was put there to watch but he grew tired of being the observant and made his way through. Slow realization was the fact he was missing all the Christmas joy [Music] [Applause] [Music] our last ghost, this one of the future, was yet to speak showing him the consequences of his actions and biathlon greed [Music] what have I done? that kid was me and I never started biathlon because of you! [Music] Scrooge awoke from his dreams. The lesson was learned.
I still have time to change! [Music] Happiness comes from sharing: his gift for Christmas was to pass on the lesson and his passion for the sport! [Music] I wish you a happy Christmas. oh thank you! [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and from then on Christmas was never the same Merry Christmas [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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