The Bourne Identity (3/10) Movie CLIP – My Name Is Jason Bourne (2002) HD

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  1. 1:59 "Gilberto do Piento" , this is the passport Identity Bourne used in "The Bourne Ultimatum" when he went back to US.

  2. I am thinking… Date of expiration of the US passport is 2001… How did he travel with the invalid passport? 🙂

  3. Matt Damon was so convincing in the Jason Bourne series. No wonder the James Bond franchise executives were so worried about these films!

  4. I get this way every time I check my safe deposit box at the bank and the lady at the counter laughs and thinks it's cute.

  5. The Identity,Supremacy,and a maxed out ultimatum…Its like about the ending. Who are You? Who are You? He'll tell you when he finds out…Wow Is Paris that cynical? He's got 7 different Passports…Knocks out a Serb in 2 seconds,and that's exciting..I can here some Spanish coming from the Greeks and a Peacekeeping is everyday Business. It's the GOP..symbol written on a German Soldiers helmet. And the ultimate goal.

  6. Muitos não devem ter reparado, mas na maleta tinha um passaporte brasileiro, tal como notas de reais. Ele usará esse passaporte quando for a Nova Iorque no Ultimato Bourne.

  7. It is an unsettling and amazing thought, an old motif to be sure but: amnesia and finding not only an ID of yourself, but several. Several. Am I any of these? What is the money for? Why do I have a gun? What the hell has been happening????

  8. I swear i say a passport from Scotland with the name William Wallace… or is this the wrong movie… those bullets in the back really messed with my memory

  9. I do not speak Russian but I know cyril alphabet, so is the name in 2.08 in cyril is probably a bullshit ? or maybe I don't know cyril alphabet at all.

  10. Switzerland used to be a country where your banking was private business and they would not tell anyone your banking account not the amount you had in it. The USA made the trusted Swiss banks tell them who has an account and how much they have in their accounts.

  11. The USA Government attempts to obtain all information on everyone's finances. The US Government tries to control world finances, even on monies that are not theirs. No big surprise. Just continued abuse of US citizens by our own government. Like the WHO stated, the new boss then England, same old boss. Nothing changed during the US Revolutionary war.

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  13. So, just to clarify…we have:
    0:15 – David Webb – American
    1:10 – Jason Bourne – American,
    1:59 – Gilberto De Piento – Brazilian,
    2:08 – Foma Kiniaev – Russian,
    2:10 – Nicolas Lemanissier – French,
    2:14 – Paul Kay – Canadian, and
    2:19 – John Michael Kane – American??
    And, those are the ones we saw.
    Jason tells Marie that there are six passports. But, we clearly saw that he had MORE than six.

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  15. Where have you been in 2002?since when you started sending your hacker monitoring my phone? You better remember because this isn't my first phone

  16. Bourne Supremacy is the first of Bourne series I saw, and I was like how the heck he can get all the equipment and access and money so he can move around the globe…Luckly all were answered after I saw this scene.

  17. Amazingly constructed. He first saw the innocuous side of himself in the passports and cards/ watch, then lifted up the tray to reveal the deeper, darker side of things with all the cash and guns.

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