The Boys Season 2 Teaser – Release Date and New Characters Breakdown

The Boys Season 2 Teaser – Release Date and New Characters Breakdown

people love superheroes. They swoop out of the sky and save the day people love that cozy feeling that superheroes give them
well well well you It’s not what it looks like I thought we had
an understanding and when you’re trying welcome back everyone is Charlie Amazon just finished shooting the boys season 2 they dropped a new teaser they let
us know what the release dates going to be there’s a bunch of new characters
that they’re introducing so we’ll break it all down I’ll be doing videos for the
boys season two all year long so be sure to subscribe if you’re brand new to the
channel they’ll be dropping more stuff later this year and early next year too
the new teaser for season 2 just highlights butchers voiceover hyping up
the idea that everyone loves superheroes but because they’re focusing on the
footage of homeland or Sun it’s much more insidious the idea that this little
kid probably has no idea who his father’s been his whole life it has
wanted to know where do I come from why do I have these weird powers so
he’ll eat up anything that homeland er tells him which is really dangerous
because not only is he this powerful little superhero kid in homeland er
probably has no idea how to be a good father might wind up corrupting him it
might wind up turning into something even worse than homeland er like there’s
this whole idea that they try to present him is the worst person on the show
maybe not necessarily a villain but the closest thing to it but there are other
characters that are actually a little bit worse storm front is a good example
of that I’ve already done a storm front video so I will link it at the end of
this and as they said during that scene his mother butcher’s wife never told him
that homeland er was his father so that makes it even more likely that he’ll eat
up anything that homeland er says then as you get more of that voiceover you’re
reminded about Hughie’s arc during season 1 and how his eyes were slowly
being open to butchers truth about superheroes that they’re just as bad and
terrible as anyone else most of them are even very good at being a superhero in
the only reason why everyone believes in them so much believe this lie is because
of vaud Americans PR machine just pushing them on the public all about
merchandising all about sales obviously now things are escalating into season
two because of their plan to try and get superheroes in the military that’s big
money and it’s all about control because what American doesn’t just care about
money they make tons of money they want real power and that’s where you get into
the idea of putting superheroes in the government and even eventually maybe
taking over the government so that plan is just going to proceed through the
course of season 2 but as Huey’s eyes were opened and as this voiceover
implies in the teaser homeland her son’s eyes will also probably be open to the
truth that homeland er is a tear a person sort of hyping up the idea of
homeland er versus his son but probably not until we get to the series finale
because I do think the show will run for at least a couple more seasons then
there’s this footage of starlight in the idea that she’s slowly being corrupted
and embracing her bad side more she and Hughie are actually written to have this
parallel story arc where they both start out like these super innocent people who
would never hurt a fly but slowly through the course of the series and
this is continuing into season two they’re driven to violence and
people like the supers that they’re trying to stop so even though in the
comics Hughie is dosed with compound V’s so he gets superpowers himself I don’t
know if they’re going to do that on the TV show but they use their concurrent
storylines to ask the question of whether or not they’re becoming just as
bad as the people like homeland er for Hughie he’s always portrayed as the more
innocent of the two it’s starlight that actually starts to embrace her dark side
more and as you saw a vaud American is starting to slut her up big time like
these are ads from season two that they have around the set she starts to have a
less and less of a problem with that so the question is is whether or not she’s
going to become just as bad as a character like Stormfront who I think is going to be
sort of a darkest timeline version of what starlight might become during
season two the funny thing about that too you think about how dark this gets
but this is them hanging out after they’ve finished filming together like
you see starlight here sticking your tongue out you see i Akash’s stormfront
sitting next to homeland ER in the back they’re all just hanging out having fun
but talking about one of the other biggest new characters that they’re
introducing or they already introduced they mentioned during season one but we
didn’t actually see on-screen and that’s tech Knight he’s a huge character in the
comics but he’s super funny in a very very disturbing messed-up way he was
created to be a parody of Batman and Iron Man combined tech Knight as in
technology like Iron Man tech Knight has no natural powers all of his abilities
come from the gear that he invents just like Iron Man and Knight as in The Dark
Knight and in the past he had a sidekick named laddie who was a version of Robin
who also left him when he got older to become a version of Nightwing that they
call swing-wing on the series just like Iron Man in Batman he’s super rich and
has his own Batcave full of weapons and machines that he uses this is a clip
from season one where they’re actually talking about the tech Knight character
during the superhero partners support group for
people that were injured while they were getting busy with superheroes some days
are harder than others obviously you know the other day I wanted to talk to
my friend about all this but I couldn’t that’s why this group is so great it’s
so important I know it’s wrong to feel angry after all tech Knights saved me
just wish he’d been a little more gentle with my spine it’s about acceptance
isn’t it letting go there was also a separate tech night clip of the deep
doing a commercial talking about making things more eco-friendly and referencing
that he made tech Knight make his Batmobile more eco-friendly okay I mean
you’d say tech Knights Knight racer had a carbon footprint the size of a 727
thing literally shot fire it’s funny and messed up is all that was like he gets
even worse as that scene goes on the way were actually introduced to the tech
Knight character for the first time in the actual story was way crazier he’s in
a therapy session right at the beginning of volume 2 because it has a compulsive
to getting down with anything that he lays his eyes on even inanimate
objects and it was because of that problem that he was kicked out of one of
the other major new superhero groups called payback that’s a group that’s led
by Stormfront also one of the new characters during
season two they go in a mission to take down this hostile army in a foreign
territory but as they’re flying back to their headquarters he starts to stare at
his teammates but and just can’t stop thinking about it he winds up trying to
get with him mid-flight in the air and everybody freaks out storm front and the
others immediately kick him out of the payback team remember way back during
episode 1 when starlight was named as the new member of the 7 it was a big
deal originally that was supposed to be tech
Knight he was going to become a member of the 7 but bought American found out
about his little quote-unquote problem and vetoed his membership on the spot
the reason why butcher in the boys care about tech Knight is because he actually
has something to do with their latest new case which is given to them by
another really big new character called the legend I
he’s going to wind up being played by Patton Oswalt because this is the Patton
Oswalt was playing a secret character in who else would he play but this comic
book expert who the legend is designed to be like the legend in the comics is
actually meant to be a parody of Stanley he wants to police superheroes just like
the boys do but he trades mostly in information so when you need information
on other superhero groups that’s where butcher goes they find out that the
legends grandson was a huge fan of tech Knights former sidekick swing-wing the
version of Nightwing he was last seen with swing-wing before he went missing
so the legend thinks that swing-wing ended him and covered it up so he sends
the boys on the case and they go to tech Knight to try and get information about
his former sidekick but while they’re there butcher uses his knowledge of
technics problem that he’s been trying to hide from the public trying to get
with all these inanimate objects forces him to become an informant for the boys
inside the superhero community then there’s a whole bunch of other stuff
that happens with the technique Eric tur but I don’t want to get too spoilery
with it and I don’t know how much of his story from the comics they’re going to do
during season two but he’s sort of adjacent to what’s happening with all
the storm front stuff and all the stuff with homeland err and the seven the
comic book goes off in a couple big storylines in different directions
before it converges back on itself as for the actual release date what
happened last week is they finished filming season two in Karl Urban posted
this picture of them on set just celebrating and also revealed they’re
basically going to be releasing season two around the exact same time that season 1 came out and if you remember that was right at the end of July right after
Comic Con I think it was the week after Comic Con so until they say something
more specific just assume it’s going to be sometime around then but I will be doing
more season 2 videos as we learn more about what the show is doing in more
bonus videos and Easter eggs from the comic books let me know in the comments
which other characters do you want them to introduce during the boys season too
and if you have any big questions or bonus videos that you want me to make
the really big stuff that’s happening this week is Rick and Morty season 4
episode 1 is dropping I’ll be doing weekly videos for that for all the
episodes Star Wars the Mandalorian episodes are also starting – I’ll be
doing weekly videos for that as well as long as you have alerts enable for my
channel you should see all those videos when I post them but if for some reason
you are having trouble finding specific videos of mine just let me know in the
comments sometimes YouTube will change things or things will break but it
should be fine so everyone click here for the boys
season 2 trailer video in the first look at the storm front character and click
here for that brand new Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
2 Trailer video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see
you guys tonight!

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  18. I have to agree that the show is pretty high-quality and groundbreaking in a way…However. I'm going to have to invoke my "Comic Book Nerd" alter-ego and complain a bit about the adaptation (please bear with me…) I had not seen any of the original The Boys comic before watching Season 1, but recently it popped up on my Amazon Fire tablet and so I figured I should read through the source material to see where this really cool show started, right? Well, I just got through Vol. 1 which pretty much covers all of Season 1. I have to say, it's wayyyyyyyy better than the show – darker, grittier, more diabolical, etc. and the show has toned that down quite a bit, changed some of the characters, and substituted others. Yes, I know this happens quite often with TV adaptations (look what HBO did with the GoT source material!), but I of course did not realize this until I went back and read the actual comics from which this story sprang. Right now, I'm on the fence as to either continue watching the show OR continue with the comic series – I don't think I can do both, since it looks like they will be diverging even more from the original. Anyone else think the way I do???

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