The Celebrities of Hollywoo | BoJack Horseman | Netflix

The Celebrities of Hollywoo | BoJack Horseman | Netflix

– Hey Daniel good to see you. – Always nice to meet a fan! – No I’m– Sorry I’m not a uh- I’m an actor. – Oh, good for you! It’s a dreadful business, but hang in there. – No I already did hang in there. I’m BoJack Horseman, we’ve actually met before, at Chris Martin’s holiday party. – Mm? – We stepped outside for a smoke, to get away from Chris Martin. – Huh… – You opened up about
your fear of success, I gave you some advice, you said I was a true friend
and you would never forget me. – And you said your name
was Chadwick Boseman? (funky music) – I’m here with Hollywoo Darling, Naomi Watts. Tell me, what attracted
you to the role of Diane? – I just keep getting pigeon-holed as these complex characters
in highly-acclaimed movies. For once I would just love to phone it in and play a two-dimensional girl in a rom-com with no
inner life of her own. That’s kind of the reason
I got into this business. (laughing)
– You said words! – I don’t know if I’m up for
staging a bank robbery, BoJack. – Oh come on character
actress Margo Martindale, they say there are no good parts for women over 50. I’m gonna stick and AK-47 in your hand and prove them wrong. – I do tire of the limitations of stage, film, and television. – And next we’ll head
to the kitchen where… Is that Mila Kunis? (crowd ooh’s) – [Narrator] The year was 2003, and for some reason, everyone was playing
poker all of a sudden. A then relevant, Wilmer Valderrama, used to host a weekly how-do-you-do, and all the stars came out
to show off their tricks. There was Lucy Lawless, Lucy Liu, Lori Laughlin, Lisa Loeb, the dog from Fraiser! – Well, nothing to see here I guess. (vocalizing) – Ah! Jesus Christ! My ankle. – Oh my God! American singer-songwriter
Beyonce is hurt! Somebody help her! (doorbell ringing) (door opening) – Oh hi I’m– – BoJack Horseman. – Felicity Huffman? – Looking for this? – Yes! – Well keep lookin’ buddy. You’re a real piece of shit. You know that? (door slamming) – Yes. – So are we judging
who has the best booty? – Whoa BoJack! No! That is so degrading. So if it’s not about their butts, then why is the other judge Sir Mix-a-lot? Because I’m an honest and impartial judge. And if there’s one thing I’m famous for, it’s that I cannot lie. – Oh my God! You’re Laura Linney! – People say that to me all the time. And it’s true. I am Laura Linney. Excuse me, can I get some more pretzels? I’m Laura Linney. – You know when I first
heard Vance’s comments, they stung. But when he called to offer his apology, and a supporting roll in his next movie. I thought does not the
Torah teach us to forgive? As it is written, schmear don’t smear. – Hi Zach Braff! Zach Braff. Hey there famous actor Zach Braff, how you doin? – Tell me doc, is she gonna be okay? Oh doc! I let her down. – I’m tired of these
politicians who are all talk! California needs a leader who excels in both comedy and drama, and who is beautiful in an
approachable girl-next-door way. – Surprise! Hello? Anybody? Uh this is Paul McCartney. I came all this way to jump out of cake? Put the new suit on. (grumbling) – Thank you Tina, for those touching grunts and growls. – Uh huh – I’m Henry Winkler. You probably remember me for my 2002 guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (fan cheers) Thank you. – But perhaps, the greatest role I’ve ever played is friend. – It’s Sharah Lynn and Andrew Garfield! – Huh?
(screams) What the-
(screams) (horns blowing) – And what’s your name darling? (grunts) I’ll just make it out to Evelyn. (audience clapping) – Thank you, Billy Crystal, for that impression of a black person. I’m Scott Wolf. – And I’m Matthew Fox. – We may be a group of five on T.V. but any of these next nominees would be welcome to
join our party, any day. – What’s this assholes name again? – Vincent D’onofrio. – And here we are. – Okay, action! – Children, I’m a single
breakdancing instructor who can barely take care of himself. Plus, I’m too rad to be a dad. (gibberish) (audience coughs)
– Cut! (upbeat music) – Gloria Steinem, one of the leading lights
of modern feminism. You will surely go down
in annals of history just as surely as Lisa
Lampanelli will go down in the locker room of the Houston Rockets. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Presenters] Morning Time Hollywoo. – I’m a Ryan Seacrest type. – And I’m a Billy Bush type. – Welcome to the home of David Boreanaz. Famous from television shows such as Dramas on Networks. (country music) ♪ But I don’t have much time ♪ – There’s no one this town loves forgiving more than Vance Waggoner. (clapping) – And the winner for best original song is The Silly Banana Song
parentheses Love Theme from the Nazi who played Yahtzee by Sarah Lynn. Get your ass up here, girl. (sneeze) (screams) – Cameron Crowe, you skinny bitch! You know Jerry Maguire is my favorite movie of all time. All your films are so human. Which is super impressive since you’re a crow. – Uh well, my name is Cameron Crowe but I’m actually a raven. So, common miss conception. – Well, whatever you are. – A raven. – I brought you this. – Thank you so much Derek Jeter. I thought a big baseball hot shot like you would be too busy to help us old ladies across the street. – I always have time to
look out for my elders. (crash) – That beheaded is right! Fashion was never meant to be an inherently elitist form. – Nick, tell Janay to stock the warehouse with red hoodies. – This is the look of the future. – Next question, what is
my favorite kind of berry? – Um… – Barry Bostwick. – Raspberry. (buzzer) – I’m so sorry. The correct answer of course was Barry Bostwick. – How was I supposed to know that? – Also, why is BoJack being played by an old Mamashie five foot tall bald guy. Is that how the world sees me? – Oh, I see. So I can play Vanya on 42nd Street, but I’m not a deft enough talent to capture the essence of
the illusive BoJack Horesman. So sorry to offend you sir. (drums) – Is this as good as it gets, or are we living in the ghost town where once my career did blossom. Who will speak my name when I am gone? Who will sing lamentations, for he who once talked soup. – Ah. – It was through this pen that I bled. Raise high the roof beam
carpenters upon the page. Also it has four different colors. (phone ringing) – [Phone] Hi, I’m Sarah Koenig. This is one ringtone told over course of several rings. And the story it’s telling you is to answer your phone. (sigh) – Oh. (ringing) – [Phone] The house
majority who’ve outlined a new bipartisan plan to encourage you to answer your ringing phone. – [Phone] For Thursday October 12th, this is all rings considered. – [Phone] I’m Robert Siegel. – [Phone] And I’m Audie Cornish. – [Phone] I’m Peter
Siegel don’t wait, wait. Do answer your phone. – [Phone] Your telephone is ringing I’m Ira Glass, thank you for
being a sustaining member of public radio. Everyone has a story and your phone story is that it’s ringing. – Excuse me, Hallo?

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  1. Any chance we could get some solid merch for the final season? Because what is available right now is kinda embarrassing for a show big as Bojack

  2. I just noticed that they haven’t fixed the Hollywood sign from season one, I wonder if they would fix it later in season 6.

  3. Are you kidding me? Bojack Horseman didn’t even make the list of celebrities on his own show?! Famous Television actor and book Bojack Horseman?!?!

  4. The description says: Welcome to Hollywood. I think Netflix made a mistake, because the clips in the video are DEFINITELY made in Hollywoo.

  5. I know how some shows get pointless when they are stretched for multiple seasons but man I am not ready to accept the fact that this is ending.
    Thank you Horseman.
    Bojackk, of course!

  6. How did they get Paul McCartney
    Producer – Goodmoring, it's Paul McCartney?
    Paul – SIR Paul McCartney, actually… How did you get my number?
    Producer – It's on your Instagram bio…
    Paul – Oh… Right…
    Producer – Anyway, I'm the producer of a very succesful show on Netflix, and we'd really like you to do a little work for us, if you please…
    Paul – What kind of work?
    Producer – Yeah, so you have to dub yourself for a little cameo in this show with a talking horse and all this sort of stuff…
    Paul – …
    Producer – Then… Are you in?
    Paul – Yeah, let's do this! Doooh!
    Producer – Oh, thank you so much sir! Goodbye!
    Paul – And… Hello!

  7. Lin-Manuel Miranda voiced Crackerjack (Beatrice's older brother) in E2 S4. But nobody cares, not even the Hamilton fans

  8. For the ones who didn't voice themselves: Andrew Garfield was voiced by Paul F. Tompkins, Charlie Rose by Patton Oswalt, JD Salinger by Alan Arkin, and Beyonce by Yvette Nicole Brown.

  9. YEEES!! Finally a pretentious series that gives us a peek into the lives of celebrities. Oh and also it’s very ”depressing“ and ”deep“. Can’t get enough of that ”real shit” some people are dealing with. Honestly this shit is cancer

  10. 0:01 Daniel Radcliff

    0:34 Naomi Watts

    0:55 Margo Martinedale

    1:12 Mila Kunis

    1:20 Wilmer Valderrama

    1:28 Lucy Lawless

    1:30 Lucy Liu

    1:31 Lori Laughlin

    1:32 Lisa Loeb

    1:33 a good boi

    1:41 Beyoncé

    1:48 Felicity Huffman

    2:05 Sir Mix-a-lot

    2:13 Laura Linney

    2:23 Mark Feuerstein

    2:35 Zach Braff

    2:38 Paul Giamatti

    2:44 Jessica Biel

    2:52 Paul McCartney

    3:09 Henry Winkler

    3:23 Andrew Garfield

    3:38 Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox

    3:50 David Chase and Vincent D'onofrio

    4:12 Gloria Steinem

    2:48 Ryan Seacrest and Billy Bush

    4:33 David Boreanaz

    4:43 Orange is the new black (Cast)

    4:48 Arnold Schwarzenegger

    4:55 Wiz Khalifa

    5:04 Marisa Tomei

    5:08 Cameron Crowe

    5:25 Derek Jeter

    5:36 Tim Gunn

    5:47 Lance Bass

    6:03 Wallace Shawn

    6:16 Greg Kinnear

    6:36 J.D. Salinger

    6:44 Sarah Koenig

    6:55 Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish

    7:09 Peter Segal

    7:13 Ira Glass

  11. “Because I’m an honest and impartial judge, and if theres one thing I am very famous for it’s that I CANNOT LIE” 😂😂

  12. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from X files made a cameo in the Halloween annual party episode. They're chatting with Mr Peanutbutter, although only MP speaks

  13. So maybe this is a dumb question, but do all the actual celebrities voice themselves? I mean, I know some do for sure, but is it all of them?

  14. The fact most of these actors and actresses were played by the actors and actresses themselves is an astounding feat that Bob-Wacksberg is so amazed to have reached

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