The Celebrity Couple Challenge – Hong Ling X Nick Teo 默契大考验 –  洪凌 X 张鈞淯

The Celebrity Couple Challenge – Hong Ling X Nick Teo 默契大考验 – 洪凌 X 张鈞淯

Hello everyone, I’m Hong Ling. My face where got so black! Hi. Hello everyone, I’m Nick. I where got like that! Nonsense la. Today, we are going to do…. So what are we doing today? Couple challenge? Oh, couple challenge. Three, two, one, start! Eh you so fast? Wait x3 I tell you, you better not write something overboard. One, two, three! Okay! She wrote something overboard is it? Never x4 Noob?! Because he always scolds me noob so I like to call you noob. Okay, you say, why I noob? Because you always call me noob. I should change x2 No, you said I’m cute already! Childish! Ok, I don’t know how to spell. /- He doesn’t know how to spell childish. You see! He’s the childish one right I called him noob then he must scold me childish. Its you? Or me? Its me. You la! What situation, what moment? What situation? You say it, I’m shy. I’m also shy. Quickly say! There was once, in…. the car. We actually already had a few dates. Because I’m also shy, then I didn’t dare to ask. So after a few dates, I asked… “So right now, what is our relationship?” And she actually said “Friends”! Just friends, what relationship? Then I “Huh? Oh, I thought we were already together. I already treated you as my girlfriend.” Think too much. But I didn’t say this. Then okay ah, we naturally got together. Causeway Point. Correct, Causeway Point. Then I said “Let’s go watch a movie.” Watched what movie? Inside out! /- Details? Yeah, Inside Out! Correct. Watched cartoon! /- Cartoon? Because he asked me what movie I want to watch. I just wanted to watch cartoon. Because, previously when I went to support my friend who participated in the competition Hey Gorgeous. Then it was my first time seeing her, at the counter. Furthermore, at that time it was at the old Mediacorp. She needed to return the pass, then she did this. No, because in that competition, I lost. Then I myself, was in a very bad mood. My feelings were written all over my face. Very sad, very angry. and he saw it. But at that time I didn’t care about him because I didn’t know who he was at all. Right? Then my impression of you is…. Tsk, aiya, actually I wanted to say I think he is very attractive, very approachable, but he gave this face… I just… So annoyed! He was bent on chasing me la, actually I didn’t really like him that much but he kept chasing me so I thought whatever, just get together with this person. Oh I know I know I know! /- Crush? One, two, three! Super handsome. Mine is super beautiful, I also said myself! I’m a beauty. Who are you crushing on? I have a crush on you! You have a catchphrase meh? Faster! How? Then the pattern that he likes to do the most? He knows how to do it, I don’t know how to do it. Do one time, wriggle your eyebrows. Then you know how to wriggle your shoulders too. You try, show everyone. Wriggle fast, you do it very fast, you need to wriggle fast. He’s so annoying! Enough already! What is my catchphrase? Right? I’m a little hungry now. You see! x2 Everytime I turn around and I ask what she wants to say, “I’m hungry.” My catchphrase is “Nub”. /takes a deep breath/ Because I always scold her “nub” Nub x3 Keep quiet la! /- Noob, noob, noober I hate it when he says it like that, so annoying! In the past when I played maple story, whenever I always scold the person, Noob x4 I laughed till my abs cramp! You asked this question, I feel like vomiting. Vomit nonsense la! Vomit what? One, two, three! What did you write? Wrote what? Very big eyes. Correct? Why did you write very big eyes? My eyes are really very big? /- Very big eyes ah. You are, everyone says, eyes very big. Abs, abs. /- Abs! No because, I like to touch, its like a washing board. I can use my clothes, to wash clothes. Use your clothes to watch clothes? Oh, so you think my eyes are very sexy. That’s right. She used her eyes to allure– allure him already. One, two, three! I don’t know if I wrote it correctly. Should be correct. Love to sleep. I really love to sleep ah? /- Its so annoying! Because every time we would plan to exercise in the morning, do shopping in the morning because I don’t like being under the sun. Then he can’t wake up! I’m telling you, at least have to call 20 times before he can wake up, Are you a pig? /- Sleep is very important x2 How to—? Huh? Perseverant Meaning? /- Perseverance is — Oh I know. It means the things that she really wants— /- Indecisive No! Eh? This too! The things that she wants, she will be very perseverant She will keep on wanting it. Sometimes even when its difficult, Must have it. /- She won’t let it go, that’s right. But in the end, she will still get it. So I think even though— /- Just like how she got you? He was the one who chased me. Ya, no its indecisive. Every time she’s hungry, she will ask me what I want to eat! I tell her, Chinese cuisine “Don’t want”. Japanese cuisine, “I don’t want”. Then in the end, “What do you want to eat?” “Eat mac”. Indecisive. You love to sleep la. Sorry! X2 After 118? After 118, correct. Because previously in 118, big brother Dennis and Teacher Roy They did come and tell me. They said that the way I looked at her was different. What was it? A disgusted look? I despise you! They told me that so I said “Huh, I do? I, I look at everyone the same.” Just, all the same. Then why is it that when I look at her its different? Like there’s love like that la. When filming 118, because we stay very close. Our schedule, if we are filming together then I will text him and say “Do you want to go together?” like that then he will say ”Oh okay.” Actually its also just as friends, like conveniently go there together. Filming for 118’s last episode, do you remember it was at Sentosa? Correct x5. /- You needed, you needed to tell me— a lot of very sweet things. Then when you told me, the sparks suddenly came. Then I was very sure that I like you. /- Then Because previously, I didn’t act very well but for that scene, the director told me I was especially natural Yes, because you needed to confess to me right. I feel shy. We were together after 118. Because after 118, we saw each other less often, the gatherings were lesser too. So I just felt like I wanted to see her badly. The heart feels like its missing something. See me act cute like this, she probably will— You only wrote one? Okay, I only wrote three. One, two, three! My words are uglier. Compassionate, aw! Huh perseverant? Isn’t perseverance my negative trait? Thoughtful, aw! /The distance between them suddenly became very close/ She’s very compassionate. Wow, what do you want to say about me? With this expression of hers, I also don’t want to say. Okay, don’t be like this leh! Okay x2 Say leh, say. Tell everyone I’m very compassionate. Quick! Quickly say. Because I remember there was one time, we saw a cat la. It was playing with a rat. It actually wasn’t trying to eat the rat, it just wanted to play. Then it like, grabbed it used it’s claws, like injured it quite badly. Then, the rat didn’t have the energy to escape anymore. It just lay there breathing like— Very poor thing leh. she took my shoe bag and like went over to push the cat. “Go away! x2” She herself was scared too. Then I “No, becareful x2!” “Go away! x2 You guys come and help me!” I didn’t want the cat to play the rat till its dead. / – Right. Saw that it was suffering. /- then she continued “Go away, save the rat!” Enough already! You don’t have to— /- She, she You don’t have to act x2 /- She didn’t dare to carry it, do you know that? She didn’t dare to carry it so she forced me to carry so I— Okay la, then I took the plastic bag and I quickly saved the rat. Perseverance is also another thing that I admire about her. Because I think, I myself give up very easily. Previously, after going through some setbacks, I’d give up already. For example, basketball. In secondary school, I really liked to play basketball. Because at that time, I was very short. I had very little time on court during competitions so I gave up. Afterwards, I still think that I like it a lot so why should I give up? So I always admired this trait of hers. The things that she want, she will be very focused. Even if she cannot get it now, she will slowly work hard till she gets her goal. And, thoughtful! So many things… There was once, I really wanted to buy a headphone. She was like “Don’t buy! x3 Don’t waste the money buying headphone, don’t.” Then after that, another time when we went to like the store, “Eh you try la, is this headphone nice? Not bad leh, okay.” Then she put it back, “Eh, which one do you like? This one? This one seems better.” “Not bad leh.” Aiya, don’t buy la, waste money. /- Then “Don’t buy la x2” At that time, I already knew she wanted to buy it for me secretly. But she didn’t know if I would like it because she’s worried that I wouldn’t like it. Actually whatever she gave me, I liked it a lot. She always would take note of what I like, what I like to eat. Cake! I really like to eat oreo cheesecake so she made oreo cheesecake for me. On my birthday, she even made green tea mochi. Ice cream! She said it herself. Its delicious. Really very delicious! Wa, if you guys want to eat it, ask her to make. Its really very delicious. I’m not lying to you guys. X2 She, she didn’t force me. The knife, careful ah! She didn’t force me. /- I didn’t force you to say all these! It’s my turn to say, you’re so long winded! Caring, gentleman and loves my family a lot. I think he’s very caring la because during that time, I accidentally sprained my leg and my leg was very painful so he would always carry me. Then I think he’s very gentlemanly because he would always send me home no matter how tired he is, or how early he needs to shoot. There was once, because I’m very scared of ghosts, then Mediacorp— /- Scaredy-cat. Ya, because Mediacorp is actually very scary at night so I told him “What should I do, because today have to film till midnight, I don’t dare to go home.” Then he specially came to Mediacorp from his house, then he accompanied me to eat dinner, after dinner break, he waited six hours for me. Waited a total of six hours for me till midnight. Waited for me to end work then he sent me home before he went home. Then I think he loves my family because my mother— Because My mother accidentally threw the keys into the trashbin. Because I detest being dirty so I didn’t want to help my mother find but he went down and scavenge for them like that. Then I thought he’s very compassionate. Had a motive. Learn this point. x2 /- Wanted to get into my mother’s good books. One, two, three! No. /- Don’t want. Actually I prefer to act as siblings. Or act as good friends. Don’t you think it will be fun like this? I think she can also… be my good brother. Like tomboy that kind! /- Ya, tomboy. I think as a couple, being sweet sweet like this in drama and in reality— In reality have meh? Uh, yeah. I also think not bad, the tomboy. Did you see that death stare? Nub!

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  1. 男方说话口条不好哟(咔咔的 表达能力差) 听久了有点累和吃力。做演员的这方面还是要煞点苦心 求进步。期待往后有好表现哟~

  2. 洪凌 X 张鈞淯 = irritating and childish. No wonder until now still now "red" ….. Young age should not be the excuse. Time to grow up and speak maturely

  3. How do you guys meet after work Tother on YouTube channel video Tother Along with each other keep Rick and God bless make me smile 😊🎌🇯🇵

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