The Clues: Eagle | Season 2 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Clues: Eagle | Season 2 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] Good afternoon, class. Today, we’ll be learning
about me, the eagle. Studious and intelligent, I
have soared to great heights as the face of my field. But now after a
serious health scare and the loss of a parent– Health scare. Loss of a parent. Aw. I’ve realized that life is too
short to let my dreams fly by. [music playing] I’ve spent so much
time listening to other people’s stories that
I’ve neglected writing my own. Definitely maybe someone
that interviews people. What about, like,
a Jimmy Fallon? It’s time to leave the
safety of my nest behind. He’s wearing a red bandana. It is Kid Rock? I’m going to prove I don’t
just hang out with rock stars, I am one. [music playing]

33 thoughts on “The Clues: Eagle | Season 2 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. Don't just hang out with rock stars I am one. Well I was positive it was Alice Cooper but my other guesses were Brett Michaels and Kid Rock. He is built like all three of them. But what never made sense to me was he was dressing up as a rock star which made it rather obvious. Although the clues up until this one matched Alice Cooper to a T. That last clue was like saying he's not a rockstar. Could he be no he's too short I was going to say Howard Stern. But he's very tall. Now I'm all confused again. Back to the chalkboard. I have to hear him sing.

  2. It still sounds like Bret Michaels to me,he lost his dad this year,has had health scare after health scare & is a rock star❣️

  3. I wish he would have changed the words to I would do anything for love …Matt lauer but I won’t do that .no I won’t do that…

  4. It’s Dr. Drew! The eagle had an almost opera sound, and I remember when Dr. Drew was considered for Glee that they decided not to hire him since they didn’t want an opera singer.

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