The Enneagram Types Cooking

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  1. As a 4w5, I'm a natural in the kitchen. As long as I follow the recipe and have the proper ingredients, I get it well on the first attempt of anything. After the first try, I do feel compelled to change things up for the recipe so that it isn't the same old thing. I enjoy spices and spicy even when it hurts so good. I'll burn my tongue when I'm too hungry to wait for something to cool down – I've become very tolerant towards either form of heat. I've started posting pictures of my creations on Instagram, but I don't add filters, etc. because I don't want to be as typical and perfectionistic as the majority of people who post over-edited food pics. I have to be me – authentic.

  2. Type 2 here and I literally just put 6 portions of left over dinner in the freezer, just to have something ready in case friends need anything lol

  3. Why is this so accurate?
    I'm 4 and this is pretty much how I've been unconsciously approaching life till this point… only recently I started realizing it's probably not the healthiest way 😆😬🙄🤧

  4. I'm a type 7 (ENFP), I can't really cook but when I do I do basic thin gs and go totally by insctinct lol but more often than not I end up eating outside or have a delivery

  5. Can u post the link to the Enneagram test cuz I did one and I got the Loyalist ( type 6) but it's not what you have here!
    Thanks Frank you're so talented and funny 😂❤

  6. Man this killed me.
    It's okay, I returned back to life.
    I resurrected back to life.
    Maybe cause my soul was in the sauce.
    It helps to have horcruxes .

  7. Me before clicking on the video: Idk what enneagram is but I like Frank so…
    Me while watching: can't tell which one I am! 🙁
    Me at end: oh I'm the peacemaker

  8. When I take Enneagram tests, I usually get 1 w/ 4 or 5. Watching this, I definitely see how those combinations are present in me in the kitchen. I'm also an I/E NFJ.

  9. Frank, you had me tears of laughter at the ennergram nine because of the part about burning your hand but pretending it is all okay……Such a brilliant part haha!

  10. I dk which enneagram test I took but I was 9.7 for type 5 and 9.4 for type 6 and after seeing this, I do think both of those ways lol. Very accurate. xD

  11. Im a type 4 and I never thought I would be associated with the words "the romantic" but also this was hella accurate 😂

  12. me Type 5:
    I’ll cook vegetable soup. I cut vegetables into small cubes. This process make the ingredients easier to be cooked. I use consomme so that you can enjoy rich umami which is known as the hidden fifth taste.

  13. had to go take the test Great. Now I have two almost equal results, and your skits about them were entirely too accurate to my life. In fact, I think I’ve actually said, “I’m not used to cooking for two. I usually cook for 15, so I don’t know the right measurements.” And I’ve also forgotten groceries. Yay 2 & 7.

  14. I've loved your MBTI videos for so long and have wanted to find channels who do what you do but with Enneagram but couldn't find anyone nearly as funny as you, and ALAS, the internet has reached it's peak, as FJ has begun making Enneagram videos 🙌🏻

    I'm curious if there's any other INFJ+ Type 8's out there!

  15. Your Julia Child joke!!! 🤣😂😆. Wait, was there a Martha Stewart in there somewhere? I’m going to have to watch it again!

  16. I'm an 8 and I relate except for the yelling part. Everytime my bf and I cook he end up cooking too much the meat. So I just take his place to cook and don't let him cook.

    I straight tell him that what he cooked look like a piece of burnt meat in a fire.

  17. I ACTUALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I’ve always thought I’m probably a six but not been totally sure and after this video I think I’m sold……. but can I really trust you, Frank???

  18. so there was this one time I smashed my little finger with a bottle of wine, almost passed out looked in the bathroom and pretended to be okay for the rest of the night 😅 pretty accurate type 9 description…

  19. me, a type 9: i just accidentally melted the marshmallow bag on the stove so i’m going to walk away so no one realizes my mistake

    true story :,)

  20. I LOVE THIS 🤣🤣 idk if you have mentioned this…but what’s your enneagram type?? I’m an INFJ 6w5 and I’m curious if you are too! 😁

  21. Me, a 5w4 making dinner: … Who cares if it's microwaved and not fried it contains all the same ingredients… FRYING BROCCOLI AND CHEESE IS A CULTURAL NORM WITH NO SIGNIFICANCE, MICROWAVING ISN'T A SIN, JERALD.. Actually wait… Ah… just eat on your way I only made food for one. My b my b… I'M NOT USED TO HAVING GUESTS-

  22. oh my god type 7 was so accurate! My husband never follows a recipe to cook and would always rather order pizza or chipotle instead of cook LOL

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