The Grudge   Kuala Lumpur – Comic Fiesta  VNR Sizzle

The Grudge Kuala Lumpur – Comic Fiesta VNR Sizzle

[Music] hi I’m Lynn Shay and I’m Nicholas pêche and we are very excited to be bringing The Grudge to Asia we’re here in Malaysia experience in Malaysia has been just delicious everybody has been above and beyond kind and responsive to the film in to us and I love it here [Applause] [Music] we took over haunt you it’s pretty awesome I think part of the allure of it is you don’t know what you’re walking into I just kind of ran with the crowd very darkened yeah and there’s also you realize there’s a group panic that happens when one person screams we’re like a little bunch of rats running from one room to the other [Music] it’s very scary that um music is so terrible I really risk at our screaming is now like it was really scary though [Music] [Music] we have a hundred grudge girls taking over comic Fiesta to scare Asia the directors of the crotchet also the godmother up let’s give a big warm welcome to big fish [Music] we’re staying true to the honor of the legacy of all the movies that came before this one are part of this universe and we’ve just added a new chapter into that mythology things they’re gonna be showing you some exclusive sneak peeks from our new film The Grudge [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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