The Inner World of Queenie Goldstein Character Analysis

The Inner World of Queenie Goldstein Character Analysis

Let’s take a trip into the mind of
Queenie Goldstein, before she takes a trip into ours!
Queenie is the last of our quartet and arguably one of the most layered
characters in the Wizarding World; though it may not appear that way on the
surface. When Newt and Jacob are first introduced to this blonde bombshell, she
exudes traditional femininity with her beauty, playfulness and warmth… definitely
giving off Marilyn Monroe vibes! We quickly get to see Queenie’s maternal
family-oriented nature when she insists on preparing a meal for her guests and
lectures Tina about her love of hot dogs. We also discover her gift of being a
natural legilimens. I believe this one trait takes the
character to a whole new level of depth. Her ability to read the thoughts and
emotions of others makes Queenie unnaturally open-hearted person, but,
despite her kindness it is clear that it also plays a part in her being very
guarded about who she truly trusts and makes her a little bit manipulative too.
We see this side of her when she blackmails a fellow co-worker into
letting her take Jacob to be obliviated and when she flirts with Abernathy in
order to escape with Newt’s suitcase. Her emotional intelligence can be both a
blessing and a curse to this wonderfully written character. What makes her so
unusually empathetic is also what makes her susceptible to manipulation by those
who seek to corrupt her. I have no doubts we will see even more layers peeled back
in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

5 thoughts on “The Inner World of Queenie Goldstein Character Analysis

  1. Hello Pixies! What's your favourite thing about Miss Queenie Goldstein? anyone else excited about where her character could be going in the future?

    Rhi 🙂 x

  2. Great little pixie! O would be a little uncomfortable being close to her as she can read whatever's there in my mind. Invasion of privacy you know? But I still like her. The Marilyn Monroe comparison was spot on. She's still a mystery and I would love to discover more about her. Keep it up pixie, the time is almost upon us. 🙂

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