The Metallic Personality Type of Develop Your Element | Jannik Laursen

The Metallic Personality Type of Develop Your Element | Jannik Laursen

Have you ever been told that you’re too
direct? Too stubborn? Maybe even too cold at times ? Well, you might be metallic, but
let’s find out! Hey guys it’s Jannik from Develop Your Element and in this video we’re gonna go over the key characteristics of the metallic type. But hold on I know
what you’re thinking personality theory being put in a box being told what I am
that doesn’t work for you does it? Well the good thing is here at Develop Your Element we don’t put you in a box in fact we have no personality test and we don’t tell
you what you are and we tell you your mix of all the different personalities
the only thing we do at Develop Your Element is simply find out what is most natural for
you what is easiest for you so we talked about six different personality types
which we refer to as the six elements and we say your mix of all of them but
what we try to explore is what is your primary personality
what is your secondary personality and sometimes you also talk about a third
one because we all have different percentages of different personalities
that make up our entire personality not only that we also talked about three
different states what do you mean by this? Well in different moments we’re
gonna step into different personalities you know at work we might be at one
personality at home we might be a different personality and some passion
project we might be a different one and really we distinguish between three
different stages which we call our biological state our societal state and
our passion project state and we will have a link for a complete video on this
below. So could metallic be one of your dominant elements? Let’s see if you
relate to any of the following? The metallic type is the most introverted
type meaning they need the least amount of social stimulus but they’re also very
literal they’re very direct they’re very methodical they do like
some level of routine some level of structure some level of predictability
and when they are in social environment to work environments or in relationships
they really have a tendency to say things without filter because they don’t
want to beat around the bush they want to make sure that it’s very clear what
their position is on something and they want to be precise always for them being
precise them being logical is more important
than the emotional reactions that might come out of them being too direct
because they themselves and not as emotional or more correctly they’re not
as emotionally expressive they don’t let their emotions dictate their decisions
as much there of course emotional like all other beings but for them it’s
really important to be exact. Now metallic people require a lot of
structure routine predictability logic facts in relationships at work if you
want to motivate them if you want to make them understand even your feelings
you have to communicate even your feelings in a logical way for them
that’s very important if there’s lack of logic if there’s a lack of
predictability there’s a lack of provable facts for them that can have a
very negative impact in many different ways it depends of the situation but it
can drain them it can frustrate them it can make them shut down and it can make them disconnect from that situation because they don’t have patience for
things that are superficial and are too light in nature they really like to
understand and grasp concepts at a deeper more complex level so it is
imperative that when you’re communicating or in a relationship any
type of relationship with a metallic person that you give them that structure
that routine those facts that logic because you’re going to have a much
better relationship with them and they’re also going to be happier more
productive and also more flexible with you if they receive that. Now metallic people
are great examples of people who even during emotional moments when they have to take emotions into account or make decisions that affect them emotionally
they’re ultimately going to make their decisions based on logic and they’re
gonna analyze their emotions logically. Now another thing to keep in mind with
all the introverts in general is that the more introverted you are the more
you’re gonna think, think, think before you talk.
Extroverts they think out loud meaning they talk talk talk and
share all their thoughts even underdeveloped thoughts and this can
create some confusion and this can create some frustration when have people
on the two extremes you know an introvert and extrovert talking because
introverts have way more committed to their ideas then extroverts. Extroverts
will blurb about ideas and have fun just blurting out silly underdeveloped ideas
because they don’t necessarily plan to commit to them so keep that in mind. Now another thing we have to talk about is that metallic people when they are being
emotional they’re still going to be logical during the exploration of those
emotions which means they’re gonna try to explore how they feel why they feel
that way what’s causing that feeling when impact us at feeling happy and how
they can overcome the challenges of having some maybe negative emotions and
come up with a logical solution to fix it. This can come across as un-emotional
to non-metallic people because non-metallic people would probably
express their fears and anxieties more openly more outwardly but metallic
people experience all these things too they just mask them very well. Now if you
see someone being a little bit more skeptical a little bit more negative a
little bit more critical about something before believing in it before accepting
it it’s probably a metallic person who’s trying to understand the deeper
complexities of it before they accept it so does this sound like you or somebody
you know? If so please let us know in the comments below. And next up we’re gonna have more videos about what does this mean what are you going to do with all
this information because we are way more than just a profiling system here at
Develop Your Element we actually talk about personality theory from the
perspective of how to live a richer life for you and control where you are more
regenerated where you’re the best version of you or you have stronger
relationships better careers and just generally more happiness so make sure to
check out those videos and see you in the next video.

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  1. I really like metallic people because they are blunt and you know where they stand.
    Also appreciate their logic over emotion approach.

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