The Political Spectrum Explained In 4 Minutes

The Political Spectrum Explained In 4 Minutes

[Music] in the modern political world the terms left-wing and right-wing can often be heard and misunderstood but what do these terms mean and where do they come from the terms left and right were first used in an ideological context during the French Revolution of the 18th century those on the left are in support of the Revolution and those on the right supported the monarchy this idea of the left supporting change and the right wanted to keep the status quo continues today and is key in some of their philosophy the difference between left and right wing ideology fundamentally comes down to the balance between individual liberty and government power the left strive for an equal society and believe that the state should play a substantial role in people’s lives this means increased regulation of business and higher taxes on the rich the Left also tend to hold more progressive views often opposing the death penalty while supporting same-sex marriage and women’s right to abortion the Left have more lenient views on immigration and are usually the driving force behind any separation of church and state economically the left often follow the Keynesian or is it sometimes called the interventionist school of thought in brief this system would have the government intervene to avoid an economic recession this means tax in highly during Cadore boom times and spending this money when the economy truly needs it the level of government interference varies by how far left it is with communists want a complete control over all aspects of the economy whereas the center-left want only moderate intervention the right belief that a level of social inequality is inevitable and think that the government should have a limited role in people’s lives in business this is as the right believes that preserving personal freedom should be the government’s main goal and should not impose too many rules on people’s lives the right also tend to hold more traditional and religious attitudes than the left often opposing things those on the Left support such as same-sex marriage and women’s right to abortion economically the right can often be seen using the new classical approach which includes have analyzed a fair policy this roughly translates to leave things alone and means less regulation to increase innovation and lower taxes to increase growth ensure the right views government interference in business as a bad thing and thinks that the market prospers best when left to its own devices parties on the Left include labor the greens and the Democratic Party while those on the right include the Republicans conservatives and the UK Independence Party there is also a center ground where parties like the Liberal Democrats lie these parties hold views from both the left and the right this will be in said the use of left and right to describe modern political parties is not always accurate there are actually many different political spectrums that can be used to judge how far left or right a party is parties often judge themselves based on other current political parties in this regard labour is often seen to be on the left and conservatives are often seen to be on the right in actual fact lots of labour policy actually places it in the center or right of the political spectrum the same is true in America where both the Democrats and Republicans are on the right of the spectrum in political terms even if the Democrats are sometimes seen as having more left-wing values the political spectrum is also not just 2-dimensional within both the left and the right there are people who hold authoritarian and libertarian views authoritarians wish for greater government interference and libertarians want the opposite as previously stated the Left tend to be authoritarian and the right tend to be libertarian but this is not always the case we are often taught the extremes of left-wing is communism and the extremes of right-wing is fascism this is not strictly true as the extreme authoritarian nature of fascist governments combined with left-wing economic beliefs make it hard to place on a political scale while it is useful to have these labels in order to help the majority of people easily distinguish between different ideologies it is also important to remember that they are not always accurate and looking at the party’s policy for yourself is often the best way to choose who gets your vote rather than following a label blindly [Music] you

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    Time Stamps 📽
    Introduction 0:10
    The Difference in Ideology 0:38
    Left-Wing Ideology 0:46
    Left-Wing Economics 1:10
    Right-Wing Ideology 1:39
    Right-Wing Economics 2:03
    Political Parties 2:28
    Left and Right in Context 2:45
    Libertarian and Authoritarian 3:25
    Difficult to Place on a Scale 3:40
    Choose Wisley 4:03

  2. Well it’s either Freedom of Speech, getting rich and becoming a higher member of society or taxes, no speech and getting no reward for your hard work

  3. 🌸 Some Conservatively PROGRESSIVE Political Spectrum Ideas! 🌸

     1, Money IS Free Speech, but Money is NOT “Free AND Equal” POLITICAL Speech because at early Campaign “Stump Speeches” Abe Lincoln & the others were “Equally” placed far enough apart to where Voters could move around the Park & “Freely Hear All Views Equally” & so the EVIL “Citizens United” Must be “Killed” with the “Supremely” Legal Argument of “Freedom AND Equality in Political Speech” – We Must also Demand that ALL Political Spending, Lobbying, etc is “Equalized” so we can also Freely & Equally hear all “Mass Media" Political Issues & Ideas today! 

    2. Instead of “Bankrupting” each Rich Billionaire’s Law or “Executing” each Corrupt Politician, We Must “Richly Execute” a Move to "Direct Democracy" where WE Directly Propose, Enact & Enforce All Laws & Proposals are Fully & Fairly Merit Tested & have all the "Legal Standards" for Simple Voter Enforcement in them & after “Unimpeachable” Experts optimize this for us, NO “Moscow Mitch Senate Rule” can Stop it & we’ll also do “Good Climate Change” by “Directly Raining” on Big Money’s Parade!

    3. ECONOMICS is “Saving” by Progressively Taxing (Just) the “Greedy Part” of Wealth in “Good Times” & “Spending” by Conservatively Funding (Just it) on Top Programs in “Bad Times” to get a Balanced “Stable Society”, which is the true Creator of All Wealth & so our “Unstable Excess” Wealth is “Morally Owed Back” to KEEP Society Stable! – Max Weber’s “Protestant (Work) Ethic & SPIRIT of Capitalism” similarly said Wealth started out as just a “Limited Moral Pursuit” to achieve a “State of Grace” & then they stopped & allowed many others to also work hard & achieve “Monetary Salvation” – These Social Morality Ideas have been “Richly” Ignored now ….
    PS: There’s NO “Mob Rule Soaking the Rich with Socialism" here AND Nobody is “Reaping Free Benefits off the Rich" because the “Greedy Part” Belongs to All of us AND No one gets Rich without our “Fast Food Workers” who ironically Need “Food Stamps” for Stability AND Nobody’s taking away our “10 Rolls Royces”, but our “Greedy” 11th ones & up are morally & directly owed back, so we can Safely use the “10 Rolls Royces” that we were all able to Work Hard for & Get!!!

    4. ALL Races, Ethnicity's & even “White Supremacists” around the World, when tested & shown average faces of each separate Ethnicity etc, they mostly Picked an also added Composite “Melting Pot” type Face (of ALL Races & Ethnicity's “Mixed Together”) as being the Most "Supremely" Attractive! – The United States, as a “Richly” Diverse “Melting Pot” Society, has the most Nobel Prize Winners by far & since 2000, a full 39% of Winners have been Immigrants!

     5  Unlimited, Clean & Highly Constant TIDAL & GEOTHERMAL Energies would (If Adopted) “Overpower” less Constant (but still useful) Wind & Solar – Plus, if Electric Cars & Long Range Battery “Quik Charge / Swap Out” Grids, Mag-Lev Trains, Net-Zero Modular Homes, etc were added, We WOULD “Save The World”, after “Directly Overpowering” Fossil Fuel Interests! – Going Green is NOT too Costly, because the “Price” of NOT Going Green is far more “Costly” than any one time Monetary Costs of Conversion!

  4. Capitalism is a great economic solution
    Socialism is a great public solution
    Both can lead to total absolute ruler or corrupted government

  5. I just watched this an i still dont get it… also, why the fuck cant everyone just get along, were all fucking different, deal with it…

  6. I’m still confused and this makes no sense. I’m either stupid or really not supposed to understand politics

  7. Why do most of us tend to accept the whole package of a party's platform like it's some sort of religion where you have to buy into every tenet of the faith? It's insane how many "Christians" in America buy into everything supported by the Republican party, as if turning your back on refugees, letting the sick die without help or go bankrupt seeking help, supporting wars and the distribution of weapons of war to civilians, and destroying the very ecosystems that support life are what Jesus would support.

  8. Fascism is understood as far right in opinion surveys, as well as in the political science literature.

    A selection of sources below.

    What Germans associate with the two terms:
    Bauer, P., Barberá, P., Ackermann, K. and Venetz, A. (2016). Is the Left-Right Scale a Valid Measure of Ideology?. Political Behavior, 39 (3), pp. 553-583.

    See page 116:
    Downs, A. (1957). An Economic Theory of Democracy. Boston: Addison-Wesley.

    An overview of ideologies (see left-right positions):
    Freeden, M. (2003). Ideology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  9. JFK said he was a liberal WITHOUT illusions.
    That is brilliant and I subscribe to that thinking. I voted for Trump but I also voted for Jimmy Carter. Robert Kennedy was and is a political hero for me.

  10. The political compass just needs a third cultural/social dimension and we can dispense with some of this confusion.
    The natzis were more on the economic left, and broke the meter for the cultural/social right.

  11. HITLER WAS A LEFTIST! God, so many times people say Fascism is "right-wing" it is not. It is Big Government control. They always use Hitler as a right-winger when he was a national SOCIALIST. Stop the lies.

  12. Ok. So u got the dad in the middle then u got saitan on left. Thinking is right and then u got jusus on the right thinking its left and they are slap boxing eachother and the holy trinity is laughing in the middle of the crip and blool war going on. Or pingpong game or pull the rope game. Lol when they can just be happy holding hands playing hopscotch together Lol. So who wins if they both kill eachother they both lie to eachother they both tell eachother the truth and they both say they are corect and they tell eachother they are wrong? How long must u children fight ? Y cant u stop hating on eachother? Y must one control the other or the other control one? Y must the left be controled by the right or the right be controlled by the left? Do they not have self control? Cause the right gets upset by the left. Vice versa. So in reality the left control the rights emotions cause the right dont have self control to not get mad or emotional cause of what the left believes. Vice versa. So basically they both dont have and dont understand what love is. Cause self-control is 1/8th part love. Simply put.

  13. I had no knowledge of left and right differences before this video. My conclusion is that left wing is better than right wing and so much more noble and caring.

  14. I don't understand why fascism was ever considered right wing. The one of the most important value of right-wing is limited government. Any party with socialism in the name is simple not right by any meaning of the word.

  15. You're an idiot all you did was explain the Democrats and Republicans and made a bunch of people to the center and being useless in politics

  16. Wow I was with you all the way on this; what a good job; until about the 4 minute mark. It is the Left that calls the right fascist as a slur. Fascism is very easy to place on a political scale. It is entirely on the same spectrum as communism; Left wing. Fascism has no place on the right and could not possible considered right or conservative. Other than that good job.

  17. How about the idea, we abandon the party labels altogether and just listen to what people are saying before we vote for them.  The best society is a moral society (i.e. ten
    commandments) with as much personal freedom as possible.

  18. I just want more personal freedoms such as people to have the right to have a gun or abortion or be able to do drugs, steroids commit suicide, or anything as long as you don’t affect harm on others do what you want. When you take all religions out of the equation then you’ll find personal freedoms are fine. Beliefs are why people kill each other.

  19. Call me simple, but I just can’t follow this bull crap haha. I’ll believe in what I believe in, and if somebody tries to hurt me for it, let them try lol

  20. Hey, they don't teach any of this in school, but I really do appertiate the un-biased video you have made, it was very informative!

  21. Did you seriously show Hillary Clinton as 'left' on the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And Jeremy Corbin 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Great video! The final comments on the difficulty defining the far left and far right is soooooooo accurate. Hitler far right? Heavily state orientated, heavily socialist in economic policy only privatising industry that had been nationalised after the great depression in order to to raise funds for his massive welfare state program … Yet often called far right?

  23. The alt right wing says grab them by the pussy to get laughs
    The left wing rape kids and dump there bodies then laugh

  24. The problem with the political spectrum is that it tries to put a bunch of diverse and complex ideologies in a simple metric. I'm not even sure what exactly is the point of using it in the modern world.

  25. The thing with the political compass is it uses sophistry to make us believe the left can also be libertarian which is an oxymoron.
    But for the left, no matter the flavour, to achieve its collectivism, wealth equality, high taxation, confiscation of private property etc it has to use FORCE through government THEFT EXTORTION and SLAVERY COERCION, people will not just give up their property wealth and businesses, the left can only acheve its goal by the threat of fine imprisonment or death to those how dont comply.
    This is the lefts inherent failure and why it is by definition totalitarian. The people will never have the control of the means of production, the idea is a complete fallacy, it has to have centralized planning under a dictator, under tyranny your Freedoms, liberty, rights, all go out the window. Leftwing = enslavement

  26. The political spectrum only causes divide. We should work for the betterment of society and not for a political party.

  27. The best thing that was said through this video was basically look at how they behave and look at the party's policies before you just go based on what they call themselves

  28. I ll tell you ONE SECRET!…all of MF politicians are SLAVES of Pussy…and that what it takes to mae them slaves! FOR LIFE! Be Free! VICTORY

  29. This is incredibly outdated as Independents now make up over 40% of voting Americans because we’ve recognized both parties are corrupt.

  30. In a nutshell:
    The left: That guy is starving somebody give him a fish.
    The right: That guy is starving he should learn how to fish.

  31. @The Life Guide, Who TF' are you? some kind of a Goo/U/Too authority fig… ?

    PEOPLE of Earth! The adversary constantly puts 1% lies in the mix…

    Just between we humans… Who IS 'opposed' to what, when, where, why & how… or perhaps it's the others whom are 'opposed' or perhaps not.. Hmmm…
    Don't Swallow ANYTHING from any Human Being… Especially from someone with such a self AggrandiZING & pretentious title. ~ P E A C E ~

  32. Germany sure took a hard right turn after the 2016 News Years Eve outside gathering with their new visitors showing them their culture's way of treating women.

  33. we should be open to suggestions to improve our daily lives and our environment.
    we should not stick to policies that only describe what a group of people believe, and refuse should change, we should be open to suggestions.although people may not agree on certain policies at first, we should listen to each other's suggestions on policies, like gun control, abortion, birth control, etc.

  34. I just made a political compass test … i got a 2/10 right (very close to the center) and i am authoritarian.
    A wing can't fly without a bird…
    Oh wait…

  35. I don't know why people worry about politics whatever parties is in power they always do something to scrow us up and then it goes the other away again and it goes on and on and on until you die the country is always screwed the country is also always in a good place depending on what side you are on

  36. Did you forget the part where left opposes the human rights of freedom of speech and self–defense?
    You didn't mention equality OUTCOME vs equality of OPPORTUNITY. "equality" vs FAIRNESS.

  37. How can the Left be libertarian since its whole point is imposing greater equality from top-down government policies, i.e. by force of law and taxation?

    Also, when we say Democrats are on the left, we mean by American standards. Of course, the Democratic Party in Cuba would be Ronald Reagan. It all depends on what the status quo is at a given time and in a given jurisdiction.

  38. This video is wrong. radicalism is not right or wrong chooses. "ism" mean movement. Social movement. Political, artistic, scientific…
    When we read both sides of the history and take just ONE side that we believe 100%. When we don't know anything about the other sides and pick what is suitable for us. When we support one color without understanding the others. Without listening, without talking, one way, one true, that side only.
    That is radicalism.
    Religions have that at any cost.
    Rich insane wealthy people at any cost.
    Army payed at any cost…
    The revolutionary army against that ideas at any cost.

    I'm trying to be free "radical isms". Media bs make it so difficult.

  39. this video is a poor explanation. there are widely accepted theories of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional political measurement, as political ideologies are way too complex to generalize into a one dimensional measurement of “left and right”.

  40. Politics are simply an illusion of choice…the spoon fed MORONS of the world are easily led as long as they believe they chose their own path…it really a brilliant plan by those in the ruling class…and guess what…you ain't in that club…enjoy your slavery!

  41. Im Independent. Not a workhorse.
    I dont work for free.
    Im running for President as an Independent, not jewpendent.
    Join my campaign: Restructuring America For A Better Tomorrow
    To contribute via cashapp :$RugarMM
    And attempting to physiologically babble because I refuse to work for free is the bitchassness Im talking about. misogynistic so-called men turn into scorn women when I reject offers of servitude.

  42. The truth is there is no right and no left, just a bunch of retards expressing their beliefs, hoping to get some attention

  43. Left fight for better living conditions, climate, etc : Right wing spreads hate and lies and wants more racism, hatred of women, more oppression and exploitation. Idea for Best seller: Title The Fight for Life   Here could be a few lines to get you started: Device left at airport. Police cordon off vast perimeter. Air traffic grinds to a halt. Communiqué sent by activists….Meanwhile the invisible brigades put stickers on gas pump stations that say: Danger of explosion. Call 911 now ! Etc. Oodles of cash could be made with this book. It could even be turned into a movie.

  44. I think its good to have dialogue. The whole point is to have everyone bring out their viewpoints. Is immigration good? Is reducing taxes good? Should we spend money on a certain project? It reallly depends. Some people are against, some people are for, bring out pros and cons and lets discuss!
    Unfortunately, morons, bigots, marxists and rightwing nutjobs have to be involved.

  45. I finally found an extremely controversial video explaining politics. This is super rare these days as it most of the videos on politics are insanely biased. (mostly to the left wing but to the right wing sometimes too). I'm a rightist but in some things I agree with the left (very limited things). If you focus on one side, you lose the other as Niccolo Machiavelli said

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