The Secret to Overcoming Your Problems – Teal Swan

The Secret to Overcoming Your Problems – Teal Swan

Hello, everyone. Whether you’re a spiritual connoisseur, a self-help junkie, or someone who just wants a different perspective, chances are you love the idea of self-improvement. But why does self-improvement not work? I’m here to tell you why. The reason is that so many self-help techniques put you at war with yourself. They pit one aspect of you against another aspect of yourself. To wage war with yourself is to promote self hate When we suppress our emotions, which all of us must do at one point or another in our early lives, those suppressed emotions become part of our personality. Another way of saying this is our problems become part of our personality, and as soon as they become part of our personality, they become part of our identity. You see them as yourself, and resisting any aspect of yourself is asking for emotional disaster. It is self-hate. Regardless of whether you resist something positive within yourself or negative within yourself, it is self-hate and therefore it is self-destruction. So what is the solution? The solution is exaltation. Exaltation is an old alchemy concept. It means to take something and to transform it into the highest spiritual aspect of itself. So for example, for the old alchemists, the highest form of metal is gold. If we want to live better lives where we are not continually made unhappy by our negative personality traits, we must first recognize those negative personality traits, and find a way to accept them and approve of those traits, and then find a way to amplify those traits, by allowing those traits to express themselves in their highest manner, in alignment with the highest and best use of those very same traits. We must exalt those very negative traits which we think are negative into the positive use of those negative traits. Here’s an example of exaltation. Let’s say I felt unloved as a child and was punished for trying to get the love I needed. I may have suppressed those feelings of resentment and powerlessness. Over the years the powerlessness and resentment has become part of my personality. It has caused me to exhibit certain behaviors. It has caused me to be an energy vampire Because I believe I am not allowed to ask for the things I need, I manipulate people so I can get the energy I want from them. This personality trait is so much part of me that one could say it’s part of my personality I cannot overcome this problem, and I cannot eradicate it from my personality. It is part of who I am now. So my only choice is to take that negative personality trait and make that same personality trait into something positive Because I am an energy vampire, I am a master at manipulating energy. I could become a brilliant energy worker. I have the capability of consciously pulling in negative energy and transmuting it inside my body so I can feed off of illness and discord and energy rather than stealing life force from people’s bodies. I can manipulate energy to heal people. Also, as an energy vampire, I am a master at Mental Chess. I play mind games with people. So the highest aspect of that trait is to play mind games with people that benefit them. I could become a brilliant counselor or psychologist. I could outsmart people’s egos and help them to see things about themselves that they are totally unaware of. Have you ever noticed that you can’t overcome your problems no matter how hard you try? It’s because you can’t overcome something that is part of you To try to overcome something that’s part of you, is resistance to part of you. It is an internal war. As soon as you identify with something, that something is you. And you can’t be against that something without now being against yourself. Now if you want to talk the very opposite of self-help, You can talk about waging war with yourself. There is no greater example of waging war with yourself, than trying to overcome one of your problems or personality traits. Negative traits which are part of you can never be eradicated from you. They can only be transformed into their highest aspect. So describe yourself. What problems do you have? What do you feel are the negative parts of your personality? Be very honest about the traits that you don’t like about yourself. But then I want you to spend some time thinking about what the highest exalted state of those very same negative behaviors or personality traits could be. I am dark. Perhaps the exalted form of being dark is that I’m a brilliant shadow worker. I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to exploring the subconscious and the parts of people that people fear, the parts they’re trying to avoid. So I can allow people to use me as a guide to exploring the darker aspects of their consciousness. I can allow them to take the light of consciousness into the shadows that they’re afraid of going into, and especially afraid of going into alone. Also dark energy is powerfully captivating because it frightens people. So instead of trying to become lighter and lighter, I can embrace that Dark energy, allow myself to captivate people’s attention and break them out of the monotony. Maybe I am anxious. The exalted form of being anxious could be that I am sensitive. I am sensitive to the energies around me. I could be a talented interior decorator because I can feel the way that energy moves around a room. I am sensitive to the placement of objects and the influence that colors have on our emotions I could design homes for people that made them feel exactly how they want to feel upon coming home. Maybe I’m a bully. Bullies push people. The exalted form of being a bully could be that I push people to be their best. I embrace my forceful energy and use it in situations where people could benefit by that force, such as when someone needs especially strong encouragement. Bullies establish dominance within a social group. The exalted version of this is leadership. I embrace my leadership ability and take charge when other people feel as if they need direction. I take initiative. I can rally people into cooperating with one another. Exalting your negative personality traits and problems is not about going to war with yourself. I promise you it is counterproductive to try to rid yourself of any aspect of yourself that you identify with. This is to wage war with yourself. And you can’t do that and live a happy life at the same time. Whenever you are trying to change an aspect of yourself that you don’t like, you are in resistance to yourself, and whatever you resist persists. So the best way to deal with this is not to resist any aspect of yourself, not to try to get rid of part of your personality or a trait of yourself that you don’t like. The best way to deal with this is to find a way to fall in love with what you hate about yourself Find a way to turn metal into gold on an internal level. I promise you that this will improve your life immensely. When it comes to self-help, nothing can help you as much as embracing who you really are. Which is the opposite of what most of us are trying to do if we are in the self-help industry or if we’re addicted to self-help. What we’ve been spending our lives doing is trying to turn ourselves into something and someone else. Have a good week. you

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  1. Dear this is deceptive. The only way to change our attitude is to cultivate different thinking. The dark energy is spiritual. There is no change like love. Our thinking is not us… “as a man thinks in his heart so is he” it’s about bringing every thought captive. What that man believes about himself, is what he is. Who we really are is not the shadows that accompany us but the innocence and desire to love and be loved. That love is agape love. Unconditional love. Most can’t practice that kind of love but it is the way in which God loves us. That same love is what heals us.

  2. Missed the boat on this one. For those who can afford to try this method go ahead. Seems like more of the same self help stuff with a twist. If your character defects are killing you they need to be eliminated if you are to survive. Getting to know them and getting them to play nice is not an option. Since "self will" can't change "self will" we surrender our defects to the one who has all power. Then when they disappear there can be no vacuum, the void will be filled. 1935 AA, follow the steps.

  3. I swear Teal. You are and have helped me out so much to understand my emotions and self. Thank you for all that you are. Your beautiful in and out. Much love Eric Ramirez(Ramze).

  4. HI teal, before when we came into this incarnation, we agreed to the terms and conditions that we will encounter  here. Our parents, the conditions that we will be born, the life that we will live etc. but we also agreed, how we will deal with it! we agreed that we will not remember the conversation that we had with that council. so we must embrace the condition that we were born under, and the circumstances of our childhood. we must not see them as ''bad'' because we agreed to them! what we must do  however, is  deal with them with love. use our childhood circumstances, as tools, to motivate us to become higher beings. after all, that is what we agreed to. obviously most people would say, that if I did meet a council before I was incarnated here, I would not have chosen to live this life! and they would add! ''do you know what I went through! you think that I was be so stupid to agree to come to this! I was raped repeatedly! you think that I would have agreed to be raped and butchered like that!" and so much more. If we look at the bigger picture of our life. we will not see suffering. we will see this incarnation as an opportunity to grow into a higher being. thank you for being a part of my incarnation today.

  5. Fuck. Yes. I see so much differently, especially in relation to being dark. Somewhere along the lines I was convinced I have to be all love and light and it is not true. It felt wrong to always be light and put a smile on my face when it wasn't wanted. It feels like doors are opening in my mind as I write this. Wow, thank you so much!

  6. Jeez.. all I want is stop having a fucking panic attack every time I go to school, or whenever I try to sit down and do schoolwork. Because the anxiety has come to a point where the mere thought of going back sets me off…. And I can't do anything else, like go out, because then I'll feel guilty for the schoolwork I have to do, but just can't in my heart…. How do I resolve this withdrawal and horror? (Suicide is not an option anymore, btw). Try turning that into a positive..

  7. Dayum! Before watching her videos, I thought Teal Swan was some airheaded New Age bimbo, but I was happily proven wrong.

  8. Can anyone give me some insight? If my main negative behavior is seeing the negative of everything…how do I work with that?

  9. Hi Teal,
    I am so grateful that universe connecting your video to me because I am trying to self help and you have given me much inspiration. Thank you so much! Below are the question you asked in the video and I seriously thought of it and here are my answer. I would be so grateful if you spend time to read it and tell me what I can do further for my life in the issue I think I am currently facing.

    Q What problem do I have?
    I will spend money to buy organic healthy food even I had to buy them using credit card because I didn’t have enough cash but I didn’t care because I know money will come to me if I honor health and dedicate to healthy food. Actually, I will buy whatever I like that benefit to my health including food, skin products and books. I strike for the best of life that aligned to the essence of human being and nature. Sometime, I love go shopping for outfits and some stuffs. (I now think make up is a way to self love too) During the process, I have explored lot of new things that enable me to share with others about health and from purchasing different healthy food, skin products and books I read, I actually have gained and accumulated more knowledges about living healthy. When I with friends, I can always suggest them to eat somethings that they haven’t tried to give them new inspiration and life experiences. I can do something differently to bring joy to others. I support the organic farming so the environment and other life beings become better. My family is healthier than ever. I inspired my ex soulmate to change her diet into vegan. I inspired others to consciously eat healthier for life long. I am unique and I believe when I embrace my uniqueness and feel happy, I attract the better people come into my life. I do a favor to myself means that I do favor to the universe, it is because I know whenever I feel good is aligning with the universe. We are oneness.

    I think I don’t have any problem, I just don’t work in a regular job that most of the people or people around me including my loved one and family think I should have. I think I have problem with how people think of me. I care how they think of me instead of doing things that I love and enjoy the most. I care how other think means I am giving love to others because I care.

    The things that I love and enjoy the most is to experience life easy including hiking, reading, cooking and travel around to see different things. That being said, all of those that I love and enjoy need money as tool. I currently, literally, don’t see any much figures inside my bank account, instead, I have debit in my bank account. So the second problem may be settling money issue, that is settle debit and create more money. (I also trade my health for money e.g. I sleep late and surround myself with many chemicals in the kitchen. ) From the money spending style, I found myself very unique to myself because I follow my intuition and live in the moment, knowing that we can live well only for now not tomorrow or future. I let people around me seeing good things also in their every single moment life. I don’t follow the crowd in certain way so in contrast, I create new world. I come here to truly live my life purpose and mission. I am aligning with the universe all the times. I know how to be honest and love myself so the I can give more and more love to others. I believe in the universe so I do what I think I can do the best to serve the world.

    Q What do you feel are the negative parts personality?
    I feel depressed because I am not doing what I love to do the most to create money. I am trading my time, wasting my time to earn money. I am angry with myself that I haven’t created the life that I truly want that is doing what I love to earn money easily.

    Q What the highest exalted state of those very same negative behaviors or personality traits could be.
    yes, I am not doing things that I love the most to earn money and trade my time to earn money but the working schedule is flexible. In near 3 months, I have spent my time in the morning making vegan pastry to earn money. I created some new recipes and earn my money from few orders. Because of this work, I settled some debit and have some more money to use than before. The working place is on an small island with beautiful small habour that I can spend my break there and with good vibes sometimes. When I backed home, my parents especially my mum had already slept and I enjoy the whole silent house environment with myself.
    From doing what I don’t like the most to know that I can choose again for better life I want and never repeat again the process. That means I am going to create something very different from what I’ve done in the past and create new life I have ever had and become abundance and happy ever.

  10. I've always struggled to be positive in difficult times. Now I see why. How can I turn negative, catastrophic thinking into something positive?

  11. No offence but I find this contradictory, because youre saying if you're negative trait is to be a deviant pedophile then by your standards you are meant to amplify this and being it to the highest level.

  12. This is your best video. without a doubt. if you could make more of this kind it would be really cool! thank you for your great work

  13. In my first year discovering channel of Teal Swan.. i dont resonate well. Now its easy for me understand..Thank you for this healing technique.💕💖

  14. I cannot see ANY benefits of being lazy…or as I like to call it…" thinking smarter not working harder". Im SUCH a Pisces…maybe I should consult businesses on short cuts and tips to save money..

  15. I love you Mary no one on earth will ever change that. Someday… I can Express this unto you… body to body, breath to breath.

  16. This does not make any sense to me. My personal experience with self-help books and teaching are coming 60-70% of a times positively with new insights and perspectives which is expanding my view on some problems, however i find that i take from any self-help teaching the best out of it which suits me most, not everything 100%.. thats why i completely disagree with this topic on Teal Swan. And i know many more people who has greatly improved themselves with help of self-development.

  17. 💕Always so very unique and insightful 💕 I have just been blessed with receiving 6 sessions with a psychologist doing her practicum in The BONNY Music Method and as someone with hard-wired trauma I was amazed at the positive and easy flow of this therapy.

  18. My “problem” for years has been binge eating or overeating. Can someone pls help me find the positive in that? I am tired of waging war on that part of myself because it only leads to self hate

  19. those this me that you cant't change yourself, or be let say, more strategic in your life- etc kinder, more understanding, don't come late to work anymore ?

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