The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania

The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania

arfafgeg Up until the mid 90’s, if you’re openly gay in Albania you’ll be sent to prison. Our greek colleagues travelled to Albania and met with homosexuals who’ve suffered from bigotry and violence as a part of life in one of the Europe’s most homophobic countries. This is “Gay Albania”. I was starting this in a new formal group of around 4 or 5 girls in the beginning. But after 2 years then we with the support of many like international organizations with the help of civil right defenders, we had the possibility to open this center that has been like working as a outreach and support. There are these centers for mostly for young LGBT people from 18 to 25 years old. Most of people that frequent center for example had tried at least once to kill themselves. They think that the stigma is big like you are shaming the surname of the family you are shaming your family so it’s a question of honor. So I think that when we reach out to the families to make them understand that there is not “they” and “us”. Then we will have a victory in this country. We were lucky to have some stupid guys throwing some explosive I say we were lucky because it created a debate you know People for the first time saw that, yes, there is a problem with this people. There is a problem with this community because until that moment, everyone was saying “No one descriminates them” “Nothing goes wrong with them” “They can be in their home, inside their home and do whatever they want” But for the first time they saw this reaction from some part of the society. The year after that was a sunny day. And it was… They were around 80 or 90 people taking the bicycles. The problem here we have is to to implement to those. If you see the situation only by checking the laws, Albania is far more progressive than Greece. Do you think that the gay people are living better here than in Greece? I don’t think so. So the biggest challenge that the movement is facing right now in Albania is domestic violence and the reasons why we started to work with the shelter was exactly this one : “How are we going to address domestic violence ?” which is not reported to the police and which is hidden violence. What guys say about the club Yeah, it’s difficult to take it in Albania a club like that. Not because the LGBT life in Albania is dangerous but most of the guys there are younger and their family, maybe doesn’t know that they are LGBT community. I want to force the How to say… to make more stronger the transgender community. In the beginning when they came in my club I created a room for them to dress there. And now they are coming from their house, coming dressed like a woman. And this for me is a good thing because now they don’t have more fear like they had in the beginning you know.

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  1. Never Homosexuality in Albanian Land never!!!!! We will never allow this bullshit thanks god all albanians think so christians and muslims we will stay together and never allow this shit in our country. They can go to Canada if they want but not in your country we will not allow that some stupid idiots destroy our culture

  2. Nothing against people fucking in what hole they want … but i don’t like them doing parades i dont see a reason to go naked in the streets and yelling how proud you are being gay … nobody cares

  3. The problem is religion the exact same thing that causes every other war and discontentment around the world. Albania remains a deeply religious country, faith is part of the majority of people's daily life. Where as for example in the U.K. a very small percentage of people are religious very few attend a weekly church service let alone faith being a big part of daily life. When the U.K was a very Christian country and faith mattered a great deal, when its citizens could be considered practicing Christians, homosexuality was not accepted. As religion lost its appeal to many slowly it became acceptable to be openly Lesbian, Gay and transgender. Albania won't ever get to that place, as long as the country remains poor religion will always remain a high priority and of great importance. Many Albanians will always take the view it's one or the other religion or homosexuality you'll never be accepted as both.

  4. You send greeks to talk about albanias situation?? Whats next yall gonna ask north korea what america is like? Next time please go personally or send an albanian from albania or kosovo bitch

  5. Being gay is totally unnatural and this is not true that gays are born gay, they actually choose to be gay, they set their minds up for being gay.
    They should be respected as human being but not as gay.

  6. So much prejudism and discrimination from the religious group. So spiteful. They need to learn how to co-exist than to hate other people of different belief than theirs.

  7. Why can't gays respect society where homosexuality is not accepted! Do your private stuff at home then. It's like if i go to india and eat beef next to everyone.

  8. I had to laughe when he said we are for morality 😂. Albania need help to get out of the 1920‘s. (All balkans but especially Albania)

  9. Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic, your land is mostly mountainous and your chief export is chrome! You're a Communist republic. You're a Red Regime….

  10. That Murat Basha Guy is definitely a closet gayand he hates himself. The most homophobic people are usually homosexuals themselves.

  11. I’ve met some Albanian people , and every single one has a very sad past , I feel so bad , how can this people suffer so much …… some from war , poverty , rape , so many things they have told me breaks my heart 😢

  12. It's disgusting how the world want to diffuse this society's cancer in Albania and Kosovo,how the world want to destroy the Albanians moral and families. Pfff…we have other problems,we don't need another like that. 🤮

  13. im Albanian and I went there and tourists only visit the capital, most of the other towns live in poverty and can barely feed there Children.

  14. Being homosexual is okay, but being a crossdresser not.

    Also a Greek talking shit about homophobic countries? What fucking hypcrites, ironically Greece is the literally the MOST RAMBLING HOMOPHOBIC country in Europe by far. Take a look at Greek verbal assaults on homosexuals by Greeks and the gruesome hatred and fear of them and compare it with Albanian tame homophobia. It's WORSE since Greeks are schizophrenic-tending and psychotocally incapable of introspection.

    Have you ever you foreigners TRANSLATED any Greek YouTube comments? Greeks are fucking autistic and messed up. Honestly they are the LAST SHAKEN-MINDED that should be fit to talk about the homophobia in Albania. Also who is that hysterical miserable psychoneurotic bitch with that pompous snobbish voice in the background overpronuncing words?

  15. Praying for the lgbt community in this country to be well and safe.Today,tommorow and the rest of the coming years. 🌈 you are all loved .

  16. First the parades, then the sleazy mags, then the decadent clubs, then the drag queen story hours, then the men winning women's sports. Who can blame these people for complaining? They've seen how it's always gone in other countries.

  17. Religion is the worst thing ever happened to human kind. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. It's natural.This is just who we are and I have never seen an LGBTQ+ harms anyone because they are LGBTQ+. But homophobia ruins the lives of millions. Homophobes have no right to ruin our lives.

  18. Woooow a doc about albania by greeks is like a doc abaout amerika from russia, of course they try to put them in a bad light. Sry but take some neutral ppl

  19. If you wanna be gay Be gay but keep it to yourself now you want to go to church where you don’t belong there have your own worship place I don’t know what would you call it but …
    Keep it to yourself why are you coming in the streets of Tirana to say what ? What do you expect Albanians to say? Aw well done yeah go on? Bullshit keep it on your home nobody cares pse e Qi bithen Ti …po edhe ata qe u ngacmojne juve legena jane …
    Un jam kunder faktit qe juve te sulmoheni etj etj por Jetoni Jeten tuj ..asnjeri nuk iu ngacmon..

  20. I love that a particular religion can allow the marriage of adult men to children, the rape of children (as long as they're a stranger), take multiple wives, rape women who they deem unsuitably dressed and spend no time or energy exposing extremist killers within their ranks, but believe they can say ANYTHING about how anyone else lives their lives. Oh, don't worry, eventually you'll be next.

  21. I'm sorry but any man who is so worried about what the next man is doing in his bedroom is GAY. Homophobes are self-hating gays or bisexuals/curious people in the closet.

  22. Homophobic is the wrong word. Phobia is fear.
    To say you’re against homosexuality doesn’t mean you fear it. It just means you don’t agree with or accept it as normal. Murat is right.


  24. on peut remarquer que la grande majorité des homophobes sont musulmans, avoir un enfant gay c'est le honte le déshonneur de la famille, mais le vol ,être un assassin ça n'est pas une honte ???? c'est bien pire, ces muslims avancent avec des oeillères, sans pouvoir faire un retour sur eux mêmes et savoir ce qu'ils devraient faire dans un tel cas!!!! mais comme la société condamne, alors on ne va pas plus loinon condamnent, ce sont des damnés ,des satans, et peut être qu'un jour ,ne vont ils pas subir ce sort dans une réincarnation…. La bible dit ; aimes ton prochain ,comme tu t'aimes toi même, on a pas choisit d'être gay ,qd ces abrutis d'homophobes vont ils le comprendre !!!!!

  25. I have no words for this. This just breaks my heart. I will never be able to understand this kind of unfounded hatred and ignorance towards others and denying them all dignity, human rights, civil rights, etc. whilst demanding every right for your entitled self. This is the total opposite of humanity. You’d think that abject poverty, corruption, nationalism, drugs, mafia and illiteracy would be far bigger problems than the LGBTQI-community.

  26. Im Albanian but when I saw the Muslims protesting that make me mad because Albania it’s not a muslim country and get the fuck of the streets let peope do whatever they want

  27. i love the homeless trasgender she was so iconic, i hope her life gets better <33 she deserves comfort and happiness like everyone else and it makes me so angry that beautiful people suffer at the hands of hatred

  28. Albania is the only Muslim European country, that is why it is like this, I know because I am gay and I grew up in a Muslim country.

  29. Unless you are spoon feeding me the food that makes me shit you have no opinion as to how I live my life (or anyone elses for that matter) and Muslims are not in a position to comment they know what it is like to be persecuted yet they are there doing it to others? Seriously Wtf

  30. Fallow Sheria law throw them of the highest building of the city. That's justice according to the law of God. I'm thankful I'm Muslim Albanian

  31. Can someone tell me how it is to be gay in Greece? I would have guessed it’s the same as Albania but they sent their greek reporters to albania so I guess there is a difference?

  32. As a bi and albanian… This fucking disgusts me.
    I truly hope these muslim-majority ruling people will be sent to jail/locked up. We do Not want or need them. If you want to be mUsLiM extremist/homophobe/bigot move to Saudi. 🙄

  33. I wish there's a planet where LGBTQ++ will live perfectly normal lives as other the straight people does… And not mix with their tribe, so that no debates will happens and everyone lives happily ever after….

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