The Supreme Leader Will See You Now

The Supreme Leader Will See You Now

Love, respect, admiration. It’s my whole world; as it should be. I am wealthy; I am powerful; I provide; I invent; and I lead. For those who believe in me, I am like a god to them.
I am one of the most important men in history! Guess Who? Their life from beginning to present. I was born on January 8, 1984. My grandfather was still in charge of the family “business”, and my father would soon take over. As for myself? I was my father’s third youngest son out of seven in total. So my path to the head of this family was never going to be easy. In 1998, I left home to attend school in Switzerland. I was an awkward boy, I admit
Too shy to talk to the girls around me. Not that they deserved my time, anyway. The lessons were difficult,
but they were also unnecessary. I failed Natural Sciences.
Ah, if only those stupid teachers could see me now. Even back then,
those around me understood my greatness. I was the best basketball player in my class, I had the funniest sense of humor, and I had my own entourage. Power seems to naturally revolve
around powerful people. It was only a matter of time before I earned my birthright—the family business. I returned home from military school with my older brother. My oldest brother, had been groomed since birth to take over the business. when he [my father] was gone.
But my oldest brother was pathetic. He did not share the family’s values—he wanted to change the system, to reform our ways. The last straw was when he tried to sneak away from home on a fake passport, flying to Tokyo to visit Disneyland.
Disneyland! Can you believe it? When my father found out, the idiot was rightfully banned from ever coming back home. So, so weak. And then there was my other brother.
Nice, sweet, kind-hearted. But kindness is weakness. He had flown around the world—the UK, Germany, Singapore—just to watch his favorite musician. An American capitalist, Eric Clapton.
My father ridiculed him for his feminine tastes. He could never take over the empire
my grandfather and father had built. It was always going to be me. My father passed away from a heart attack on December 17, 2011. I was only 27 when I inherited everything—the money, the military, the power, the admiration of our people. Neither of my older brothers could handle this responsibility, this, this supremacy. I was the prophecy fulfilled, the destiny written in the stars. I would lead my people to greatness. And myself?
I would become immortal. Since then, I have done everything in my power to remain in my position. They are everywhere—those who would rather see me dead than live another day. From my uncle to my eldest brother, I have had all of them dealt with. Hungry dogs, fatal poison, execution you name it. The richest countries in the world bow before my strength, my threats, my power. Some call me insane, but still,
they refuse to act, out of fear of what I can do. Don’t get me wrong; I am a simple man. I smoke Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes, I drink Johnny Walker, and I play Super Mario Brothers. I have even met my greatest hero—
Dennis Rodman, the Chicago Bulls icon. But I am a simple man with one goal in mind: To keep my people safe from the clutches of 21st century capitalism. The world is a filthy, nasty place, driven by American capitalist greed and desire. The family business I inherited?
The North Korean Empire. And if I must launch my entire nuclear arsenal to protect my people from the plague of the modern world. then so be it. Test me. See if I won’t pull the trigger. Because I guarantee you, I will. They will remember me as a God. I am Kim Jong-Un. In recent news, U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. have been having a media war with both sides threatening one another with their nuclear arsenals. Do you think WWIII is days away? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, let us know by sharing and liking to our page.

100 thoughts on “The Supreme Leader Will See You Now

  1. I knew it was Kim-Jong-Un From the WORD
    As I was saying I knew him from the word Switzerland and God heck even the first word in this video

  2. The minute I saw “supreme leader” I knew it was the supreme leader who brags about his nuclear weapons

    And yes, you can’t lead without kindness, coldness ruins everything

  3. At 0:19 picture cleared. This man has same mentality which earlier chinese leaders mao tse tung like had. Everyone knows great famine of china where they destroyed farms for iron industries. And in Great famine of China more than 20 million people died. Greatest number ever.

  4. I don't think the people living there would like to hear about WWIII. Today the world itself has changed in such a way that they would try to avoid such things. In the upcoming future, I don't think that it would have even 1% chance to occur. The leaders are joining hands.

  5. WWIII is coming soon very soon. If these 2 leaders don't find peace and get along they will end life's becuz of a stupid wanna be title.

  6. So I’m a American and I think that Kim jong un is wrong because I did a lot of research in school and America is not just a food and shopping loving country see America is free and North Korea is not so free so in my opinion I think Kim jong un should get to know America before talking about it

  7. Anyone's who's sleeping with different ppl are setting themselves up for a gift you can't get rid of I.e, syphilis and HPV and some can cause blindness, sterility,cancer, even spreading to the brain.
    Our Lord set us here to have one mate, for a lifetime.Be obedient and I can't stress enough how many ppl lives you're playing with including myself.

  8. If WW3 breaks out and North Korea loses (which is very likely) Kim Jong Un will probably be the next Hitler.

    A (*insert anti-social personality disorder here) short man with a silly (*insert customisable bodypart here) who (*insert personality trait that is frowned upon here) and (*insert action that is frowned upon here)

    History is so easy to predict! 🙄🙄🙄

  9. Yeah because you have North Korean puppets.If I cut those strings and made every North Korean against you you have no hope and it’s just you and your fam vs the whole earth.Look one day the North Korean people are gonna stop praising you even your guards are gonna betray you one day and I will make sure I lower your reputation when that happens so you won’t form another colony

  10. the only that you probably fear going against is america north korea all the rich countries bow to me
    america : hold my beer

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