The Transcendent Return of Kevin – Real-Time Fandub – Steven Universe Kevin Party

The Transcendent Return of Kevin – Real-Time Fandub – Steven Universe Kevin Party

Kevin: Sup Steven, it’s me. Hey, don’t you just walk away from me like that! Steven: I don’t like you Kevin: I… well you know what the feeling’s mutual! You son of a heck! Steven: Wait wait! Where are we suppose to be going? You didn’t specify! Kevin: We’re going to the sky! We’re gonna fly today! Well then take this. It’s a fly calculator. Steven: It says you’re a fly. Kevin: My uncle made it to tell me who
I am and what I should be in my life… and it says “fly” on it. [drives off like a THOT] Kevin: Whoa Steven you came! Steven: You’re looking pretty fly…….. You get it?! Kevin: I don’t appreciate that, that’s that’s very rude. Steven: I have a bag! Kevin: Gimme that. No bags are allowed in the Kevin flying ceremony(!) It’s supposed to be a pure experience. Steven: That’s Lion! Can I have Lion back now, please? Kevin: Only if you stop “lion” around. Steven: That wasn’t very funny Kevin. Steven: Wait, that’s Connie(!) Connie: (chuckle) Steven: Can I have Connie back, please? Kevin: We’re gonna go and talk to her and you’re
gonna talk to her and I’m not gonna talk to her. I’m gonna stand behind while you talk to her! Do you like beets Steven? I tried to
make my face red to look like a beet. How do you feel about radishes, Steven? I think they’re pretty neat myself, but
I’m always down for more opinions. Steven: Do you just have an obsession with red vegetables? Kevin: You wouldn’t understand you piece of shit garbage. Sorry for exploding like that, I had to get my jacket. Steven: It’s okay. Kevin: Whoa whoa, I just felt compelled to give you my scarf!! Steven: Did you just try to kill that guy?! Penny: (laughing in the background) Kevin: Mh, mh! I’m a dancin’ man! Mh, yeah!
(Charley plays “Sandstorm” by Darude with a kazoo in the background) So what do you think, Steven? Think you’re
enlightened enough for Connie now? Steven: I am ready!!! Kevin: No! You’re never ready. That’s
what true enlightenment is. Understanding that we as humans are limited
in a world and universe full of limitless potential. Steven: Why do you say things like that? Kevin: We are mortal, and thus we can only understand
a specific percentage of what there is to know. Steven: Percentage! I underst- what? Connie: Oh! Steven! Steven: Eeyyy, baabe. Connie: Wh- Why are you talking like that? Steven: Kevin taught me to; it’s transcendent. Connie: No, transcending is… Steven: Is what Kevin doe- wait… That
doesn’t sound correct, you’re right. Connie: Steven! What the heck are you
doing?! You just come over here; you’re not even talking to me with your third eye?! I’ll come back when you’ve actually
ascended to… beyond the mortal plane. Steven: Okay, bye Connie! Kevin: She doesn’t have time for any human pleasantries like “goodbye”, “hello”, “how’s your dad doing?”, “I miss you son”! Stuff like that doesn’t matter! Steven: Kevin! You need help! Connie: I’m probab- Oh, I AM still talking, sorry. Well, that’s what happens when
your third eye isn’t opened. Steven: I don’t know how to take this off. So, uh, I’m going to need
some help with that before I could be someone that I AM,
instead of someone that I’m NOT? And the scarf doesn’t tie around, I just slid it down! Connie: But I can help you, I’m
good at removing clothes. My mom taught me because she’s a
doctor and that’s all that doctors do — take peoples’ clothes off. Steven: I’m not gonna make
any jokes in response to that(!) ‘Cause I’m 14 and you’re 12 and
that’d be weird. Connie: Heh, yeah. Kevin: Somethin’ about enlightenment!
I’m gonna go fly everybody! Guy in the background: Yaaay. Kevin: You! Come with me — be my steed. Steven: That’s the OPPOSITE of flying! Kevin: Oh, you’re SO funny. Connie: Our steed is Jesus, so he can walk on water. Guy in the background: Right wait- Kevin: Wait! Guy in pool: Hu-huh, you Scooby-Doo lookin’ fuck! Kevin: I didn’t deserve this this episode. ♪ Charley: We got Werewolf Kevin shirts available
at ♪

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  1. Oh dang
    I'm not even that early
    How are there only 6 comments when this was posted 2 hours ago
    Also I just realized Connie was short as hell in this episode like

  2. It's Kevin Time!
    C'mon, grab your friends,
    We're going to very distant lands
    Kevin the Spencer and Stevonie the Hot Topic
    It's better than Chadtropic
    It's Kevin Time!

    i need counselling

  3. ´´How´s your dad doing,I miss your son,stuff like that dosent mathers´´ we legit leanring a lot about kevin huh

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