The TRUTH About TRAUMA?! |  PTSD, CPTSD, OSDD and Dissociative Identity Disorder

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  1. One time I commented something about my PTSD and DID, and someone literally replied 'What is your trauma?'
    I just didn't respond because I don't know how to say please don't ask me.😕

  2. Hello! I wanted to ask if you have done a video on that one therapy for DID that 'merges' some alters together? i'm really curious about if that's something that people with DID want or if it's even healthy or how it works! Thank you!!

  3. Thank you so much for acknowledging CPTSD you are the first youtuber who does stuff on mental illness who I’ve watched who’s mentioned CPTSD I honestly don’t understand my diagnosis all I understand is that it was caused from multiple traumas it’s kinda scary

  4. thank you Chloe so much for this channel educating thousands and thousands of people about DID and how it affects us. God bless you.

  5. This video is so important! I never knew how to explain my flashbacks and what happens when I get triggered. This will 100% be the video I'll use to explain it to people who I can't / won't be open with about trauma. Thank you.

  6. so, if someone say had a recent trauma, how would they know if they had something like PTSD? Like, how long would it take before you know you have something like that? And another thing. So say you don't remember your childhood at all and there was trauma then, could you develop DID without even knowing it? Or knowing you have it but not know why? Like what if a recent trauma caused someone to forget past trauma even more then the brain blocking it?

  7. So to my understanding, the alters are created to deal with the trauma that happened to the host/body as a child? So does that mean that the host knows that they have trauma, but they don’t know what it is? Sorry if this to much. You don’t have to answer if your not comfortable. Much love, Dani

  8. I had to pause the video at about 5:25 because WHAT DO YOU MEAN RELIVING PHYSICAL TOUCH IS PART OF PTSD?! I literally thought that’s just how my memory worked. What the ever loving frack. I’m getting really pissed at my past therapists for not explaining anything to me at all! Except that having an “exit plan” for life was indeed NOT normal. Even if it helped me to not actually kill my self. Glad I have a decent therapist now that wants to help me process and heal even if it hurts.

  9. Hello DISSOCIADID, I would like to confess something. Again. Because I'm dumb and accidentally deleted my own comment like the doofus I am.
    So, I recently discovered that my friend has DID. And when I say recent I mean like, within the past week. Before this, around five months ago or so, perhaps even longer, I stumbled across your channel and began to binge (and through you, the Pinata System's channel). I just have to say, thank you so much. All of you, for creating this amazing channel and informative content. Because of you and all that you're doing, all of your amazing work to erase the stigma around DID and inform people about what DID is about, I was and am now able to give my friend(s) a safe and welcoming environment to just be.. Themselves. And I am so, so happy to be able to give them that. I have no idea what hell they've gone through and I will not bother asking (as their prime protector would probably be quite angry and I don't want to trigger memories), but I'm happy that I have the ability to say I have the knowledge to stay by them and be their friend. Thank you so much for this channel, thank you so much for this information, and I'll be a constant viewer from here on out.

    With thanks and a hope to one day send gifts, Ripples once again.
    Edit: P.S. I wish I could say this made me subscribe, but one can't subscribe to a channel that they've already subscribed and rang the bell to huh?

  10. I have a best friend of 5 years and I've always joked with her that she has 3 different version of her
    After watching your videos I'm starting to realize maybe it's not so much of a joke. She just turned 23 and I know shed tell me if she had this so I'm starting to wonder. If you ever have time to answer me, what would be the best way to approach her with this? It's fine if she hasn't told me but I don't think she knows or maybe she kinda does but doesn't know what it is? I'm not a doctor but she really does have very obvious different versions of her and memory loss.

  11. I need send help, one of our alters who ages regularly just reached 13 she wants to get her own social media. She is a trauma-holder, and we're all worried about what she'll see on a social media. Does anyone have experience on this topic?

  12. This reminds me of that one time where I was dizzy from the heat of the sun and felt unmotivated to play tennis during P.E. so I sat down in the shade to take a break after half an hour of playing. Then these two girls (I've only ever had a real conversation with them once or twice) came up to me and asked me "Hey sorry to bother you but are you being abused by your parents?" I was pretty dazed at the time so I just responded with a "Wait… what?" According to them it was because I looked "depressed" and I never talked to any of the other kids in class (which was because I didn't know any of them that well). Thankfully I was saved by the bell and they ended the conversation with "If you ever need help please talk to us…" I avoided them like the plague for the rest of the week after that. First of all, no I am not being abused by my parents??? Second of all, even if I was I wouldn't tell you something so personal because I barely know you???

  13. AS mentioned, for a person to develop DID the trauma happened before 7-9. So, does the alters starts showing right after, for an example around age 10-12? or they can show later on in life like age 20 – 21?

    By the way, i discover you channel after trying to understand DID since recently one of my favorite K-idol just start recovering from DID. i got super shocked cuz didn't know she was going through something. and so, i wanted to learn about DID so bad i deep dive. xD

    Chloe, and all the alters your videos are great!! i learned a lot. Lover you guys!! ❤️

  14. this might be a strange question, is there an opposite to this? where someone is overly eager to share trauma but it crosses my boundaries? because this has happened in my past :/

  15. I got PTSD from Kindergarten and I always hate it when ppl laugh at that. So I always say, "U wouldn't be laughing if I got PTSD from rape. So why r u laughing at this? It's not fucking funny. It seriously affects me and I don't appreciate ur disrespect." That always shuts them up…

  16. I've been told by people that I couldn't possibly have PTSD (even though it is my diagnosis) because of the nature of my trauma and the manifestation of my symptoms. Thank you for sending this message out.

  17. Beautifully said. I have PTSD and I'm still processing the trauma4 years after leaving the abuses. My brain made me forget a lot and now that I've been able to heal a bit, some things have resurfaced. I still can't handle some touch – it immediately makes time irrelevant and next thing I know it's 2014-15. It's exhausting like I've been running for my life.

  18. Thank you so much for being an educating voice on this important topic. I have a question, if it’s not too personal, about babies within systems. I know that infants can exist as kitties thanks to one of the entropy system’s videos, but can two alters who are in a relationship have a baby? And does that baby become an alter and grow as babies on the outside world do, or might it age slide or stay at the same infantile age?

  19. Chloe, you explain things so well! Your explanation about PTSD and symptoms was REALLY good. I agree that it would be so cool for you to do a Ted Talk!

  20. two times i had a panic attack and flashback in college due to the class talking in detail about abuse. one time a classmate was really nice. she guided me to the bathroom and helped me get some water. she didn’t touch me and was very supportive. no students commented on it aside from my teacher who asked if i was okay after class and a student who apologized for triggering me.

    the other time a teacher touched me while i was in the middle of my panic attack (please don’t do that btw! its very scary and in my case it was painful). afterwards a classmate said i was behaving weird and asked why i did that. i explained i had ptsd and it was a panic attack and then she asked what my trauma was. i told her that was really personal and i don’t normally share that with people. i’m still shocked she asked that. sometimes i want to go back in time and tell her what happened because i wonder how she’d react. people who ask about trauma often have no clue what it is. they don’t understand just how intense and scary it can be and don’t know what they’re asking for. i think its interesting how contrasting those two experiences are

  21. This is amazing I've got PSTD and I couldn't even explain it as well as you just did, half of the reason my PSTD was so bad at one point was coz I didn't understand what was happening I'm sure this video will help people so much.
    It can be so sereal and trippy, it wasn't till I went to theropy and I realised my trauma was effecting every part of my life and realtionships and I hadn't processed my trauma as I hate being a victim and I hate admitting bad stuff happened to me. I use to have night terrors and dissociation so often and I didn't even realise this was a condition and didn't even link it to my trauma it can be so trippy and disorientating. Since having theropy and understanding my brain and processing my trauma I am such a happier person and my realtionship with people and the world is so much better and I rarely have night terrors after having them atlest once a week for 5 years.

  22. I have been looking for a way to comment and this video gave me some inspiration which became an entry in my journal. This is it:

    I’m a kintsuki bowl. Shattered and then mended with urushi and gold. We live with our angels AND our demons. Part of the experience of trauma is loosing oneself in struggles and pain and coming out of it fragmented. Those fragments may integrate and become an inventory of strategies with which you navigate social situations and sometimes a fragment becomes its own self in the community of your mind, especially when the trauma is part of your very early experience. You don’t need to remember that trauma, but you fragment and rejoin either as an individual with a playbook of strategies or as a community of individuals who rise to the occasion as appropriate. Most likely you become both. This is the kintsuki bowl. The beauty of the bowl is that it’s experience becomes its beauty. The lines of gold that hold it together make it unique and the fragments form a glowing testimony to the resilience of the human mind.

    Thanks for this video. It carries great meaning for me.

  23. One of my really good friends from years back who I now only see a couple times a year because I moved to another city recently told me about her trauma and also told me that I'm the first one to know. She doesn't like talking about it but she told me about her dissociation and because I'm very much into psychology I asked her if she deals with trauma which she then went into detail with although she says that she suppressed a lot of memories and therefore doesn't really remember. I'm now trying to educate myself even further on C-PTSD and dissociation. Though she doesn't have DID she struggles a lot with dissociation. Looking back it makes so much sense that she has C-PTSD and in hindsight I don't understand how it didn't occur to me that she could suffer from PTSD as she has told me about the symptoms or at least alluded to them. Maybe it would have saved her a lot of confusion why she feels the way she feels. The only reason she found out is because she described her symptoms of depersonalisation and dissociative amnesia to an occupational therapist she met who happened to be specialist for trauma as well.

  24. I have this friend who keeps making hints and remarks about her trauma. She often mentions that she has one and says things like “people say I should talk, but I don’t want to go to court again” or “almost everything that happened to this author also happened to me” (then tells me the author) … I don’t know why she does this because I know she doesn’t want to talk about it. Or does she? Because sometimes I feel like she needs to, subconsciously. Should I encourage her or just ignore it?

  25. So my husband has DID but only has one Alter, they are constantly co-concious and share memories freely. Their theory is that their trauma was mild and gradual and that's why they function this way and they don't really consider themselves to have PTSD. I'm always on the lookout for people with DID because I hope to find someone with a similar small system to further my understanding of DID as a spectrum of a coping mechanism.

  26. I definitely have experienced trauma in the way that… I overshare. I overshare constantly. I talk about it over and over and over again because it just won't go away, it's constant.
    But, despite my oversharing tendancies, people have had bad reactions to my trauma, calling me a liar and basically attacking me for thinking I am making this up and only causing more trauma surrounding the subject.
    So that's another reason why you shouldn't bring it up.

  27. It's a therapist's job. They have to go with their patient into their brain and figure stuff out. Not for random people to bring up!!

  28. it’s so validating to hear that any kind of trauma is valid enough to cause extremely stress, I’ve not been diagnosed officially by a doctor with a traumatic stress disorder, because they say it’s valid that I have flashbacks all the time, but the situations I’m describing are not “bad enough” (mind you those situations happened again and again on different occasions all throughout my life since childhood on a daily basis, and I probably have been already dealing as a child with emotional regulation problems), which basically means they’re not valid enough to get treatment that is specific for trauma. I’m not judging the doctors here, because I live in a country that if you’re not disabled you have to be drafted by the army and we have a lot of people who have war PTSD, so of course that traumas like mine that are more “casual” looking doesn’t sound as bad as a trauma of someone who got bombed or seen a massive amount of dead people…. but it sucks to be untreated and feel like I’m taking my “bad memories” too seriously, even tho I never experienced them as memories at the time…

  29. Has anyone had an experience of remembering objectively that a traumatic experience happened, but not remembering it as traumatic? Like, looking back, your memory goes "birthday party, first bike, trauma, report card, vacation…." And even though you objectively know it as bad, you don't realize that it was traumatic? I'm only just realizing that I've been having emotional flashbacks for years and years, and now I think my brain has stopped closing itself off and I'm starting to get something more vivid, closer to "real" flashbacks. I'd really like to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar, because from my reading, it seems rather atypical.

  30. I have a question, but it isn't related to this video. When you're in the head space, are you in a house with the other alters that are also in the headspace?

  31. Wow, i didn't realize that what i was experiencing actually had a name … a flashback. Thankyou so much for talking about this!

  32. several events in my life are like snowballs 1,2,3,4… Or more it does change you. Chronic health and trying to cope, ptsd of others actions, the loss of a loved one.. it's a daily struggle but I've never really had an issue talking about certain life events of mine. I guess because I always wanted to let people know that they aren't alone. That these things happen and that someone else out there understands.

  33. Thank you so much for explaining PTSD and reasons why triggers can happen. I was in a very traumatic experience a few years ago and after that I would explain to my friends how I'd have "flashbacks" of that event. Its the only word i could think of to discribe the feeling. They didnt understand until one of my friends saw it firsthand, one tirgger for me was walking through a doorway or walking under something. I do not know why that was a trigger for me but it was. I remember taking my dog for a walk and suddenly I felt it. I started freaking out and had to stop walking, started crying, frantically looking around us, I begged my friend to tell me what happened not even 5 minutes ago and if id been there the whole time. He helped me up and helped me get back inside while telling me everything was okay and he was there so I was safe. He was very shocked and honestly had no idea what to do but handled it very well. He informed my mom and a few others friends I had over, I saw a doctor who informed me what i was describing sounded like ptsd and reccomended I get counseling to help me. I never fully understood what was happening to me or why it happened to me, but im in a much better place now and I'm so happy you're sheding light on subjects most people won't talk about and giving people courage to reach out.

  34. In addition to the effects on the survivor, divulging the details of extreme trauma can be traumatic to the listener, as well.

  35. I have cptsd and I hate when people ask about my trauma. But I get forced to answer that question due to other factors in my life. And it makes it so much harder to deal with.

  36. Is there a generally safe/acceptable way to ask someone what their triggers are? In the context of wanting to avoid them as much as possible. I'm never sure how to say it without sounding patronizing which is the exact opposite of what I mean to do.

  37. You are a gorgeous person and any trauma you or anybody experienced doesn't define you, you're right! Hope you guys have an amazing day ^^

  38. I've once read a book that was basically an autobiography of a woman that took around 30 years before being diagnosed with DID and right at the beginning of the book, it states that, for privacy reasons, all of the names were altered (including hers, obviously).

    When I found your channel, it reminded me of that book and why privacy can be so important. As much as she might've wanted to share her story to alert people and show the horrible things that can go unnoticed, she doesn't want people going after her to ask intrusive questions. And I imagine that, as much as you're here to educate us, you're not here to be bringing up those memories and putting yourself in bad places for the sake of internet curiosity.

    I'm glad for this video. I had been worried about people not really thinking through before asking you something like this, so I hope this helps anyone anywhere think twice before asking about trauma to anyone they meet.

    I'm baffled by how articulated you are, even with difficult topics like this. You're a great teacher. Keep taking care of yourself, you're amazing.

  39. I don't know if I'm the only one but I feel so protected when I watch this videos, maybe it's strange, but I really feel like there is someone that's can understand me and that's is spreading information that can help a lot of people to understand.
    I don't know but I really feel like she's helping me a lot, probabily it's silly but I feel good watching her videos. ❤️

  40. The way you explain things is honestly so comforting. You have an energy about you that's like a really really good and close friend. Not sure how to explain it further. But appreciate it in general and for own struggles and trying to sort things out. 
    You help even more than you know.. ♡
    Thank you for being here for others especially those who are alone and confused, or even just lost. 
    You're that light in the darkness that helps reassure not everything is purely dark after all. 
    You make sense of things.. Haven't even asked but after hearing it, confirmed it needed to be known. Immense gratitude! ♡ So amazing.
    Really needed to know so much of this because everyone should, to understand, but the timing.. 
    The timing in itself is comforting/reassuring. 
    Thank you and wishing you the best!
    This helps with understanding overall, indeed ♡

  41. It's normal to be curious but definitely not ok to outright ask about it. I take it as a huge honor to be trusted enough to be confided in if they decide to talk to me about it.

  42. I have memory loss about an expérience i had. Its light memory loss, i forgot names of places and of people related to that event, and i don't have ptsd. I'm terrified by the possibility that someone could use the names i forgot in front of me, i dont know how i would react. It didnt happen because i'm not really social so im usually alone, and also because they aren't names that we hear everyday like Paris, Europe, etc. I get goosebumps when i hear some words and names already, i dont know what will happen with the words i forgot.

  43. Thank you so much
    I can't watch it to the end bc i'm already a little triggered but i'm very thankful that you speak about that topic

  44. Just wondering, anyone can answer. But can DID develop if the trauma or abuse comes from yourself? Like if you're constantly putting yourself down or mentally and emotionally abusing yourself.

  45. Also, I've found so many people say "get over it, it couldn't have been that bad, plus its been years, grow up". This is not okay, if someone trusts you enough to share their trauma with you, DO NOT tell them their trauma isn't "that bad" everyone is effected by things differently, you weren't in their exact same position, so you can't say if it's justified or nor

  46. Thank you for this incredible explanation. You are amazing and the channel you’ve created is brilliant and so educational.

  47. Wow, yet again, another FANTASTICALLY done video & SO well said!! 👏👍 I haven't heard ANYONE in my life (incl professionals like psychiatrists etc) describe these topics this clearly & straightforward. I'm endlessly impressed by how smart, strong, kind & amazing u are DissociaDID! 💖💜💖

  48. Well said! NO ONE is "entitled" to know deeply personal information, particularly such painful stuff to think about and talk about, just cuz they ask! It's the epitome of arrogance to assume they do!

  49. Thank you so very much for this information. You've helped me understand myself better. And hopefully (as a mother) I can help my children and others that struggle.

  50. My partner has PTSD. I have been with him through nearly seven years of violent flashbacks, self destructive behaviors, and black outs where I spoke with "another him" (dont know if it's an alter or not). I still dont know everything he has been through but that doesn't matter. He isn't here because of his traumas but inspite of them. I always tell him he can tell me when he is ready or not at all, it's okay. I love him.

  51. I don’t need you to validate your disorder to me….. I just want to hear about the crazy shit that happened to do this to you
    I’ve heard about satanic cult shit
    That’s fucking nuts but also interesting

  52. Hi DissociaDID System 🙂

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos and the vulnerable position you all put yourselves in to raise awareness for DID. I would be so grateful if you would consider sharing your opinions on this question, however, I absolutely understand if you would rather not. As a healthcare provider, I have read diagnostic guidelines and such for DID, but proper interview etiquette is rarely if ever discussed. I work in general medicine, not psychiatry, so I have no personal experience working with individuals who have DID. I've scoured the internet and journals trying to find suggestions on how to conduct general health interviews in patients with DID but haven't turned up much material specifically pertaining to my question. I have read materials such as the guidelines for treatment from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, and the mayo clinic website for what patients should expect from doctors when they are being worked up for DID, but not much from the other way around. Mostly I am concerned about seeing my patient and calling them by the wrong name or gender pronoun; is there a right/wrong way to politely ask whom you are speaking with? If you have any other concerns that you wish healthcare providers knew I would absolutely love to incorporate your suggestions into my daily practice.
    Again, thank you so much for the content you create. You speak so eloquently and have done so much for the destigmatization of DID and education on topics pertaining to DID. Your thoughts and opinions resonate with me and I am so happy and grateful that you have shared your personal experiences.

  53. In our system we have one alter who knows every detail with our trauma and a few others who know some details. I am lucky enough to have amnesia surrounding my trauma but I hate seeing Avery (main keeper of trauma) having to deal with it. He blames himself. Avery doesn't talk to others but he really enjoys seeing your videos. Thank you for your videos 🙂

  54. I have ptsd from when I was very young (along the age of 1/2) I was adopted from russia because my birthparents left my sister and I on the road. It doesn’t hurt to talk about what happened, when certain things happen I do get into that flight or fight mode . I just get more strong and I can’t control it. I still don’t know how to cope with it since I don’t know anyone who is adopted or has ptsd. it gets really hard at times and when I found your channel it helped me to know it’s fine to be sad. Or to know that If whatever it is still hurts you that’s ok too. Thank all of you for what you all do .

  55. Hey. I was just wondering what's the difference between DID, BPD, OSDD-1a and OSDD-1b? By the way great explanation video. I've now really gotten a better understanding of what PTSD is and how it affects people.

  56. A lot of people say the best way to get though life is to laugh at yourself.
    In no way do I think it’s acceptable to make humor about trauma. I do wonder if you’re able to laugh at jokes that could be simple and playful in nature towards facts about DID as a whole?
    Before this video began, the advertisement was for a phone plan.
    They stated that with their phone plan, switching it’s easier than ever.
    I found this to be humorous in relation to the content you post, though with more thought it did make me wonder how your system may feel about light hearted humor related to DID.

  57. ‘You are as wholly yourself as you would have been if you had never experienced a trauma’ – I needed to hear both this and the last quote by the entropy system tonight. Thank you.

  58. I also think it's very interesting that very young children can experience PTSD from trauma they experienced as an infant. They don't remember the event and probably never will be able to remember the event, but the feeling and the fear remain.

  59. My mother has post traumatic stress amnesia, and since she told me I haven't once asked about her trauma because I know it could trigger something. I understand the curiosity but it really is never okay to subject someone to reliving the worst times of their life just because you're interested to know.

  60. Sometimes I think I'm dissociating due to my PTSD but I'm not sure-
    When I "dissociate" I just go numb and i don't feel anything it's like being intensely zoned out and I'm just out of it? I don't do anything like at all and I think it's just my brain taking a break from emotion and physically doing anything but I'm still me if that makes sense??

  61. Oh goodness thank you! No one can say it enough. I hate having someone overhear me telling a close friend that I had a flashback (PTSD) and people butting in asking me why

  62. With ANY health condition or disability…weather it be mental or physical…

    (P.S…Sorry for the caps, but it's important and then half-way through I didn't know when to stop using caps and then it was too late to rewrite everything 🤪)…IS'T OK TO NOT CONSTANTLY ASK WHAT IS GOING ON!…IT IS OK TO NOT ASSUME IT'S INVALID AND NEEDED TO BE PROVED TO PEOPLE!…IT'S OK TO NOT NEED A "DISPLAY" OR "REASON" IN ORDER TO FINALLY TAKE SOMEONE SERIOUSLY!…




  63. I'm diagnosed with CPTSD and DID, besides a bunch of other diagnoses that I don't want to talk about, and what I hate the most besides being asked what my trauma is, is when people try to talk my trauma down after I told them about it. A friend of mine whom I actually really like as a friend tends to say that my PTSD is no reason to act certain ways etc and I don't know how to tell him that it actually DOES have an impact on the way i behave. I tried to explain the science behind it so many times but I think he still doesn't get it…

  64. To be honest I skipped over this video initially. I actually used to be able to talk about my trauma freely. But now that I'm more in tune with myself, I want to vomit just thinking about talking about it. I think it got worse after recalling certain details. I'm going to finally bring up how bad it has gotten with my therapist. Thank you for making this video.

  65. I have “mild” trauma – by which I mean I have trauma responses in certain situations which I can both recognize and attempt to change, thanks to therapy. I’m very open about my disorders and many things about me, but I don’t explain my trauma to people except those closest to me. It’s not anything that really affects my day to day life, but it’s still trauma and it’s still valid and I still don’t necessarily want to share it, even though one of my trauma experiences (possibly two, now that I think about it) directly led to the manifestation of my OCD. I’ll talk about my OCD all day long – but I owe NO ONE my trauma story.

  66. Fight and flight is something im very used to. This is why when i know someone is presenting with it ill try ground them, and calmly get them to breathe and remove them.

    I will never ask regardless.

  67. I have CPTSD and I honestly feel like I want to share my trauma with strangers because I’m desperate for validation and empathy and it’s a bad habit and I guess what I’m saying is: people express there trauma in all kinds of different ways

  68. I'm 50 & just starting to understand this. I relate to dissaciation, alters, switching. However I have no memory of traumas only a freeze frame of something & a body/emotional reaction to being held down by my wrists. Otherwise nada, nothing I can grab. I also spent a lot of time alone as a child with little emotional suport/understanding from my parents, ( just distant & in their own pain)…..does this count?
    Part of me is going, "yes, yes this feels so right & explains my life," the other part feels like I'm a fraud, for not being able to explain the trauma, even to myself? All very confusing, I also have aspergers, diagnosed last year, that was a walk in the park compared to this.
    I am soo grateful for your videos, they have helped a lot, thankyou❣🦘

  69. one would think that the word Trauma by itself implies how serious it is and that if the person wanted to say what happened they simply would have, if and when they want to talk about it it will be up to them to bring it up, i was under the impression we all knew meddling was impolite -.-

  70. I dont experience flashbacks, and i dont have DID, but I find myself constantly thinking about my (for lack of a better word) trauma. I don't know how to just let it go and live without it, and it takes up huge amounts of my time. If anyone has advice it'd be great. On a happier note, this channel actually inspired me to keep a bullet journal, both for scheduling my week and writing down notes and thoughts I have throughout the day.

    DissociaDID, I love your channel and what you guys do. keep being awesome!!

  71. can i just- vent for a second?
    so, im in high school, and like 4 months ago i got out of an abusibe relationship. i know, a lot of people would probably think that a high school relationship can't be abusive, and to them i say: fuck off.
    anyway. last night was the homecoming dance and i went with some of my friends. unfortunately, my ex is still friends with most of my friends, except one. i'll call her H. H was there for me through all of my ex's abuse and she was the one who pointed out that i was being horribly mistreated before i realized it. so i thought she was on my side and understood.
    well, when all of my friends got to homecoming, everyone wanted to take a picture, so im like ok! sure!
    and then one friend goes "Oh, we gotta wait for [my ex], he's in the bathroom." and i just said, "I can't take a picture with him."
    and H, the one person i thought understood, looks at me, all exasperated, and goes, "Get over it, just for tonight"
    my only response was "bitch, what the fuck?", then leaving, finding somewhere to sit, and trying not to cry.
    moral of the story? if someone trusts you enough to tell you about their trauma *don't you dare tell them to get over it*.
    i don't care if you find them annoying. just be a decent fucking human being.

  72. Thank you for this video!


    Once someone asked me what it was like to watch someone die and I felt pressured to explain it to them even though it made me upset. I went home and thought about that day for the rest of the night and it ruined the rest of my day. So please never ask about trauma useless the person says its ok and NEVER make them feel pressured to explain it.

  73. Two things:
    1 – Thank you for posting this and for creating this channel. I oddly enough had been watching a little before I found out I have DID. It's been really hard for me to come to terms with it because of some of the things you mentioned in this video. I don't know if you'll see this, but do you have any tips on how to handle everything at the start to make it a little less overwhelming?
    2 – We absolutely love your hair and makeup! <3 😀

  74. Im so happy i found your channel. Its very very educational and entertaining at the same time iy definitely sheds a light on very important topics i really wish more people can understand mental illness

  75. I recently went to see the movie Joker with my boyfriend and was triggered. I had to explain to my boyfriend that not everyone has the same triggers.

  76. Me: Okay brain, now that we're out of danger, can we process this trauma as a memory so we can start to move on?
    Brain: over my cold lifeless corpse
    Me: ok cool

  77. You always emphasize that DID comes only from trauma before the ages of 7-9, which threw me off, as I don't remember anything traumatic from that time, (of course not, that would have been another mes job if I had DID), actually I remember nothing from that time aside from a few moments and the things I was told about later on, while on the other hand remembering feelings of dispair in my later life. So is it more likely that these voices I "hear" (more like think but I'm not their source if that makes sense ._.) that feeling of touch when one of them takes a place to ground me, timelapses and misunderstanding of my own actions and feelings are just maladaptive daydreaming (maybe a way for my brain to explain how I can be not-me?), a symptom of schizophrenia or actually DID.
    And what the heck does it need for me to remember what was so bad back then, I want to know and I'm doubting myself.
    And if there's another me in there who's still suffering from that trauma I wanna help and comfort him ._. just the way the others help and comfort my insecure buttocks.

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