These Famous Parents of Kids With Down Syndrome Change The World | ⭐OSSA

These Famous Parents of Kids With Down Syndrome Change The World | ⭐OSSA

Statistics say that one in every 700 babies
in the United States is born with Down syndrome. Now, thanks to social media, some celebrities
have the opportunity to spread the message worldwide, saying:
“Having a child with Down syndrome is beautiful, too. Our lives are full of love.” Here are a few celebrities who share the beauty
of Down syndrome with the world. Fans remember the country duo Joey and Rory,
who were incredibly humble, loving and open, both on stage and off. So, it’s no surprise that they shared their
honest thoughts about what it was like to welcome a baby girl with Down Syndrome. Rory once wrote in a blog post, when she just
had a baby: “Out of all the parents in the world, God
has chosen us to care for and raise this special gift. The baby is healthy and doing wonderful and
Joey and I are loving each and every minute that we have with her. We can’t wait to see where this new chapter
in our lives leads us and what wonderful story unfolds in the coming years.” Rory also wrote a book about raising their
four-year-old daughter, Indiana, alone, after Joey’s passing. ‘Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love,
Life, and Hope on a New Frontier’ is coming out in 16 of June. Ninth Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has
opened up in an honest and personal account of the joys and challenges of raising a son
with Down’s syndrome. When she first found out she was expecting
at 47, Sarah admitted that she was terrified by the possibility of having a child with
special needs. Sarah spoke honestly about her feelings and
struggles, but admitted that her love for her son replenishes it all. Actress Sally has a son, Ollie, with special
needs. She says that having a child like Ollie brings
her lots of joy. In 2016, she made a documentary, titled: A
World Without Down Syndrome? The program examines the issues around Down’s
syndrome with intellectual rigor. Phillips made the decision to include Olli
in the film, engaging the kind little boy with his siblings, Luke and Tom. Julie shot to fame as Cat Woman during the
60s TV show, Batman. Her only son, John, has Down syndrome. In an interview with Closer Weekly, she said: “He’s the cause of the great expansion
of my outlook on life. John is now 37. He lives with Julie, and he’s a wonderful
artist and sometimes even exhibits at the Washington Reid Gallery. Actress Caterina Scorsone, who can be seen
on Grey’s Anatomy, shares pictures on her Instagram account of her beautiful baby girl,
Paloma. In one of her posts she wrote: “Beauty. Love. Peace. Contentment. Acceptance. Belonging. Freedom. Adventure. Blessings beyond my wildest dreams.” Her photos of her little girl are full of
happiness and loving, and that crushes stereotypes and fears, considering
the issue. John C. McGinley’s son, Max, also has Down
syndrome. The Scrubs actor is a board member and international
spokesperson for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. John helps other parents to understand how
to do the right things. when you have a baby with special needs. He has 3 important pieces of advice: Number one: you didn’t do anything wrong. The kid has an extra 21st chromosome. That’s it. Number two: breathe. Get some air, because it’s going to be a
while. Number three: start discovering stores of
patience that you didn’t know existed within yourself. Because some things—reading, writing, walking,
holding your hand, having a catch—are going to take a little longer. It’s beautiful, heartwarming and extremely
emotional how these celebrities explore a sense of pure love to their children. Some celebrities willingly become advocates
for people with DS. Eva Longoria, Sharon Stone and
Jamie Foxx actively participates in events and projects that help people with DS. Such public support definitely helps others
to understand how to respectfully treat people with special needs. Thanks for watching. Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Over in Iceland they are proud of their plan to exterminate Mongoloids by killing them in the womb. Good plan? Is it humane to kill a baby for its own sake?

  2. This is awesome! It wasnt that long ago that children is DS were put into institutions and were a dirty little secret! Thank God it has changed!

  3. Despite of their special needs, you can never deny that they give so much love in the family. I adore how parents were able to love and care for them without any hesitations, I'm sure these kind of people have a special place in heaven.

  4. All of these children are beautiful — and sweet and want nothing else but to be loved and give love in return! Whenever I meet anyone with down syndrome I treat them with the same respect and kindness and normalcy as I do anyone else!

    All of the children in this video as just so sweet and precious !!

  5. Some of them turn violent when they reach puberty…. A girl in my hometown attacked everyone…. They gave her a hysto in the hopes it would calm her down….she kept getting worse and after she kept trying to kill her baby sister they institulionzed her…. As far as I know she is still there….she is about 60 years old now.

  6. When you have that much disposable resources at your hand…DS or not, the child is taken well cared of! Regular people have it extremely difficult because the though of leaving this world with nobody else to care for their love one is heart breaking!

  7. My son has global mental development delay and my son do kickboxing and he passed his GCES in school and his 1st degree black belt phase 1, he go to college and he doing very well in college,

  8. My 9th baby has Down syndrome. She is such a amazing human. We are all so in love with her and I’m so thankful more people are becoming educated on what Downs is. Just like anyone. DS people are not always happy. But for the most part this little girl is extremely smart and so much more independent than her brothers 🙂


  10. Lindos evoluídos no amor ❤️🙏🇧🇷inteligente e sensíveis ❤️❤️❤️❤️famílias lindas ❤️🙏

  11. Big deal! There are everyday parents out there having children with downs syndrome, being a celebrity doesn't make you special…'s the heros in everyday life that rock, because they don't have the extra help…..they do it on their own, without having to be on a utube!

  12. Disabilities shouldn't have a stigma. Unfortunately people fear and judge what they don't understand. I am disabled, it's not obvious but when I was younger I was bullied but it gets better. Don't be afraid or ashamed of any disability. As a special needs person here's my opinion- WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!

  13. It's easy for stars to be positive they have money and can afford help but us regular folks can't get breaks cause don't get me wrong but I wouldn't want to go through haveing a child with Autism again for anything I can't work cause I don't have help and I can't go anywhere with out having to get someone to see her

  14. They're cute, but I would be worried to get a child who doesn't develope, like doesn't learn to talk, walk, read or that I can't afford. I live in Sweden so it's pretty good but what if the child needs more help and I don't get any help and I can't afford, then I would have to fight til I'm dead. So don't judge or force specially poor people, al of them usually need lots help and won't get that everywhere. I wouldn't abort though unless it's very early because personally I think it's murder. If I get money to pay for the child myself I would love to adopt a Down syndrome child, in many countries like China they end up in orphanages. If you want to then tell rich people to adopt more Down syndrome children. I think there should be understanding not everyone is able to take care of possibly severely disabled child even if they are lovely, these kind of videos never take that into account.

  15. I commend these families who have children with down syndrome, it must be very challenging. But all children are a Blessing from the Lord

  16. Raising a special needs child takes a lot of effort….I know.  My own son has autism.  Kudos to these people to bring attention to these issues so that others may learn and know more about it.  Well done!

  17. They are very loving people. Very smart also. It is sad to see that some parents don't see that and make them envalents they can do more than you know!! I have always treated my DS son like anyone else because they are as normal as u and i. He gets no special treatment he is not spoiled and no means no and he turned out just fine.

  18. I have a 22 year old fantastic funny caring and kind daughter with downs ,what I'm fed up of is people presuming how hard my life is ,yes it's different but I love my life and our daughter is a great gift who blends in with the rest of the family,she makes us do more,I thought we would never travel again when she was born but we have been to Turkey, hungry Holland ,Italy ,and she loved it all ,we have lived more since she was born and done more ,we have met so many lovely people along the way ,I just love having her living at home and being part of our lives ,hardship never what a load of bull people put out there ,downs children bless your life more than you will ever know ,believe me I'm doing it and I speak the truth from the bottom of my heart

  19. My daughter is a down syndrome. Baby.born.and76.i love her .with all of my heart and soul.i can't life

  20. These children are the most loving and adorable children you can ever imagine. They are so full of hugs and kisses, never get enough. They are blessed.

  21. This is so true , I have a son with DS and it's my everything. He might not be perfect for the world but he makes my world perfect.

  22. Apparently the person who put together this video doesn't know the difference between Sarah Palin & Tina Fey 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. They r wonderful people . God knows who to give these babies too. They r beautiful ‼️‼️

  24. Sara….Your Fault

    And the same for All You Other OLD LADIES…WHAT THE HELL ARE/ Were YOU THINKING ?


  25. Mercy…do a little proof checking. The second clip of "Sarah Palin" is actually a Saturday Night Live spoof with Tina Fey portraying her.

  26. I'm pregnant and was just told that my blood work came back and my baby has down syndrome. This video gives me hope😊

  27. it's really good that these parents come out in social media and show us that their children are as lovely and lovable as any other children. I've cared for Down children when I was a teenager and they were the most loving sweet children you could ever think of.

  28. Thanks for such a great video. Much needed information for this day and age.!❤❤ love to such precious babies!!

  29. It's also very easy when you have plenty of money…Palin gets to teach another kid to be an ignorant backward bigot, the same as she is.

  30. wow this is so beautiful to know that you are not alone in this journey, unfortunately for some of us there isn't much support regarding down syndrome and what to expect nor how to deal with a down syndrome child. Just wish there were support groups to help with such in South Africa or Institutions where parents and child can attend classes.

  31. My youngest child is special needs I raised him my parents helped he has difficulties he still overcoming at 36 years old but he is a very mature and responsible child I call him my child is still my baby and I would not have traded him for anything I love him as much as a mother could as well as my other two children

  32. 1:01 Ok Funny Story I Just Saw This Scene So Then I was Like What I looked At My Blanket and Looking At theirs there the Same WOW MY FAVORITE SINGERS ONE DAY I WILL TELL THEM TO SIGN IT FOR ME!!!

  33. Mi sobrino Juan Alberto fallecio hace dos neses de neumonia y era sindrome de dawn son los seres mas bello de la tierra yo lo amo y lo amare hasta que me muera su muerte nos afecto tanto a su mama sus hnos sibrinos tios y primos estamos desvastados TE AMO JUAN ALBERTO CON 38 años se fue

  34. Hola mi hijo tiene down sindrome somos de mexico yo tenia mucho miedo de no saber cuidar a mi hijo y ya tiene 1 año 9 meses y es mi fuerza aun el no camina

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