They won only one World medal

They won only one World medal

There is something unique about an individual gymnast winning a world medal only once A state of grace Sometimes the gymnast has been waiting for so many years. Sometimes it’s happening right at the beginning of her career. ONE WORLD MEDAL Kristina Shekerova (Bulgaria) 1991 World Championships She was part of the early 1990 Bulgarian team with Marinova and Petrova, when Bulgaria was trying to find new ”Golden Girls” I couldn’t find her routine form the Final, so I’m using Team and All-Around routines. Some of you might have recognized Sofia Raffaeli’s rope music (2019) By the way, talking about Italy… Between the domination of USSR gymnasts and talented Bulgarians, Ferrari played her cards right! She didn’t surpasse Timoshenko and Marinovan but outscored the young Petrova and Skaldina (mistakes) She became the first Italian to win a World medal. At the 1992 Worlds, the Olympic medalists Timoshenko, Pascual and Skaldina sat out of the competition. Nevertheless, the competition was still real with Kostina, Petrova and Lukyanenko. But after Maria Petrova’s and Diana Popova’s big mistakes, chance of medal went up for Irina Deleanu. The only World medal for Romania. Imagine: you’re Spanish, you’re the ringing vice Olympic champion and you’re competing in your country. yeah, you can try to imagine the pressure! So far, no medal for Spain (in this World Championships) Pascual was facing a new and strong generation of gymnasts: Petrova, Serebrianskaya, Vitrichenko, Zaripova…. Basically the biggest 1990s stars! But in Clubs final, Spain finally stepped on the podium. She took the silver with clubs She retired the same year With Vitrichenko, Lipovskaya, Batyrchina and 4 outsiders the podium was already done. But Lipovskaya dropped her club allowing Popova to finish join third. That’s a special case. Elena Tkachenko finished in fourth. But after Tchachina and Kabaeva were stripped of their medals due to a positive test to a banned diuretic Tkachenko became the official 2001 silver medallist with clubs. The 2001-2004 was dominated by the Bessonova – Kabaeva – Tchachina trio. Very difficult to enter a podium. But after Tchachina’s mistake… the door was open for Bulgaria. Ah 2005 World Championships. Ribbon Final. Kapranova was supposed to be on the podium. A huge mistake sidelined her. That was Godunko’s chance! Already World Champion with group, Godunko took the bronze. After Garayeva’s mistake (second in the start list) every non-Russian gymnast had every reason to be hopeful for a bronze medal. especially Rivkin who qualified in fourth place. She went on winning the first World medal for Israel. Liubov Charkashyna begun Rhythmic Gymnastics late compare to her competitors (at 9 years old). In 2009-2010, she was even starting to be overshadowed by her younger teammate Staniouta. But her efforts finally paid off in 2011 After numerous Team medals and a successful 2011 European Championships…. Qualified in third, she finished in third. Good omen before the Olympics… Top gymnast, she never won her medal. Until… This Final was a battle of the Ukrainians for the bronze. Rizatdinova qualified in third with 18.20 but in the end… Maksymenko retired the same year. Son Yeon Jae was often the ”almost on the podium” gymnast. Almost Olympic medallist in 2012 and 2016, almost World All-Around medallist in 2014, in the habit of coming in fourth of fifth place. But in Izmir, she won the bronze, beating Rizatdinova on the Execution by 0.033 me again, out of a podium when I qualified in third (Rizatdinova’s though, probably) The first medal at a World Championships for Korea (and only one so far) Ashram won the Difficulty score. Halkina won the Execution score. Vladinova won the Total. I won’t talk about…. Kaho Minagawa (Japan) Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (Italy) Milena Baldassarri (Italy) Vlada Nikolchenko (Ukraine) because there is still the possibility for them to win World medals (they aren’t retired so far!)

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  1. lovely vid! something similar happened at the 2019 Universiade in Naples when a gymnast from Estonia got a medal, but she didn't really expect that: it was awesome to see her face when she found out she was on the podium with the other top-gymnasts! that was such an emotional moment! 😊😍

  2. So interesting! I didn't noticed liubov won only one medal at yeah worlds.
    Ps I take you didn't count teams medals 😜
    About Raffaeli 's music, think about Julieta Cantaluppi being not only half Bulgaria, but the Grand daughter os Shishmanova

  3. So many lovely gymnasts on this list, including some of my favorites! Thank you for this video and giving us a chance to relive these lovely moments

  4. Мдя… По сравнению с тем, что вытворяют девченки сейчас, это полная ерунда….

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