Things That Influence Your Everyday Behavior

Things That Influence Your Everyday Behavior

“Things That Influence Your Everyday Behavior” Your Facebook News Feed In an experiment that was conducted
on 700,000 Facebook users News Feeds were manipulated to contain
positive or negative news and content And users were monitored to see
if the change has influenced them To use more positive or negative
words in their status updates Interestingly, people’s status updates
showed a change in mood and emotions That corresponded to the kind
of news they were exposed to Where You Are According to the “Broken Windows” theory The more run-down an area is, the
more it will be perceived as being lawless And, in turn, the more likely people are to assume
that breaking the law is at least somewhat acceptable Many experiments confirmed
and supported this theory Including that people were twice as
likely to take money out of a mailbox If there were signs of neglect
in the surrounding property And also, untouched cars were left alone,
while cars that have already been vandalized Were vandalized even
more in less than a day The Size of Your Plate In many studies, when people were asked
to portion out a serving size for themselves Those who were given bigger
plates piled on 13% more food Than those who were given smaller plates The same thing happens
when we’re pouring a drink And it all comes down to optical illusions,
and our relative perception of size For example, you think that the circle on
the right is bigger than the one on the left While in reality they’re
both the exact same size This happens because our brains determine the size of an object
by how big or small it is relative to what surrounds it Advertisement Many companies spend huge amounts of money
on advertisement, and most of the time, it works Even when we don’t think it does Studies by the Harvard Business Review found that While you might think you’re skipping the ads,
you’re still being influenced by them Because in order to fast-forward it, you need to
be looking at the screen to know when to stop again And that means you’re paying
attention to the advertisement More than you would be if you simply left
the room or did something else during the break *Things That Influence Your Everyday Behavior*

19 thoughts on “Things That Influence Your Everyday Behavior

  1. Frankly, if there were money in a mailbox in a run-down neighborhood, I'd be just as afraid of taking it. If the neighborhood is run-down and lawless, there could be serious repercussions for taking the money.

    Great video, Plethrons!

  2. I mute the commercials.  It's odd though, a lot of people when they are over are bothered with the silence.

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