This Fan Awesomely Reimagined The Lion King Characters

This Fan Awesomely Reimagined The Lion King Characters

If you left the theater feeling a little disappointed
by the Lion King remake, one fan artist has just the remedy for your blues. Digital artist and Photoshop wizard Nikolay
Mochkin, who goes by the username ellejart on Instagram, has reimagined the Lion King
characters as they’re seen in the new film and drawn them in a style more closely aligned
with the original movie. Originally voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas,
young Simba is played by JD McCrary in director Jon Favreau’s remake. And he doesn’t just sound different, either. Gone are the exaggerated eye movements, head
tilts, winces, and smiles that Simba expressed in the ’90s movie, replaced instead by a lion
who looks real enough to reach out and touch… but isn’t really as emotive as before. Mochkin brought back Simba’s signature sass
in his re-working of the character’s design, adding in downturned brows when the young
lion cub knows he’s in trouble, and giving him wider eyes as he looks out at the vast
expanse of the Pridelands. Adult Simba also got a retouch from Mochkin,
who gave the remake’s version of the lion his orange-tinged mane, bright eyes, and expressive
face from the original film. And though she’s voiced by multi-Grammy-Award-winning
artist and chart-topping singer-songwriter Beyoncé this time around, Simba’s childhood
friend-turned-queen Nala still wasn’t perfect by Mochkin’s estimations. He made her eyes brighter and bluer, her muzzle
squarer, and her ears larger and lower than before. To some, the biggest mistake the Lion King
remake made was dampening the menacing presence of Simba’s villainous uncle Scar. Voice actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, known for his
work in films like 12 Years a Slave and Doctor Strange, did a pretty bang-up job making Scar
sound as vicious as Jeremy Irons did in the original Lion King, but most people felt that
Disney’s animators failed to depict the mangy lion in all his sinister wickedness. “Long live the King.” Mochkin, however, aimed to fix that. He reimagined Scar with his trademark black
mane, dark sienna coat, yellow eyes, and a scar that runs down his forehead and cheek. On top of all that, Mochkin even reworked
the poster for The Lion King, in which Simba and his ragtag guardians Timon and Pumbaa
look far more expressive than they did before. Though it was marketed as much, Disney’s “live-action”
remake of The Lion King wasn’t actually live-action at all. It certainly was a remake, though, essentially
taking the exact shots used in the animated original and reimagining them in photorealistic
CGI animation. The end result was visually stunning, but
it was also lacking a certain something which many critics felt was the nuanced emotion
present in the 1994 version of The Lion King. “Talk about your fixer-upper.” The edits that Mochkin created are sure to
appease the fans who might have found themselves disappointed by the Lion King’s remake, but
they may also do something better still: motivate Disney to hold off on just pumping out live-action
remakes of its classic animated films, and take a moment to actually consider what the
best approach could be. There’s no doubt that the nostalgia factor
behind The Lion King pulled audiences to theaters in their droves, and it paid off, too: the
new Lion King made over $595 million worldwide as of July 25th 2019. But box office bucks can only take a studio
so far, and if viewers aren’t joyously picking up what it’s putting down, it might just be
time for Disney to figure out a plan to keep its future live-action remakes from getting
hit with the same rotten reviews that the Lion King did. And if that never happens? Well, at least we got some cool artwork out
of it. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “This Fan Awesomely Reimagined The Lion King Characters

  1. I like the realistic look but they should have added more expressions and made scar especially look more scary and changed their looks a bit

  2. simba is my all time favorite character, but this "live remake" was garbage and i knew it. they sucked the life out of it, if thats what they meant.

  3. Sure the redesign is cool to look at but if you want the characters to look just like the original maybe just watch the original?

  4. Real lions and animals don't express like they do in the cartoons.
    This movie is supposed to be a realistic version of the original. That is why the characters are relatively less expressive when compared to the original. I loved the movie.

  5. Those artists re-imaginings look stupid. The whole point of the movie was to have it live action as if lines were actually playing it out. Obviously they're not real lions that Triumph went to to CG artists they did an amazing job. This movie would have looked generic if they made the lions look like their cartoon counterparts. The fact that these lions look absolutely real was the best part of the movie so deal with it.

  6. As an artist myself, both look bad to me.

    The live action remake made things look so realistic, that it sucked the life out of everything.
    These edits, though closer to the original, are both too cartoony and too realistic, making it uncanny.

    That being said;

    The original will never be beat. Its got the love, passion and life we all know and love. It's not a flawless movie, but to me it's perfect. They should've left it alone.

  7. Ok tbh…these reimagined ones are just terrifying the only one I like was Simba as an adult and I'm just giving my opinion

  8. I am very disappointed in Disney. They practically made the movie Narnia which has a really good CGI lion that looks like he's really there but still is able to convey emotion, but they didn't give the lions in this movie the same treatment/effect. Also in the remake they made all of the characters color palettes very dull. Lions in real life do in fact have bright orange looking and dark black means.

  9. The darker the lion's mane, the healthier it is. So the disney wasnt wrong about it. The 2019 remake CGi supposed to be a Live-action remake so the CGI should be realistic.

  10. If they really looked like this in the movie, it wouldn’t be realistic? Disney made them look like REAL lions so it would be like real life! That’s the point, so if they looked like this artists drawing in the real movie THEN I would be disappointed. Cuz his art is just like the 1st movie and the new lion king is REMAKE

  11. If you guys wanted this as the remake you could have gone and watched the original movie. The new one is meant look like actual animals.

  12. Idk about y’all but I really enjoy the live action remake how it is. I love how realistic they look. I feel like the fixed design looks pretty weird, I really hope that Disney doesn’t start making basically exact copies of the original(character designs such as huge eyes and orange fur) but cgi. I know a lot of fans are saying just leave the film alone but what exactly did they do to the original? They made a different style of movie (realistic) based off of that one so if you don’t enjoy that or if it ruins everything for you please do not watch it. Of course we all have different opinions but I just love how they made the remake character designs so realistic, it’s quite magical to me lol

  13. The thing is, it was supposed to look realistic, and lions irl don't look like the lions in the 90's movie. I think it was awesome.

  14. I actually think the edits the fan made makes it look worse and is cringey
    Just my opinion no hate please

  15. Why does everyone complain lol, I'd rather have the awesome realism and gorgeous scenery and updated soundtrack to the old nostalgic look. Those 'reworkes' designs look gross x.x I'd gladly show my kids the 2019 version. Literally can't see hey people complain so much, if they did the exaggerated expressions it would look so false and awkward and then people would complain about that too, yall r never happy

    People blinded by nostalgia I guess

  16. The point of the remake was to make it look more realistic. Y'all need to give things a chance. No need for everyone to be afraid of change.

  17. I admire the beauty of the animation and the idea to be really close to realistic to the animals but I know animals give way more emotion than what was given. Unless its just my delusions and love for animals. I applaud the artist and the tech.

  18. Disney holding back? That's not going to happen. There out to suck up peoples nostalgia like a hoover vacuum cleaner.

  19. It’s live action for a reason, live action means realistic appearance, if they made it look like the original then there’s no point in remaking it. Y’all should really think

  20. Why are Fans better at doing things like this than the actual animators? Fans do better at having more imagination than the actual people in the movie Industry.

  21. If it looked like this I would have went everyday it was in cinema. 1994 lion kind is my favourite movie to this day and the new one is good but not as, if the lions looked like this it would have been a lot more injoyable

  22. I have no problem with the movie and the original was is one of my all time favorite movies. Those of you who think it lacks emotions are not very connected to nature. It doesn't need ridiculous cartoon eyebrows to be impactful. 🤷‍♀️

  23. I didn’t want to comment this cause I didn’t want to get into a fight but if I’m being honest I don’t like how they reimagined them-

  24. This is stupid, all he did what made the cartoon faces again….. we already had that. It also looks bizarre because it doesn't match the photorealistic bodies and style of the new film. Glad Disney stood their ground on this one.

  25. Jeremy Irons is the best Scar. His voice is so unique, you can't replace him.That would be like replacing James Earl Jones. Very few people have a voice to match. Never mind iconic when you can aim for diversity instead.

  26. No offense but a live action remake is a remake, you don’t like it, simply don’t watch it? Don’t watch it just to hate on it, it’s toxic.

  27. Bro I don’t give a fuck what y’all say all the National Geographic shit , like it look BEAUTIFUL 😭 . They tried to make it real a not fake . Be happy they at least remade the whole movie 😌 !

  28. I like both, but the real version is nicer and more emotional. If you have already seen the film from 1994 you will understand better

  29. This is terrifying. Imma stick with this beautiful “live action” we have here. I get why ppl might dislike it but ahh…. I think ppl who bully the new LK r over reacting a bit…

  30. Nah realistic one is better, but still beautifully done by artist fan however, if the film were like that it would probably be really weird and creepy.

  31. They didn’t really ‘remake’ the characters. They just made the eyes bigger and creepier. If they did this it wouldn’t really be realistic enough. Honestly I like the 2019 version how it is. If you look hard enough you can find some expressions in Simba, especially the final battle.

  32. Srsly? Yes, those are great but do they look real? No. Live action means that they need to look real. So Disney did amazing job with this. Ugh am I the only one who thinks this way?!

  33. He should’ve did Shenzi with the 3 hairs hanging down her head and I wish they wouldn’t have changed Banzai’s and Ed’s name to “ Kamari “ and “ Ezeeze “

  34. Do you idiots know what live action means? They’re not supposed to not look like the animated movie, kinda the point.

  35. I dont know if its just me but some of the "re-imagined" characters look uncanny at first from the Photoshop. Maybe its because the live action was too realistic and when trying to add some of the cartoonish aspects back in, it just messed up how the characters look.

  36. Although I was disappointed with some parts (still wanted the original voice actors – Whoopi, Jeremy irons) it was still a visually stunning, amazing movie

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