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  1. I have a four year old brother that I believe has ODD but no one believes me…….he is very mentally draining and people keep saying it's a phase, but it's clearly not a phase. What can my family and I do to help him?

  2. Hey Kati! Your videos made me interested in psychology so I took a class this year at my college and I really enjoy it. I am writing a research paper over ADHD and I would love if you could recommend me some scholarly / peer reviewed sources.
    Love your videos!

  3. Hey katie i have a question…im in an IOP treatment for anorexia and they take my videls (blood pressure) everyday but i dont understand why its so important to pass them…today i failed them and they gave me a gatorade and we did if again i still failed so i had to drink chicken broth (gross) im not sure why i failed them but anyways why are they so important to pass

  4. I'm really interested in a video on Intermittent Explosive Disorder because while I live with it myself and have been through my own therapy on it it really sucks when people do not understand it. It's like telling a Depressed person just be happy! It's not exactly easy when your brain chemistry and etc is telling you the opposite

  5. Hey Kati,

    At 6:35 you talk about how someone with Conduct Disorder may misperceive seemingly harmless actions to be more aggressive than they were intended to be. Is this a symptom in any other disorders or the like?

    Thank you so much

  6. Thanks for the video. You mentioned IED. Please do a video on IED and how to better Manage it. I have BPD, IED and Bipolar disorder.

  7. I love your videos so much but feel like you’re running out of ideas on topics recently so an idea I’ve had is to start a series or doing videos about parts if the brain. Maybe some more specific ones like the amygdala/ hippocampus or more broad like lobes of the cerebral cortex and primary cortices. Just a suggestion though, I’m loving the more obscure topics.

  8. This stuff is so important to learn and talk about. I have been suffering from some serious mental health issues and I am thankful that you have posted things that help me and a lot of different influencers have inspired
    Me to start making videos. thank you for what you do

  9. How is this different from any criminal? is it at all a mental illness? The criteria seem vague and there's a lot of bad nurture leads to bad results, and violence begets violence. Which are both true of anybody. Maybe they just went to a non christian school and don't have those commandments down.

  10. Hey Kati I am a huge fan of yours and you have personally helped me so much …..I want to say thank you !!! You’re a blessing and your videos have been a silent strength every day for me !!!! I just saw your book advertisement and I was wondering if I can get it without audible or amazon ? I don’t have an active bank account , due to lack of a job becuase of my depression and anxiety . I am unfortunately not in a place to be able to afford that but I would love to read your wisdom . I just thought I would ask and again thank you for all your help and voice to many of us that can’t find the words or help to move forward .. keep up the positivity and I’m praying for your !! You’re the best 🙂

  11. Hey Kati! My son has DMD and I have been having such a rough time dealing? Would you consider making a video about this is children? And do you have any advice or books I could read that could help. I’m new to your channel but this video was very informative

  12. I got my book shipping notification a few days back. Looking forward to its arrival. Great topic that's really relevant in my life right now.

  13. Thank god Shane had you in his videos and I was able to find you. Thank you for making the videos you do Kati, they’re so helpful and educational and somehow you are able to keep me entertained while I’m also learning about these things. Thank you for doing what you do Kati♥️

  14. Your videos are so good. Especially for me who want to become a psychologist and who is struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Thx!! Xx ps I love when you say “welcome”

  15. Hey Kati, could you please do a video about feeling EXTREME anger very suddenly, without rhyme or reason? I've been having these breakdowns continuously throughout the past 6 weeks. I get violent (kicking, hitting etc.), I scream and shout very hateful things to whoever is trying to help or even get near me. I also become instantly suicidal, without any concern of those around me (last time was in the car w. my mom, and I tried to crash the car and jump out on the highway, and so on so forth) It's reached a point where my mom is fearing for her life as well as mine. PLEASE HELP! 
    ps. I really love your videos, and I've put your book on my wishlist this year! ❤️🎁

  16. Well is spanking in those schools or are they just afraid they will be asked if they are abused because if that kept coming up a out me I would 100% skip school

    Also is the school teaching them anything my guess is no so you can usually learn more by not going I know I sure as hell did

  17. That is because you never hit a girl so males get beaten females dont

    I know that wasnt the case with me because I was born wrong I was born female and if I was born male I wouldnt have been beaten because my dad wanted a boy

    In most cases its taught never hit a girl

    It even hit Mike papantonio harder that I was beaten then when he found out a male named Josh was physically beaten way worse then me

    He was asked i was a boy would he feel the same way about me or if Josh was a girl would it then make you feel more the way you do about your baby whack ado

    He just responded well she's not a boy and Josh isnt perfect like my baby whack ado (it was something like that)

    So ya abuse happens more to males are you so surprised YOU JUST ARENT SUPPOSED TO HIT GIRLS and then later you dont pay them as much money so males make 50 times more



    I cant wait to remake this retarded book

  19. How about we just fuck the school system because now 100% of children have these stupid IEPs when you shouldn't have to even have it made it should auto be teach to the person like in fucking Finland MAN I FUCKING HATE AMERICA THIS IS WHY OUT OF ALL THE COUNTRIES BOMBED AMERICA HAS TO BE THE ONE TO BE BOMBED

  20. It's really complex in terms of causes for this I guess: I've seen that social isolation can cause anxiety and aggressiveness to increase – but then such a person would have to be put in isolation in the first place. I've seen research into the 'inferior fronto-occiptal fasciculus' – I think a feature unique to higher primates? – apparently giving clues to anti-social behaviour, damage caused by child neglect, even gender identity (as it is close to the homunculus), and language development with the CNTNAP2 gene.

    I don't know how credible the stanford prison experiment is? – I do wonder if you took the guards and the prisoners after the experiment, and then swapped their roles over, if the 'reward' (if you can call it that?) of being a guard would outweigh the 'punishment' of being a prisoner? i.e. – would being a guard first serve as an advantage if the experiment was repeated and th eroles reversed, such that by then end of the repeated experiment, the former guards would still feel an overall 'reward' and the former prisoners an overall 'punishment'? Just by virtue of what happened in the first experiment? I dunno…?

  21. So ODD is under CD correct? I have two boys with this diagnosis (ODD both diagnosed before 10) and I wouldn't doubt my two littles would get a diagnosis if I attempted. But this sounds much more severe then my older boys therapists have ever implied is that because CD is different then ODD itself?

  22. you probably won’t see this,, but, i’ve been making bets against myself ever since i was 5 and one would always be “if you don’t get up to the stairs in 10 seconds the satan gets your soul” it’s progressed more and more since then and it’s scary. why is it happening

  23. i went on zoloft once just describing my symptoms to my dr. i was a teen. it wast harmful but at the same time, not helpful.

  24. Kati: with the perception that someone intended more harm than they actually meant in reality, cant that be apart of ptsd as well? thx

  25. Hey Kati,
    Please could we have a video on Selective Mutism? I work in a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital with ED, GAU, and PICU wards and find a lot of patients experience selective mutism with anorexia nervosa. It would be a really interesting and informative video!

  26. Kati– I was looking for this video on intermittent explosive disorder that you said you had but I could not find & I went back to your 4 yr old videos.
    Can You Please Link it to me? Thank You!!!

  27. The awkward moment when you’re at work and a customer comes up and asks what your watching and you’re simultaneously doing flash cards for an upcoming test so you just tell her homework when really you just love to learn 😅🙈

  28. I have a few really good video topics for you!!
    1. How to not feel bad when you change plans in order to help yourself. (for example) Bail the day before on plans with friends because you need alone time. I feel like I’m a bad friend when I do this and I really love my friends and want to go but I know I won’t enjoy it if I’m not feeling it.
    2. Do you have any tips on how to create a quiet zone in your house so you can destress even if people are at home? I feel like I’ve done everything I possibly can to get peace in my room and I still get annoyed by people living in the house. I’ve told them they bother me too by the way.
    3. How do you find out what you can realistically handle stress-wise? I’m trying to push myself with school and this semester has been so hard but I’m still taking less hours than most people and working less than my friends. I want to be able to do these things and finish school as soon as I can and I don’t want to make excuses and say I can only do 2-3 classes at a time, but I don’t feel like I can do any more realistically.

  29. How can I contact you
    I have some questions related to my brother
    He is 30 years old
    But has never been diagnosed
    He has extreme anger episodes
    If you could respond to my comment I would appreciate it so much

  30. Sounds completely like my brother in the 70s. My mom (not the best source, granted) said he was obstinate and oppositional from an early age. She says he probably had some brain damage from her very difficult birth with him. I myself witnessed years of his abuse, at least 6 of the items on this list. Last I heard he was still not right, forging signatures, forcing my brother to be a co signer, etc. He has kids himself, I pray his wife is a decent woman. I protect myself by staying away from him. He damaged me tremendously, as did my mother. I'd rather not be around people like that.

  31. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati! I have a really close connection to a teacher from my elementary school….. I feel like it’s not healthy. It’s not romantic it anything, but I feel like it’s not normal! I’ve gone out of my way to see her it was a 50 minute walk… what should I do!?!?

  32. Hey Kati, I used to watch a lot of your videos years ago when I thought there was hope for things to get better. I hope your other viewers don't lose their will to continue, unlike me. Your videos are helpful for most people and hope they influence them better.

  33. I have a random question (can't find a video on it from you) is there other disorders/syndromes like alice in wonderland syndrome but not exactly it. Like a different form of (as I call it) mental perception hallucinations. I experience things being smaller but I mostly experience… Saturation changing like things can be over or undersaturated when I close my eyes it use to keep me up at night as a child. Its Like all my thoughts and memories have this strange filter I understand that that can be neurological but also mental health related. Any info would help!

  34. #KatiFAQ If I am no longer a minor, can my therapist notify my parents of self harm? Also, your videos are really helpful thank you for sharing.

  35. Hello! Do you have any videos about aging? There are a lot of changes in ability and an increase in pain when one ages. How can a person adjust in a mentally healthy manner? Thanks

  36. The way Kati says "welcome!" Always makes me feel warm and actually welcomed to watch her videos. Especially when I come to watch them when I'm in a depression. Keep up the amazing work.

  37. My brother has it I wish my there successful people with it or had it he used to have oppositional defiant disorder but he doesn’t hurt animals

  38. Kati -You are so informed and I feel better and understand better by listening to you. You are better and know more than my therapist. Thank you.:

  39. So conduct disorder, is when a kid is acting this way, purposely. Not just a spur of the moment thing but with forethought and possibly with malice?

  40. How do YOU spell that thing we lie our head on at night? ‘p-I-l-l-o-w’? How do YOU pronounce a short ‘I’? So it would be pillow, not pellow or pallow. I can’t understand people with otherwise correct pronunciation that just can’t seem to conquer that feather filled fabric case on which we rest our heads lol

  41. I was diagnosed with conduct disorder în my 20's because we dont have aspd în my country conduct disorder is aspd in my country.

  42. I really struggling to believe in childhood conduct disorder. It's a hot topic. As a teacher I'm sure I've taught students who had it or was not diagnosed and had it.

    I have such a hard time believing that children are being labeled this.

    Also, these criteria are so open ended and interpreted to bias. Any child could meet these standards at any given day.

    Don't you think it's targeting young boys and in doing so might be indirectly sexist?

  43. I enjoy the power point graphics (in the background).
    Each class of antidepressant acts on a different neurotransmitter. The drugs should be continued as prescribed by the doctor, even after symptoms have improved, to prevent relapse.
    so in the intake i said something to the shrink that caused him to suggest a anti depressant. Me not happy about this. my anti psychotic & mood stabilizer R sufficient 2 me.
    PPD best describes my self analysis. Oh, Katie I hate therapy. But Ur Videos are educational. real life therapy i just can't deal w/ it. thks

  44. I believe one of my loved ones has intermittent explosive disorder, and I'm currently helping them seek out therapy for it. This video helped me help them realize the issue even more! Thank you so much 💞

  45. Even without friends or family you have a chance as long as you seek help… I don’t have any friends or family but therapy is helping me and it has changed my outlook and helped me recognize how destructive my behaviors were.

  46. HELP!
    My brother was adopted (I mean, we're all adopted in my family) but his mother did tons of drugs while he was in the womb. He's at a very scary level of conduct disorder. Therapists won't help, police won't help when he BROKE OUR CARS AND ATTEMPTED AND TO MURDER HIS OWN FAMILY. Nothing can be done my parents are fearing for their lives and our money and belongings. And especially the lives of our animals. He always abuses my dog!!
    Any advice? I caught my mom crying in silence in the kitchen yesterday, because if she even tries to speak with him he gets immediately violent! I'm seeking help for him, we're all trying our very hardest.

  47. Love your videos Katie 🙂 Can you do one on Intermittent Explosive Disorder next? I have a family member who I think has this and would like to learn more. Thanks!

  48. Thank you so much for this video. I have custody of my nephew and was told they believe he has this. How young can a person be diagnosed with this disorder? He is only two but it scares me that he exhibits so. Any chance he will grow out of it?

  49. Hi Kati✨really found this video helpful as I'm doing a research assignment on conduct disorder, however I'd like to be informed on what are the daily challenges do the children with CD face as well as how it affects their schooling experience (emotionally, socially intellectually and physically)

  50. How about just arresting parents that abuse their kids which causes this disorder. It may not be 100% the cause, but I am sure the numbers are still high for that being the reason behind why children behave this way.

  51. This was so helpful! My nephew is 5 and was just diagnosed with CD and ADHD and I had not heard of or known anyone else with CD and found your video when looking up what it meant for him. We figured after seeing his behavior for so long it was something more than just ADHD but we had no idea what and now we just want to help him the best we can.

  52. Taking culture into consideration? Like if you are a muslim then cutting off your wife's head might be ok if say…she offended you? Or killing your daughter because you caught her black boyfriend under her bed?

  53. Im 14, I think I might have conduct disorder. What should I do, should I go see a mental health proffesional. Its also gotten worse than it was when I was younger. I think I might of had ODD and now its developed into conduct disorder.

  54. Your channel is the best! I love how to-the-point your videos are. You help me study for my abnormal psych class. Thank you 🙂

  55. Can you add a specific video on kleptomania? I need to learn more as far as how to identify, prove and address it with someone.

  56. Can you please make a new video about self hatred in regards to DIC? You say it's internal or external, but it doesn't address remorse for having the symptoms of DIC.

  57. So many resource… At times it is helpful to have a consistent guide… and it does not mean one is better than the other.


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