Top 10 Alternate Versions of Avengers That Shoulde Replace The Originals

Top 10 Alternate Versions of Avengers That Shoulde Replace The Originals

The Avengers team is Marvel’s most iconic
roster of superheroes. Whether you’ve religiously read all of the
team’s volumes in the comics, or you’re a fan of their big screen adaptation in
the MCU, We’re specifically looking at characters who have been on the Avengers roster and alternate
versions of them from different universes within the Marvel multiverse who would make
for an interesting addition to the team in their place. And in order to keep things parred down, we’re
looking at characters from the first two iterations of the Avengers team in the comics. So with that in mind, let’s get to it! 10 Super-Soldier
We’re starting off our list with a number that would be an awesome addition to the Avengers
roster, but would feasibly never manage to even be considered for the team in the regular
616 universe. That’s because he’s an amalgamation of
Steve Rogers and Superman. This is Super Soldier, a product of the combined
DC and Marvel Amalgam universe in which various characters from each publisher were merged
together to create new individuals. It’s a neat concept, and gave us a lot of
interesting characters. Naturally, it makes sense that Captain America
and Superman would make a could match for each other, with the hero gaining his abilities
thanks to the super soldier formula which was created thanks to cellular samples from
an alien corpse. He can do everything Cap and Supes can do,
so needless to say, that’s impressive. But damned if DC would ever let him join a
616 Avengers team, that’s for sure. 9 Hawkeye 2099
A 2099 version of Hawkeye appeared in Secret Wars, and he’s really dope. So 2099 is a Marvel Comics imprint that initially
began being published in 1992 as one possible future in the Marvel universe. It’s meant to take place 100 years in the
future (and initially was titled Marvel 2093, which is clearly less catchy). Anyway, this Hawkeye shows up in Secret Wars
2099 issue 1 from 2015 as part of Alchemax’s Avengers team. Named Max (last name never revealed), he differs
from the traditional iterations of Hawkeye by having had his DNA mixed with a hawk, which
gave him real claws and wings. 8 Natasha Stark
Here we have an alternate version of Iron Man hailing for Earth 3490! And it’s a unique one; this Iron Man is
actually Iron Woman, born Natasha Stark rather than Tony. She’s exactly like Tony in the sense of
having the same abilities as 616 Stark, and an almost identical suit of armour, except
it’s referred to as her Iron Woman armour, of course. Here’s where it gets really neat, though. Because this alternate version of Stark is
a woman, Civil War never happens. They were a deterrent to each others’ more
aggressive behaviour. Instead, Natasha gets involved with Captain
America Steve Rogers, the two marry, and the Civil War event never occurs on Earth 3490. She first appeared in Dark Reign Fantastic
Four issue 2 in 2009 when Reed Richards was in search of alternate realities in which
Civil War had ended differently. 7 Ant-Man Wolverine
Secret Wars gave us a slew of alternates of various characters. This includes a version of Ant-Man who is
Wolverine. Or rather, a version of Wolverine who operates
under the Ant-Man mantle. First appearing in Secret Wars Battleworld
issue 3, this little Logan has the same powers as those who have operated under the Ant-Man
mantle. And tiny claws to boot! How fun. This Ant-Man wolverine was one of the many
alternate versions of Wolverine who were brought together in an attempt to fight a pacifist
version of Wolverine, aka Monk, by Mojo. These other Wolverines involve another alias
of Hank Pym’s, Giant Man, who, as you guessed it, was a Wolverine who could also grow in
size. 6 Janet van Dyne of Earth 1610
This version of the Wasp is from the Ultimate universe of Earth 1610. While her fate is a pretty brutal one (and
her relationship with Pym being textbook domestic abuse), she possesses something that Van Dyne
of 616 does not; the ability to actually transform into a wasp-human hybrid. Born a mutant, her mutation gave her insect
like traits that also expanded to her behaviour. She could lay eggs and eat insects, which
yes, is kind of gross. But the benefits at least outweigh the downsides. When she would reduce in size via the force
of her will, she would grow a pair of insect-like wings from her back. She retained her normal strength when reducing
in size, and could control the exact proportions of that size, although her body contained
a natural neurological reflex preventing her from shrinking below a specific size. And, she also had an ability called bio-electrical
blasts, in which she produced energy that she called her Wasp Stings. She could still use these blasts when at full
size, which was essentially the equivalent of being struck by a lightning bolt. 5 Iron Maniac (Earth 5012)
Okay, sure, we’re looking at an Iron Man here who is technically a little off his rocker. Anthony Stark of Earth 5012, who calls himself
Iron Maniac due to him believing that he is the, I quote, “sole survivor of a sane world
living in a backwards, insane world”, is from an alternate timeline where most Avengers
members had been slain by the alien Titannus. During this period, Reed Richards became power
hungry, turned his back on the remaining heroes, and Stark ends up being scarred by an attack
from the Human Torch. Essentially, he turns into a Victor Von Doom-esque
character, setting up his base in Latveria in order to take over the world and save it
from Richards. Compared to the original Tony, his body contains
additional cybernetic enhancements, and has developed a technology called power dampeners,
which, in his timeline, he used to counter act the Fantastic Four’s powers. 4 Weapon Hex
Weapon Hex is the product of the Infinity Wars story line in which multiple characters
were merged together. More on that later. Weapon Hex is an amalgamation of Scarlet Witch
and X-23, aka Laura Kinney, Wolverine’s ‘cloned daughter’ of sorts. Her origin story is an amalgamation of both
character’s origins, with the result being a character who has the reality warping abilities
of Wanda Maximoff and the adamantium skeleton and claws of Laura Kinney. Essentially, she’s Scarlet Witch with a
defensive and melee upgrade, mixed with a dose of X-23’s inherent trauma from being
the literal creation of an experiment. 3 Storm Thor (Earth 904)
This alternate version of Thor is one in which Storm becomes the Goddess of Thunder. This occurred in an issue of Marvel’s hypothetical
series, What If? in volume 2 issue 12 in 1990, within a story titled What If the X-Men had
stayed in Asgard? The story followed an instance in which the
X-Men and New Mutants found themselves in Asgard (if the title didn’t give it away
already), with some of the mutants returning to Earth and others staying put. This led to a new age of X-Men on our home
planet, and a bunch of different X-Men members the likes of Rogue, Nightcrawler, Mirage,
Sunspot and Cypher adopting an Asgardian way of life. Storm ended up becoming the new god of thunder
due to Thor being trapped in the form of a Midgard frog. When Hela and Karnilla conspired to steal
Storm’s soul, Storm bested them, and Thor released. Thor renounced the throne, opting to go live
on Earth, and gave the throne to Storm, who became the Queen of Asgard since Odin had
died. She also had her own hammer to wield, called
the Stormbringer. And hey, having a kick ass version of Storm
replace Thor on the Avengers? Count us in. 2 Maestro Hulk
Hailing from the dystopian future of Earth 9200, Maestro Hulk is an alternate version
of the Hulk who is a horrible tyrant. He first appeared in the 1992 story The Incredible
Hulk Future Imperfect issue 1. Now despite him being literally insane and
a complete obsessive sadist, he is a version of the Hulk who is more experienced and stronger
than the regular 616 version. The 616 version was ultimate able to best
him (and thus implying that Meastro’s demise was actual the catalyst event that created
the Hulk in the first place – there was a whole time displacement thing that happened). That being said, let’s play a game of hypotheticals
here. If Maestro was actually a good guy, he would
be a massive asset to the Avengers team. He’s got all the benefits of being the hulk
– the super strength, speed, stamina, durability, the regenerative healing factor, capable of
absorbing and resisting radiation, resistance to mind control, all that fun stuff, WHILE
maintaining his genius level intellect in this form, and is immortal. He’s like an upgraded, although mad, version
of the Hulk. 1 Soldier Supreme
Soldier Supreme is one of the more recently created alternates on our list. He is an amalgamation of Captain America and
Doctor Strange, a product of the infinity wars story line, in which Gamora, using the
infinity gems, folded reality in half and created something called Warp World. This merged many characters into one, with
Steve Rogers and Stephen Strange becoming Stephen Rogers. Their origin stories were merged, their powers
were merged, and so were their aesthetics. This results in a version of Captain America
who can do all of the things that Doctor Strange can do. In other words, Cap got a serious upgrade. There we have it friends! What other alternate versions would you want
to see be a part of the 616 Avengers? Or the MCU avengers? Play hypothetical with us and comment below!

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